Bright and Shiny

How often do you do a full cleaning (polish silver, clean/condition leather, etc.) of your tack?

Once a year
Once a month
Before every horse show
Only when it looks dirty or something breaks
I don't clean my tack

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Comments & Write-in Answers

Before shows we brush our bits with toothpaste - the bits shine and the horses love the taste!

5/18/2009 11:05:28 PM

what silver on tack.......huh?

5/18/2009 7:18:20 PM

give a quick wipe after every ride and annual cleanings are much easier

5/18/2009 5:55:04 PM

once per week

5/18/2009 9:36:35 AM

cleaning and maintenance ensures less accidents from breakage.

5/18/2009 2:57:59 AM

2 a year. Once in the spring and Once in the fall.

5/17/2009 5:40:40 PM

Every time I use my tack.

5/17/2009 4:37:22 PM

Soak the leather in a bag of oil. Dishwasher the stirrups and bit.

5/17/2009 4:33:50 PM

Actually 2-3 times per year

5/17/2009 12:11:28 PM

not enough...

5/16/2009 12:07:36 PM

Being in So FL we have shows practically every 2 weeks-super clean tack!

5/15/2009 9:40:23 PM

I clean and condition after every ride, which is six days a week.

5/15/2009 7:04:29 PM

not so much the silver,but olive oil the leather every month and especially after it rains!

5/15/2009 2:11:54 PM

keep up with it and it is always ready to go

5/15/2009 12:19:30 PM

Buy a wintec saddle then you just have to rinse it off.

5/15/2009 10:51:35 AM

I wipe my bridle down after each ride, and condition my saddle every few days.

5/15/2009 8:30:47 AM

Or more if we have an event to attend

5/14/2009 10:07:48 PM

but i know it does better when i clean it more often!

5/14/2009 7:44:07 PM

More often if we are competing in CTR heavily

5/14/2009 6:57:10 PM

Clean it twice a year and also keep it covered between rides.

5/14/2009 5:24:57 PM

I have to say, in a southern climate like GA twice a year is o.k. and mine are kept in a tack room.

5/14/2009 4:56:57 PM

use Synthetic tack, hang it on the fence and hose it.

5/14/2009 4:43:42 PM

I wipe my tack off with real neats foot oil after every ride and saddle soap good monthly

5/14/2009 4:04:03 PM

quick clean after every use,oil after 2 cleanings

5/14/2009 3:16:37 PM


5/14/2009 3:04:40 PM

Every day

5/14/2009 1:35:50 PM

I wipe over my tack after every ride & clean it thoroughly 1x a month or as needed.

5/14/2009 10:30:32 AM

2x annually

5/14/2009 8:58:20 AM

a quick wipe after rides plus a once a month breakdown, inspection & cleaning takes no time at all

5/14/2009 3:27:10 AM

usually 3-4 times per year & depends on how wet the weather is

5/13/2009 10:45:32 PM

Murphy oil soap in water is great for cleaning leather harness.

5/13/2009 9:00:41 PM

Perfect activity for a rainy day when horse is off

5/13/2009 8:45:24 PM

Golden Gaits tack is cleaned each day.

5/13/2009 8:21:53 PM

I clean it each use, but in depth b4 a horse show or Clinic.

5/13/2009 5:34:18 PM

and before a horse show

5/13/2009 4:18:32 PM

call me lazy.......

5/13/2009 4:02:04 PM

Thorough cleaning after every use (leather, bits, etc.) Conditioning, oiling & polishing 1x/week

5/13/2009 2:17:54 PM

Once a month or after heavy use.

5/13/2009 2:06:04 PM

usually early spring and mid summer

5/13/2009 1:58:34 PM

Tack cleaned after every use, fully cleaned on sundays

5/13/2009 1:19:47 PM

usually once a month, but if it looks dirty, I'll clean it!

5/13/2009 10:24:20 AM

Only my saddle is leather ,all else is synthetic and rinses off with water

5/13/2009 9:54:12 AM

We need a better range of choices / 4-6 times per year is a good average

5/13/2009 9:49:14 AM

Deep cleaning once a year, but i am always cleaning my tack.

5/13/2009 9:16:53 AM

Before a show/clinic, which equals about 4 times a year

5/13/2009 9:02:47 AM

A group of friends gets together and makes a party of it every Labor day weekend

5/13/2009 6:21:44 AM

When showing I cleaned tack all the time - now retired and very remiss in cleaning

5/13/2009 1:44:01 AM


5/12/2009 11:46:09 PM

By doing it monthly, it gives me the chance to see if things need fixing. or replacing..

5/12/2009 11:16:39 PM

not as often as I should, no time after riding

5/12/2009 10:44:37 PM

sometimes i do it every week just depends on how busy i am

5/12/2009 10:42:24 PM

fine leather tack will last a lifetime if taken care of properly

5/12/2009 10:23:51 PM

not enough poss. answ.-I wipe tack after every ride, clean thoroughly when ride was sweaty or dusty

5/12/2009 10:01:07 PM

I clean everything after ride, wash saddle cloth & girth, wipe saddle & bridle so its always clean

5/12/2009 9:40:07 PM

not enough!!!!

5/12/2009 9:39:55 PM

one a month

5/12/2009 9:29:46 PM

I wipe down my tack after every ride and give it a full cleaning as needed.

5/12/2009 9:15:32 PM

biothane - cleans up very quickly and is soft and supple

5/12/2009 9:06:48 PM

There aren't enough hours in the day!

5/12/2009 8:42:35 PM

But I take it apart and clean in after every use

5/12/2009 8:38:33 PM

Typically twice a year but I wipe it down after each ride.

5/12/2009 7:45:56 PM

I own synthetic, it gets hosed off with every use, along with the horse

5/12/2009 7:34:35 PM

I have a synthetic saddle, just wipe it down with water and go, I keep my leather equipment very cle

5/12/2009 7:25:04 PM

I do spot cleaning/oiling every month but don't always take everything apart.

5/12/2009 7:15:47 PM

In the winter.

5/12/2009 7:02:54 PM

twice a year and regular wipe downs. Extra cleanings if we got grubby on trail!

5/12/2009 6:48:24 PM

I do a clean wipe down after every use, but do a thorough cleaning once a month

5/12/2009 6:34:20 PM

Biothane harness. Gotta love it.

5/12/2009 6:23:45 PM

My saddle has been cleaned every 2-3 months for the last 15 years and still looks brand new

5/12/2009 6:15:52 PM

After every ride I dip the bit in a bucket of water and wipe all saliva off.

5/12/2009 6:11:36 PM

Certainly not often enough!! Pretty sad, actually.

5/12/2009 6:09:37 PM

4 times a year

5/12/2009 6:02:48 PM

I clean my bridle after every ride and my saddle once a week. I do a really good job before a horse

5/12/2009 5:56:09 PM

wintec isnt as easy to clean as they say it is. toothbrush needed and their cleaner doesn't do much

5/12/2009 5:55:20 PM

Always a quick clean after every ride, full clean once a month

5/12/2009 5:50:03 PM

clean it after every ride, thorough cleaning and conditioning once a month

5/12/2009 5:35:04 PM

If you give it a once-over whenever you ride and protect it when it is not in use, it is easy.

5/12/2009 5:34:49 PM

synthetic saddle, only one leather headstall, pretty much all else is nylon

5/12/2009 5:33:38 PM

I wipe my tack down everytime I use it.

5/12/2009 5:23:06 PM

Unless I'm riding,I keep all my tack in my living room -great decor & conversation pieces!

5/12/2009 5:21:18 PM

As a judge I am quite put off by competitors who do not think enough of themselves to clean their ta

5/12/2009 5:14:49 PM

I clean it when it needs it, about once a month in the summer.

5/12/2009 5:07:58 PM

Clean inbetween, but not "show" clean

5/12/2009 4:51:39 PM

Once every week

5/12/2009 4:49:26 PM

After each ride!!

5/12/2009 4:43:33 PM

partial usually after each ride.

5/12/2009 4:39:08 PM

I really need to do that!

5/12/2009 4:35:02 PM

Clean 1x/mo. & wipe my tack with a well wrung out microfiber cloth after every use.

5/12/2009 4:30:43 PM

My leather saddle is lucky to see saddle soap once a year. Synthetic gets a hose regularly.

5/12/2009 4:25:01 PM

After every cleaning condition your tack. It will keep it supple.

5/12/2009 4:19:36 PM

I clean my tack daily

5/12/2009 4:17:55 PM

whenever I actually have time!

5/12/2009 4:16:39 PM


5/12/2009 4:13:18 PM

Once a year I take it all apart and give it a good cleaning, surface cleanings regularly.

5/12/2009 3:58:42 PM

Silver is cleaned before show season. Tack is cleaned at least 1x year or more if needed.

5/12/2009 3:54:51 PM

I clean my bridle after every time I ride. Quick wipe down with a damp cloth

5/12/2009 3:52:02 PM

Usually give it a good going over before every ride.

5/12/2009 3:45:29 PM

I wipe of the sweat after every use, soap & oil several times a year.

5/12/2009 3:43:54 PM

only about 4x a year ;>

5/12/2009 3:25:39 PM

once a week

5/12/2009 3:20:13 PM

whenever i feel like it or have the time to clean it. or when it gets wet

5/12/2009 3:17:23 PM

I wipe down tack every time it is used The small impregnated wipes are great for this

5/12/2009 3:15:51 PM

I do mini-cleans often, but full-on it's about twice/year before a show/clinic

5/12/2009 3:08:50 PM

Cleaned for monthly shows. Vinegar works on moldy tack

5/12/2009 2:59:50 PM

Cleaning tack after every ride makes the full cleaning less demanding.

5/12/2009 2:59:32 PM

I ride dressage and clean my tack every time I ride which is 4 or 5 times a week.

5/12/2009 2:51:42 PM

I wish I had the time to do it weekly!

5/12/2009 2:42:50 PM

Wipe it down after every use, full cleaning once a year

5/12/2009 2:40:24 PM

once or twice a year

5/12/2009 1:54:46 PM

Use a disposable tack cleaner wipe cloth in between times.

5/12/2009 12:46:26 PM

I try to clean my tack quarterly as it really improves to look and feel of the leather.

5/12/2009 11:08:10 AM

The correct answer is not even listed! You should wipe down your tack after everyuse to remove dirt

5/12/2009 10:36:56 AM

Once a year, or sooner if it needs it.

5/12/2009 9:45:22 AM

If you're not cleaning or insepcting your tack you're at risk for an accident!

5/12/2009 9:43:53 AM

toothpaste cleans silver up nicely! and a toothbrush is essential for cleaning tooling!!

5/12/2009 8:27:01 AM