Spending on Safety

How much would you spend on a helmet?

$30 or less
$30 - $50
$50 - $100
$100 - $200
More than $200

Total votes cast: 1091

Comments & Write-in Answers

Being alive to be able to do the things in life like riding..Priceless

4/6/2009 6:08:37 PM

Depends on if it is a show helmet verse everyday?

4/6/2009 5:04:37 PM

I would like a helmet that provides similar protection to a good motorcycle helmet (non-full face).

4/6/2009 3:28:27 PM

I would spend a reasonable amount to protect my head. Not more than $125.

4/6/2009 3:11:13 PM

It has to be a exellent helmet, having a helmet saves lives!!!!!!!

4/6/2009 12:26:00 PM

On a budget, yes. Spending a little extra on a life saving product- priceless

4/6/2009 8:39:28 AM

this is an area i don't skimp on.

4/6/2009 1:21:02 AM

Safety is more important than price!

4/5/2009 8:57:31 PM

less than $100 and you will find it hard to get a helmet with proper sizes

4/5/2009 6:37:28 PM

If the helmet is the style and size I like I gueass the cost doesn't matter

4/5/2009 6:30:35 PM

Given that they need to be reeplaced every 5 years I buy on the low side $$$

4/5/2009 5:38:03 PM

As much as needed for the helmet to do the job I want it to do.

4/5/2009 2:45:33 PM

I wouldnt spend any on them

4/5/2009 1:13:47 PM

I like my brain...

4/5/2009 12:15:05 PM

whatever is cheap but MEETS STANDARDS

4/4/2009 7:18:57 PM

The price really does not matter, it is all about safety.

4/4/2009 3:45:13 PM

Has to be of an approved stantard or pointless wearing it

4/4/2009 10:25:51 AM

$30-50. is enough to get good quality. More than that is "Trendy STyle" cost.

4/4/2009 7:41:04 AM

financially unable to do more, buy on sale

4/4/2009 7:26:13 AM

safety has no price

4/3/2009 9:43:10 PM

Safety rating, fit, and style are impt.And If this for grandson, money is no object !

4/3/2009 5:34:17 PM

Honestly? My head isn't worth more than $30. I should have stayed in school.

4/3/2009 4:18:33 PM

I've had great luck with my helmets all of which were cheaper and comfy. Why spend more?

4/3/2009 11:47:59 AM

+$200...can't find a Certified one that you can show in for less!

4/3/2009 11:25:58 AM

Cheap ones crush too easily! Been there.

4/3/2009 10:25:54 AM

I want a helmet that blocks the sun. I need a good size brim.

4/3/2009 7:21:49 AM

maybe more but i think certification is more important than price

4/2/2009 7:18:43 PM

I would spend more to be safe if I had to.

4/2/2009 6:17:59 PM

Safety rating and comfort more important than $$

4/2/2009 5:49:44 PM

Neck support, air vents and style

4/2/2009 5:38:46 PM

Mine resemble a football helmet with a visor. Love them! On sale - under $100 Love Troxel!

4/2/2009 5:24:55 PM

What is my safety worth.. It's 'priceless!'

4/2/2009 4:11:58 PM

what ever it costs to keep my head on

4/2/2009 4:07:33 PM

they're all helmets - paying huge bucks for the big brand helmets is absurd

4/2/2009 3:59:40 PM

my helmet saved a fractured skull (both of us wend down on a rock).guess my head is worth $100+.

4/2/2009 3:52:44 PM

would spend more if there was a clear, desirable advantage

4/2/2009 3:46:01 PM

my Charles Owen helmet was $289 - my brain is worth it.

4/2/2009 3:22:00 PM

I don't wear a helmet, freak accidents happen, look @ Crist. Reeves, he had one on.

4/2/2009 2:49:09 PM

not limit to the price for safety

4/2/2009 1:46:43 PM

2nd hand store!

4/2/2009 10:18:00 AM

I only but a helmet that is properly safety certified and comfortable.

4/2/2009 10:12:40 AM

My head is worth every penny!A good helmet can save a life.More dressage riders should wear helmets!

4/2/2009 10:10:15 AM

Paid $29 formy Troxel Lexington helmet on clearance - and it fits perfectly

4/1/2009 9:46:40 PM

GPA reccomended

4/1/2009 8:43:27 PM

This seems reasonable given that I replace every 5 years

4/1/2009 7:14:33 PM

anymoney , actualy !

4/1/2009 6:39:17 PM

I believe one could find a quality helmet carrying the certification / specifications in this range

4/1/2009 6:22:31 PM

My head deserves more but my pocketbook is empty.

4/1/2009 5:28:22 PM

there is only one brand that fits my head and doesn't give me a headache

4/1/2009 4:59:54 PM

A helmet is more important than brand name boots,riding apparel, saddles, and all other tack

4/1/2009 4:02:09 PM

After seeing several seruios accidents, I won't go without my helmet!

4/1/2009 3:49:50 PM

Your brain is irreplaceable, no amout of money can replace it - so don't skimp on a helmet

4/1/2009 3:44:51 PM

you cant put a price on saftey

4/1/2009 3:43:56 PM

I have spent $200 and more for polo helmets

4/1/2009 3:07:58 PM

How much is your brain worth?

4/1/2009 2:58:41 PM

Hard to find the features I want for less than $80. Most are closer to $100.

4/1/2009 2:22:26 PM

don't wear a helmet

4/1/2009 1:23:31 PM

it all depends on the helmets use. i'd pay more for a show helmet then a plastic trail helmet.

4/1/2009 12:57:58 PM

lower prices may increase usage

4/1/2009 12:36:13 PM

I would spend more if it were proven to be a safer helmet

4/1/2009 12:34:39 PM

would spend more money for better protection

4/1/2009 11:59:07 AM

Such a small amount for so much protection

4/1/2009 11:52:06 AM

I go through a lot of helmets!

4/1/2009 11:44:48 AM

i don't show, that seems to reduce the cost

4/1/2009 11:36:39 AM

I have found as I get older, I am not so adverse to wearing a helmet as a Western rider.

4/1/2009 11:28:31 AM

I spent about $100 on my Troxel Sierra, which I love!

4/1/2009 11:09:43 AM

show helmets (dressage) I would spend more, but for backyard trail riding - no need for the $$

4/1/2009 10:33:23 AM

whats more important your saddle or your life???m

4/1/2009 9:59:50 AM

it's not the price, it's the quality / safety / fit that matters to me

4/1/2009 9:14:26 AM

i think the current vented helmets are reaching ridiculous costs. they are no better than the others

4/1/2009 8:43:35 AM

There's no need to buy one of those outrageously expensive models

4/1/2009 8:10:21 AM

my head is worth it

4/1/2009 7:43:55 AM

Depends on whether it is used for training or for show

4/1/2009 7:30:20 AM

as long as my head is safe

4/1/2009 6:11:09 AM

2 helmets:Schooling for under $30 & show over $100. No safety difference.

4/1/2009 6:08:06 AM

i didnt know there were helmets for under 100

4/1/2009 1:39:08 AM

I've bought several, and will spend what I have to for approved helmets for myself and grandkids.

4/1/2009 1:12:40 AM

Cost isn't an issue; it's got to be comfortable

3/31/2009 11:14:32 PM

$50 for pleasure riding only -- 200+ for competitive riding

3/31/2009 11:09:23 PM

The cost should not be an issue, the fit & hoe much it protects your head should be 1st priority.

3/31/2009 11:08:45 PM

Probably more if I was jumping or eventing or rding greenies.

3/31/2009 10:53:14 PM

It doesn't say how much I want to pay! But I'm often shocked at the cost of some helmets.

3/31/2009 10:32:42 PM

It needs to do the job of protection and be comfortable, lightweight & cool for minimal cost

3/31/2009 10:29:32 PM

They should be fairly affordable. They are nothing but plastic and styrofoam.

3/31/2009 10:25:53 PM

As long as it keeps me protected!

3/31/2009 10:19:33 PM

Depends on the helmet and what I was looking for

3/31/2009 9:56:36 PM

what an obnoxious question for obvious market research

3/31/2009 9:41:21 PM

*If* a $200 helmet would protect my head better than a $25 one I'd buy it. I now spend $30-50.

3/31/2009 9:39:01 PM

Really...can you put a price on saving your life?

3/31/2009 9:03:38 PM

I would pay more if they had a longer lifespan and more natural looking exteriors

3/31/2009 8:57:48 PM

wouldn't pay for one

3/31/2009 8:52:24 PM

I use a less expensive, less costly helmet for daily riding, a fancier one for hunting and showing.

3/31/2009 8:45:03 PM

It's worth my life to wear a helmet

3/31/2009 8:43:24 PM

Would love to have a GPA but don't have the $$

3/31/2009 8:36:17 PM

Inlight of the recent tragedy I would want a good protective helmet.

3/31/2009 8:23:29 PM

I would pay more for a lightweight, cool but still SAFE helmet

3/31/2009 8:19:36 PM

On my second $220+ helmet, first saved my neck!

3/31/2009 8:16:15 PM

We need safe but inexpensive helmets for kids and pleasure riders.

3/31/2009 8:08:09 PM

If I was showing more or doing a sport like eventing, I would pay more

3/31/2009 7:14:42 PM

Never wear one.

3/31/2009 7:03:21 PM

I would spend up tp $150. Got my last one on special sale for $99.

3/31/2009 7:00:01 PM

love my Tipperary helmet!

3/31/2009 6:43:36 PM

Beyond that $200 it just becomes excessive profit. Not for the Retailer, but for the Manufacturer ;)

3/31/2009 6:34:22 PM

More if that is what it takes to find a comfortable one

3/31/2009 6:26:32 PM

its MY head

3/31/2009 6:25:54 PM

How much is your head worth?? =P No need to spend overboard though... $100 is good

3/31/2009 6:20:05 PM

I want the most bang for the buck. Saftey comes first. fashion, must be affordable.

3/31/2009 6:10:31 PM

Only buy ASTM or equivalent and proper fit not fad item

3/31/2009 6:00:12 PM

I purchased a Helmet $130.00

3/31/2009 5:59:18 PM

Great safe helmets under CAD$100

3/31/2009 5:19:06 PM

Cost is less important than the quality of the helmet-it MUST di the job it was designed to do.

3/31/2009 5:16:40 PM

I worked for a testing laboratory and the staff indicated you get what you pay for as far as safety.

3/31/2009 5:08:18 PM

I bought a very nice Troxel/leather and rhinestones 135.00

3/31/2009 4:54:37 PM

want safe to not break the bank

3/31/2009 4:49:35 PM

I would be prepared to spend this amount because you are protecting your head.

3/31/2009 4:27:53 PM

A quality helmet if very important to me. Can you put a value on the protection of your brain?

3/31/2009 4:19:59 PM

Depends on what I'm doing--no more than $100 for a schooling helmet, for example...

3/31/2009 4:06:50 PM

Price does not make the helmet as safe as possible.

3/31/2009 3:54:32 PM

For every day: cheap one ($50 or so) every couple of years; For show: nice expensive one ($200)

3/31/2009 3:53:13 PM

Helmets suuitable for showing are more expensive!

3/31/2009 3:48:19 PM

How much is your brain worth?

3/31/2009 3:46:01 PM

For a very safe very cool looking helmet.

3/31/2009 3:44:12 PM

helmets need to be cheaper

3/31/2009 3:41:57 PM

Helmet saved me from base of the skull injury one year ago

3/31/2009 3:37:36 PM

Would prefer to spend less but if good fit costs more am willing to spend more.

3/31/2009 3:36:37 PM

Depending on what I would use it for-like pleasure or specific competition

3/31/2009 3:30:08 PM

I spent $80 on mine, it was the only one that fit my head properly. It is very compy ponytail or no

3/31/2009 3:26:19 PM

or less if I could get a good one, i.e. certified, on sale

3/31/2009 3:16:42 PM

helmets are a stupid idea. it should be your own choice whethe or not you wear one

3/31/2009 3:16:27 PM

Why do some helmets cost nearly $400? Are they safer?

3/31/2009 3:15:31 PM

Wish there was one with a "pony tail" opening in the back!

3/31/2009 3:13:32 PM

Why spend more than necessary for preotection?

3/31/2009 3:02:07 PM

$50-$100 - worth every penny.Helmets save lives.

3/31/2009 2:57:12 PM

Less, as in $0.00 - I'll stick with Stetson.

3/31/2009 2:54:45 PM

I would spend more than I voted for if approved helmets were more expensive than that

3/31/2009 2:46:43 PM

It depends on fit and comfort

3/31/2009 2:40:37 PM

Enough with the helmet polls. On to something new please!

3/31/2009 2:37:27 PM

This may be the most important piece of safety equipment in the barn!

3/31/2009 1:37:07 PM

LOVE my tipperary. Most comfortable,cool looking and less than $70!

3/31/2009 12:17:17 PM

They must be affordable for the average person. Buy Tipperary not Troxel.

3/31/2009 11:29:13 AM

Can't put a price on my head, but know I can get a good fit and stylish helmet for under $100

3/31/2009 11:06:41 AM

I wouldn't be without one since a helmet has saved my life at least twice

3/31/2009 9:24:17 AM