Shock Wave--How Much?

While most equine insurance companies cover up to three focused shock wave treatments, what would you pay per treatment to heal a horse using shock wave therapy if studies demonstrated improvement within weeks?

$500 +

Total votes cast: 208

Comments & Write-in Answers

wouldnt use.

4/25/2011 2:46:36 PM

fortunately I have a very sound horse!

4/25/2011 2:42:45 AM

would pay more if I could

4/22/2011 7:08:40 PM

Would not pay for it.

4/22/2011 3:19:57 PM

need more info. to determine if this is actual medical treatment or holistic.?

4/22/2011 2:15:15 PM


4/21/2011 10:21:34 PM

price is no limit for healing my horse

4/21/2011 9:23:00 PM

we paid cash, no ins, and it WORKS! calcified tendons!

4/21/2011 5:28:09 PM

like hock injections: beauty in the eye of the beholder

4/21/2011 4:30:37 PM

This sounds bad but it depends on which horse.

4/21/2011 3:02:38 PM

I have paid for 2 treatments beyond insur. coverage

4/21/2011 11:29:05 AM

Most people don't have insurance. I still like Acuscope therapy

4/21/2011 8:58:32 AM

I'd pay a moderate cost, but ONLY if this is a proven treatment.

4/20/2011 11:18:35 PM

if more than one treatment is needed any cost more than $60 per would be outside my reach

4/20/2011 1:27:43 PM


4/20/2011 8:01:43 AM

I use shockwave frequently especially for soreness before an actual injury happens.

4/20/2011 12:11:08 AM

I would not choose this treatment.

4/19/2011 9:21:18 PM

I found the average to be $250 per treatment by vets qualified to administer this type of treatement

4/19/2011 8:55:11 PM

wouldnt spend more than 1K total

4/19/2011 8:04:11 PM

have in the past and will do again, if recommended

4/19/2011 6:28:15 PM

I wouldn't pay anything I don't really think that its necessay!

4/19/2011 5:37:36 PM

moot point. Studies are scewed to exclude all but the most elementary problem thus getting approval

4/19/2011 2:26:51 PM

I would choose the conservative amount first, would want to see proof of effectiveness for my horse

4/19/2011 10:40:11 AM