Vaccine Features

What feature is most important to you when it comes to an equine vaccine?

Antigen number (Single antigen vs. combination)
Virus type (Live vs. killed virus)
Administration route (intramuscular vs. intranasal)
I don't care, as long as it is safe and effective
I don't vaccinate my horse(s)

Total votes cast: 375

Comments & Write-in Answers

Combo is the best way to go!

12/12/2011 7:17:49 PM

I use single antigen only killed virus only, administered IM only.

12/12/2011 10:57:04 AM

I'm interested

12/11/2011 9:51:07 PM

Vaccinating my horse that is older 2 years ago with F.D almost killed my horse ,

12/11/2011 7:33:31 PM

I do not want the 'cure' to be worse than the disease--I hate reactions!

12/10/2011 10:19:50 AM

I go with the Vet's choice!! :-)

12/9/2011 4:57:41 PM

i think live attenuated vaccines will be more effective than killed...

12/9/2011 9:49:06 AM

I prefer good quality killed vaccines

12/8/2011 4:06:49 PM

safety and efficacy

12/8/2011 2:55:59 PM

I take titres and only vaccinate when essential.

12/8/2011 12:34:09 PM

While I do read up on these issues, I trust my vet's decision and have never had a problem

12/7/2011 9:23:27 AM

i always split mine up: rhino/flu in 1 shot, tet/enchephalo in another to reduce risk of abscess

12/7/2011 8:54:58 AM

Have a reactive mare so first consideration is whether she will have a reaction

12/7/2011 12:11:12 AM

I nly use single antigen vaccines, and spread them out over a couple of weeks. Fewer reactions.

12/6/2011 8:48:07 PM

i let my vet decide, and we vaccinate for west nile virus,rabies,tetanus,and, eastern & western enc

12/6/2011 7:53:04 PM

I trust my vet to decide on what's safe for my horses

12/6/2011 6:55:54 PM

just want the right combination of antigens

12/6/2011 6:50:48 PM

I stop vaccinating when they reach 7 years of age

12/6/2011 6:42:35 PM

I trust the person who went to eight years of school, aka, my vet, to know best

12/6/2011 6:41:59 PM

Safety and efficacy are most important to me

12/6/2011 5:12:44 PM

Definitely virus type-I'll only let killed virus be used after big problems with live vaccine.

12/6/2011 4:00:10 PM