ID, Please

Should some form of permanent identification be required for every horse in the United States?

Not sure

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Don't need the government dictatiing what we do. Most people have a way of identifying their horses

2/22/2010 11:49:29 PM

i definitely wantly horse microchipped, however I don't know how practical it is for ALL

2/22/2010 11:28:05 PM

Government has already banned horse slaughter, why do they want to ID?

2/22/2010 10:11:59 PM

NONE YA!!!!!

2/22/2010 9:46:28 PM

At what cost, would a national data base be available to prevent thefts, standard type of ID, etc?

2/22/2010 9:41:34 PM

Any form of NAIS is unacceptable. The USDA has fried to fool us in the past,fool me once same on you

2/22/2010 7:09:36 PM

if an owner wants to permanently ID their horse(s), they already have that option.

2/22/2010 3:10:46 PM

For what purpose? My horses are pets, & of no concern to the government.

2/22/2010 3:10:10 PM


2/22/2010 2:30:15 PM

Absoflikkinglutely not! No mandatory ID, no how no way! And while you're at it stick NAIS up your..

2/22/2010 2:03:06 PM

this is NAIS again....

2/22/2010 12:50:55 PM

It depends on how it is done. I kind of like the idea but worry about consequences

2/22/2010 12:34:23 PM

This is just NAIS all over again

2/22/2010 11:13:28 AM

No NAIS, in any form!!

2/22/2010 11:11:48 AM

Though it would help stop theft and disease spread I think it should be up to owner

2/22/2010 9:52:10 AM

This smacks of NAIS, a bad idea whose time has NOT come!

2/22/2010 7:57:06 AM

Cost prohibitive, government invasive, ORWELLIAN!

2/21/2010 11:50:24 PM

"required" turns me off

2/21/2010 11:42:33 PM

A coggins test is sufficent.

2/21/2010 10:16:42 PM

Why? Money?!...If you want your horse chipped then buy it,if you don't-then so be it.

2/21/2010 10:15:57 PM

I do not support NAIS or microchips. ID papers with pictures should be good.

2/21/2010 9:38:25 PM

Far to burdensome for the results. Let owners decide for themselves.

2/21/2010 8:09:06 PM

steal my girlfriend not my horse!

2/21/2010 6:26:31 PM

Big Brother - The Coggins Test is already a stupid idea to force people to have a test done to move.

2/21/2010 6:03:48 PM

It should be up to the indidual

2/21/2010 5:29:10 PM

There are WAY to many people to whom their horses are pets, backyard friends, going nowhere.

2/21/2010 5:28:18 PM

The horse is not a meat animal in the US, large numbers do not move from state to state

2/21/2010 4:39:07 PM

I am in opposition to USDAs National Animal ID System for equines.

2/21/2010 4:13:18 PM

Humans will then be next

2/21/2010 2:01:22 PM

completely unnecessary!

2/21/2010 11:13:21 AM

Required is bad, voluntary is good

2/21/2010 10:54:17 AM

We don't need any more big brother

2/21/2010 10:29:10 AM

Equine owners are responsible for their own horses. More control is not needed.

2/21/2010 9:57:08 AM

I have a 26 yo TB I've asked my vet numerous times to place a chip. In GA. she says NO.

2/21/2010 9:51:11 AM

NO -- Keep Big Brother out of my barn!

2/21/2010 8:09:18 AM

This is wrong in too many ways to discuss in 100 characters!

2/21/2010 6:35:57 AM

why in the ---does anybody want to know?it couldn't be for a good reason

2/21/2010 5:14:42 AM

tattoos and brands should be just fine. If it requires a "premise ID" tell them to shove it.

2/21/2010 12:37:38 AM

A horse needs a name. That's it.

2/20/2010 11:56:48 PM

no unpapered horse would drive the cost for those who just want to ride

2/20/2010 11:41:53 PM

If a breed registry wants to require it fine. Otherwise stay out of my barn and my business.

2/20/2010 11:25:56 PM

Horses are sold and givin away all the time, what would a permanent identification do for any horse.

2/20/2010 10:47:23 PM

NO!! Encourage owners to brand or freezemark, but NO to Big Brother!!

2/20/2010 10:23:56 PM

it is too dangerous to the health of the horse and the freedom for the wrangler!

2/20/2010 8:40:04 PM

Absolutely not! The govt has no busniess forcing me to register my property (horse). It's not theirs

2/20/2010 8:16:57 PM

Microchips will be required for all animals raised "for meat". Say NO to microchips for horses!

2/20/2010 7:55:43 PM

You alrady have one with the new photo EIA test in use by some veternarians now. Photo EIA's

2/20/2010 7:52:30 PM

NO NO NO!!! What don't they understand. We don't want it. We don't need it. We can't afford it. NO

2/20/2010 7:18:34 PM

(H) NO !!!!!!!

2/20/2010 7:01:50 PM

this should be the owners chioce!

2/20/2010 6:01:14 PM

Of course! Helps identify and recover stolen animals AND identify deadbeats that would dump animals.

2/20/2010 5:32:48 PM

Chips cause cancer?EVERy chipped animal I have had got cancer NO, NO,NO

2/20/2010 5:23:38 PM

mark of the beast not on my beast

2/20/2010 5:03:33 PM

The issue is mandatory and reporting every move.

2/20/2010 4:59:37 PM

no way

2/20/2010 4:29:06 PM

This is bullchit and a way to begin marking us all

2/20/2010 4:26:12 PM

Just another way for Gvmt to control who does/owns what

2/20/2010 4:22:32 PM


2/20/2010 2:24:16 PM

Bureaucratic boondoggle!

2/20/2010 1:39:02 PM

It should be optional, like it is now. If you want a permanent ID for your horse your can get one.

2/20/2010 12:54:29 PM

There is no reason to track horses via NAIS, or similar, just another means of control

2/20/2010 12:47:22 PM

my animals are NOT part of the "national herd" We are not socialists!

2/20/2010 12:43:04 PM

Ownership is proprietary. If an owner wishes to tag, that's OK. Everything else is UN crap.

2/20/2010 12:35:13 PM

I do not find it necessary have govn. control animal id,

2/20/2010 12:33:26 PM

Why? For what purpose?

2/20/2010 12:30:55 PM

it starts w/ animals, we (humans) will be next

2/20/2010 12:26:28 PM

This is a personal choice for an individual's use.

2/20/2010 11:59:49 AM

That should be a decision for the owner to make.

2/20/2010 11:48:38 AM

Horses have marks used for Coggins ID & Jockey Club already enough!

2/20/2010 11:42:32 AM

It would solve several issues including theft, EIA and disease control

2/20/2010 10:43:31 AM

I want to protect my privacy

2/20/2010 10:23:11 AM

that's ridiculous!!

2/20/2010 10:10:54 AM


2/20/2010 9:51:09 AM

More big government control, more invasion of privacy, more spending and more taxes. SHAME! SHAME!

2/20/2010 9:47:38 AM

I agree Horses should be ID's, but not for the government!!! Ownership verification in case of theft

2/20/2010 9:17:29 AM

what ever happend to the land of the free?

2/20/2010 9:09:26 AM

Most horses already have a premanant ID..tatoo's and such

2/20/2010 9:01:01 AM

nor for any livestock - there is already adequte monitoring in feedlots for animals meant for food

2/20/2010 8:56:53 AM

No because I know where this is headed in the near future. it is just a way around NAIS

2/20/2010 8:17:17 AM

without the owners free, uncoerced choice? Why isn't there a option in your poll: Hell, NO!

2/20/2010 8:04:51 AM

The government/usda needs to stay out of our lives!

2/20/2010 7:58:36 AM

I do not support permamnent ID if it supports NAIS. Tattoos etc may be OK, but chipping is harmful.

2/20/2010 5:22:03 AM

NO< NO< NO>. You will be next...what to you think the Census is?

2/20/2010 5:10:45 AM


2/20/2010 1:01:05 AM

One more stupid government control measure.

2/20/2010 12:24:56 AM

I am against ANY mandatory program.

2/19/2010 11:50:36 PM

So that horses meant for slaughter could be rescued by a former owner who lost track of it.

2/19/2010 11:39:05 PM

Identification of all horse's makes a lot of sense.

2/19/2010 11:38:40 PM

Not needed

2/19/2010 11:22:38 PM

horses are not part of any food chain the the USA, & do NOT pass on illnesses to animals or humans.

2/19/2010 11:21:18 PM

Should be an owner decision-not gov't.!

2/19/2010 11:15:06 PM

Downsize all government budgets. Let the people who want it pay for it. I don't want my tax money

2/19/2010 10:47:33 PM

it already cost a lot of money just to get a horse registered with the DNA test, more money for foal

2/19/2010 10:35:23 PM

We live in the USA not Russia this is a waste of our resources no no no no no

2/19/2010 10:24:15 PM

Breed registries require DNA for registration in many cases. That should be ID enouth.

2/19/2010 7:51:37 PM

if the racing industry wants it ok, if the breeders ass. wants it ok. don't make me pay for them

2/19/2010 7:20:29 PM

NAIS benefits corp ag on our backs!

2/19/2010 7:16:55 PM

The very notion is utterly ridiculous.

2/19/2010 7:12:18 PM

This is simply to enable th eindentification of horses slated for the slaughterhouse/foreign markets

2/19/2010 7:06:27 PM

Another example of the government getting into things that are noe of its business!!!!!

2/19/2010 7:04:09 PM

Putting a chip in your horse does not mean the goverment is tracking you.

2/19/2010 7:01:54 PM

not no, but hell no! Angry voter!

2/19/2010 6:49:18 PM

it would without a doubt cut down on horse thefts

2/19/2010 6:41:25 PM

y should you ask for permission to own your animal???What next??? Don't let them do this to you!

2/19/2010 6:35:52 PM

A requirement should only come from organizations by vote of the organization, not federal.

2/19/2010 6:07:16 PM

Animal ID does not stop diseases. Google R-Calf for ideas that will help.

2/19/2010 5:58:43 PM

Hell NO

2/19/2010 5:27:38 PM

A national ID system for horses would accomplish nothing beneficial to the average horseowner.

2/19/2010 5:20:58 PM

We have enough government intervention in our lives! No, no, no!

2/19/2010 4:38:24 PM

No form of NAIS should be allowed for animals. It has not worked in ANY other countries that have es

2/19/2010 4:26:08 PM

This is just one more instance of Government attempting to control the public.

2/19/2010 4:20:49 PM

NEVER! Who's going to pay for this? Some people are barely paying feed bills as it is.

2/19/2010 4:17:06 PM

More money for government intervention to provide NO benefits

2/19/2010 3:58:22 PM

no it is the Gov. sticking its nose in where it does not belong. why don't they QUIT.

2/19/2010 3:51:56 PM

Let every horse owner decide for themselves. We don't need more enforcements and fines and licenses

2/19/2010 3:50:24 PM

Yes, like Carfax!

2/19/2010 3:50:11 PM

As an educated sporthorse owner, I've not seen any valid data to justify permanent identification.

2/19/2010 3:22:59 PM

I do not trust a government mandate and as soon as they start counting it they start taxing it.

2/19/2010 3:08:04 PM

Big Brother has enough to mess up without being involved in horse ownership!

2/19/2010 2:58:13 PM

I vote no because I don't want the government making a data base to use for other purposes like taxa

2/19/2010 2:30:54 PM

The federal government has NO RIGHTS to do this.

2/19/2010 2:17:05 PM

The location oand the population of my livestock is my business

2/19/2010 1:24:14 PM

NO. This is the U.S. not a dictatorship or under communist rule. We retain our rights to decide.

2/19/2010 1:23:28 PM

ARE YOU LISTENING??? NO, NO, NO. Keep Government OUT of my private life.

2/19/2010 1:22:25 PM

There is NO need for this at all!

2/19/2010 1:20:42 PM

BUT - there need to be a uniform system. R.W. - Texas

2/19/2010 1:16:21 PM

our mustangs are freeze branded, one has a chip

2/19/2010 1:09:33 PM

more global government intervention

2/19/2010 1:00:54 PM

Another government scam to get our money!!!!

2/19/2010 12:48:45 PM

Absolutely not! People must be free to choose!

2/19/2010 12:28:35 PM

This should be up to the owner, not the Federal or State Governments

2/19/2010 12:25:58 PM

This should be up to the owner, not the Federal or State Governments

2/19/2010 12:25:02 PM

Would love to see it happen, I know it's impossible.

2/19/2010 12:10:45 PM

I think it should be voluntary as it is with house pets. I believe in it for cats and dogs.

2/19/2010 11:54:15 AM

We don't need Big Brother

2/19/2010 11:25:11 AM

The cost places an undue burden on individuals who own horses for pleasure.

2/19/2010 11:09:04 AM

We don't need any form of national ID for any animal. No NAIS in ANY form, including the "new" plan.

2/19/2010 11:03:24 AM

This is an absurd waste of resources.

2/19/2010 11:02:01 AM

Horses are personal property; let government stay out of it.

2/19/2010 10:49:15 AM

And a big big NO at that! we know r horses better than the Fed!

2/19/2010 10:43:10 AM

required costs take away from some of the simple pleasures in life

2/19/2010 10:23:55 AM

Registries are enough

2/19/2010 10:11:59 AM

It wouild be a nightmare to do, with all the non-registered horses. Big Brother ?

2/19/2010 10:02:52 AM

absolutely not

2/19/2010 9:59:58 AM


2/19/2010 9:56:51 AM

USDA needs to decide if they are livestock or companion animals before trying to ID them.

2/19/2010 9:45:26 AM

Strongly opposed to RFIDs as they have not been adequately tested for safety and are too costly.

2/19/2010 9:43:49 AM

voluntary not mandatory

2/19/2010 9:38:21 AM

Stop wasting our tax dollars trying to redefine the meaning of "NO".

2/19/2010 9:36:02 AM

Common sense says they don't need it when so many are registered or branded anyway!!

2/19/2010 9:06:49 AM

If all horses traveling across state lines are included imagine the $$ burden to the equine industry

2/19/2010 9:03:18 AM


2/19/2010 8:37:38 AM

A tattoo will work, and provide enough information.

2/19/2010 8:34:08 AM

my horses are micro chiped

2/19/2010 8:33:32 AM

I suggest microchipping and the govt can get off our backs.

2/19/2010 8:28:45 AM

As it isn't food animal existing methods good enough

2/19/2010 8:12:06 AM

I can see this becoming another government sponsored nightmare for horse owners

2/19/2010 7:57:26 AM

That should be the owner's choice, not the Government's.

2/19/2010 7:50:32 AM

I do not need the gov tracking my horses every move!

2/19/2010 7:36:10 AM

REDICULOUS! Just more ways to spend money for the small farmer and pet owner. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

2/19/2010 7:14:40 AM

Not practical, nor economical for the average equine competitor/enthuiast

2/19/2010 6:50:58 AM

Keep your Butt out of my BARN!

2/19/2010 4:34:05 AM

Not necessary and expensive. An invasion of people's privacy.

2/19/2010 1:24:25 AM

This new approach is still the same old NAIS just under a new name, and the answer is still NO! NO!

2/19/2010 1:15:25 AM

Say NO to Big Brother getting his hands on our horses!

2/19/2010 12:53:50 AM

No Obama-chips in my horse

2/19/2010 12:45:51 AM

If the racing industry wants it they should pay for it themselves for their horses.

2/19/2010 12:41:47 AM

enforse current laws ( EIA testing at sales for one) first!!!

2/19/2010 12:27:00 AM

I do not want the government telling me what I can and can not do with my horses!

2/19/2010 12:06:40 AM

It's a waste of money and

2/19/2010 12:04:41 AM

no purpose, too expensive to set up maintain

2/18/2010 11:59:48 PM

Government get practical and leave recreatioanl horse owners alone.

2/18/2010 11:59:40 PM

NO WAY!!!!

2/18/2010 11:47:23 PM

For racing to improve security. Not required for other disciplines

2/18/2010 11:36:11 PM

No more government interference,

2/18/2010 9:52:50 PM

It should be the owner's choice.

2/18/2010 9:33:27 PM

microchipping is good. I hate having to carry paperwork.

2/18/2010 9:08:43 PM

would help lessen theft

2/18/2010 9:03:04 PM

It would help keep track of all the horses and the age & heritage

2/18/2010 8:51:09 PM

Its NAIS.. A lot of unnecessary cort for the average horse owner.. With minimal benefit..

2/18/2010 8:50:17 PM

Why would YOU think that is a good idea? Leave my horse alone. And go chip yourself.

2/18/2010 8:48:37 PM

There are programs already put in place for the movement of horses around the US

2/18/2010 8:13:43 PM

But the government should NOT be involved in tracking the horses

2/18/2010 8:00:52 PM

There should be an ID, but only to track ownership and current stable location

2/18/2010 7:57:33 PM


2/18/2010 7:56:39 PM

This goes against our Consitutional rights, plus there is already brand inspection, coggins, ect

2/18/2010 7:48:52 PM

We have brands and coggins testing. Who needs to spend that kind of money for scanners and chips????

2/18/2010 7:34:04 PM

no way- if someone wants to do it themselves fine , but leave me alone!

2/18/2010 7:32:39 PM

MY horses are MY property and NOT the governements. If ID goes on them, it'll be for MY use.

2/18/2010 7:24:50 PM

already have DNA. don't need anymore

2/18/2010 7:22:39 PM

it is invasive, expensine, & unnecessary

2/18/2010 7:11:14 PM

Not fair to pleasure and show horse folks.

2/18/2010 7:11:08 PM

There is no need to microchip recreational use horses.

2/18/2010 7:00:44 PM

We already have the best disease tracking system in the world. More would just waste money.

2/18/2010 6:56:44 PM

we don't need big brother involved in personal business

2/18/2010 6:53:53 PM

It is unConstitutional for any level of government to require permanent ID of personal property.

2/18/2010 6:31:20 PM

The methods we currently use work!

2/18/2010 6:16:04 PM

it could not only help locate stolen horses but allow former owners to save horses sent to slaughter

2/18/2010 5:57:58 PM

But, I'm afraid it will be to costly for us poor owners.

2/18/2010 5:33:50 PM

It would help put an end to many problems.

2/18/2010 5:20:47 PM

I guess it is a matter of personal preference. I have one of my horses ID & about the get the other

2/18/2010 4:54:24 PM

My horses are mico chipped and freeze branded I do not want them stolen

2/18/2010 4:51:32 PM

Permanent Id may help in theft cases, but do we want to sign up for more Governmental control?

2/18/2010 4:30:30 PM

All my horses have microchips and freeze branding for my peace of mind.

2/18/2010 3:40:26 PM

NO. Uncle Sam has his hand in too many things now.

2/18/2010 3:13:17 PM

Not mandatory! No NAIS in any way, shape or form!!!

2/18/2010 2:51:11 PM

There are enough registries already to track our horses.

2/18/2010 1:57:47 PM

Wild horses should be exempt

2/18/2010 1:40:02 PM

should be available but not required.

2/18/2010 1:23:46 PM

There is no good reasons for giving the government tracking ability for recreational riders

2/18/2010 12:46:35 PM

I can see this being done on certain horses, such a racing, show horses etc. But a lot of horses are

2/18/2010 7:58:04 AM

I think it should be optional.

2/18/2010 12:35:34 AM

I would want it for my horse, wouldn't you???

2/17/2010 11:41:38 PM

Show horses and others that travel a lot should be subject to ID system for disease control

2/17/2010 11:35:15 PM

We have enough government regulation - permanent ID should be voluntary

2/17/2010 11:35:02 PM

due to peoplestealing horse or even dumping equines and selling them at a auction

2/17/2010 11:02:42 PM

It should be voluntary.

2/17/2010 9:39:47 PM

Might be a good theft deterrent.

2/17/2010 9:34:35 PM

This requirement will take away from American's right to personal privacy.

2/17/2010 8:41:09 PM

What?! We're in NAZI Germany now? NO ID!!!!!

2/17/2010 8:40:16 PM

I am not sure. Why would this help? Who pays the costs of keeping up with registrations and deaths?

2/17/2010 6:23:14 PM

Microchipping is the answer!

2/17/2010 4:50:43 PM

As a barn owner, I need to protect my horses from contagious disease and this would help.

2/17/2010 4:15:21 PM

not practical or enforceable

2/17/2010 3:27:21 PM

This just a precursor to human ID programs. Anti govt intrusion into my life

2/17/2010 3:14:38 PM

This is a hard question if you are talking about the NAIS. Allot of people are split on this issue.

2/17/2010 2:41:35 PM

i think so. If something ever comes up, we need 2 know exactly who this horse is.

2/17/2010 1:58:14 PM

Something standard, rather than a different inspection certificate in each state.

2/17/2010 1:19:33 PM

I wld only do it to find my horse if lost or stolen.

2/17/2010 12:33:04 PM

Something that does not disfigure the horse, but is easy to use for identification purposes.

2/17/2010 12:19:51 PM

Available, yes - required - no

2/17/2010 12:19:22 PM

Only if it will benefit the horses somehow, not the government

2/17/2010 12:15:22 PM

The ID everything concept has gone too far.

2/17/2010 11:26:26 AM

Are you out of your mind?

2/17/2010 11:21:44 AM

There is NO valid reason my three pleasure horses need an ID. It will not bio-secure my community.

2/17/2010 11:03:13 AM

Just got my horse micro-chipped easy on the horse ande reaSONABLE

2/17/2010 10:48:01 AM

If required on horses, where does it end? Cats, dogs, humans...

2/17/2010 10:29:48 AM

It would also make it easier to identify stolen horses.

2/17/2010 9:01:26 AM

preferably a microchip

2/17/2010 8:27:35 AM

It shouldn't be required but it should be easy, inexpensive and uniform (e.g., natl govt registry)

2/17/2010 8:11:23 AM

Absolutely not; only if the owner wants it

2/17/2010 7:15:36 AM

then an owner can be blamed for sending that horse to slaughter

2/17/2010 6:56:08 AM

NO to NAIS too!

2/17/2010 3:53:02 AM

We do not need govermental regulation

2/17/2010 3:21:16 AM

If they can microchip dogs and cats-why not horses

2/17/2010 3:10:40 AM

Should be VOLUNTARY, like micro-chipping dogs.

2/17/2010 2:48:35 AM

It's impossible! who will maintain the databse? Our tax dollars will just end up payig for it.

2/17/2010 1:38:56 AM

no more governement

2/16/2010 11:55:55 PM

I view it as a first step to the kind of ID system in the EU with drug info for slaughter houses. NO

2/16/2010 11:39:58 PM

Not more Regulation!

2/16/2010 11:16:07 PM

none of the governments business

2/16/2010 11:09:10 PM

Only if an owner sees it necessary.

2/16/2010 11:06:12 PM

Less government, not more! Absolutely NOT!

2/16/2010 11:03:25 PM

if for NO other reason, than to hold irresonsible owners accountable/or original owners recovery

2/16/2010 10:58:17 PM

Good idea, but how to get a common system?

2/16/2010 10:26:32 PM

Absolutely YES. And health/vaccination and ownership records, too.

2/16/2010 10:21:15 PM

perfect for id horses and their owners during a natural disaster colletion action and stolen horses

2/16/2010 10:17:54 PM

i would say yes as long as its not painful to the horse

2/16/2010 10:12:27 PM

that depends on whether you mean ID on the horse, or paper id

2/16/2010 10:08:48 PM

This will lead to increased government control & tax on horses

2/16/2010 9:52:32 PM

You have to be kidding.....

2/16/2010 9:47:46 PM

It would deter theft, help track disease outbreaks, help track slaughtered horses

2/16/2010 9:44:42 PM

first the animals - then us! people.....wake-up...its all about the CONTROL..

2/16/2010 9:36:14 PM

that's more gov't inyrusion

2/16/2010 9:32:59 PM

We need to keep government out of horse ownership!!!

2/16/2010 9:31:15 PM

This would prevent a lot of horses slaughtered o rsold on the black market

2/16/2010 9:29:36 PM

No. It's just one more excuse to apply another tax and more government control.

2/16/2010 9:27:38 PM

NO! NO! NO! They just want to tax you on your horses.

2/16/2010 9:15:11 PM

If an owner is smart, their horse(s) will be permanently marked. But to require this? No.

2/16/2010 9:11:53 PM

no becuz somehow the government would get involved

2/16/2010 9:08:11 PM

Permanent ID would deter horse thieves & allow lost horses to be safely returned to their owners.

2/16/2010 9:02:12 PM

Burdensome overkill.

2/16/2010 8:59:50 PM

Too much Gov. regulation already!

2/16/2010 8:44:12 PM

to prevent theft

2/16/2010 8:17:56 PM

I will BNIOT

2/16/2010 8:11:38 PM

maybe stollen horses wouldnt be sold to the slaughter yards without identification see.

2/16/2010 8:11:06 PM

just as micro chipping should be required for household pets the same should br required for horses,

2/16/2010 7:59:23 PM

at owner's discretion

2/16/2010 7:54:34 PM

Microchipping is cheap!

2/16/2010 7:46:37 PM

It should remain a personal choice-not a requirement

2/16/2010 7:44:47 PM

Yes, because theft has increased

2/16/2010 7:38:15 PM

An abandoned horse could be traced to the previous owners and that could help prevent abandonment.

2/16/2010 7:33:44 PM

This would mean more government in our business.

2/16/2010 7:31:00 PM

The people of the United States are over governed as it is without more unnecessary laws .

2/16/2010 7:06:02 PM

Cost and logistics make it super hard to doo this---who is going to keep track of it all?

2/16/2010 6:52:01 PM


2/16/2010 6:49:43 PM


2/16/2010 6:46:59 PM

If mandated by law, owner should not have the burden of cost ever.

2/16/2010 6:35:05 PM

I microchiped my horse. Now I can rest knowing that I can prove he is mine

2/16/2010 6:33:02 PM

Absolutely. I wrote and article for the Chronicle referring to need.

2/16/2010 6:32:28 PM

It couldn't hurt & in MANY ways help locate a horse.

2/16/2010 6:30:31 PM

It should be a matter of choice - too much gov't intervention!

2/16/2010 6:14:06 PM

horrible invasion of privacy liberal big govt. thinking

2/16/2010 5:49:20 PM

Race horses, maybe & really expensive horses, but otherwise - no.

2/16/2010 5:44:40 PM

All my animals (pets included) are micro-chipped.

2/16/2010 5:44:27 PM

This could force irresponsible owners to take responsibility; may discourage backyard breeding...

2/16/2010 5:39:52 PM

If you think licenses are good go see the California department of motor vehicles

2/16/2010 5:39:33 PM

NO! Just another waste of my taxpayer dollars!!!!

2/16/2010 5:31:43 PM

Just another version of NAIS

2/16/2010 5:26:06 PM

If the owner decides to microchip his/her horse for event recovery reasons, that is fine.

2/16/2010 5:08:43 PM

Lip Tatoos or Micro Chips as long as the Chips can be read easily

2/16/2010 5:06:03 PM

Just like dogs, if you want to fine but it should NOT be required.

2/16/2010 4:59:29 PM

Required, absolutely not. I recommend it for show or breeding animals for ID purposes only.

2/16/2010 4:58:12 PM

This way when horses are sent to auction they can be re-rescued

2/16/2010 4:56:39 PM

NO! it's a mess in the cattle world.

2/16/2010 4:46:27 PM

Nwxt, we'd be taxed on them.Gov. can't get our $$ fast enough now.

2/16/2010 4:42:21 PM

Should some form of permanent id be required of every idiot that thinks of these ideas ?

2/16/2010 4:42:19 PM

Helpful for identifying stolen horses

2/16/2010 4:40:07 PM

There is no 100% safe, pain free ID, not to mention additional cost - time to tell Big Brother NO!!!

2/16/2010 4:39:57 PM

If my horse was stolen I'd want to be able tofind him and then prove that he was mine! Not easy now

2/16/2010 4:39:31 PM

it should be encouraged, not required

2/16/2010 4:27:19 PM

BLM uses cold-branding. ID'ing every horse is huge expense & hard to track.

2/16/2010 4:18:29 PM

microchips are reasonable priced and help with the recovery if the horse is ever lost or stolen.

2/16/2010 4:17:22 PM

not every one could afford it, let them use that money to care for them instead

2/16/2010 4:14:29 PM

We already have too much government oversight

2/16/2010 4:07:40 PM

Not EVERY horse, but show, race, & event horses, sure.

2/16/2010 4:07:06 PM

And slaughter houses should be required to check a master list before slaughter is allowed

2/16/2010 4:04:35 PM


2/16/2010 4:00:38 PM

it's up to the owner not the goverment to decide

2/16/2010 4:00:16 PM

absolutely NOT government already controls more than it should- not to mention the expense

2/16/2010 3:49:29 PM

It should be required that horses be checked for I.D. at shelters, sales, auctions

2/16/2010 3:43:03 PM

While there are good arguments for permanent ID, it's more red-tape government intrusion.

2/16/2010 3:43:02 PM

I think horses should be like cars and have a pink slip as they change owners.

2/16/2010 3:42:34 PM

Help track horses for transfer of disease and to recover through theft

2/16/2010 3:39:21 PM

Big brother is in my life too much now.

2/16/2010 3:39:04 PM

Enough with Big Brother!

2/16/2010 3:38:58 PM

yes, to some extent

2/16/2010 3:36:40 PM

Licensing should be mandatory, with breeders paying a higher fee.

2/16/2010 3:28:50 PM

I think it should be on a voluntary basis.

2/16/2010 3:26:03 PM

All should have a UELN number that never changes.

2/16/2010 3:23:56 PM

At least micro-chip. Responsible thing to do.

2/16/2010 3:18:04 PM

I can understand why but I can not gree on the basis that a horse is still livestock not a pet!

2/16/2010 3:04:47 PM

Chipping would be nice.

2/16/2010 3:03:57 PM

Very difficult to enforce and control

2/16/2010 3:00:53 PM

Are you crazy!?!

2/16/2010 3:00:13 PM

NO animal ID, if you want to, ok, but do not force it on us.

2/16/2010 2:56:53 PM

required is key word -registered horses are already identified

2/16/2010 2:55:49 PM

should be optional

2/16/2010 2:54:44 PM

that shouldbe the owners decision as it would be an additional vet expense or owner expense

2/16/2010 2:52:38 PM

there is already way to much gov't. involvement

2/16/2010 2:50:09 PM

standardized microchiping

2/16/2010 2:44:51 PM

Requiring it for every horse is overkill. It should be solely up to the owner.

2/16/2010 2:44:51 PM

the owners should decide

2/16/2010 2:39:38 PM

Forced ID is taking away our American Freedom, one step at a time, one process at a time.

2/16/2010 2:34:44 PM

For competitive horse, yes, but others, definitely not.

2/16/2010 2:33:07 PM

What is the purpose? If it's to require licensing like dogs, forget it!

2/16/2010 2:32:28 PM

Cost? Purpose? I think not.

2/16/2010 2:32:04 PM

can't really understand the need for it

2/16/2010 2:26:58 PM

It may be nice for insurance and assurance, but too big brother.

2/16/2010 2:25:37 PM

Horses are not food animals in North America

2/16/2010 1:49:25 PM

CEM, piro both great illustrations

2/16/2010 1:46:19 PM

we have our coggins...it should be a national thing and not a state to state basis.

2/16/2010 1:16:53 PM

No, Cause it would just cause more people to pay out more money in an already depressed economy

2/16/2010 12:09:32 PM

But every horse that ends up at auction should be screened for ID

2/16/2010 11:58:37 AM

How invasive can the govt get?

2/16/2010 11:55:06 AM

branding or freeze branding, more visible

2/16/2010 11:23:40 AM

Concerned about what form the ID would take and possible health impact of microchipping.

2/16/2010 11:19:01 AM

NO!NO!NO! Stopinvaiding our privacy!!!!!

2/16/2010 9:52:38 AM

it would be good if the world were perfect. its a bad idea in this world

2/16/2010 8:32:14 AM

photo passport and DNA identified that travels with the horse for life

2/16/2010 8:11:48 AM

No, ID owners! Pre-purchase exams for intending owners - too hard?

2/16/2010 4:52:05 AM

I don't like government dictation in this, but it make recovering stolen animals easier

2/16/2010 1:54:05 AM

a horse passport would be valuable in preventing theft.

2/16/2010 1:41:40 AM