Rabies Smarts

How knowledgeable are you about equine rabies?

I completely understand the disease
I know rabies is a dangerous disease, but I don't know why
I don't think rabies is a disease threat in the U.S.
I didn't know horses were susceptible to rabies
Other (please explain below)

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I come from a country where rabies is endemic - we vaccinate all our pets and horses yearly

9/21/2009 6:23:48 PM

i live in a rural area and fully understand that rabies can and will get out of control

9/21/2009 4:51:23 PM

I am a registered vet tech

9/21/2009 3:45:26 PM

I don't completely understand the issue but feel I am well educated about rabies

9/21/2009 8:17:49 AM

always fatal, even stalled horses are exposed to bats who are carriers, avoidable.

9/20/2009 7:48:19 PM


9/20/2009 7:32:45 PM

Thank you so much for offering the Webisode on theHorse.com on Equine Rabies.

9/20/2009 2:43:56 PM

Rabies is a threat to all warm-blooded species, including stabled horses who can encounter bats!

9/20/2009 2:14:25 PM

I understand it, fear it and ALWAYS vaccinate for it.

9/20/2009 8:56:26 AM

rabies is dangerous in any mammal

9/19/2009 10:57:57 PM

I have some knowledge and vaccinate my horses. One horse died in this area last week from Rabies!!

9/19/2009 7:11:41 PM

we have had incidents on our farm especially with rabid racoons so all cats, dogs and horses are va

9/19/2009 1:08:20 PM

I immunize

9/19/2009 9:55:32 AM

I vaccinate to protect the many humans in contact with my school horses. Rabies is in my county

9/19/2009 9:55:23 AM

I watched RFD TV the other night and they talked about rabies. Very interesting

9/19/2009 7:26:53 AM

Rabies is a zoonotic disease transfered to horses via saliva in bites from an infected host animal

9/18/2009 5:29:00 PM

Been through the PEP shots...

9/18/2009 2:04:04 PM

Also incurable, if animal contracts it must be put down

9/18/2009 1:35:46 PM

lots of critters in our area so vaccination is a must

9/18/2009 11:23:29 AM

all my animals are vaccinated every year

9/18/2009 8:19:06 AM

ANY animal is at risk for rabies. I vaccinate all of mine, hooves or paws.

9/17/2009 7:16:09 PM

I vacinate.

9/17/2009 4:38:36 PM

Thank goodness we don't have rabies here in New Zealand

9/17/2009 4:17:02 PM

...and I know it is a threat to any warm-blooded animal, including horses.

9/17/2009 4:05:53 PM

was bitten in the 70's-got the 14 shots in my tummy and still living!

9/17/2009 3:39:45 PM

please post more info

9/17/2009 2:31:35 PM

If only I could give it to my horses myself, like other vacines

9/17/2009 10:29:32 AM

Always vaccinate against rabies

9/17/2009 12:41:06 AM

I have a long history in the veterinary field. My horse will never go without a Rabies vaccine!

9/16/2009 10:17:05 PM

I made it a point to learn about it as it is becoming a more prevalent problem nationwide

9/16/2009 8:37:14 PM

your articles and timely information have helped me to understand this disease

9/16/2009 7:48:34 PM

It's an insideous scourge. Everyone should vaccinate their animals and themselves against the diseas

9/16/2009 6:14:22 PM

It has just recently come to my attention. My vet has not discussed it with me at regarding vaccinat

9/16/2009 6:03:30 PM

Understand rabies in humans, but need to know more about effect/contractibility in horses

9/16/2009 5:08:39 PM

I am an RVT and am an advocate for vaccinating horses with rabies.

9/16/2009 5:06:03 PM

I keep myself educated on this disease and ask my veterinarian for updates , as well.

9/16/2009 3:56:34 PM

I know that rabies is a dagerous disease, you have to make sure you vaccinate your horse regularly.

9/16/2009 1:15:46 PM

In Northern CA rabies is a health risk. Rabies has a 100% death rate

9/16/2009 1:12:10 PM

I know a lot about the desease, but I don't know everything

9/16/2009 11:28:14 AM

I am aware of rabies in horses but it is not a large threat

9/16/2009 11:01:21 AM

My whole family (6 of us) had to have the series of rabies shots-because of a rabid fox-we know!

9/16/2009 10:43:34 AM

I am a veterinary professional

9/16/2009 9:42:34 AM

as someone who has been vax'd for rabies (post exposure) I know probably too much about rabies.

9/16/2009 9:30:00 AM

Everyone should take the time to understand this disease and should vaccinate their horses.

9/16/2009 9:10:47 AM

I don't completely understand it, but I know what causes it, how to help prevent it

9/16/2009 9:05:50 AM

My decision to vaccinate is based on my area and whether there is a threat; and utilize titers.

9/16/2009 9:02:33 AM

I'm an RN

9/16/2009 8:51:05 AM

Completely understanding is a bit of an overstatement but I do know about it, how it is spread, etc

9/16/2009 8:44:15 AM

Not even the experts "competely" understand rabies; I have a good working knowledge from my job

9/16/2009 7:32:01 AM

in Africa rabies is rife, I have been bitten by a rabid dog not pleasant

9/16/2009 1:46:56 AM

I am a microbiologist, and always vaccinate my horses

9/16/2009 12:40:32 AM

received training in rabies as part of cruelty investigation training

9/15/2009 11:04:35 PM

I don't know everything about it,but this is the best choice

9/15/2009 10:32:39 PM

I wouldn't use the word "completely" but I understand the risk, how it is transmitted, and fatal

9/15/2009 9:46:03 PM

this isn't rocket science, the information is common and easily available.

9/15/2009 8:49:52 PM

my horses have always been vaccinated for rabies. there's no excuse not do it every year.

9/15/2009 8:15:57 PM

AAEP considers the Rabies vaccine as a "core" vaccine in all of North America.

9/15/2009 7:58:45 PM

I lost my beatiful 5 yr. old this summer when a sick raccoon wandered into his pasture.He was bitten

9/15/2009 7:55:02 PM

carriers are legion & include unvaccinated barn cats; it's transmissible & incurable:vaccinate!

9/15/2009 7:50:32 PM

I understand the disease, but have never been encouraged by my vets to vaccinate for it for equines.

9/15/2009 7:50:16 PM

Not only did I view the webinar you had, I also received information from my vet

9/15/2009 7:26:54 PM

Since rabies is fatal if contracted, rabies shots are a requirement for all my guys!

9/15/2009 7:25:00 PM

I know it is a fatal disease, but I have never seen an active case. (dumb or rabid).

9/15/2009 7:11:32 PM

Any area with skunks, possums, raccoons need equine rabies vaccs. Period. It's silly not to.

9/15/2009 7:09:17 PM

I know something about rabies, but I'd like to know more.

9/15/2009 7:04:13 PM

and know what a threat it is in my area

9/15/2009 6:41:46 PM

I used to live in India and saw the disease first hand. Scary.

9/15/2009 6:22:30 PM

If people understood the threat to their own health they would always vacinate all their animals

9/15/2009 5:55:20 PM

I understand it as a horse owner

9/15/2009 5:52:31 PM

It is deadly and painful, and not being proactive is being ignorant!

9/15/2009 5:51:36 PM

Rabies is always Fatal!

9/15/2009 5:31:15 PM

I would have preferred a choice to say that I have a working knowledge of the disease

9/15/2009 5:01:51 PM

Know that the greatest threat is winter, when wildlife seeks shelter in barns .

9/15/2009 4:58:43 PM

I work in a diagnostic lab and am vaccinated myself form the pot. virus.

9/15/2009 4:58:20 PM

Every four legged animal we have one the farm is vaccinated for rabies

9/15/2009 4:43:58 PM

I understand a few things about rabies, but not all of it

9/15/2009 4:32:56 PM

While I know that any mammal is susceptible to rabies, I don't know how often it occurs in horses.

9/15/2009 4:25:13 PM

I know some information, not everything though.

9/15/2009 3:59:29 PM

Owners don't realize that the risk to their horses is also a risk for themselves,rabies is very real

9/15/2009 3:44:02 PM

I am not a doctor, but I have a fairly complete grasp of the disease.

9/15/2009 3:24:52 PM

I understand how serious rabies is but do not know how it's affects vary in horses, if at all.

9/15/2009 3:01:05 PM

make informed decision per your situations. WE OVER vaccinate in this country!!

9/15/2009 2:56:20 PM

I think the threat is dependent on area, year, incidents in your area, etc.

9/15/2009 2:54:19 PM

I am a veterinarian who has investigated rabies cases for 16 years in PA.

9/15/2009 2:49:14 PM

As a former vet tech I have prior experience with rabid animals

9/15/2009 2:44:48 PM

I'm a veterinarian; rabies is an issue of concern in horses

9/15/2009 2:27:09 PM

I don't understand why people would take such a chance with their animals.

9/15/2009 2:26:00 PM

An ounce of prevention is well worth it!

9/15/2009 2:24:20 PM

I did research when I was bitten by a stray cat and had to have the rabies series

9/15/2009 1:09:25 PM

I understand it is very dangerous, know horses can get it. But, I don't understand completely.

9/15/2009 12:04:54 PM

i don't completely understand the disease but I know enough about it to vaccinate my horse

9/15/2009 11:03:36 AM