Has your horse ever had an adverse reaction to his vaccinations?

Yes, all the time
Yes, but only to particular vaccinations

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We don't use rhino vaccines anymore, too many reactions including long term immune issues.

2/9/2010 6:43:19 AM

Once my mare was vaccinated in the neck in the afternoon by am nose to ground, trouble breathing

2/8/2010 11:13:31 PM

My mare became colicy when given all spring shots at once-so we staggered them.

2/8/2010 8:17:15 PM

in neck, cannot put head down, cannot eat, sore for days

2/8/2010 7:44:08 PM


2/8/2010 6:25:17 PM

Swelling at the site and lethargy following 4-way shot. No reaction to tetnus alone or WNV.

2/8/2010 5:09:14 PM

Ki'd pony - swollen neck. Only one time. No problem with the other 30+ horses.

2/8/2010 4:20:56 PM

only sometimes & i'm not sure which

2/8/2010 3:56:53 PM

One of our BLM mustangs (mare) always reacts. Two others to particular vac's.

2/8/2010 3:30:22 PM

he got purpura hemorragica , foundered, and had to be euthanized

2/8/2010 3:15:00 PM

A horse I owned had a prior history of reactions - I had no problem as I split his shots to 2 visits

2/8/2010 12:28:01 PM

Large lump at site of West Nile vaccination

2/8/2010 12:03:07 PM

but the vet gave shot with blood in needle as a yearling

2/8/2010 9:06:51 AM

Reaction to the flu/rhino. She will not get it again. Scared me to death.

2/8/2010 6:32:47 AM

Th-bred Eventer 10yr G reacts badly to Flu Vac. Gets flu like sympt & weightloss.

2/8/2010 3:28:55 AM

Strangles vaccination: Did not want to move much and acted like his neck was stiff.

2/8/2010 1:20:02 AM

years ago, my mare got a hard lump on the injection site. Possibly caused by the vehicle in the inj

2/7/2010 11:42:45 PM

my horse never does anything

2/7/2010 7:31:03 PM

occasionally one will swell and get a stiff neck with rhino. Almost always a yrlg or younger

2/7/2010 2:10:58 PM

swelling at shot location

2/7/2010 1:31:01 PM

My new horse got all vacs and got VERY sick - nearly died!

2/7/2010 10:47:39 AM

Arab gelding get reactions to all combination vaccines He gets West Nile & Tetanus only

2/7/2010 12:24:34 AM

rhino - softball sized swelling - eventually lanced to relieve pressure and pain

2/6/2010 11:20:37 PM

bad batch, dumb vet

2/6/2010 11:11:20 PM

We overvaccinate! Yearly vaccines are damaging to the immune system!

2/6/2010 10:48:03 PM

one time reaction to strangles- mis diagnosed. now the most expensive solid paint in the world

2/6/2010 10:18:56 PM

flu vacine in neck had sore swollen hot to touch large area,had difficulty lowering neck to graze yr

2/6/2010 9:54:43 PM

horse would colic when given shots all at once had to space them out when sold was told to new owner

2/6/2010 9:17:49 PM

Once to Fort Dodge flu/rhino - don't use that brand now & no reaction

2/6/2010 7:38:25 PM

lost a very expensive foal and mare due to reaction to west nile vaccination.

2/6/2010 3:40:51 PM

As he's gooten older the reactions are becoming more severe

2/6/2010 3:35:30 PM

1 horse had abscess at injection site of WNV vaccine

2/6/2010 1:01:30 PM

the 4 way made by Fort Dogde, now use Intervet

2/6/2010 12:18:29 PM

Flu have gone to intranasal admin. not a problem w/ it given that way.

2/6/2010 11:47:08 AM

stiff neck/rump with swelling on needle site

2/6/2010 8:51:52 AM


2/5/2010 10:31:54 PM

Shots in the chest caused reaction, the neck is always ok.

2/5/2010 7:23:09 PM

rabies - it was horrible, very sick horse

2/5/2010 6:46:38 PM

Fever and swelling with a Rabies vac.

2/5/2010 4:07:22 PM

Fort Dodge 5-Way caused severe reaction with swelling and hives. Turned haircoat white.

2/5/2010 3:25:33 PM

swelling at injection site for flu/rhino...give intranasal now

2/5/2010 2:53:47 PM

Rabies brings on mild colic has happened 3 times so now the vet gives him a shot of Banamine after.

2/5/2010 1:31:53 PM

Sometimes localized swelling or stiffness, friend's horse foundered and died from Potomac Fever vac

2/5/2010 1:14:38 PM

I have the vet administer Bute IV at the same time as the vaccinations, then give 1g orally 2-3 days

2/5/2010 12:27:04 PM

Vaccine under the skin causing irritation and swelling

2/5/2010 11:44:37 AM

Reacts badly - only do them in thigh now

2/5/2010 8:44:07 AM

he is very sensitive to vaccination ,my vet needs 2 trips to give vaccinations (total 4)

2/5/2010 7:41:22 AM

allergic to all intervet, not allergic to merial recombinant or boeringer

2/4/2010 11:31:01 PM

appaloosa lymph nodes swell

2/4/2010 10:35:45 PM

the last two times her injection site swelled after rhino shot

2/4/2010 9:44:11 PM

septic cut

2/4/2010 6:49:54 PM

Only once, years ago. I switch manufacturer and never had an issue again.

2/4/2010 6:26:35 PM

strangles, had to quatentine our barn, several other horses got mild cases

2/4/2010 6:00:46 PM

Can't give the 5 in 1 to my Paso. He gets a large swelling. Breaking it down into 2 helps

2/4/2010 5:37:31 PM

Ft Dodge has produced sore necks many times...I try to avoid that brand

2/4/2010 5:11:19 PM

no other than just being sore

2/4/2010 5:03:26 PM

A paint that his neck will swell up to twice its size, sore & lasts for 7-10 days.

2/4/2010 2:53:07 PM

A paint that his neck will swell up to twice its size, sore & lasts for 7-10 days.

2/4/2010 2:51:40 PM

Only some swelling in the chest area, never when shots were given in the neck

2/4/2010 2:30:14 PM

Some get hives others are sore for days after

2/4/2010 2:20:28 PM

once a horse had a large lump at the injection site

2/4/2010 1:28:56 PM

Adverse reaction to rabies vaccine the second year he received it.

2/4/2010 1:21:17 PM

I now split my spring and fall shots 2 weeks apart and have no problems

2/4/2010 12:10:08 PM

Stiff & sore, worsening each year. Vet recommended vaccines for emergency only.

2/4/2010 11:06:41 AM

Have had severl react to Rabies Vaccine

2/4/2010 9:43:20 AM

usually colic

2/4/2010 5:54:29 AM

stiff neck after intramuscular injection - unable to lower head to eat

2/4/2010 5:49:54 AM

high fever with giving West Nile shot at the same time as 5 way vaccination.

2/4/2010 1:29:59 AM

swelling, stiff neck...

2/3/2010 11:25:21 PM

was unable to move his head up or down or side to side afterwards. Now we eliminate that vaccinatio

2/3/2010 11:18:41 PM

No, thank goodness. Give them off for the day of vaccinations.

2/3/2010 10:15:25 PM

mostly swelling at the injection site

2/3/2010 9:08:17 PM

he starts sweating and get a low grade fever, lays down with rabies vaccine

2/3/2010 9:00:51 PM

It was the carrier for the vaccines. We switch brands and split them up. Took care of it.

2/3/2010 8:45:22 PM

TB mare had severe rx to IN strep vax. We no longer give strep vax.

2/3/2010 8:39:55 PM

Vet gave usual shots.Mare had six inch wide swollen spot next day on her neck. Carrier / culprit

2/3/2010 8:34:29 PM

Can't lower their necks for days

2/3/2010 8:26:05 PM

To west nile virus shots

2/3/2010 8:14:23 PM

Vet had to switch Rabies vaccine brand. Too many reactions

2/3/2010 8:03:04 PM

severe swelling at vaccination site, couldn't lower his head to eat.

2/3/2010 7:26:44 PM

Horse went into sepsis, had to be euthanised in 1 week, despite ICU and isolation care at a Universt

2/3/2010 7:02:44 PM

I try not to give more than one vaccine at a time other than EWT, which seems to be an OK combo

2/3/2010 6:46:22 PM

got hives a month later.caused her immune sytem to go nuts

2/3/2010 6:17:53 PM

Usually the rabies shot will cause a mild reaction. I always give my horses a gram of bute.

2/3/2010 6:11:42 PM

Rabies vac left hard, hot lump for several months

2/3/2010 5:37:46 PM

I can't give Rabies and the 5 way to one of my horses. He has a bad anaphalatic reaction.

2/3/2010 5:01:00 PM

"Shotgun" vaccine-caused acute laminitis

2/3/2010 4:57:33 PM

My TB mare is so sensitive, she always has some swelling and stiffness.

2/3/2010 4:24:48 PM

Final strangles injec caused such a sore and stiff neck horse couldn't eat off ground for days.

2/3/2010 4:14:44 PM

Pain at the injection site from West Nile vaccination

2/3/2010 4:09:15 PM

the strangles vaccination affected my horse negatively for a few days

2/3/2010 4:08:21 PM

any shots in her neck she swells and is letharic, shots in chest area same and barely could walk

2/3/2010 3:55:58 PM

Had one horse develop 102 fever. Another had marked swelling and hives ,but not the next time

2/3/2010 3:53:30 PM

No. And benefits FAR outweigh the risks.

2/3/2010 3:44:26 PM

Mare so sore she could not reach the ground to graze for three days

2/3/2010 3:14:52 PM

My mare reacted after a rabies shot-swelling on her neck & painful 2 raise her head for few hours

2/3/2010 2:55:38 PM

My PRE stallion suffered from anaphylactic shock after a rabies vaccine.

2/3/2010 2:54:08 PM

Had one whose neck would swell above the injection site--crest of neck

2/3/2010 2:40:34 PM

Yes flu vac. Got them for years than boom, big reaction,. He lived as vet still in stable

2/3/2010 2:40:05 PM

It is routine to give 2 grams bute IV before his vx to reduce rxn. Adjuvents most likely cause.

2/3/2010 2:33:54 PM

Thankfully no with all the other issues

2/3/2010 2:31:47 PM

My horse had a reaction to the Ft Dodge Flu/ Rhino Vaccine. Mostly swelling

2/3/2010 2:21:51 PM

All 4 of mine from rabies vaccine

2/3/2010 2:13:03 PM

Yes, but only when given in the neck

2/3/2010 1:47:45 PM

Nearly lost TB mare 13yrs ago, horrible infection, severely foundered, out of 4 only she lived

2/3/2010 1:39:21 PM

bad swelling and stiffness with the WNV

2/3/2010 1:21:26 PM

Yes! Ft. Dodge vaccines. 3 out of 5 got large, painful lumps at injection site.

2/3/2010 12:51:05 PM

Usually to flu shots. A few of our mares have had soreness and swelling after rhino shots during pre

2/3/2010 12:34:39 PM

Her neck was so sore we had to forgo all vacs. She couldn't put her head down to eat or drink.

2/3/2010 11:37:43 AM

only to Ft Dodge shots

2/3/2010 11:31:03 AM

fort dodge rabies vacine

2/3/2010 11:05:28 AM

Hives from strangles nasal shot

2/3/2010 10:59:51 AM

they had a slight reaction coming out of anesthetic for floating, but not to vaccs.

2/3/2010 10:47:43 AM

could not move neck down to eat for three days, painful

2/3/2010 10:36:08 AM

Severe neck swelling into the leg for up to 2 weeks

2/3/2010 10:10:30 AM

The rabies vaccination seems to be the worst.

2/3/2010 10:02:13 AM

New horse, had VERY stiff neck for 3 days.

2/3/2010 10:01:51 AM

Certain flu shots = swelling & stiffnes in area of injection (neck)

2/3/2010 9:45:09 AM

are would break out in hives after some vax

2/3/2010 9:39:38 AM

I get the vaccines from my vet, and give one every 2-3 weeks to prevent reactions.

2/3/2010 9:16:25 AM

Major swelling at injection site that lasted several days.

2/3/2010 9:00:10 AM


2/3/2010 8:55:54 AM

we no longer give her the rabies vaccine

2/3/2010 8:48:39 AM

Neck swelling from Rabies vaccine only.

2/3/2010 8:43:48 AM

hives and swelling on face from west nile vaccine

2/3/2010 8:37:36 AM

reacts to EW now have to give benadryl first

2/3/2010 8:31:12 AM

but the vet had blood in the needle

2/3/2010 8:16:46 AM

Only once - not sure which vaccine

2/3/2010 8:14:49 AM

Swelling at injection site, colic type symptoms

2/3/2010 8:13:20 AM

Had severe hives from Fort Dodge 5-way on several occasions. No problems with Intervet.

2/3/2010 8:10:02 AM

He tends to get hives with some, so we have to spread the boosters out over a period of weeks.

2/3/2010 7:49:41 AM

Sore necks in the past, but not lately. Vaccines are improved, I think.

2/3/2010 7:45:26 AM

Rabies vaccination

2/3/2010 7:12:07 AM

My QH gelding gets Hives each time he is vaccinated

2/3/2010 7:09:58 AM

Thank Goodness

2/3/2010 4:58:05 AM

Three horses over 35 years. Shots twice a year for all - no reactions

2/3/2010 1:21:36 AM

actually only 1 horse, 1 time. It was a combo shot, and left a permanent lump the size of a marble

2/3/2010 12:55:41 AM

I know another horse that almost died from one.

2/3/2010 12:30:10 AM

Usually Rhino with soreness, lump on neck, sometimes hives

2/3/2010 12:07:13 AM

Severe Hives. Took 5 days to clear them up

2/2/2010 11:48:54 PM

especially when receiving more than one at a time.

2/2/2010 11:45:05 PM

Flu Rhino horse imported from Germany could be different strain

2/2/2010 11:35:37 PM

nearly died, foundered

2/2/2010 10:53:01 PM

mostly to tetanus-swelling,heat, couldn't lift or lower head much

2/2/2010 10:52:45 PM

large lumps in neck and sleeping all day the following day.

2/2/2010 10:41:01 PM

localized swelling & edema

2/2/2010 10:38:45 PM

no..he has not gotten anything more than normal vacs. either..

2/2/2010 10:15:50 PM

Problem when multiple vaccines at one time

2/2/2010 10:04:47 PM

Older horse gets very stiff and sore after certain vaccinations - notably Rhino/Flu but also others.

2/2/2010 9:54:10 PM

had a colt get real 'itchy' after penicillin injection - I'm terrified to try again!

2/2/2010 9:51:24 PM

increase temp, lethargcy after rabies/5 in one last year. Lasted 4-5 days. 2 others had localized sw

2/2/2010 9:35:15 PM

HIves after a West Nile vaccination. Only happened once the 1st year the vaccine was available.

2/2/2010 9:27:32 PM


2/2/2010 9:26:02 PM

Only minor swelling at injection site

2/2/2010 9:23:16 PM

West Niles in some years has cause lethargic symptoms for several days

2/2/2010 9:09:36 PM

we have had several in the rescue who had reactions 2 vaccs. we give Dex to decrease reaction.

2/2/2010 9:03:38 PM

Only one horse and in a localized area with the WNV vaccine.

2/2/2010 8:58:06 PM

i have one horse that almost always swells up at injection site

2/2/2010 8:56:09 PM

Not to vaccinations, but to penicillin.

2/2/2010 8:48:15 PM

severe reaction to West Nile vaccine...develped 105F, flu like sypmtoms and was sick for 2 weeks.

2/2/2010 8:43:42 PM

Swelling and stiffness of the neck at the injection site.

2/2/2010 8:33:29 PM

had a mare years ago that had anaphalactic shock to WEE booster

2/2/2010 8:30:44 PM

2 horses in 20 years had true anaphalaxsis - and never had another vaccination - per the vet's inst

2/2/2010 8:27:10 PM

He developes a large swellen lump, 10" and decrease ROM in the neck or hip. along with fatigue

2/2/2010 8:23:40 PM

one QH would always swell at injection sites

2/2/2010 8:21:05 PM

He ran a fevor for 3 days and would not get up and move.

2/2/2010 8:14:38 PM

In 1990, my mare nearly died from a reaction to a modified live Pfizer equine influenza vaccine

2/2/2010 8:00:31 PM

Almost lost my horse due to a servere strangles vaccine reaction and now spread out the rest.

2/2/2010 7:59:14 PM

yes, once

2/2/2010 7:56:34 PM

When rabies are combined with any other shot. fine if given alone

2/2/2010 7:50:02 PM

Fort Dodge

2/2/2010 7:49:13 PM

has a reaction to everything except the West Nile vac

2/2/2010 7:42:05 PM

Rabies, when it was given in the chest muscle. It cost $1800.00 to treat the 4 animals for 6 weeks.

2/2/2010 7:41:58 PM

had a horse come down with what she was vaccinated for from the vaccine and almost die.

2/2/2010 7:41:00 PM

One of my horses tends to get really sore and stiff from the Rabies vaccine, the others, not as bad

2/2/2010 7:30:54 PM

Creates breathing problems. I have owned 2 horses that have had the problem with 5 way flu shot.

2/2/2010 7:23:39 PM

Slight swelling at vaccination site.

2/2/2010 7:19:42 PM

quite a bit of swelling at the injection site with every vaccine

2/2/2010 7:17:58 PM

Only happened once - he's since had the same combination with no reaction. Suspect bad vaccine.

2/2/2010 7:17:26 PM

They both were sick, heads down, not eating, moping around, for about 36 hours, not rabies.

2/2/2010 7:15:29 PM

Thankfully neither one of them have I hope they never do.

2/2/2010 7:12:32 PM

Site swelled, horse felt bad. Broke shots into 2 batches. Too many shots now.

2/2/2010 7:00:54 PM

violent reaction to Potomac we are in the NE

2/2/2010 6:58:23 PM

Only had 1 horse out of 20 I've owned to have reactions

2/2/2010 6:58:01 PM

flu and strangles

2/2/2010 6:56:40 PM

I've, by far, had the most rouble with rabies vaccinations

2/2/2010 6:55:43 PM

I found that by splitting the shots into two sessions, app. 2 weeks apart, it solved the problem.

2/2/2010 6:54:45 PM

One mare several years ago had a very sore & stiff neck after a 5-in-1 shot.

2/2/2010 6:32:28 PM

rhino-stiff neck; rabies-general malaise and neuro symptoms

2/2/2010 6:22:00 PM

Fort Dodge strangles vaccination

2/2/2010 6:21:10 PM

I suspect rabies vaccine

2/2/2010 6:01:42 PM

Rabies vaccine. Fever, swelling, sensitivity to light, can't move

2/2/2010 5:54:59 PM

Some discomfort but no serious reaction

2/2/2010 5:48:19 PM

No reaction to any vaccine.

2/2/2010 5:45:29 PM

they usually run a fever for a couple of days

2/2/2010 5:39:13 PM

flu/rhino makes sore necks

2/2/2010 5:37:15 PM

He onl reacted to Fort Dodge vaccines

2/2/2010 5:36:06 PM

the first time my mare had a west nile vacc., she got a lump the size of a softball on her neck.

2/2/2010 5:32:27 PM

I had used the same ewt for years and 1 yr didn't, now have switched back.

2/2/2010 5:27:14 PM

Contracted the flu after being injected with the flu vaccine

2/2/2010 5:22:57 PM

I answered yes b/c Mine reacted from Rhino but I gave it to shallow. My error.

2/2/2010 5:16:26 PM

Significant swelling at the injection site. Vet changed brands to resolve.

2/2/2010 5:15:59 PM

We have cut back on the number of vaccines

2/2/2010 5:15:46 PM

strangles vaccine gives bad reaction

2/2/2010 5:06:34 PM

abscess; inject site reaction thicken w/ skin itching hairloss

2/2/2010 5:04:52 PM

yes flu+, neck swelled, couldn't lower it for days, hot compresses. now i break up the vaccines.

2/2/2010 5:00:54 PM

I give my own, and spread them over several weeks.

2/2/2010 4:55:05 PM

Very large swollen site reaction to rabies vaccine, two horses. No reaction to next shot.

2/2/2010 4:51:32 PM

One compant that I do not use any more

2/2/2010 4:30:35 PM

laminitis symptoms

2/2/2010 4:25:00 PM

anaphalaxis to tetanus; foot dragging following West Nile vaccine

2/2/2010 4:21:25 PM

Yes, she ran a fever and didn't want to eat for almost a week, it was two weeks before she was back

2/2/2010 4:13:30 PM

That's why I no longer vaccinate my horses. Haven't for two decades, and they're all fine.

2/2/2010 4:13:18 PM

The only adverse reaction is mine when I get the bill

2/2/2010 4:12:49 PM

Swelling in the area of the injection.

2/2/2010 4:11:55 PM

1 mare - to Pneumabort-K - on more than 1 occasion

2/2/2010 4:11:09 PM

always get site swelling, but once acted like they had had a stroke!

2/2/2010 4:04:57 PM

Dogs, yes. To the Lepto shot, two of them.

2/2/2010 3:56:56 PM

rabies makes a large knot

2/2/2010 3:56:04 PM

Have had a bad reaction to the potomic fever shot. She swelled up totally and was on ivs and such

2/2/2010 3:53:44 PM

Ran high fever, sore neck. Used banamine, fever gone next time but stocked up! So frustrating.

2/2/2010 3:53:16 PM

Had hives almost immediately. Called the vet back out to deal with it.

2/2/2010 3:50:36 PM

he reacts to both rhino vacs

2/2/2010 3:50:10 PM

He could only have one vacination /month or he wouldn't eat for weeks.

2/2/2010 3:49:03 PM

Flu vaccine, severe pain and stiffness at site of jab has happened whether done in neck or hindquart

2/2/2010 3:45:13 PM

reation to west nile vaccination. I now break up shots over 3-4 appointments.

2/2/2010 3:41:02 PM

once injection site swelling

2/2/2010 3:33:46 PM

Thankfully No

2/2/2010 3:33:09 PM

His neck gets so stiff he can hardly lower it to get a drink or eat his hay and grain.

2/2/2010 3:31:38 PM

Post vaccine edema from Ft Dodge WNV

2/2/2010 3:28:47 PM

ee,wee combined with tetanus

2/2/2010 3:28:38 PM

gets hives from head to tail, swollen everything..

2/2/2010 3:25:52 PM

West Nile Virus - pregnant Arabian mares -foals birth defects

2/2/2010 3:25:21 PM

5 way vaccination has a neck strain result to 1 of my 3 horses

2/2/2010 3:25:08 PM

My mare used to swell horribly at the injection site. Giving a 1 gram dose of Bute am & pm helped.

2/2/2010 3:23:23 PM

combination of a rabies vaccine and 3 way.

2/2/2010 3:23:12 PM

Slight reaction to flu/rhino. More severe to equine rabies, he receives canine rabies.

2/2/2010 3:19:32 PM

Rabies vac always made my QH lame in the leg closest to the injection site no matter where injected

2/2/2010 3:18:22 PM

My 32 y/o gelding is very sore after EWT made by Fort Dodge

2/2/2010 3:17:11 PM

West Nile Virus Vacine

2/2/2010 3:14:37 PM

So far I've had no problems

2/2/2010 3:14:03 PM

Hives from a new rabies vaccination; corrected quickly with antihistamine.

2/2/2010 3:12:40 PM

Rabvac 3 injection site swelling regularly

2/2/2010 3:08:05 PM

Neck swellings after Rabies

2/2/2010 3:04:43 PM

22 yr qtr mare swells at injection site-rabie injection in pectoral caused edema pouch.

2/2/2010 3:04:19 PM

Strangles shot

2/2/2010 2:58:24 PM

I have 2 horses, both gray pasofino's who get sore necks or abscesses to the 5 way vaccine

2/2/2010 2:58:04 PM

Rabies & West Nile Virus makes my husbands mare very sick and swells at injection site.

2/2/2010 2:49:01 PM

Our vet says they may get a little "down" for a day, but they never do.

2/2/2010 2:46:49 PM

Stiff neck after rabies/Potomac.

2/2/2010 2:46:01 PM

Strangles vacination - not nasal - just a real swollen area for several days

2/2/2010 2:45:05 PM

Nasal strangles vaccine gave the disease to all three of my horses.

2/2/2010 2:38:47 PM

The injectable Strangles Vaccine

2/2/2010 2:37:16 PM

dif. horses/yrs ( WNV, Strangles, vet gave by accident, sever nose swelling, collapsed, Potomac

2/2/2010 2:33:58 PM

high fever, colic, inappetence,

2/2/2010 2:20:47 PM

Injections produces human flu like symptoms

2/2/2010 2:20:46 PM

He reacts badly to the flu vaccine literally has a dose of flu goes very lethargic tired

2/2/2010 2:15:32 PM

None of my horses have ever had a reaction to any vaccination.

2/2/2010 2:14:33 PM

19 yr old reacts to strangles

2/2/2010 2:12:54 PM

He gets a sore neck and has trouble bending down to eat grass- but it only lasts a day or two.

2/2/2010 2:07:19 PM

generalized swelling if not exercised after injections

2/2/2010 1:27:41 PM

YES! Once. Broke out in hives, colicked right after, legs swelled up. Emergency trip to clinic.

2/2/2010 12:53:06 PM


2/2/2010 12:22:44 PM

haematopinus asini

2/2/2010 11:17:13 AM

Colic and founder

2/2/2010 11:09:22 AM

Yes, stiffness - if I spread them out over 2 visits its better

2/2/2010 11:06:16 AM

One mare is reactive to the flu with swelling and lameness

2/2/2010 9:52:33 AM

My horses have never shown adverse reactions to vaccs.

2/2/2010 9:07:11 AM