Seasonal Conditioning

How much do you exercise your horse in fall/winter compared to spring/summer?

Not as much, the weather here is rotten in fall/winter
More than spring/summer, the weather is finally decent!
Depends on the weather
Not at all, we take winters off
The same amount

Total votes cast: 475

Comments & Write-in Answers

Summer is too hot!

9/19/2011 9:53:42 PM

live in Florida

9/19/2011 5:27:22 PM

We have an indoor arena, otherwise winters would hold less exercise under saddle

9/19/2011 5:05:58 PM

We have indoor arena, heated aisles, tack room and Club room

9/19/2011 4:38:26 PM

I can not stand hot weather so Summer is a quiet to

9/19/2011 3:00:58 PM

falls usually really nice here but winter and early spring make it harder to exercise as often

9/19/2011 12:47:41 PM

Fall is the best time to ride her in PA, but winter riding depends on the footing.

9/19/2011 3:18:00 AM

In Florida it's the time to ride and show!

9/18/2011 10:10:05 PM

Horses live on pasture; they exercise theirselves!

9/18/2011 5:28:47 PM

For 3 mo now we have had NO rain with 70 days over 100 degrees

9/18/2011 2:25:35 PM

In Florida, most wait for fall/winter/spring for riding as it is too hot here to enjoy in summer.

9/17/2011 10:30:07 AM

please give safety of cold weather riding -under 15 degrees

9/16/2011 10:12:29 PM

In Florida, it's finally our season again to ride!!

9/16/2011 11:07:44 AM


9/16/2011 9:18:51 AM

Roads are too icy and narrow in winter and fall has lots of hunters to be wary of, but I ride

9/16/2011 8:01:24 AM

Too much ice to ride/drive in the winter.

9/15/2011 10:20:03 PM

More - He becomes a fruit cake as the temps decrease otherwise.

9/15/2011 9:11:44 PM

We slow down in the summer here in Arizona.

9/15/2011 8:48:20 PM

as long as we don't have ice i ride all winter

9/15/2011 8:35:12 PM

no difference in So Fl

9/15/2011 8:16:32 PM

A little less when the rare rain falls in SoCal

9/15/2011 6:59:03 PM

AZ summers are miserable. The fall & winter are the most plesant times.

9/15/2011 5:55:31 PM

Lack of daylight and slippery footing make it difficult to ride

9/15/2011 1:59:37 PM

If the weather is nice, we ride!

9/15/2011 12:23:54 PM

Exercise except when muddy in CA

9/15/2011 12:02:48 PM

Foxhunting season!

9/15/2011 8:51:47 AM

NW Ohio, depends on ice and snow.

9/15/2011 6:15:18 AM

Performance horses may need a varied routine but turning them out or declining their exercise is bad

9/15/2011 1:55:33 AM

We continue in the fall, however we take winters off once it snows.

9/15/2011 1:45:59 AM

in so ga its better to ride in fall & winter than summer.

9/14/2011 5:24:57 PM

Majority in spring/fall unless muddy, least is equally winter/summer when we avoid extreme heat/cold

9/14/2011 5:11:31 PM

Summer in Middle Georgia is extremely hot and humid!

9/14/2011 4:29:15 PM

I live in Arizona, just outside Phoenix, enough said!!!

9/14/2011 12:48:02 PM

Spring and fall are my peak riding seasons

9/14/2011 9:52:51 AM

Ride all winter if temp is above 30 degrees

9/14/2011 7:07:53 AM

Short days in winter make for less riding

9/14/2011 3:26:18 AM

Less intense, but 5 times a week

9/14/2011 1:58:17 AM

Winters can be brutal with deep snow & ice, so we can go long stretches not being able to do much.

9/14/2011 1:13:39 AM

Keep riding until the ice hits

9/13/2011 10:23:06 PM

indoor arena

9/13/2011 9:02:01 PM

I board where we have an indoor so we can ride all winter

9/13/2011 8:51:53 PM

I live in San Diego where the weather is pretty much the same all year.

9/13/2011 8:16:41 PM

We get a lot of rain in winter, so don't ride in the rain!

9/13/2011 7:25:10 PM

Spring and summer in Central Florida with high humidity and temp. make outdoor work impossible.

9/13/2011 6:02:46 PM

It balances out...don't ride when it's too hot or too cold.

9/13/2011 5:49:11 PM

It gets way too hot in Western Colorado in the summer. I ride alot more the other 3 seasons

9/13/2011 5:47:28 PM

Having a covered arena makes it possible to keep riding year round.

9/13/2011 5:36:28 PM

My horse has 20 acres to exercise in and donkeys to keep her on her toes

9/13/2011 5:20:38 PM

My Canadian born Belgian does not tolerate Ks summers much better than I do!

9/13/2011 4:41:05 PM

Only stop riding when the temperature is <10C. Riding is almost all inside.

9/13/2011 3:47:09 PM

Our summers are dangerously hot

9/13/2011 3:45:19 PM

I'm a fair-weather rider & don't ride in the winter...

9/13/2011 3:19:08 PM

They have big pasture to play in snow

9/13/2011 3:13:54 PM

if the footing is good we will consistently ride throughout the winter regardless of temp

9/13/2011 3:07:55 PM

high winds in fall, frozen ground in winter

9/13/2011 2:53:14 PM

I live in the south

9/13/2011 2:34:37 PM

Live in the north with no indoor. Ride as much as i can year round.

9/13/2011 1:43:12 PM

Here in SC the weather is pretty nice all year, except for HOT July's.

9/13/2011 12:33:02 PM

The barn I board at has an indoor arena, so I try to keep my horse in regular work.

9/13/2011 8:41:13 AM

Here in GA our winter's are usually pretty mild, so we stay in pretty good shape through the winter.

9/13/2011 8:23:25 AM