Workout Venue

Where do you work your horses?
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Round pen
Indoor arena
Outdoor arena
Turnout area
On the trail

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Comments & Write-in Answers

Trail is the most relaxing for horse and rider. Arenas get BORING

2/23/2009 11:27:58 PM

Hand Walk to cool out or to wet to work them

2/23/2009 6:45:16 PM

only have 2 acres, not much room to do anything outside of the turnout area.

2/23/2009 6:37:52 PM

indoor arena on occasion

2/23/2009 5:57:24 PM

on the gravel road

2/23/2009 5:38:54 PM

in the pasture

2/23/2009 4:54:32 PM

mostly work on the trails or neighbor's rings

2/23/2009 2:57:54 PM

outdoor ring work when footing permits, hay field, jumping field, lots of x-country

2/22/2009 9:49:13 PM

Cattle work-desert

2/22/2009 8:35:32 PM

Using turnout and a ponyhorse for exercise.

2/22/2009 5:21:05 PM

I also use the "common" area.

2/22/2009 2:59:57 PM


2/22/2009 2:18:04 PM

the trail is the best place to train and exercise both horse and rider

2/22/2009 1:14:29 PM

In the country, I condition and train in the brush and trails, haul to an arena to compete barrels

2/22/2009 10:57:51 AM

Great wide open after the round pen

2/22/2009 8:31:49 AM

Any place I can get safe footing and show her different things!

2/21/2009 9:10:53 PM

I use a field

2/21/2009 8:15:16 PM

mostly warmed up then trailed or to arena with cows

2/21/2009 6:33:21 PM

veriety adds spice to life!

2/21/2009 4:11:28 PM

work on them where ever and when ever needed. constently training and improving comunication with

2/21/2009 3:28:46 PM

I vary my routine to keep my horse from getting board

2/21/2009 2:54:25 PM

Having the indoor arena for winter and inclement weather is so helpful for consistent training.

2/21/2009 11:12:42 AM

Ours are out 24/7,but we play w/them all over our property

2/20/2009 9:34:57 PM

I play Parelli with my horses anywhere I can!

2/20/2009 6:13:48 PM


2/20/2009 4:19:36 PM

Everywhere!-whenever I am with them.

2/20/2009 4:14:24 PM


2/20/2009 1:41:11 PM

I work my horses everywhere that I can so that they are not afraid of anything.

2/20/2009 12:43:52 PM

Depends, if I am trying to work thru an unwanted behaviour then where I will get the most results.

2/20/2009 12:09:13 PM

We're in rural America, so pastures work well for our stock to maintain weight and added fitness.

2/20/2009 11:46:45 AM

I board one horse at an all-weather facility which allows me to haul in the other 3 for schooling

2/20/2009 10:28:31 AM

where ever my horse is able to ride

2/20/2009 7:52:36 AM

horses do fine without a round pen

2/20/2009 7:30:09 AM

We are lucky to have a large indoor for inclement weather, so we can ride 24/7.

2/20/2009 7:19:13 AM

also on my hayfields and in the pastures

2/20/2009 1:37:58 AM

they live in a pasture so mostly work themselves; don't have arena so i mostly work them on trails

2/20/2009 12:00:04 AM

we have a 100 acre pasture the geldings stay in and i work my gelding on the hills ")

2/19/2009 10:41:09 PM

Every time a horse is in "hand", training/work is performed!

2/19/2009 7:47:13 PM

I find the deep, soft sand on the beach ideal for muscle definition, as well as peace of mind.

2/19/2009 7:44:24 PM

I ride my clydie in our large paddock just walk & trot around it's very relaxing for her.

2/19/2009 7:11:54 PM

We go to play days at other farms/ranches

2/19/2009 5:16:42 PM

We have small med and large on the ranch, it makes it nice

2/19/2009 4:43:07 PM

Dressage arena

2/19/2009 4:31:05 PM

outdoor or my neighbor's indoor if weather is bad

2/19/2009 3:57:48 PM

60 X 800 paddock gives room to work without danger of "open space"

2/19/2009 3:43:42 PM


2/19/2009 3:24:39 PM

sometimes a hack down the road

2/19/2009 3:08:33 PM

I have a round pen, outdoor arena and a great big ranch for training endurance, I'm very lucky.

2/19/2009 2:54:24 PM

Cross country courses

2/19/2009 2:37:32 PM

I like to work my horses in our pasture. Barrel horses get too much arena work!

2/19/2009 1:41:52 PM

Outdoor arena/trail when at home, indoor arena at shows, if applicable.

2/19/2009 1:34:25 PM

I ride in the pasture a lot

2/19/2009 11:27:19 AM

We don't have an arena but we have 80 acres to ride!

2/19/2009 9:39:58 AM

I train horses for safaries in Africa

2/19/2009 4:32:45 AM

Used to go hacking about 6 miles a day, not poss. in city now.

2/19/2009 3:15:10 AM

interval work on hills

2/19/2009 12:15:55 AM

as mnay different places as possible

2/18/2009 10:27:35 PM

In the snow!

2/18/2009 9:08:08 PM


2/18/2009 8:39:35 PM

warm up on the walker, ride all different venues to keep the mind fresh

2/18/2009 8:17:30 PM

wherever and whenever

2/18/2009 8:03:24 PM

I ride in a pasture on my farm.

2/18/2009 8:00:52 PM

In the pasture

2/18/2009 7:49:12 PM

Mostly grass field

2/18/2009 7:14:12 PM

In the pasture, on the road or on the trail. I'm so poor.

2/18/2009 6:59:03 PM

I'm fortunate enought o have a hill on my property, which is great for building stamina

2/18/2009 6:40:27 PM

indoor sand ring,outdoor hogfuel ring & hogfuel trails

2/18/2009 6:12:09 PM

A combination of the above

2/18/2009 5:05:59 PM

The horses in training work on the track as well as the other places I checked.

2/18/2009 4:42:28 PM

trailer to lessons at indoor, and ride in dirt driveway

2/18/2009 4:07:20 PM

Working my dressage & jumper outside the arena keeps their minds fresh and makes them more adaptable

2/18/2009 2:23:58 PM

outdoor arena & cross country course

2/18/2009 2:07:59 PM

we trail ride for six days a week for an hour or two and the rest of day is in the pasture

2/18/2009 1:49:54 PM

I try to keep mu work relavent to the real world of use.

2/18/2009 12:42:19 PM

open farm land

2/18/2009 12:42:14 PM

good for the mind and lots of vegetations to do circles etc.

2/18/2009 12:25:24 PM

open field

2/18/2009 12:16:55 PM

Riding the high desert trails of New Mexico works hindquarters, heart, lungs and soul

2/18/2009 11:59:25 AM

I trailer to my trainers for lessons, rest of the time outdoor arena.

2/18/2009 11:36:07 AM

The more places you work a horse the better prepared they are for anything.

2/18/2009 11:13:57 AM

Hack out on large acreage; school in flat corner of field.

2/18/2009 11:08:14 AM

any time together is educational

2/18/2009 11:01:31 AM

Indoor arena and on trails to avoid boredom

2/18/2009 10:53:36 AM

I usually ride around our hayfields and pasture then head out to the hills via a rural road.

2/18/2009 10:14:05 AM

i like to keep a good variety in our training program, to keep the horses fresh and thinking

2/18/2009 8:42:10 AM

on the farm

2/18/2009 8:12:45 AM

Any goof footing open area this time of year!

2/18/2009 7:53:11 AM

for work outdoor arena, after that relax on the trails

2/18/2009 7:36:54 AM

trailer to trails occassionaly, have small acreage to work horses on

2/18/2009 4:20:05 AM

In the arena & on the trails!

2/18/2009 1:13:06 AM

Love the beach but my indoor has to be my fav

2/18/2009 12:01:56 AM

We have a big, relatively flat grassy field we ride in. The footing stays fairly decent year round.

2/17/2009 11:47:10 PM

If I had a round pen I would work on that, but I also school a lot on cross country cources

2/17/2009 11:35:22 PM

dressage arena

2/17/2009 11:34:46 PM

Also in the orchards that surround our house

2/17/2009 11:22:45 PM

The world is my round pen.

2/17/2009 11:18:12 PM

After all this rain, I wish I had an indoor arena. *sigh*

2/17/2009 11:06:36 PM

No arena/ring, so we ride in a 5 acre field

2/17/2009 11:05:33 PM

I start in the round pen, move to an acre pasture, then a15 acre pasture, then trail.

2/17/2009 11:02:14 PM


2/17/2009 10:23:50 PM

Live in AZ near state land; lots of riding area, sometimes just hand walk on trail too

2/17/2009 10:05:48 PM


2/17/2009 9:42:45 PM


2/17/2009 9:21:56 PM

frozen ground no work:(

2/17/2009 9:18:01 PM

Anywhere and everywhere...........

2/17/2009 9:11:47 PM

also work in the stall

2/17/2009 9:08:16 PM


2/17/2009 9:02:56 PM

I dont have a horse yet! :(

2/17/2009 8:43:31 PM

open 10 acre meadow, lucky to have it!

2/17/2009 8:37:59 PM


2/17/2009 8:15:51 PM

in the fields on my farm

2/17/2009 8:11:50 PM

cross country courses at forrest preserve

2/17/2009 8:10:25 PM

We are blesse with a small track and good open fields

2/17/2009 8:10:15 PM

I work my horse in a variety of places. It keeps the two of us from getting bored

2/17/2009 8:08:00 PM

We ride indoors in the winter and out in the summer

2/17/2009 7:58:39 PM

anywhere there's good footing available plus variety is the spice of life making a bombproof horse

2/17/2009 7:56:36 PM

In bad weather indoors. 1x a week out on the trails. a week out on the trails other wisex a

2/17/2009 7:46:03 PM

young horses not ready for the trail in the round pen

2/17/2009 7:06:11 PM

100x120 4" sand outdoor arena. Good, but I live in WA. so it can be too wet to use after heavy rain

2/17/2009 6:52:08 PM

I also ride in the field

2/17/2009 6:35:51 PM

I have a pasture with a hill, so I do a lot of warm up there before we go to work in the arena

2/17/2009 6:29:04 PM

Arena and treadmill

2/17/2009 6:25:07 PM

race track & fields

2/17/2009 6:16:04 PM

I prefer an open field with "tracks"

2/17/2009 5:54:15 PM

Mostly just trail ride.

2/17/2009 5:44:23 PM

Alson on trail rides.

2/17/2009 5:40:27 PM

Cross country is the favorite!

2/17/2009 5:31:05 PM

I work them in a area

2/17/2009 5:24:08 PM

I prefer trails and open arenas, but I occasionaly use an indoor one.

2/17/2009 5:21:54 PM

endurance horses cross train in my arena

2/17/2009 5:13:59 PM

penning cows in the stockyards and search and rescue

2/17/2009 5:13:36 PM

Actually use an imaginary arena in the open.

2/17/2009 5:08:17 PM

At the grounds of our ridingclub

2/17/2009 5:05:27 PM

no arena, just in the yard

2/17/2009 4:58:35 PM

out 24/7 with pasturemates. no boredom, no stalls to clean.

2/17/2009 4:49:11 PM

50 acrea open rolling fields

2/17/2009 4:44:47 PM

indoor in the winter months and out doors in the summer, however we get out on the open field as muc

2/17/2009 4:44:39 PM

in the pasture and feilds in summer and trailer to indoor in winter

2/17/2009 4:43:20 PM

Always outdoors - in fall and winter on the hunt field!

2/17/2009 4:39:47 PM

dont have access to a round pen or an arena, so have to work horses in paddock area

2/17/2009 4:32:35 PM

On a racetrack.

2/17/2009 4:30:23 PM

I work my ponies wherever we happen to be don't need special equipment

2/17/2009 4:25:30 PM

We trail ride out to the beach in good weather :)

2/17/2009 4:25:13 PM

can't afford an indoor arean...it would be nice though

2/17/2009 4:17:29 PM

race track or turf gallop

2/17/2009 4:13:46 PM

I'd use an indoor too if I had one.

2/17/2009 4:12:57 PM

dressage arena

2/17/2009 4:08:03 PM

We have 320 acres. Go to sorting arena in area for practices....Practice on our own cattle.

2/17/2009 4:04:12 PM

Race Track

2/17/2009 3:52:06 PM

Spend a ton of time on ground work too

2/17/2009 3:50:10 PM

My horses are in my backyard, so I make do with what I can get. I try to trailer to facilities.

2/17/2009 3:49:31 PM

We sometimes work out in the pasture.

2/17/2009 3:46:39 PM

in the middle of the field running up the hills!!!!

2/17/2009 3:42:08 PM

in a big open grassy pasture

2/17/2009 3:42:00 PM

along the country roads by our home

2/17/2009 3:31:19 PM

The covered Euro exerciser is fantastic during rainy season!

2/17/2009 3:27:17 PM

really wish i had an indoor right now! have ridden very lightly on driveway, no other dry place :-(

2/17/2009 3:20:29 PM

where ever i can work them wheres its safe and not knee deep mud

2/17/2009 3:19:07 PM

I wish we had an indoor arena!

2/17/2009 3:18:04 PM

Depends on age/training level of the horse and weather conditions

2/17/2009 3:13:48 PM

cross training is essential to my mare's willingness to work.

2/17/2009 3:05:08 PM

and outside in the field once the ground is reasonable firm or short trail rides near the farm.

2/17/2009 3:02:09 PM

Jog around large field, trail ride in off season

2/17/2009 3:02:00 PM

Outside distractions are more important to trail horses than show horses so I do everything outside.

2/17/2009 3:01:28 PM

indoors only in the winter

2/17/2009 3:00:28 PM

haul to an indoor in winter

2/17/2009 2:57:42 PM

new outdoor arena behind barn & adjacent to community bridle path

2/17/2009 2:55:51 PM

Polocrosse field

2/17/2009 2:55:01 PM

anywhere I can find dry flat ground to work

2/17/2009 2:51:41 PM

Also use hay field behind the dressage arena...and BO's driveway when I'm riding in the evening.

2/17/2009 2:50:15 PM

around the yard, in the river bed

2/17/2009 2:49:46 PM

Indoor in winter, outdoor, fields and trails in summer

2/17/2009 2:48:27 PM

"work" in arena, "pleasure" on trails

2/17/2009 2:40:37 PM

In an open field (weather permitting) or the covered arena

2/17/2009 2:40:21 PM

The Euro auto-walkers are great for getting lots of miles but horses still need some hand-walking.

2/17/2009 2:28:44 PM

We do a lot of pasture riding to break up boredom.

2/17/2009 2:27:35 PM

Young horses start out in a round pen. Then on to cross country / trails!

2/17/2009 2:27:07 PM

open pasture riding so they don't become sourer in the arena. I also use mother natures obsticles

2/17/2009 2:25:37 PM

would love an indoor but can only dream

2/17/2009 1:46:58 PM

90% trail, 10% outdoor arena (compete in AERC events)

2/17/2009 1:05:22 PM

indoor, trail, dirt roads and hilly paddocks... no out door arena yet

2/17/2009 10:46:53 AM

on the loop around the turnout pens

2/17/2009 10:00:21 AM