Clean, Fresh Water

How often do you clean automatic waterers or water troughs?

Once or twice a year
When they look dirty

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I check my automatic waterer daily. I just flush it with fresh water and wipe it out.

1/5/2009 10:34:08 PM

As soon as it is dirty or shows any signs of slim

1/5/2009 10:09:48 PM

I also add a very small amount of bleach to the waterer. The clorox co. can give you a safe amt.

1/5/2009 9:57:07 PM

Keep a kitchen long handled vegetable brush clipped to the feed cart.

1/5/2009 6:50:48 PM

Although smaller tanks need cleaning every other day

1/5/2009 4:40:09 PM

baking soda in H20 to cut acidity-it stays cleaner. I scrub w/vinegar.

1/5/2009 4:25:11 PM

The fish keep them clean!

1/5/2009 3:45:20 PM

complete scrubbing monthly, skimming daily. I put gold fish in my trough.

1/5/2009 3:20:33 PM

dish scrub brush or toilet bowl cleaning brush both work great

1/5/2009 3:19:30 PM

I find hay is the best way to give the trough a good clean

1/5/2009 3:15:03 PM

Use an old, plastic bristle brush to scrub it out

1/5/2009 2:25:08 PM

Use a new toilet bowl brush to get in the corners without back strain.

1/5/2009 11:48:27 AM

baking soda

1/5/2009 11:23:00 AM

Twice a day

1/5/2009 10:55:34 AM

We powerwash all the troughs and buckets, works great and is fast.

1/5/2009 10:54:31 AM

don't use them.have in the past & spent alot of time repairing it

1/5/2009 9:41:31 AM

My troughs aren't automatic but I just tip them, scrub and refill when algae shows.

1/5/2009 12:42:39 AM

dump and rinse almost daily, scrub as needed

1/4/2009 11:37:32 PM

Vinegar and baking soda are two safe cleaning products to use with a good sturdy scrub brush.

1/4/2009 9:41:23 PM

putty knives work really good to scrape tank walls from algae

1/4/2009 8:49:23 PM

I use a spaghetti strainer to do a quick clean of hay, etc. from the bucket too.

1/4/2009 6:01:36 PM

If you keep large barrel of water add apple cider viniger, a splash and no green gunk will grow

1/4/2009 4:58:42 PM

Rinse with bleach to kill algie

1/4/2009 2:57:39 PM

carrying a sponge with you helps clean the mechanism. the more often you clean it, the easier it is!

1/4/2009 10:39:42 AM

Summer time, I dump tak and clean every other day. Winter, every month. Use a fishtank net

1/4/2009 10:06:53 AM

I made mine into a balanced pond, complete with fish and bacteria. It's been clean for a year now.

1/4/2009 5:48:29 AM

Put in a few drops of bleach to keep the water clean in a large trough.

1/3/2009 11:19:30 PM

A nice BIG sponge

1/3/2009 10:37:30 PM

Adding Goldfish to a standard water trough works great! they keep algea and scum to a minimum!

1/3/2009 7:50:28 PM

capful of bleach and a stiff brush

1/3/2009 6:37:25 PM

toilet scrub brush, paint scraper and power washer

1/3/2009 5:26:16 PM


1/3/2009 4:31:46 PM

Clean them daily when weather permits but right now we're a -o temps.

1/3/2009 3:15:55 PM

I use a heavy-duty car wheel brush.

1/3/2009 1:12:36 PM

scrub with short bristled nylon scrub brush

1/3/2009 12:35:25 PM

Gold fish prevent mosquito larvae and reduce algae - use a fish tank siphon to remove what's left

1/3/2009 12:17:15 PM

We had put goldfish in there once.We have horses that paw and splash though.Helped alittle.

1/3/2009 10:58:37 AM

Use small amount of bleach weekly

1/3/2009 9:20:42 AM

usually twice a week

1/3/2009 8:20:57 AM

I use copper sulfate, sold as an algae growth inhibitor for ponds, to prevent algae in outdoor tanks

1/3/2009 7:51:04 AM

Invest in a scrub brush.

1/3/2009 6:41:11 AM

Use gloves, brush, bleach, dish soap. scrub & rinse well. refill.

1/2/2009 9:35:07 PM

It turns out to be about every other day

1/2/2009 9:09:40 PM

I use a 6 liter concrete tub Cooler with soil copper deficiencies, place copper bars in tub .

1/2/2009 5:26:59 PM

Works toilet bowl cleaner -- keep toughs looking like new!

1/2/2009 4:11:08 PM

at least weekly or more often if dirty

1/2/2009 2:47:55 PM

daily or every other day

1/2/2009 1:28:16 PM


1/2/2009 12:31:08 PM

toilet scrubb brush, get a long handled one and save your back!

1/2/2009 11:35:05 AM

toilet bowl brushes work great with a splash of bleach. Rinse well..

1/2/2009 11:20:55 AM

I put a flip-down lid on my 100 gal tanks and put a few goldfish in to eat any algae.

1/2/2009 10:52:00 AM

Use a power washer on large troughs

1/2/2009 10:28:23 AM

It's much easier to accomplish in WY in the summer. Below 0 temps make this very difficult.

1/2/2009 9:28:27 AM

toilet brush (dedicated to water tanks) and bleach when needed

1/2/2009 9:23:38 AM

usually 2 - 3 times / week because of one messy mare making troughs badly dirty

1/2/2009 9:20:37 AM

swish around water level of trough with toilet brush, also add apple cider vinegar to water

1/2/2009 8:41:06 AM

weekly or more often if they are dirty sooner

1/2/2009 7:05:59 AM

clean water healthy horse

1/2/2009 2:49:48 AM

dump and fill twice a week but am lazy and only scrub once

1/2/2009 2:00:30 AM

or have debris or algae

1/2/2009 2:00:15 AM

Instead of 1 big trough I keep 2 mediums for my drafts so I can scrub out weekly.

1/1/2009 11:40:44 PM

Weekly in summer,monthly in winter. Scrub w/brush, rinse, refill.

1/1/2009 11:37:29 PM

In the summer I clean the troughs weekly, in the winter, its closer to monthly or longer.

1/1/2009 11:35:59 PM

Use a toilet cleaning brush & vigorously brush the sides to get all the scum eleviated

1/1/2009 11:11:14 PM

brush and shop vac work wonders

1/1/2009 11:00:21 PM

baking soda

1/1/2009 10:27:22 PM

Every day or two in summer, 3 to 4 days in winter

1/1/2009 10:00:36 PM

avoid direct sunlight,especially in summer...slows down the "greenies" :')

1/1/2009 9:45:49 PM

usually 1X a month in winter, every week in summer

1/1/2009 9:22:55 PM

I use a small (1 gal.) wet/dry vac.

1/1/2009 8:16:40 PM

Leave a little bit of the dirty water in the trough to clean it with, and dump it out with the slime

1/1/2009 8:05:01 PM


1/1/2009 8:00:32 PM

baking soda!

1/1/2009 7:42:54 PM

Pick out hay from waters daily and change water once a week in the winter twice a week in the summer

1/1/2009 7:28:40 PM

Empty, clean with bleach and a brush, rinse well and fill.

1/1/2009 6:31:35 PM

keep fish in the trough

1/1/2009 6:10:18 PM

Talk someone else into doingit for you

1/1/2009 5:49:15 PM

Scub with long handled scrub brush daily,dump h20 also would you like to drink dirty h20?

1/1/2009 5:43:43 PM

continual flow spring fed water trough does not get very dirty

1/1/2009 5:19:25 PM

Although in summer it's as often as necessary, sometimes daily

1/1/2009 5:07:35 PM

outside tanks weekly, indoor buckets every other day. splash of mint mouthwash invites drinking

1/1/2009 4:45:21 PM

Keep a (clean) toilet brush near the hydrant; scrub buckets before refilling.

1/1/2009 4:43:51 PM

I don't have water troughs, but the water buckets are cleaned at least once daily

1/1/2009 4:33:19 PM

sometimes more often during the summer

1/1/2009 4:20:34 PM

more often in the warmer months

1/1/2009 4:14:45 PM

Every 2-3 days in summer. Less often in winter.

1/1/2009 3:24:57 PM

Use a bottle brush around float and angles; bleach inside 1 to 2x summer/rinse REALLY well

1/1/2009 3:16:51 PM

I check mine everyday as I have often found dead birds in it. I don't rely on the stable's help

1/1/2009 3:03:19 PM

The birds always bathe in Bri's water!!!! LOL!!!!

1/1/2009 2:57:05 PM

Don't have automatic waterers

1/1/2009 2:50:40 PM

I can't clean them in the winter, unfortunately. Put a capful of bleach in the tank to reduce algae.

1/1/2009 2:48:58 PM

bleach wash and rinse

1/1/2009 2:33:52 PM

weekly in winter;daily in summer

1/1/2009 12:35:45 PM

When they look dirty or season pending. I get slime in my buckets, so sometimes 2-3 times a week in

1/1/2009 11:36:01 AM

Depends. If bird poop or mud in it, daily or as needed.

1/1/2009 11:09:08 AM

I prefer white vinegar to clean. It also helps with algae problems if not rinsed completely.

1/1/2009 11:06:23 AM

summer use clorox.. also will soak in Vinegar to remove any lime scale kills 99% bacteria & fungus

1/1/2009 9:39:08 AM

water buckets are cleaned daily

12/31/2008 11:08:38 PM

don't have them

12/31/2008 6:53:25 PM

Scoop daily with an aquarium net. Dump and clean weekly.

12/31/2008 6:11:48 PM

It's easier to keep them clean rather than to clean them!

12/31/2008 6:08:59 PM

use 4 Bar-Bar-A waterers, 2 troughs

12/31/2008 5:57:58 PM

At the least weekly, in the summer every 2-3 days.

12/31/2008 5:56:52 PM

toilet bowl brush works great for scrubbing.

12/31/2008 5:34:16 PM

Dump 100 gal tanks weekly clean with bleach. In winter solar tanks are great alternate to deicer ele

12/31/2008 5:07:30 PM

rinse the soap or javex out before filling with water

12/31/2008 5:04:35 PM

probably not often enough, but have had no ill effects

12/31/2008 4:22:05 PM

everytime the trough has any hay, dirt, etc. I'm obsessive about it!

12/31/2008 4:21:16 PM

bleach for algae, paint scraper, power nozzle, scrub brush, elbow grease

12/31/2008 4:17:17 PM

summer every other day

12/31/2008 4:06:07 PM

I keep a long handled brush from the dollar store by every waterer makes cleaning easy

12/31/2008 3:55:01 PM

No way I'm cleaning it at -40F!!!!

12/31/2008 3:48:47 PM

I use buckets.

12/31/2008 3:31:21 PM

weekly,100gal tank, even in winter with sub-zero temps

12/31/2008 3:29:10 PM

2-5x/week depending on need

12/31/2008 3:21:10 PM

I try to clean it every couple of weeks, but sometimes that doesn't happen...

12/31/2008 3:08:09 PM

A little baking soda to help clean and get rid of any odors.

12/31/2008 2:28:02 PM

I spray the bottom and sides of the trough with Clorox, scrub with a brush and rinse before filling.

12/31/2008 1:53:54 PM

Twice weekly or more if the heat is causing algae growth

12/31/2008 1:41:43 PM

I usually clean more often in the summer when the water around the trough dries up faster.

12/31/2008 1:26:27 PM

Sometimes twice a day since we have pigeon problem in our barn and they sometimes poop in the water

12/31/2008 1:23:06 PM

god bless automatic waterers in winter! checked & dumped or scrubbed daily.

12/31/2008 12:54:04 PM

Weekly or sooner if dirty.

12/31/2008 12:37:26 PM

scrub brushes with stainless bristles along with plastic ones. Also, super tuff scrubber pads.

12/31/2008 12:36:18 PM

more often in summer, less in winter

12/31/2008 12:20:17 PM

Keep gold fish in the troughs to eliminate bugs and larvae.

12/31/2008 11:59:57 AM

clean w/vinegar, add cider vinegar to water to keep algea at bay

12/31/2008 11:59:07 AM

16 gal heated buckets, dumped strubbed daily

12/31/2008 11:57:44 AM

water and scrub brush

12/31/2008 11:39:36 AM

Actually twice weekly

12/31/2008 11:35:34 AM

A little hay to act as a brush and they come out sparkly clean

12/31/2008 11:23:36 AM

Strain water on a daily basis, clean troughs every 4-6 months with white vinegar

12/31/2008 11:11:10 AM

short handled brush (started life as a hoof brush) works well.

12/31/2008 10:56:58 AM

Add a quart of white vinegar to the trough, let it stand a while, then scrub to remove mold deposits

12/31/2008 10:50:27 AM

summertime - they are generally scrubbed twice a week - in the winter 1 every week or two

12/31/2008 10:46:41 AM

A long handled brush gets the algae off the bottom.

12/31/2008 10:32:28 AM


12/31/2008 10:30:11 AM

Usually at least once a week Spring-Fall, Winter as weather permits.

12/31/2008 10:28:40 AM

don't have to use them, we have pasture horses and they drink from a spring

12/31/2008 10:27:04 AM

Keep a small brush nearby and use dirt or sand as an abrasive for better results.

12/31/2008 10:09:31 AM


12/31/2008 9:57:15 AM

I use small clorine tablet pieces in my troughs to keep them "fresh" especially in summer in Florida

12/31/2008 9:56:49 AM

For troughs, a pressure washer, bleach rinse

12/31/2008 9:53:05 AM

In winter I clean electric buckets daily, summer I use barley straw bags in outside troughs.

12/31/2008 9:51:51 AM

'Toilet' scrub brush (dedicated only to water trough) are fantastic for big troughs

12/31/2008 9:51:03 AM

Every three days. Dump and scrub

12/31/2008 9:40:19 AM

several times daily

12/31/2008 9:23:49 AM

every other day or so when they get a little dirty

12/31/2008 9:21:52 AM

Varies, far more in the summer than in the winter!

12/31/2008 9:20:03 AM

use soap & sponge to clean out tub, rinse thoroughly & refill

12/31/2008 9:16:37 AM

bought a scrub brush at the dollar store, makes cleaning the pasture water quick.

12/31/2008 8:44:38 AM

Done often it's easy. Let go - it's a chore.

12/31/2008 8:42:28 AM

No water trough, just 2 5 gallon buckets that are cleaned daily

12/31/2008 7:46:46 AM

power washer works great for troughs

12/31/2008 7:31:53 AM

Scrub buckets out with a brisle brush and a solution of clorex, I've done this for several years

12/31/2008 7:24:48 AM

goldfish seem to help keep down the algae and live through the winter

12/31/2008 7:16:24 AM

a handful of hay

12/31/2008 4:27:27 AM

the more often u do it, the less dirty they are

12/31/2008 2:49:13 AM

At least weekly in winter, everyday in summer.

12/31/2008 2:29:32 AM

Some of our horses always have filthy water, others stay crystal clear

12/31/2008 1:00:58 AM

spray bottle of bleach & toilet brush for trough

12/31/2008 12:44:47 AM

daily rinse of buckets with weekly scrub

12/31/2008 12:44:01 AM

More often in summer

12/31/2008 12:10:11 AM

For years we used a brush. Using a Scotch Brite pad works so much better!

12/30/2008 11:40:58 PM

I use vinegar to get rid of the algae, then rinse well with water

12/30/2008 11:18:17 PM

everytime they are filled

12/30/2008 10:50:49 PM

a toilet brush and elbow grease

12/30/2008 10:36:54 PM

At least once daily!

12/30/2008 10:32:33 PM

Lots of elbow grease behind that scrubber!

12/30/2008 10:18:52 PM

When algae is too far out of control or water is murky.

12/30/2008 10:14:55 PM

at least weekly and when they look dirty.

12/30/2008 9:53:36 PM

Get a fish-net and scoop out algae!

12/30/2008 9:52:08 PM

clean trough 1x wk.Winter- when needed (-0 C="Greeblies" don't grow!

12/30/2008 9:49:02 PM

During the hot months, I clean every other day with a bleach solution

12/30/2008 9:43:06 PM

I add a cup of clorax to my 200 gal outside waterers

12/30/2008 9:41:05 PM

gold fish

12/30/2008 9:33:13 PM

cleanned every couple of days usually

12/30/2008 9:31:23 PM

I use bleach and scrub the scum off with a brush in the summer. In the Winter I just dump and rinse

12/30/2008 9:29:38 PM

twice weekly in the summer

12/30/2008 9:25:21 PM

Snow is a wonderful, free and non-toxic cleaner to scrub with!

12/30/2008 9:03:55 PM

diluted bleach + broom to scrub, rinse well

12/30/2008 9:02:03 PM


12/30/2008 9:01:38 PM

In the summer I put gold fish and a bottom feeder in the trough.

12/30/2008 9:01:28 PM

diluated vinegar or bleach makes them stay cleaner longer

12/30/2008 8:57:08 PM

daily for smaller buckets in warm weather, 2-3 days for larger tubs and cold weather

12/30/2008 8:49:10 PM

I keep goldfish in the trough to help keep it clean. Buckets get cleaned about twice a month.

12/30/2008 8:48:09 PM

large trough capable of staying fresh if foreign matter is removed.

12/30/2008 8:44:16 PM

use a scrub brush to help keep them clean

12/30/2008 8:40:22 PM

I use a pool skimmer which works fantastic and I highly recommend it.

12/30/2008 8:26:24 PM

I hang a large scrubby pad on the post by each water tank for a quick scrub anytime

12/30/2008 8:17:45 PM

bleach spayed on it cleans germs rince and refill

12/30/2008 8:00:21 PM

a few drops of bleach helps keep heated buckets clean and fresh

12/30/2008 7:53:44 PM

Check daily, empty completely every other day.

12/30/2008 7:44:58 PM

Use a kitchen strainer to remove bugs & leaves.

12/30/2008 7:43:28 PM

I've seen them drink manure soaked water in puddles, I don't obsess over cleaning too often

12/30/2008 7:27:34 PM

cheap goldfish keep bugs out and slime down.they live in cold water, they make it thru winters

12/30/2008 7:24:03 PM

Butterfly nets make good debris scoopers between cleanings

12/30/2008 7:11:54 PM

More than once a week during the hot weather.They need clean,fresh water

12/30/2008 7:10:53 PM

baleing twine makes a great srurb brush then you toss it when you are done...

12/30/2008 7:10:07 PM

clean with bleach then rinse well

12/30/2008 6:38:21 PM

I use a scrub brush each time, & leave emtey for a day then fill up in evening ( sun kills algie )

12/30/2008 6:34:58 PM

It depends on the weather and the temps--more often in summer, less in winter

12/30/2008 6:29:27 PM

We dump buckets into a wheelbarrow & brush the buckets

12/30/2008 6:28:43 PM

water troughs when they need it, auto water every day

12/30/2008 6:26:35 PM

automatic, but less frequent in the winter

12/30/2008 6:26:02 PM

Every time I fill the water tank, I clean it. Sieve it daily

12/30/2008 6:25:46 PM

1 tablespoon of bleach & a gallon ow water for each & wash with a clean toilet brush

12/30/2008 6:25:31 PM

alot more cleaning in the summer; use copper sulfate to help control algae growth

12/30/2008 6:20:20 PM

I clean them every three days

12/30/2008 6:10:43 PM

I figure my pony like clean fresh water like I do!

12/30/2008 6:02:12 PM

I have water buckets in each stall & scrub them down 2x month, rinse daily.

12/30/2008 6:00:49 PM

Don't like automatic waterers because you cannot really know how much an animal is drinking.

12/30/2008 5:40:54 PM

brush out with a little chlorine bleach

12/30/2008 5:39:06 PM

little bleach and a rag scrub swish out till looks and smells freash

12/30/2008 5:36:44 PM

I added 3 goldfish to the tank in the spring, so the buildup of "grungus" is kept to a minimum.

12/30/2008 5:35:29 PM

In summer I pour a little bleach into the open toughs to slow alge growth.

12/30/2008 5:35:07 PM

when I do not have a scrub brush handy, a handful of long grass scrubs effectively

12/30/2008 5:34:04 PM

skin out debris with an aquarium net

12/30/2008 5:33:10 PM

I clean my mare's water bucket every two days. Our barn does troughs spring and fall.

12/30/2008 5:25:17 PM

water trough is cleaned daily

12/30/2008 5:14:47 PM

Daily for 6 gallon and bi-weekly for larger pasture waters

12/30/2008 5:09:35 PM

Every time I refill the trough, and I only use a trough big enough to last a horse a few days

12/30/2008 5:07:31 PM

Twice a day cleaning for the insulated water buckets.

12/30/2008 5:03:03 PM

I use small waterers that require daily filling.

12/30/2008 5:02:30 PM

I use AVC to clean them. then add 1 cup to big troughs and 1/4 cup to the 20 gallon tubs

12/30/2008 4:59:42 PM

A good scrub brush usually does it, if not I add a little bleach and rinse thoroughly.

12/30/2008 4:59:30 PM

buckets daily, 250gallon troughs monthly

12/30/2008 4:54:26 PM

Use a couple of capfuls of bleach and scrub,rinse well.

12/30/2008 4:50:36 PM

depends on the weather, the hotter, the more they need cleaned.

12/30/2008 4:44:42 PM


12/30/2008 4:38:32 PM

Clorox and water to clean

12/30/2008 4:33:06 PM

Usually just water & brush, occas. bleach & little dish detergent

12/30/2008 4:28:18 PM

Every 5 days or when they look dirty. If only they would quit spitting in them...

12/30/2008 4:25:22 PM

weekly at a minumim, usually more in the summer when the algae grows

12/30/2008 4:25:11 PM

Use ind. barrels; dump/rinse/fill daily in summer, twice weekly in winter, wash/bleach weekly

12/30/2008 4:14:53 PM

If you dump and lightly scrub everyday, they never get really dirty

12/30/2008 4:10:04 PM

clean water, healthy horse

12/30/2008 4:08:28 PM

Have three water troughs, Fresh water flows into them constantly. One is in sun and is cleaned weekl

12/30/2008 4:07:44 PM

Use an electric water pump. Put one hose into the waterer. Put the other hose into a floor drain.

12/30/2008 4:06:20 PM

spot of copper sulfate and an anchored horse ball or basket or volleyball help to keep tank fresher

12/30/2008 4:02:06 PM

At least weekly, usually every few days; when dirt and food debris collects in it.

12/30/2008 4:01:10 PM

In door buckets every day outside 100 gal troughs as needed

12/30/2008 3:55:36 PM

Buckets are dumped daily for fresh water and both bucket and troughs are cleand weekly

12/30/2008 3:54:59 PM

Baking Soda does a great job, eliminates odors also.

12/30/2008 3:53:10 PM

Stock with goldfish

12/30/2008 3:50:19 PM

Generally I do this weekly, although depending on weather it sometimes is longer than that.

12/30/2008 3:49:23 PM

you can always clean with a handful of hay, then rinse

12/30/2008 3:41:22 PM

keep bottle of nontoxic cleaner and brush right there.

12/30/2008 3:37:43 PM

power washer works the best!

12/30/2008 3:33:13 PM

Clean them when they need it!!!

12/30/2008 3:33:12 PM

placing gold fish in stock tanks will help keep it clean & free of insect larvae

12/30/2008 3:27:25 PM

If the water tub is dirty, it gets cleaned and bleached. They don't go more than 4 days.

12/30/2008 3:26:32 PM

In the stall, daily. In the paddocks, weekly or as needed (they're checked 1x day).

12/30/2008 3:25:48 PM

power washer

12/30/2008 3:23:31 PM

An Aquarium filtration system works wonders!

12/30/2008 3:21:56 PM

my horse won't drink if she doesn't have fresh water everyday

12/30/2008 3:20:18 PM

Nearly daily in summer, but less frequently in winter

12/30/2008 3:19:55 PM

I purchased a Bar- Bar-A Horse Drinker, I highly recommend it! No electricity! Self cleaning

12/30/2008 3:18:49 PM

depends on how fast they get dirty, anywhere from every few days to a week.

12/30/2008 3:18:47 PM

Daily in summer/every other day in winter. Stock Tank Secret apperars to help in metal troughs

12/30/2008 3:14:54 PM

Can be once or twice a week in summer months, less often in winter

12/30/2008 3:09:17 PM

soft scrub

12/30/2008 3:08:27 PM

A good stiff vegetable brush or clean toilet brush for auto waterers

12/30/2008 3:05:07 PM

I use cider vinegar water to clean my rubbermaid tank

12/30/2008 2:59:09 PM

change water daily, scrub when needed

12/30/2008 2:58:04 PM

I clean my buckets daily; the barn rarely cleans troughs.

12/30/2008 2:56:01 PM

add goldfish to stock tanks or troughs, they eat misquoto lavae and keep algae down

12/30/2008 2:53:09 PM

We use bleach to clean our waterers. Our horses seem to like the smell.

12/30/2008 2:46:16 PM

I use a cap full of bleach in each horses 80 gallon water tank to keep it clean

12/30/2008 2:46:05 PM

scrub brush is haanging on the fence for easy of use.

12/30/2008 2:45:25 PM

fish in 100 gallon tanks

12/30/2008 2:38:08 PM

wkly though more frequently as needed

12/30/2008 2:36:42 PM

Every few days as the water starts to not look crisp and clear anymore :)

12/30/2008 2:33:25 PM

We are in Florida, all sorts of things can grow in there.

12/30/2008 2:33:03 PM

apple cider vinegar

12/30/2008 2:31:46 PM

bleach and a brush

12/30/2008 2:30:05 PM

Dump and give fresh daily, scrub everyweek

12/30/2008 2:27:29 PM

empty them, wash with a splash of clorox, rinse and refill.

12/30/2008 2:27:04 PM

for stall buckets, biweekly for troughs, unless more is needed

12/30/2008 2:22:15 PM

Troughs are cleaned weekly with bleach. buckets in stalls are refreshed daily and cleaned weekly

12/30/2008 2:19:19 PM

clorox clean up works wonders, rinse well!

12/30/2008 11:04:33 AM

some cleaned daily,just keep a brush nearby ,the best "waterer" i have is a spring fed little creek

12/30/2008 10:38:27 AM

cleaned daily - disinfected weekly with javex soaked brush

12/30/2008 10:30:03 AM

chlorine bleach, diluted

12/30/2008 9:24:48 AM

ohter than good hay, clean water most important, especially in winter

12/30/2008 9:23:46 AM

we use 70 gallon stock tanks that get dumped and cleaned when down to 1/4

12/30/2008 9:10:38 AM

"Never" isn't an option? I've yet to meet a barnmanager that knows what a bucket brush is.

12/30/2008 8:49:23 AM