Health Advice

Who is your primary source of information for equine health?

My veterinarian
Industry media
Friends/other horse owners
Stable manager/trainer
Other (please specify)

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books, this internet site & others, check conflicting info w/vet

4/21/2009 10:11:54 AM

The horse.com is the most comprehensive source of equine health information I've found. Bravo!

4/20/2009 10:50:40 PM

Make that TRUSTED industry sources like AAEP and WEVA studies.

4/20/2009 9:47:46 PM


4/20/2009 8:23:29 PM


4/20/2009 8:05:03 PM

farrier, vet, reading

4/20/2009 7:51:16 PM


4/20/2009 6:33:49 PM


4/20/2009 6:18:01 PM

Myself - I am a nutritionist - equine specialist.

4/20/2009 5:58:57 PM

The Horse

4/20/2009 4:17:19 PM

Read everything horse related I can get my hands on and personal experience!!!

4/20/2009 4:06:28 PM

Acombination of research data,veterinary, and practical experience.

4/20/2009 3:59:21 PM

Books are my biggest source, no matter what the price! Vet Texts are the best!

4/20/2009 3:52:04 PM

Professional Animal Scientist/Equine Nutritionist

4/20/2009 3:39:12 PM

books and internet

4/20/2009 3:24:23 PM

I read a lot but when it comes down to it, I trust my vet.

4/20/2009 3:21:32 PM

this website is a great one; also books, magazines: Horse Journal

4/20/2009 3:21:23 PM

TheHorse.com and textbooks

4/20/2009 1:24:02 PM

books, internet, experience

4/20/2009 11:05:35 AM


4/20/2009 7:48:51 AM


4/20/2009 12:15:31 AM

vet is primary but I get information from a wide range of friends & media

4/19/2009 11:06:51 PM


4/19/2009 7:18:50 PM

Scientific Journals and news mags (I am veterinarian)

4/19/2009 4:49:55 PM

Your newsletter, Equus & Horse Illustrated magazines.

4/19/2009 12:30:52 AM


4/18/2009 9:52:28 PM

Some horsey friends/breeders have been more help than vets

4/18/2009 4:25:42 PM

the horse dot com, magazines, specific web sites.

4/18/2009 7:10:01 AM

Research on line also.. The Horse.com! Thanks!

4/18/2009 6:40:27 AM

I belonged to the Yahoo Equine Cushings group and subscribe to several equine publications.

4/18/2009 12:34:54 AM

each year 4 times per yr my vet review my horse health & I attend clinic given by vets

4/17/2009 10:18:19 PM

I always take question about what I read to my vet. I follow his advice

4/17/2009 7:28:40 PM

I like to keep up to date with the sophisticated information available in the media

4/17/2009 6:21:25 PM

I have a few vets I consult with in addition to my regular vet

4/17/2009 6:10:09 PM


4/17/2009 5:32:39 PM

I glean as much verifiable information as possible but my relationship with my vet is #1.

4/17/2009 4:44:14 PM

media is ok but a good vet will be on the cutting edge. We have one of these vets.

4/17/2009 3:52:06 PM

The Horse.Com of course!

4/17/2009 3:00:57 PM

I use a combination of vet, internet, friends and horse owners

4/17/2009 2:42:29 PM

We use a combination of media & veterinarian.

4/17/2009 2:33:50 PM

I have a TON of vet books that I read constantly. I am also on The Horse.com everyday

4/17/2009 2:28:29 PM

Combo - vet, trainer, media

4/17/2009 1:51:35 PM

books, magazines, internet

4/17/2009 11:57:07 AM

I read alot, then follow up curisoties with questions to my vet.

4/17/2009 5:38:01 AM

Research! Research! Research! I read everything I can find, pick brains, watch videos, ask the vet.

4/17/2009 1:31:20 AM

frfomthe artical on the computer and medical books and horse and rider

4/17/2009 1:26:08 AM


4/17/2009 12:20:53 AM


4/17/2009 12:00:47 AM

Vets are trained in equine health issues where other info is not always correct & could do more harm

4/16/2009 11:53:07 PM


4/16/2009 11:38:26 PM

the Horse, both online and the magazine are my maine source right now.

4/16/2009 9:49:21 PM

EQUUS and The Horse

4/16/2009 9:21:31 PM

internet & articles & tapes & CD'S

4/16/2009 8:58:26 PM

my years of experience, plus I am an equine tech; then my Vet

4/16/2009 8:39:39 PM

The Horse.com

4/16/2009 8:21:49 PM

I use multiple sources for health information including internet, literature, and vet.

4/16/2009 7:53:02 PM

my black smith sees my horses every 6 weeks he can see if something is wrong if i don't see first

4/16/2009 6:45:52 PM

Books, Magazines and Internet Web Sites

4/16/2009 5:54:10 PM

I also read equine magazines and veterinary journals

4/16/2009 5:43:36 PM

I look up info on the internet and a horse health/vet book and trust my vet

4/16/2009 5:23:36 PM

We are blessed to have HDM and R&R in Lex to provide quality info on horse care and vet services

4/16/2009 5:15:21 PM

Reading and experience are my primary source of info.

4/16/2009 4:37:21 PM

Veterinarian coupled with good research skills.

4/16/2009 4:34:12 PM

I hear/read about issues, validate with the vet.

4/16/2009 4:10:35 PM


4/16/2009 4:03:16 PM

Vet AND research. Check out current research with vet - he's usually "on it."

4/16/2009 3:31:26 PM

And equine publications, not the fluff magazines.

4/16/2009 3:02:24 PM

I've been in the horse business for more than 50 years and know more than many vets today!

4/16/2009 2:34:21 PM

Internet, yahoo groups, seminars

4/16/2009 12:32:47 PM

Vast amounts of info/articles on Internet/horse mags-all should read/educate themselves all the time

4/16/2009 10:11:57 AM

I use dvm's writings on the internet example foalcare.com

4/16/2009 10:09:12 AM

Dr. Eleanor Kellon-EC website

4/16/2009 9:59:18 AM

my vets, also through literature (books/internet)

4/16/2009 8:05:03 AM

I do read many articles on horse.com and use this in making decisions about my horse

4/16/2009 7:26:15 AM

Although I always research health issues, my vets are the bottom line for final treatments

4/16/2009 7:22:28 AM

books and the internet

4/16/2009 6:07:54 AM

Equine physio

4/16/2009 5:47:54 AM

there is no one best way, I use them all depending on the situation

4/15/2009 11:29:07 PM

I'm an Equine Management student at Midway College

4/15/2009 10:29:29 PM

Friends and lots of horse magazines and email articles.

4/15/2009 9:57:41 PM


4/15/2009 9:04:45 PM


4/15/2009 8:45:57 PM

The Internet, used wisely, is an amazing resource!

4/15/2009 8:26:40 PM


4/15/2009 8:17:32 PM

The Horse

4/15/2009 7:31:39 PM

Parents first, then trainers, then vet for complex issues

4/15/2009 6:32:44 PM

Books definiately

4/15/2009 6:19:19 PM

The Horse .com & my vet

4/15/2009 6:02:13 PM

Equine veterinarian as opposed to Large Animal Vet

4/15/2009 5:05:09 PM


4/15/2009 4:16:10 PM

Horse magazines

4/15/2009 3:51:07 PM


4/15/2009 3:33:44 PM


4/15/2009 3:03:23 PM

I am a farrier and take many classes beyond hoof care.

4/15/2009 2:59:25 PM


4/15/2009 2:53:46 PM

Wish I could choose more than one. Mine is split between vet, industry media, other horse owners

4/15/2009 2:37:33 PM

theHorse.com is a great resource that I use & print out or email articles to friends.

4/15/2009 2:01:59 PM

Internet and book research.

4/15/2009 1:37:49 PM

Years & years of experience & vet will will answer a question w/phone call

4/15/2009 1:20:04 PM

I learn of new things, then ask my vet about them

4/15/2009 1:13:25 PM

and my secondary is The Horse!

4/15/2009 1:10:54 PM

I research alot myself and I also use a medical intuitive. She is amazing!

4/15/2009 12:48:26 PM

40+ years experience. Now use internet first, then vet.

4/15/2009 12:33:41 PM

internet - bulletins, forwarded articles from friends, veterinarian

4/15/2009 12:20:17 PM

Variety of sources-my vet & research & reading. We should never rely on 1 source.

4/15/2009 12:03:56 PM

instructors, friends, vets, barn manager, text books, i use everyone!

4/15/2009 11:44:40 AM

Journal articles by Veterinarians

4/15/2009 11:39:52 AM

University Extension

4/15/2009 11:30:02 AM

my teacher who is also a vet

4/15/2009 11:16:36 AM

Ourselves after 50 years with horses. Use Vet for law required coggins, insp., severe emergency

4/15/2009 11:07:51 AM

The Horse Magazine/&.com

4/15/2009 10:56:47 AM

College/universities offering equine courses--vet is equally as important.

4/15/2009 10:03:55 AM

I look for good sound independent research on any equine issues.

4/15/2009 9:58:09 AM

A lifetime of reading , experience, and a great equine vet.

4/15/2009 9:54:23 AM

I usually talk to other horseman, then my vet.

4/15/2009 9:47:24 AM

I get it from where ever I can

4/15/2009 9:22:15 AM

Horse.com " The Best "

4/15/2009 8:43:15 AM

Duh!! Trained professional

4/15/2009 8:40:49 AM

The Horse and my vet

4/15/2009 8:32:44 AM

Readiong, reading, reading all sources involving horses and horse care.Plus, my vet.

4/15/2009 8:09:12 AM

Read every book and magazine on horses can get my hands on.

4/15/2009 8:08:06 AM

BHS & NVQ3 training

4/15/2009 7:38:50 AM

magazine articles internet mostly. My own experience with horses, vets are never there when you ne

4/15/2009 7:00:53 AM


4/15/2009 6:34:56 AM

web search

4/15/2009 6:14:27 AM

Vet first, horsey friends, internet

4/15/2009 5:35:16 AM

Other: It would have to be a combination of above

4/15/2009 1:58:45 AM


4/15/2009 1:17:59 AM

Magazines and websites like The Horse.Com!

4/15/2009 1:11:41 AM

I search the web

4/15/2009 12:37:16 AM

Just so happens, I prefer The Horse!

4/15/2009 12:23:46 AM


4/15/2009 12:12:23 AM


4/15/2009 12:11:54 AM

I read everything I can get my hands on about equine health. Mostly The Horse Magazine, News Letter

4/15/2009 12:03:26 AM

College courses, my vet, and study books and also thehorse.com

4/15/2009 12:01:11 AM

I depend on the info on RFD TV and The Horse since it's info is so specific and up to date.

4/14/2009 11:45:24 PM

the web

4/14/2009 11:11:14 PM

I gather info/questions & present them to my vet for her opinion

4/14/2009 10:55:46 PM

The Horse.com of course

4/14/2009 10:20:43 PM

I have BS from UC Davis + 40 years experience

4/14/2009 10:12:37 PM

Everyone always gives advice!

4/14/2009 9:42:24 PM

A combination of all; none alone are sufficient.

4/14/2009 8:44:33 PM

barn manager knows a lot and is always willing to help, so are friends with their own horses

4/14/2009 8:41:40 PM

Veterinarian books in my library

4/14/2009 8:29:49 PM

internet research

4/14/2009 8:28:43 PM

The internet

4/14/2009 8:23:34 PM

reference books as well

4/14/2009 8:17:35 PM

stem cells and bone repair

4/14/2009 8:17:29 PM

I go either way. I search the industry media then I consult several veterinarians for the right answ

4/14/2009 8:00:12 PM

my personal experience if I don't know something I look to books, friends or my vet

4/14/2009 7:53:45 PM

Seminars put on by vets and various drug companies and feed companies.

4/14/2009 7:51:16 PM


4/14/2009 7:32:23 PM

reputable sources on the internet

4/14/2009 7:31:39 PM

I get more info from internet research

4/14/2009 7:29:52 PM

all my text books.

4/14/2009 7:24:07 PM

lifelong WORKING experience that can not always be found on the internet

4/14/2009 7:19:59 PM


4/14/2009 6:58:22 PM

The Horse magazine and web site

4/14/2009 6:38:44 PM

I do lots of research on the internet.

4/14/2009 6:38:30 PM

veterinarian, reading

4/14/2009 6:29:58 PM

I will also research stuff on the internet but confirm it all through my vet

4/14/2009 6:26:14 PM

Vets have been trained to treat animals.Why ask anyone else?

4/14/2009 6:18:00 PM

Vet first also knowledgeable horse owners and peer reviewed research papers

4/14/2009 6:13:21 PM

Online bulletin boards

4/14/2009 6:09:46 PM

Reputable and/or scientific sources on the Internet

4/14/2009 5:58:52 PM

Can't beat "The Horse" for great, timely info

4/14/2009 5:57:33 PM

A handful of long-time horse owners (20+ years each)

4/14/2009 5:55:21 PM

The Horse, Equus, The Horse e-mail newsletter, my vet

4/14/2009 5:53:16 PM

I work in an animal diagnostic lab. We HAVE to stay current.

4/14/2009 5:51:56 PM

the Horse

4/14/2009 5:41:29 PM

My vet always tells me "call anytime advice is free of charge" I love him...i also use the internet

4/14/2009 5:37:08 PM

Trustworthy Internet sites & my reference books.

4/14/2009 5:26:05 PM

followed closely by The Horse!

4/14/2009 5:22:48 PM

Besides my vet I check on COTH

4/14/2009 5:11:51 PM

I read, read, read! Mags, computers, books, EVERYTHING. Ppl ask me stuff ;0)

4/14/2009 5:08:02 PM

I ask my vet lots of questions however I commend thehorse.com as I get lots of great info here..

4/14/2009 5:05:12 PM

Also my horse trainer.

4/14/2009 5:03:28 PM

Internet. If I have a question I research it online.

4/14/2009 5:01:22 PM

my veterinarian

4/14/2009 4:59:56 PM


4/14/2009 4:58:22 PM

WEB Site Horse Advice.com

4/14/2009 4:58:12 PM

The Horse of course!!

4/14/2009 4:55:31 PM

I discuss our farm health practices with my vet and keep up on other options as well.

4/14/2009 4:53:09 PM

studies done by university or other non-biased research

4/14/2009 4:48:05 PM

the horse.com

4/14/2009 4:45:23 PM

I listen to my Vet, but I also research on my own so I can ask the right questions.

4/14/2009 4:45:01 PM

My vet and reading horse publications and on line news

4/14/2009 4:44:14 PM

my local feed/ tack shop

4/14/2009 4:43:53 PM

google, email list friends, multiple sources - don't trust just one.

4/14/2009 4:40:54 PM

My father-in-law but he is a vet so really my other veterinarian!

4/14/2009 4:40:27 PM

Research studies

4/14/2009 4:39:41 PM

Vet and publications, Internet search

4/14/2009 4:38:04 PM

Internet/my own research

4/14/2009 4:37:13 PM

TheHorse.com--my vet is always in a rush

4/14/2009 4:37:10 PM

Thehorse.com! and other online and print magazine articles,

4/14/2009 4:36:39 PM

In addition to my vet, theHorse.com also plays a major role.

4/14/2009 4:33:06 PM


4/14/2009 4:32:24 PM

My vet is my primary, but I am an avid reader and attend clinics when possible.

4/14/2009 4:28:31 PM

I rely on more then one source. Among these are vet/staff, media,hourse club & courses/seminars

4/14/2009 4:28:18 PM

A mixture of all the above.

4/14/2009 4:26:29 PM


4/14/2009 4:21:46 PM

my vet and website information

4/14/2009 4:21:19 PM

I try to keep informed on equine health issues via reading but my vet is my most trusted source

4/14/2009 4:19:32 PM

plus what I have as resource books

4/14/2009 4:19:20 PM

I talk with other owners about my horse, but the vet is my primary source of information.

4/14/2009 4:16:24 PM

The Horse and other good media sources

4/14/2009 4:14:38 PM

I read constantly...journals, studies, articles, etc.

4/14/2009 4:11:19 PM

Research on the Internet

4/14/2009 4:11:02 PM

So many friends, so many years, so much knowledge.

4/14/2009 4:06:54 PM

Past experience, Merck Vet Manual, and vet school websites

4/14/2009 4:05:36 PM

TheHorse.com is the best. I also refer people to it.

4/14/2009 4:04:45 PM

TheHorse, of course!

4/14/2009 4:03:10 PM


4/14/2009 3:56:07 PM

I talk to and use a number of veterinarians. I do not rely on one.

4/14/2009 3:52:52 PM

the Horse.com

4/14/2009 3:47:01 PM

Also, equine nutritionist and Professional Animal Scientist, I happen to be one

4/14/2009 3:46:55 PM

The Horse.com of course!

4/14/2009 3:45:42 PM

Vets should be a good horse owners first source.

4/14/2009 3:36:32 PM

I research what I read, check with the vet and use common sense

4/14/2009 3:34:19 PM

Seen a lot of bad advice given by people who don't have medical training. Let the vet handle it!

4/14/2009 3:32:36 PM


4/14/2009 3:21:51 PM

Online veterinary websites

4/14/2009 3:20:45 PM

+ fellow riders of NATRC.org

4/14/2009 3:19:18 PM

TheHorse.com introduces me to lots of new information & I do all my initial research here!

4/14/2009 3:16:37 PM

The Horse

4/14/2009 3:15:33 PM

I research on my own but never act without veterinary advice.

4/14/2009 2:49:49 PM

I've found the internet gives better advice than 2 area vets I've used lately

4/14/2009 1:53:49 PM

The Horse.com

4/14/2009 1:19:04 PM

My trainer and my vet - invaluable!

4/14/2009 10:48:39 AM

You should get info from professionals

4/14/2009 10:09:05 AM

My Vet and Articals wrtten by Vets

4/14/2009 9:20:19 AM

Veterinarian books

4/14/2009 9:17:29 AM