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Has your horse started shedding yet?

My horse never grew a winter coat

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seemed to start early this year

3/1/2010 10:54:48 PM

A good soak with warm water helps to relax the hair folicle and allow the dead hair to detach

3/1/2010 7:39:49 PM

I just keep my mare blanketed so she's warm (not hot) and don't body clip unless you must.

3/1/2010 6:37:47 PM

Groomming blocks work well with shedding horses. Saves time and energy when grooming!

3/1/2010 3:59:33 PM

shed blade and if reallyheavy coat feed Mirra coat

3/1/2010 3:33:34 PM


3/1/2010 2:13:01 PM

use a curry comb and brush daily.

3/1/2010 1:29:39 PM

The furminator , I own 24 horses and it is the best tool I have ever owned quick easy and most impor

3/1/2010 10:36:06 AM

Except for the Foundation-Bred Appaloosa 3-yr-old that's barn-kept. He thinks 30degrees is summer.

3/1/2010 1:52:46 AM

under lights

3/1/2010 12:28:25 AM

Shedding blades, bot egg erasers and allowing a horse to roll!

2/28/2010 2:57:36 PM

my two ponies started before my horse

2/28/2010 12:36:27 PM

let nature do it

2/28/2010 9:22:37 AM

brush a little or a lot every day-sleek & shiny will be here before you know it!

2/28/2010 12:27:48 AM

Blankets on when under 60 degrees

2/27/2010 10:00:45 PM

furminator! before and after riding

2/27/2010 7:41:10 PM

The furminator is the best thing I could've bought last year. It works GREAT!

2/27/2010 6:17:53 PM

i use a wet/dry vac on my horses, cheaper than horse vacumns.

2/27/2010 1:16:59 PM

I use a shedding blade and a jelly scrubber, but the best things are my fingertips.

2/27/2010 1:13:59 PM


2/27/2010 1:06:25 PM

brush many times

2/27/2010 11:20:05 AM

Just starting to shed out.

2/27/2010 9:43:42 AM

stress medicine

2/27/2010 8:46:46 AM

lots of grooming!

2/27/2010 8:33:45 AM

Light haired horses seem to start shedding earlier than dark coats.

2/26/2010 10:11:10 PM

shedding blade and curry with lots of use of both!

2/26/2010 9:18:37 PM

too early not before end of April at least in Canada

2/26/2010 8:19:58 PM

just lots of grooming!

2/26/2010 7:13:03 PM

nw 1 has been, 1just started other no

2/26/2010 6:03:01 PM

They sell a black pumus type stone that really helps shed the hair. You just scrape it off.

2/26/2010 4:47:34 PM

I like to start adding Coccasoya oil to their grain.

2/26/2010 2:21:43 PM

I brush her every day and spray with olive oil to help pull out loose fur

2/26/2010 1:00:31 PM

sm amts only, chest and rump

2/26/2010 12:15:19 PM

Sriously sounds weird but shop-vac it off!!

2/26/2010 11:28:16 AM


2/26/2010 9:05:22 AM

Iy always makes me smile when my hands look like wolf-man !

2/26/2010 8:49:50 AM

Hair is coming out by buckets. Thankfully it means spring is coming (WI).

2/26/2010 8:00:45 AM

but I wish he would

2/25/2010 11:44:35 PM

I don't do anything-the longer days help.

2/25/2010 11:26:54 PM

Sort of shedding-one w/Cushings (no) 3 Arabs w/sh. thick hair (no), one Appy from snow country (yes)

2/25/2010 10:51:02 PM

The white on my pinto starts very early

2/25/2010 9:44:32 PM

my horses usually start in January

2/25/2010 9:08:25 PM

rubber curry everyday during her dinner (Mule)

2/25/2010 8:22:33 PM

Add food-grade flax to help with shed, and watch the shine!

2/25/2010 7:17:14 PM

couldn't live without the vacuum!

2/25/2010 6:55:22 PM


2/25/2010 6:20:00 PM

A good scrubby bath helps as does an inexpensive shop vac

2/25/2010 5:04:58 PM

a Slicker dog brush works great for brushing out loose hair

2/25/2010 4:04:37 PM

Actually started in December but is falling out heavily now

2/25/2010 3:45:25 PM

They usually start right at the beginning of Feb.

2/25/2010 3:40:50 PM

yes, the gray horse is always first to start the shedding process

2/25/2010 3:38:37 PM

I use a small rubber curry for face,legs & body & a metal mud scraper with small teeth for the body.

2/25/2010 3:08:28 PM

do not apply lip balm before grooming.

2/25/2010 2:49:35 PM

we live in North East Texas and my gelding has been shedding for about 3 weeks

2/25/2010 2:46:28 PM

Elbow grease!!

2/25/2010 2:32:18 PM

I love my furminator!

2/25/2010 12:53:03 PM

almost done thank goodness

2/25/2010 12:37:57 PM

yes, even though we've had an exceptionally cold & snowy winter in Western Colorado

2/25/2010 12:01:31 PM

still very cold here but slight shedding has started

2/25/2010 11:58:01 AM

One of my seven horses is shedding. He is a Fjord. Eastern WA state.

2/25/2010 11:55:17 AM

My SSH sheds yr. round but is shedding his winter coat now before the other horses.

2/25/2010 10:35:17 AM

My 27 year old QH stallion is shedding by the handfulls. He is on ADM Senior Glo w/extra fat.

2/25/2010 10:19:41 AM

We only had 2 weeks of winter here in NW Washington this year.

2/25/2010 8:50:28 AM

mares are under lights!

2/25/2010 5:43:44 AM

Here in Western WA we have had a mild winter--so all 3 are shedding out. Bath as soon as the sun shi

2/25/2010 3:35:48 AM

Oregon has be unusually warm this winter so not surprising

2/25/2010 1:22:09 AM

I like the rubbery spiked kind to do circle in thier coat

2/25/2010 12:42:27 AM

and here in mn. they still need that hair!!!

2/24/2010 11:35:22 PM

Even my Cushings horse is blowing his coat big time. This is in So. Calif.

2/24/2010 10:29:25 PM

Scrub hard with a small soft rubber curry.

2/24/2010 10:10:25 PM

Daily Brushing

2/24/2010 10:06:18 PM

Brush, Brush, Brush

2/24/2010 10:05:53 PM

not much hair to begin with, is blanketed early

2/24/2010 9:28:00 PM

Days are getting longer!

2/24/2010 8:25:34 PM

She has been shedding for about 3-4 weeks as of now

2/24/2010 7:34:04 PM

just a little bit

2/24/2010 7:10:25 PM

Furminator is one awesome tool!

2/24/2010 6:44:00 PM

My black Morgan gelding, nothing; the Morgan cross paint mare, EVERYWHERE!!!!

2/24/2010 6:43:23 PM

Some start to shed right after the Solstice

2/24/2010 6:06:46 PM

so fl horse-no winter coat!

2/24/2010 5:15:20 PM

I de-shed my old Arab every morrning before I turn him out.

2/24/2010 5:11:45 PM

big dog slicker brush

2/24/2010 5:01:36 PM

The flower shaped plastic grooming tool by Epona sheds really well without being to rough on them.

2/24/2010 5:00:31 PM

Its still below zero in good old Iowa at night.

2/24/2010 4:30:54 PM

Always in ealrly february

2/24/2010 4:24:48 PM

My QH started weeks ago, the Perch/Tb won't until May

2/24/2010 3:56:41 PM

It has been my experience over the years that by increasing hay intake during winter helps greatly

2/24/2010 3:42:01 PM

It's still pretty cold out but the stallions and broodmare who just foaled are all shedding like cra

2/24/2010 3:32:58 PM

About two weeks ago

2/24/2010 3:14:30 PM

Nebraska/they start a little bit in February

2/24/2010 3:14:12 PM

Don't wear fleece!

2/24/2010 3:09:25 PM

a good shedding blade and lots & lots of brushing until you get down enough for a finishing clip

2/24/2010 2:54:51 PM

He is my weather central,shedding or adding within 2 weeks of a change.Owned him for entire 23 years

2/24/2010 2:53:37 PM

Yes and it only Feb in SE Michigan, hopefully spring is around the corner

2/24/2010 2:06:18 PM

My mule doesn't finish shedding until late July, so I clip her before her summer coat starts

2/24/2010 1:46:18 PM

my horses started shedding last week and now its -15

2/24/2010 1:22:53 PM

frequent grooming with curry comb & shedding blade

2/24/2010 12:54:52 PM

On our super fuzzy outside horses we like to use a shedding blade to gently scrape away mud and hair

2/24/2010 12:31:32 PM

To finish...coat horse with mineral oil, leave overnight, warm bath next day...all loose hair gone!!

2/24/2010 12:31:17 PM

fur, fur everywhere fur LOL

2/24/2010 12:19:34 PM

Starting shedding 3wks ago

2/24/2010 11:43:58 AM

I live in Texas. I use metal and plastic curry combs with lots of elbow grease.

2/24/2010 11:43:19 AM

He started shedding about 2 weeks ago.

2/24/2010 11:11:21 AM

daily grooming

2/24/2010 10:59:49 AM

One began in mid-January

2/24/2010 10:47:20 AM

early than normal because we moved from Wisconsin to California

2/24/2010 10:24:03 AM

Wear a rain jacket when grooming to keep the hair off you and in the barn.

2/24/2010 10:13:33 AM

she started back in Jan, never had one that early. I think it's b/c she's pregnant

2/24/2010 10:05:31 AM

Horse starts in early February, mule waits until May

2/24/2010 9:54:06 AM

Lots of grooming... especially on those days when it's too nasty to ride.

2/24/2010 9:29:44 AM

I use a shedding blade every time I groom as soon as I see them start to shed.

2/24/2010 9:15:56 AM

Hastings, mn

2/24/2010 9:14:41 AM

I'm so glad! At almost 32, shedding means no Cushings!

2/24/2010 9:02:49 AM

3 of my 5 are shedding and there is snow on the ground!

2/24/2010 9:01:07 AM

wwork up a sweat, then groom, groom, groom!

2/24/2010 8:48:43 AM

Closed mouth and lots of elbow grease...snowy Ohio

2/24/2010 8:41:03 AM

has been for about 3 or 4 weeks now

2/24/2010 8:21:29 AM

I have owned my TB mare for 15 years and she ALWAYS begins shedding by january 4 each year.

2/24/2010 8:05:12 AM

brush lots and vacumns are great too

2/24/2010 7:30:00 AM

We live in Michigan and it's too early to help with their shedding.

2/24/2010 6:46:08 AM

Clipping my draft cross helps. I use Omega Horseshine which has significantly decreased the hair.

2/24/2010 5:59:22 AM

Started in January

2/24/2010 5:02:46 AM

no, but usually start towards the end of March, early April.

2/24/2010 3:58:38 AM

Back around Christmas all of my horses started dopping guard hairs. Totally normal and consistent.

2/24/2010 3:05:54 AM

Give them a good, old-fashioned curry, or a quicker and pleasant vacuuming. Then, de-fur yourself.

2/24/2010 2:01:20 AM


2/24/2010 1:49:29 AM

We live in Northrn Idaho and have NO SNOW. 3 horses shedding for past 3 weeks. Very unusual.

2/24/2010 1:24:14 AM

My mare holds her coat till cold is over then sheds all at once

2/24/2010 1:10:58 AM

Yes,but they're under lights, so no surprise

2/24/2010 12:41:58 AM

2 weeks ago!

2/24/2010 12:30:04 AM

Shedding and it's 18 degrees tonight

2/23/2010 11:59:19 PM


2/23/2010 11:45:55 PM

Rode my horse 4x a week all winter, shed started early & is almost done! (WA State)

2/23/2010 11:12:40 PM

my thb/qut has but my arab has not

2/23/2010 11:06:30 PM

started shedding 2 weeks ago. never blanketed, he's 26 years old. We live in FL

2/23/2010 10:36:40 PM

I've already had to add the shedding blade to grooming sessions.

2/23/2010 10:30:10 PM

maybe by June

2/23/2010 10:21:54 PM

strew shed fur near trees for bird nests

2/23/2010 10:21:00 PM

Just started here in Southeast Indiana

2/23/2010 10:00:22 PM

They started shedding the first week of February.

2/23/2010 9:56:43 PM

Alot of brushing helps it move along faster

2/23/2010 9:54:57 PM

Gotta love the rubber curry mitts!

2/23/2010 9:53:59 PM

One mare always starts early, but the other 2 are also shedding now.

2/23/2010 9:53:35 PM

and it's getting into EVERYTHING

2/23/2010 9:45:55 PM

My vet. said not to brush the horse because we have a lt of cold weather coming our way in PA.

2/23/2010 9:31:00 PM

Lot's of vaccuming and brushing.

2/23/2010 9:25:32 PM

Both of them about 3 weeks ago - Oklahoma

2/23/2010 9:18:57 PM

keep your mouth shut while brushing

2/23/2010 9:16:41 PM

We still have over a foot of snow on the ground in Northern Virginia!

2/23/2010 8:59:44 PM

I mix atsp. of flax seed with the feedings daily once the weather starts to warm some.

2/23/2010 8:53:40 PM

Warm blankets seem to help in not so much winter hair comes in.

2/23/2010 8:43:50 PM

usually always starts in February. After I curry, I vacuum, and that really helps.

2/23/2010 8:39:09 PM

We're having a mild "El Nino" winter in the NW. Love it!

2/23/2010 8:38:26 PM

Our horses shipped from Pa to Fla in Nov and usually would have shed out by now

2/23/2010 8:35:25 PM

Curry/brush every day

2/23/2010 8:34:14 PM

big time, and for the past few weeks.

2/23/2010 8:25:16 PM

yes all 4 are starting to loose their long fuzzy hair

2/23/2010 8:22:04 PM

An unusually warm Washington winter has brought an early spring for plants and animals.

2/23/2010 8:20:41 PM

like gang busters!!

2/23/2010 8:12:54 PM

My donkeys will shed about 2 months after the horses finally do

2/23/2010 8:04:39 PM

Keep the inside of rugs brushed to keep horse comfortable

2/23/2010 7:58:30 PM

I have a couple of mine that are shedding profusely

2/23/2010 7:55:35 PM

Lava stones to groom

2/23/2010 7:48:38 PM

northern Indiana

2/23/2010 7:40:46 PM

use a shed blade and a block to get hair off and lots of elbow grease!!

2/23/2010 7:32:28 PM

veru slightly losing a little hair

2/23/2010 7:32:14 PM

shedding blade

2/23/2010 7:25:02 PM

he's shedding, but his winter coat is very light

2/23/2010 7:24:25 PM

Our 25+ year old QH is shedding profusly! When he starts spring is on the way!

2/23/2010 7:19:09 PM

Lots of brushing

2/23/2010 7:07:04 PM

Some started weeks ago...others have just started

2/23/2010 7:04:21 PM

Just keep brushing!

2/23/2010 7:03:48 PM

Grill bricks

2/23/2010 7:01:59 PM

I am in SOuth FLorida and he is shedding out big time. I love the little Epona shedding flowers.

2/23/2010 6:59:47 PM

2 out of 5 horses. I use shedder, groomer, brushes anything that will take the hair off.

2/23/2010 6:58:35 PM

He doesn't believe in global warming!

2/23/2010 6:58:22 PM

It's "snowing" grey hair at our place.

2/23/2010 6:57:23 PM

Tough currying!

2/23/2010 6:52:05 PM

Use shedding blade whenever horses are outside.

2/23/2010 6:45:14 PM

My horses are stalled, but not blanketed (south KY)

2/23/2010 6:41:18 PM

4 of the 5 are beginning to shed. I curry a bit everyday so I won't be doing it all at once.

2/23/2010 6:36:03 PM

Appy cross...always looks like a wooly mammoth in the winter

2/23/2010 6:35:48 PM

I live in the NW & she is shedding like crazy already. Too early.

2/23/2010 6:34:05 PM

my horse started shedding a month ago.

2/23/2010 6:31:22 PM

Five out of ten are starting to shed. Willamette Valley, Oregon

2/23/2010 6:30:28 PM

My Morgan has, my Quarterhorse hasn't

2/23/2010 6:24:36 PM

Way too cold in Nebraska!

2/23/2010 6:22:38 PM

I have one that is shedding and five others that haven't lost a hair. I live in NW MT.

2/23/2010 6:14:08 PM


2/23/2010 6:11:45 PM

Pregnant mares and mares under lights

2/23/2010 6:10:20 PM

Furminator for horses!

2/23/2010 6:08:06 PM

w/50 degree days her undercoat is gone

2/23/2010 5:59:52 PM

I use a curry brush or the rubber one it helps pull the dead hair off.

2/23/2010 5:56:28 PM


2/23/2010 5:51:20 PM

12 horses in the barn are shedding, only 1 is not

2/23/2010 5:47:01 PM

unfortunately, no, but soon! Next couple of weeks maybe!

2/23/2010 5:46:56 PM

Don't wear lip balm!

2/23/2010 5:44:15 PM

It's too cold to bathe so use a Unigroom and shedding blade daily.

2/23/2010 5:40:27 PM

yes, and they are normally slick by easter. 24/7 turnout, great hay, proper worming, brush, brush,

2/23/2010 5:35:00 PM

sheddign blades are effective. if horse is in work, a good sweat and bath afterward really helps.

2/23/2010 5:34:35 PM

While our outside horses have not, we have seen a few area horses that have

2/23/2010 5:33:21 PM

Omega horseshine

2/23/2010 5:29:51 PM

Started in January! My TBxID nevers grows a winter coat

2/23/2010 5:26:06 PM

my paint sheds his white hair first

2/23/2010 5:25:19 PM

They've been shedding for a month!

2/23/2010 5:17:33 PM

off and on

2/23/2010 5:16:25 PM

An Oster rubber round curry does the trick beautifully

2/23/2010 5:12:59 PM

Cannot do without my rubber curry & Super-14

2/23/2010 5:11:13 PM

Just keep the curry busy.

2/23/2010 5:10:49 PM

They will in about two weeks--that'll make the birds happy to have nest lining materials

2/23/2010 5:09:33 PM

the older ones are

2/23/2010 5:05:40 PM

All over the place! UGGH!

2/23/2010 5:02:47 PM

My younger horse is shedding like crazy, but not the teen aged ones.

2/23/2010 5:01:18 PM

We live in Aiken, SC!

2/23/2010 4:57:46 PM

blankets and lights and lots of elbow grease

2/23/2010 4:55:56 PM

Some are, some arent

2/23/2010 4:54:21 PM

They have lost the long guard hairs, but are still fuzzy.

2/23/2010 4:51:56 PM

Kansas is still having too much winter for them to start shedding yet :):)

2/23/2010 4:39:34 PM

Yes and it is still very cold here in VA

2/23/2010 4:38:09 PM

He was clipped 5 weeks ago and is blanketed so no shedding yet.

2/23/2010 4:33:44 PM

Here in Maryland we broke all snow fall records this year! Fur coats better stay for awhile!

2/23/2010 4:33:22 PM

my horse starts in December!

2/23/2010 4:26:58 PM

his white hair is all over the place -

2/23/2010 4:20:09 PM

Arab & Old style Morgan both shedding. Modern Morgan not shedding yet. Use shedding blade outside i

2/23/2010 4:20:02 PM

a dog slicker brush works wonders

2/23/2010 4:19:48 PM

all six started the beginning of Februyary - Hurrah!! Spring is coming!!!!!!

2/23/2010 4:18:50 PM

Started shedding 3rd week of January

2/23/2010 4:17:19 PM

Pacific NW started shedding first week of Feb! early!

2/23/2010 4:15:09 PM

I use the nobby garden gloves on face neck and legs,it really helps remove dirt and hair

2/23/2010 4:14:52 PM

yes and with a lot of snow & winter to go.

2/23/2010 4:13:15 PM

Furrminator! My 23 year old Arabian looks like a mammoth every winter!

2/23/2010 4:12:04 PM

I use a dog grooming comb instead of a horse shedding blade. Works well and easier to get the hair o

2/23/2010 4:10:46 PM

Yes indeed they have...but I also worm 6 times a yr.nature talks through our animals and lets us kno

2/23/2010 4:07:45 PM

I use a shedding blade before and after I ride

2/23/2010 4:07:05 PM

one started early January, the others in February

2/23/2010 4:00:50 PM

I can't tell - he is buried under 6 feet of snow!

2/23/2010 4:00:34 PM

For about 1 month, Ontario Canada

2/23/2010 3:54:18 PM

My grey has been shedding for 3 weeks, my bay for about a week. We live in southern Massachusetts.

2/23/2010 3:53:54 PM

I now wish I put blankets on...Aaahhh!

2/23/2010 3:49:20 PM

One is, one isn't!

2/23/2010 3:46:18 PM

What a mess!!

2/23/2010 3:37:24 PM

OMG Yes. She starts as soon as our days get longer.

2/23/2010 3:36:45 PM

It's still too cold in Southern Indiana!

2/23/2010 3:35:35 PM

I put her under lights until 9:00 pm, starting 1/1/2010.

2/23/2010 3:35:17 PM

You're kidding, right??? It's still February, the coldest part of winter!

2/23/2010 3:32:45 PM

Lots of elbow grease

2/23/2010 3:31:38 PM

Groom, groom, groom.

2/23/2010 3:31:32 PM

Only the Shetland, the horses have not

2/23/2010 3:31:04 PM

Probably in the next couple weeks

2/23/2010 3:29:14 PM

Florida ;)

2/23/2010 3:21:58 PM

I'm in the mortheastern part of CT and I noticed yesterday he is starting to shed.

2/23/2010 3:20:45 PM


2/23/2010 3:15:41 PM

4 adult horses not shedding, 2 yearlings are. I curry/brush daily once they start shedding

2/23/2010 3:14:23 PM

Shedding begins as a result of lengthening daylight hours. Silly question.

2/23/2010 3:13:27 PM

3 horses 2 shedding one is not...hmmm

2/23/2010 3:11:54 PM

Shedding blocks work best for me. I don't really brush out all the hair until the weather turns warm

2/23/2010 3:11:21 PM

HInesburg Vermont

2/23/2010 3:11:03 PM

He is 29 years old and doesn't shed til May

2/23/2010 3:10:42 PM

just a few hairs though

2/23/2010 3:10:38 PM

Started loosing guard hairs 2 weeks ago. We are in SW Missouri

2/23/2010 3:07:27 PM

Only mainly the one's who had a thicker coat originally.

2/23/2010 3:04:54 PM

Keep your mouth shut :o)

2/23/2010 3:02:25 PM

Yes, by the handfuls (in GA)!

2/23/2010 3:02:25 PM

1/2-1 cup Black Oil Sunflower seeds, starting in January. Helps them blow their winter coat.

2/23/2010 3:00:56 PM

losing a few hairs here and there, but nothing I'd call "shedding" just yet.

2/23/2010 3:00:42 PM

round curry and lots of elbow grease!

2/23/2010 2:57:51 PM

Live in southern NH and the hair is starting to fly!

2/23/2010 2:57:45 PM

brush, brush and then brush

2/23/2010 2:57:33 PM

We have 2 inches of ice on the ground from this weekend!

2/23/2010 2:54:08 PM

Just in the last two weeks he is shedding heavily.

2/23/2010 2:54:04 PM

All 5 still covered in yak fur!

2/23/2010 2:51:20 PM

one is, the rest aren't

2/23/2010 2:49:12 PM

She sheds her final hair around June 15 and starts the winter coat on July 7.

2/23/2010 2:48:43 PM

Its almost kinda scary because it hasn't gotten above 40 degrees yet! I feel I need to blanket him!

2/23/2010 2:48:09 PM

actually a month age

2/23/2010 2:47:34 PM

I vacume mine with a small shop vac to suck out extra loose hair

2/23/2010 2:47:15 PM

Tiny bit, yes. LONG way to go!!

2/23/2010 2:45:48 PM

Some more than others.

2/23/2010 2:42:40 PM

By the handfuls

2/23/2010 2:42:24 PM

yes and yes. connecticut

2/23/2010 2:42:10 PM

one of two, the Pinto has, but my 4yo Morgan looks like a woolly mammoth in AZ!

2/23/2010 2:42:09 PM

YES! I took enough hair off my horse to glue it together and make another one.

2/23/2010 2:38:23 PM


2/23/2010 2:35:54 PM

In Minnesota nonetheless!

2/23/2010 2:30:33 PM

yes. just started in last week . we live in Wi.

2/23/2010 2:30:31 PM

use static guard on your clothing before grooming your horses. It really keeps the hair off you!

2/23/2010 2:30:22 PM

I'm in Western NC

2/23/2010 2:27:42 PM

Oh god, yes, and has been since late January.

2/23/2010 2:25:28 PM

The stalled horses have, pasture horses have not.

2/23/2010 2:23:05 PM

Yes! Where does all that hair come from, anyway?!

2/23/2010 2:22:59 PM

I have one(1/2 arab) with very little winter coat, TW is a fuzz ball shedding white everywhere!

2/23/2010 2:22:27 PM

Shedding for about 3 weeks already

2/23/2010 2:22:22 PM

Shedding blade, baths with lots of scrubbing with a curry comb, and standing upwind :-)

2/23/2010 2:21:58 PM

Old fashioned brushing daily - daily is the key action

2/23/2010 2:21:38 PM

None of hem are - still so cold and gray despite more daylight - not the usual pattern for end of Fe

2/23/2010 2:21:07 PM

Washington-Still too early

2/23/2010 2:18:46 PM

I add a cup per feeding a day of a GOOD brand of rabbit feed.

2/23/2010 2:18:45 PM

South Fl...the shedding starts early here!

2/23/2010 2:14:49 PM

in NH, one has and one has not

2/23/2010 2:13:54 PM

Stopped blanketing months ago and my mare already has her summer coat

2/23/2010 1:30:15 PM

The white hairs on my paint have begun to come out.

2/23/2010 12:11:15 PM

Just a little "dusting" of hairs so far, when brushed

2/23/2010 11:57:47 AM

I am in canada. No forced Light shedding this year.

2/23/2010 11:55:45 AM

we live in a cool area, never extreme, except extremely good weather.

2/23/2010 11:20:12 AM

lights, either outside or inside

2/23/2010 11:12:17 AM

after some good currying and using a shedding blade, I bathe my horse with mild shampoo

2/23/2010 11:04:38 AM


2/23/2010 10:19:48 AM

Use Sulfur salt blocks in spring and brush, brush, brush

2/23/2010 10:07:35 AM