Where There's Smoke...

What fire prevention measures do you employ around your barn?
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A smoking ban
Regular cobweb removal
Lightning rods on the barn
Sprinkler systems
Hay/bedding storage away from barn
Other (please explain below)

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fire extinguishers

12/14/2009 9:05:35 PM

All barn outlets are GFI outlets. I try to use insulated containers for water in winter.

12/14/2009 8:59:24 PM

Keep barn floor raked to prevent accumulation of hay wastes.

12/14/2009 8:48:19 PM

do not keep gas or the like in or around barn

12/14/2009 6:37:58 PM

watching out for wires that could be damaged by the animals bad hay or grain fire detecters and ex

12/14/2009 4:01:24 PM

Fire extingishers and water hoses.

12/14/2009 3:32:33 PM

All metal buildings. Keep it neat and clean. Hoses (50") always attached to spigots next to barns.

12/14/2009 2:40:30 PM

fire extinguishers around the barn

12/14/2009 11:42:34 AM

no electricity in barn

12/14/2009 7:48:11 AM

keep aisles clear and sweep up hay

12/13/2009 11:56:41 PM

Turn off main power to barn during intense rain or thunderstorms

12/13/2009 4:09:50 PM

also have fire extinguisher, only flamables are stall wood shavings sprayed w/water every day

12/13/2009 12:56:37 PM

fire extinguishers

12/13/2009 12:34:08 PM

Hoses at barn as well as waterers. Rules everyone is familiar with.

12/13/2009 10:34:25 AM

Keeping the barn well swept

12/13/2009 9:27:12 AM

My scariest worry -- would love a barn with no electric.

12/12/2009 11:13:31 PM

no smoking signs everywhere

12/12/2009 9:52:43 PM

A clean barn is a safer barn.

12/12/2009 9:47:37 PM

keeping the electrical wiring in top shape and insulated. teach horses to get out by others doors

12/12/2009 9:43:50 PM

cool all vehicls on pavement NEVER stack wet hay in or near the barn unplug EVERYTHING

12/12/2009 12:33:35 PM

No wood

12/12/2009 12:20:56 PM

fire extinguishers Fire detectors & intercom

12/11/2009 10:09:25 PM

Fire Hydrants - one in hayloft and one on main level of barn

12/11/2009 8:43:24 PM


12/11/2009 5:22:03 PM

Clear shrubbery around bldg

12/11/2009 12:37:27 PM

dust tight outlets, no extension cords, fire extinguishers, vegetation control

12/11/2009 12:32:30 PM

Multiple fire extinguishers in the barn and train staff/boarders how to use them!

12/11/2009 11:41:19 AM

fire extinguinshers, wiring in metal casing

12/11/2009 11:19:56 AM

alleys cleaned and swept,gfis on all outlets,pwr wash barn 2 x year top 2 bottom

12/11/2009 11:07:55 AM

All electrical wiring encased in metal conduit, heated stall waterers cleaned thoroughly under bowl

12/11/2009 9:33:16 AM

Check electric wiring. Keep trash picked up. No smoking in the barn area.

12/11/2009 9:26:52 AM

all electrical wiring is in pipe and not hidden in the walls

12/11/2009 8:39:21 AM

Fire extinguishers

12/11/2009 8:37:50 AM

I don't care about losing a barn. All my horse's stalls have 2 exits.

12/11/2009 4:25:44 AM

Metal non flamable barn, fire extinguishers in barn aisle

12/11/2009 12:57:35 AM

Always do our best to keep the barn area clean by removing debris.

12/10/2009 10:08:13 PM

I don't keep my horses in my barn

12/10/2009 9:04:14 PM

have metal barn, not wood. horses are not locked in, can go out at will

12/10/2009 8:28:25 PM

water and fire extinguisher within close reach

12/10/2009 7:50:41 PM

electric in conduit, no cords, safety covers on elec boxes, vermin control

12/10/2009 7:15:15 PM

All electric wire in conduit.

12/10/2009 6:52:33 PM

Keep electric turned off when not in barn

12/10/2009 6:37:32 PM

2 fire extinguishers

12/10/2009 5:46:07 PM

Fire Exstingushers at both ends of the barn and in tack room

12/10/2009 5:29:45 PM

electric area kept clean

12/10/2009 5:12:06 PM

use hardi-plank instead of wood boards on outside of barns

12/10/2009 5:05:23 PM

hydro off when no one in stable

12/10/2009 4:56:18 PM

multi fire extinguishers invarious locations, no gasoline containers, all electrical used have thre

12/10/2009 4:48:32 PM

Commercial fans that shut off automatically if they get overheated.

12/10/2009 4:41:53 PM

my 3 horses have exits to a larger area away from their stalls

12/10/2009 4:37:27 PM

Weeding/no bushes; regular sweep up/clean up in/around barn; check wiring; no electric tape/heaters

12/10/2009 4:07:41 PM

fire extinquisher available

12/10/2009 4:07:27 PM

All electrical in metal conduit and stall lights with metal protectors around bulbs

12/10/2009 4:05:54 PM

presence of fire extuinguishers

12/10/2009 3:55:19 PM

smoke alarm

12/10/2009 3:51:29 PM

Non-wood barn

12/10/2009 3:45:30 PM

is roaring painful

12/10/2009 3:36:12 PM

Fire extinguisher

12/10/2009 3:29:07 PM

Fireproof paint on all surfaces inside and out, cement board siding, metal roof.

12/10/2009 3:13:37 PM

Keep aisles clear, water source nearby, caution with hay storage as separate storage isn't possible

12/10/2009 3:10:40 PM

Electrical in conduit and away from horses; maintain defensible spaces

12/10/2009 3:02:08 PM

building layout given to FD w/preplan. Annual dinner visit for FD

12/10/2009 3:00:40 PM

keep aisles clean, fire extinguisher

12/10/2009 2:58:33 PM

also fire extinguishers in barn

12/10/2009 2:54:05 PM

Fire extinguishers, electric in conduit

12/10/2009 2:43:28 PM

brush clearance & smoke ban are big concern; brush fire major prob; 2 stall, in/out setup for hor

12/10/2009 12:16:42 PM

metal barn, open stalls, don't use bedding - dirt floors, used for feeding only

12/10/2009 10:21:51 AM

It scares me, that's why my horses can go in/out 24/7 bc I don't want them to be trapped inside.

12/10/2009 10:21:12 AM

Surge protectors/circuit breakers on electrical cords

12/9/2009 11:21:49 PM

heat sensors with auto connect to fire dept

12/9/2009 10:32:09 PM

fire extinguishers every 5th stall, both crossties and tack room 8 total

12/9/2009 10:02:05 PM

storing accelerants away from the barn

12/9/2009 9:43:29 PM

fire extinguishers in handy locations; hoses attached at all hydrants

12/9/2009 9:37:09 PM

Hoses near by

12/9/2009 9:36:18 PM

handy fire extinguishers

12/9/2009 8:47:50 PM

daily checks and common sense

12/9/2009 7:38:26 PM

not a prevention method - but fire extinguishers readily available

12/9/2009 7:29:50 PM

No fuel containers or vehicles are kept in the barn.

12/9/2009 7:14:39 PM

Common sense

12/9/2009 6:37:46 PM

fire extinguishers

12/9/2009 6:25:24 PM

remove all old hay and anything else in the aisles and the stalls that could be of a hazard.

12/9/2009 5:05:24 PM

Fire extinguisher mounted by the door

12/9/2009 4:09:17 PM

water hose

12/9/2009 3:45:27 PM

Fire Extinguishers & hoses at ea. corner--lightning rare here.

12/9/2009 3:41:11 PM

All wires in protective conduits and GSI outlets

12/9/2009 3:29:14 PM

no barn

12/9/2009 2:50:11 PM

making sure electrical devices are SAFE and trying to not leave anything turned on/plugged in

12/9/2009 2:15:57 PM

all electrical in conduit

12/9/2009 2:14:35 PM

we have smoke detectors in each stall.

12/9/2009 1:39:25 PM

no heat lamps or heated buckets or tank deicers

12/9/2009 1:15:54 PM

Horses are not housed in the barn, they can get away.

12/9/2009 12:47:58 PM

all wiring in aluminum conduit; metal cages around all light bulbs. No heating coils or heaters,

12/9/2009 12:36:47 PM

check wiring in barn regularly

12/9/2009 12:33:28 PM

Fire Extinguishers

12/9/2009 11:26:00 AM

Fire Extinguishers

12/9/2009 10:38:27 AM

Keep eveerything as clean as possible

12/9/2009 10:04:50 AM

Fire extinguishers in barn

12/9/2009 9:51:58 AM

Never leave barn lights on.

12/9/2009 9:37:42 AM

fire exstinginger at each exit and in the middle of the barn. all electric wires in conduit pipe.

12/9/2009 9:14:43 AM

I use wire tht is twice as heavy as needed for lights and outlets. Outlets are GFI.

12/9/2009 9:04:37 AM

keeping barns neat and clutter free, fire extingishers

12/9/2009 8:52:22 AM

All electrical wires in conduit

12/9/2009 8:43:53 AM

My horses are never locked in the barn.

12/9/2009 8:38:43 AM

hoses hooked up to water through out the barn for easy access

12/9/2009 8:09:53 AM

GFCI on anything plugged in

12/9/2009 3:11:52 AM

Check the cigarette butt at the door. No ifs, ands or butts... And unplug stuff overnight.

12/9/2009 2:15:25 AM

Fire extinguisher, dutch doors for outside access from runouts on all stalls

12/9/2009 1:45:30 AM

Brush cleared from around property perimeter; fire drills so horses know exit routes

12/9/2009 12:15:35 AM


12/9/2009 12:01:14 AM

stalls with 24/7 access to outside.

12/8/2009 11:47:32 PM

Fire extinguisher in barn-phone in barn if need to call 911

12/8/2009 11:46:38 PM

Fire extinguishers at all entrances

12/8/2009 11:31:51 PM

we do not store large quanities of hay in the barn with the horses

12/8/2009 11:24:47 PM

I do the best I can to remove cobwebs on my own but it's too big a job for just one person.

12/8/2009 11:16:48 PM

My barn is a run-in shed. I never leave the lights on.

12/8/2009 10:54:03 PM

Redundant electrical shutoff - GFI breakers and power to barn unplugs at house.

12/8/2009 10:40:51 PM

covers on all light bulbs

12/8/2009 10:39:34 PM

fire extinguishers near all exits

12/8/2009 10:30:36 PM

I keep a charged fire extinguisher handy, cut down long grass/shrubs near barn

12/8/2009 10:11:46 PM

Regular check of electric fence/outlets...

12/8/2009 10:07:39 PM

A good friends of mine just lost her HUGE barn in an electrical fire, so i always check electricity!

12/8/2009 10:01:47 PM

make sure there is no ladder brush near barn

12/8/2009 9:45:03 PM

I wish I could store my hay elsewhere- no room.

12/8/2009 9:34:39 PM

all water spouts have hoses-just in case!

12/8/2009 9:27:46 PM

barn is made of metal and fire extinguihers at the end of each barn aisle

12/8/2009 9:21:59 PM

WE have several fire extinguishers in the barn. We invited our local fire dept for a farm tour

12/8/2009 9:21:43 PM

electrical outlet covers(plug in things) to keep bugs out

12/8/2009 9:05:16 PM

Have a separate feed room/foaling stall. All others in pasture.

12/8/2009 8:50:32 PM

fire extinguishers

12/8/2009 8:42:25 PM

Barn is built of poured concrete, all wiring is in conduit & all outlets are waterproof.

12/8/2009 8:37:15 PM

keep aisleways etc. clean and free of garbage/flammables.

12/8/2009 8:28:04 PM

.also lights and elecreical wires in tubing, fire extinquisher

12/8/2009 7:53:23 PM

electricity is turned off completely when we aren't there

12/8/2009 7:44:19 PM

After our horrific fire (all horses saved) we added special smoke detectors, heat sensors, and pond.

12/8/2009 7:39:12 PM

fire extingusihers, mutli water sources and hoses. keep barn clean and free of fire hazards.

12/8/2009 7:25:57 PM

GFI outlets and make sure hay is cured and dry before storing

12/8/2009 7:21:46 PM

fire extinguisher in barn and fire alarms

12/8/2009 7:13:36 PM

Several water hoses. Firebreak of cleared land between barn and burnable vegetation.

12/8/2009 7:13:04 PM

Fire extinguisher

12/8/2009 6:51:09 PM

hard wired smoke and fire alarm that calls fire dept.

12/8/2009 6:49:53 PM

Where my horse is currently boarded- none of these are used. Thank goodness she isn't in the barn!

12/8/2009 6:36:08 PM

smoking ban,lighting rods,sprinkler system

12/8/2009 6:12:39 PM

fire extinguishers

12/8/2009 6:08:33 PM

Husband an electrician so regular checks to electrical in old barn

12/8/2009 6:06:04 PM

Hoses always connected to a water source, fire exstingushers available, phone handy, fire dept. 1/4

12/8/2009 6:02:41 PM

Fire extinguisher in barn

12/8/2009 5:43:46 PM

Fire extinguisher!!!!

12/8/2009 5:41:38 PM

I had a metal barn constructed by Barnmaster--very easy to clean walls with vinegar and water.

12/8/2009 5:39:48 PM

fresh fire extinguisher on hand

12/8/2009 5:19:48 PM

Horses have 24/7 in/out access to their stalls. I keep the place neat

12/8/2009 4:59:38 PM

Horse are NOT locked up in a barn

12/8/2009 4:33:41 PM

God forbid.

12/8/2009 4:27:46 PM

No barn, just a shed for hay and tack, run in for horses

12/8/2009 4:26:11 PM

fire extinguisher mounted in barn

12/8/2009 4:12:29 PM

We have a smoke detector system that's wired into the house

12/8/2009 4:07:23 PM

I keep my ponies in dry lot with metal shelters or on pastures

12/8/2009 3:47:58 PM

5 lb fire extinguishers at every exit

12/8/2009 3:43:27 PM

Well non of the above applies at our barn so that's pretty bad.

12/8/2009 3:41:21 PM

We do not stall our horses except in extreme weather.

12/8/2009 3:41:21 PM

fire ararms and extinguishers

12/8/2009 3:38:08 PM

all wiring exposed; power to lights off at box; own line for pump hot box

12/8/2009 3:35:05 PM

Fire extinguishers, chemicals kept away from the barn, aisles clear, two access doors to each stall

12/8/2009 3:34:12 PM

fire extinquishers

12/8/2009 3:31:37 PM

barns are made of metal and canvas roofs, once burned will let smoke excape stopping dieing from smo

12/8/2009 3:31:25 PM

all electrical appliances not in use are unplugged. Water heater turned off.

12/8/2009 3:27:48 PM

we do not have stalled horses so not as much worry.

12/8/2009 3:21:33 PM

Fire alarm wired to house

12/8/2009 3:12:31 PM

Fire Extinguisher

12/8/2009 3:09:54 PM

We allow no smoking, there are no flammable liquids in our tack room, we check electric wires.

12/8/2009 3:09:00 PM

Plus 2 fire extinguishers, water source in the barn and also near the barn outside.

12/8/2009 3:07:01 PM

horses not penned in at night

12/8/2009 3:01:27 PM

All electric wire housed in cable so no mice can chew;no space heaters, plugs pulled when not in use

12/8/2009 3:00:27 PM

no electricity in the barn

12/8/2009 2:51:24 PM

absolutely no smoking in the barn! Try to keep aisle way clear and swept and loose hay picked up.

12/8/2009 2:47:06 PM

smoke detectors

12/8/2009 2:44:19 PM

We are also thinking about installing a sprinkler system

12/8/2009 2:43:12 PM

central station fire alarm

12/8/2009 2:40:45 PM

turn off breakers to barn

12/8/2009 2:36:32 PM

fire alarms & raking & sweeping aisles of debri helps as well

12/8/2009 2:34:16 PM

smoke dectors and fire ext.

12/8/2009 2:32:18 PM

unplug everything when there isn't anyone around.

12/8/2009 2:23:44 PM

fire extinguisher

12/8/2009 2:20:01 PM

keep fire extinquishers handy

12/8/2009 1:24:58 PM

Keeping flammable objects separated from barn

12/8/2009 1:06:48 PM

fire extinguishers, fire drills, alarm goes directly to fire dept

12/8/2009 10:48:37 AM

My horses have the option of run-in & are only confined for injury.

12/8/2009 10:07:39 AM

Concrete block buildings.

12/8/2009 9:55:24 AM

It is built mainly of steel

12/8/2009 7:43:22 AM

club foot

12/8/2009 6:52:36 AM