Deworming Protocol

Does your barn follow a standardized deworming program, using the same product at the same time for every horse?

No, but I wish we did
No, I don't think it's necessary
No, we use fecal egg count testing

Total votes cast: 565

Comments & Write-in Answers

I will never keep my horse at a farm which has a "standardized deworming program".

3/21/2011 3:57:12 PM

Equest/Equest Pramox

3/21/2011 1:51:15 PM

its not good to use the same product over and over as the parasites develop an immunity to it.

3/21/2011 1:29:08 AM

Daily worming Strongyd c 2X

3/20/2011 8:47:05 PM

I said yes because it has worked well for me for over 30 years!

3/20/2011 2:29:59 PM

only have 2 horses so it is easy to take care of

3/19/2011 11:34:17 PM

No. We definitely use fecal egg count tests. Using dewormer on an as-needed basis.

3/19/2011 10:34:17 PM

strongid 2x daily, ivermectrin may, november

3/19/2011 4:12:39 PM

I use ivermectin every 3 months and treat for bots once per year.

3/18/2011 9:33:59 PM

And will adjust the wormer used per horse/worm/environmental needs.

3/18/2011 1:35:57 PM

I use fecal egg count - barn has a schedule

3/18/2011 8:57:35 AM

Every horse owner is responsible for their own deworming schedule; but the barn will worm the horses

3/18/2011 5:49:47 AM

Stable owners advertise "40 years experience" (of what?)

3/18/2011 3:35:19 AM

I deworm 4 times a year,(AZ) Ivermectin Spring Summer Fall(Habro), Panacur in the Winter.

3/17/2011 5:47:24 PM

Makes things so much easier

3/17/2011 4:16:47 PM

we use Strongid C throughout our barn.

3/17/2011 4:01:12 PM

Right now we are, with the 6 month premium rotation, but i am looking into doing the fecal count

3/17/2011 9:58:57 AM

I run FECs 2x/year to check shedding rate. Then, my vet gives the schedule. No-one else does this.

3/17/2011 2:33:28 AM

I can't stand that my bm is so lax abt worming.

3/16/2011 9:42:12 PM

also use fecal counts

3/16/2011 8:56:58 PM

I board, and all horses are on individual programs

3/16/2011 7:33:31 PM

Rotation with all horses on same wormer at same time.

3/16/2011 6:43:11 PM

And I hate that they do it that way.

3/16/2011 6:27:53 PM

only have 4 horses so I use the same thing on all but only when test shows a need

3/16/2011 4:32:21 PM

No-fecal counts - if I need to worm I use tried and true Ivermectin

3/16/2011 3:13:34 PM

Each owner does his own

3/16/2011 3:00:52 PM

smart pak daily, and ivercare or zimetricn gold every 6months

3/16/2011 12:16:50 PM

Mine are kept at home. I rotate wormers. Don't do fecal egg count.

3/16/2011 11:35:57 AM

I use fecal egg count and 2X per year tube worming. Barn buddies use tube worming and paste.

3/16/2011 10:51:43 AM

I personally do fecal egg counts

3/16/2011 10:44:09 AM

Yes, but I wish they did FECs instead

3/16/2011 8:58:46 AM

I don't go to the barn as often

3/16/2011 8:47:50 AM

fewer trips, consolidate shopping into one trip around town

3/16/2011 7:42:30 AM

We all follow a similar, but not identical 2-month rotation deworming schedule.

3/16/2011 12:16:41 AM

No, everyone does their own horse.

3/15/2011 11:57:20 PM

Buying a diesel truck to replace my gas truck for better mileage. I'll get triple the mileage per ga

3/15/2011 11:12:30 PM

make more money so gas prices is not an issue

3/15/2011 10:01:02 PM

"i" use fecal egg counting. The barn I'm at does not, even thought I have warned the owner against

3/15/2011 9:48:56 PM

Standardized protocols are NOT the way to go. We implement Pfizer's Horse ID program with our vet.

3/15/2011 9:04:38 PM

Mine are at home so it is easy.

3/15/2011 8:01:05 PM

With deworming program, dehydrated Garlic is added daily as a natural agent for worms.

3/15/2011 7:46:17 PM

ages and worm load dictate type of wormer used

3/15/2011 5:59:42 PM

and we use fecal egg count testing

3/15/2011 5:59:10 PM

i regularly deworm all my horses on a rotation schedule that fits my area.

3/15/2011 5:49:06 PM

"herd" of 2, kept at home

3/15/2011 5:14:32 PM

stay home, being more choosy about which rides i attend, trailer pool with other horse owners. . .

3/15/2011 4:37:32 PM

Used to, but now switching to individual plan based on FEC

3/15/2011 4:26:21 PM

stop going

3/15/2011 4:20:12 PM

Have a good wormer rotation going for several years now.

3/15/2011 4:19:31 PM

Commute in a small car, leave the truck for the ranch work and hauling

3/15/2011 4:15:27 PM

I have retired broodmares that never leave farm, no new horses in years, deworm 2x yr only

3/15/2011 4:15:25 PM

not showing as much :(

3/15/2011 3:54:04 PM

yes but I wish we didn't

3/15/2011 3:45:46 PM

We have ours turned out and rotate wormers to include one with praziquantel once a year

3/15/2011 3:08:19 PM

Few horses leave the property, and each owner is very responsible

3/15/2011 3:04:06 PM

Other boarders refuse--they say they can get cheaper dewormer so they don't want to join us.

3/15/2011 12:07:09 PM

Environmental management & keep the horses healthy to naturally be worm resistent. Rarely chem dworm

3/15/2011 11:50:44 AM

There are several vets who see horses at our barn. So, we all go by what are personal vet says.

3/15/2011 10:39:17 AM

fecal testing

3/15/2011 9:15:24 AM

The barn I board at does all the deworming to keep the farm as parasite free as possible.

3/15/2011 9:09:21 AM