EPM Precautions

Do you take any steps to limit opossums around your farm to reduce the chance your horses will get EPM?


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i just catch them or shoot them so they won't eat my chickens, i didn't know anything about EPM!

11/10/2008 9:38:56 PM

shoot them

11/10/2008 9:20:40 PM

Keep Food Covered and stored inside.

11/10/2008 8:57:46 PM

Keep food waste in enclosed garbage cans, limited access to barn cats food, no outside food scraps

11/10/2008 8:55:59 PM

set traps

11/10/2008 8:48:26 PM

have a barn cat and dogs. keep horse feed in cans

11/10/2008 8:32:28 PM

Take up cat food at night; shoot possums I see.

11/10/2008 7:42:33 PM

shoot them

11/10/2008 6:55:13 PM

Trap & shoot

11/10/2008 6:03:03 PM

We have six dogs to roam the land

11/10/2008 5:07:54 PM

shoot them on sight

11/10/2008 5:03:52 PM

live traps

11/10/2008 4:26:48 PM

I board so I do not have hands on control, but I do have my horse vaccinated with the new/trial vacc

11/10/2008 4:10:18 PM

no food sources, trap and euthanatize

11/10/2008 3:50:43 PM


11/10/2008 3:44:50 PM

don'[t have possums here

11/10/2008 3:37:11 PM

Shoot them when we see them. We also do not keep cat food around and we make horse feed inaccessabl

11/10/2008 3:03:37 PM

all feeds are covered tightly in containers and my husband hunts them**

11/10/2008 1:45:08 PM

Keep the brush trimmed back well away from pastures.

11/10/2008 1:23:25 PM


11/10/2008 11:54:08 AM

I have dogs that kill opossums

11/10/2008 11:30:26 AM

what should you do

11/10/2008 10:46:55 AM

irradicate them

11/10/2008 9:34:28 AM

keep food & trash locked up

11/10/2008 12:36:05 AM

shoot them

11/9/2008 9:54:44 PM


11/9/2008 7:38:10 PM

shoot them

11/9/2008 6:07:45 PM

Shoot them on sight when found in or near the barn. It's awful, but works.

11/9/2008 6:03:18 PM

have a dog to discourage them.

11/9/2008 5:34:22 PM

Have 3 dogs that eradicate them in the barn and on our property.

11/9/2008 5:29:26 PM

Pick up spilled feed quickly, cut grass short around the barn area, use repellents

11/9/2008 5:08:42 PM

kill !, shovel into trash bag my dream horse has EPM!

11/9/2008 2:01:44 PM

Trap and elliminate them.

11/9/2008 12:28:22 PM

Shoot them on site

11/8/2008 9:07:30 PM

We never take feed in the pastures or paddocks.

11/8/2008 8:13:12 PM

the only time we see possum is on the road not around the barn

11/8/2008 4:37:34 PM

Wire fencing and dogs

11/8/2008 2:16:22 PM

plenty of dogs

11/8/2008 10:49:50 AM

No popossums up Here yet, as far as I know.

11/8/2008 9:30:31 AM

Has anyone tested waterfowl (Canadian geese) for this disease?

11/8/2008 12:08:46 AM

.22 Mag. and a spot light

11/7/2008 4:41:28 PM

there is only one type of good opossum!

11/7/2008 4:11:43 PM

My dog , Gus . He's the best varmit dog around. He'll sit under a tree all night just waiting for a

11/7/2008 3:11:06 PM

Try to capture and eliminate them.

11/7/2008 2:28:12 PM

A dog that REALLY doesn't like them

11/7/2008 1:27:39 PM

Set traps, with no luck. My Icelandic had EPM this yr.

11/7/2008 12:56:02 PM

Wire mesch fence to the ground

11/7/2008 12:06:51 PM

We don't have opossums!

11/7/2008 10:52:52 AM

feed cats away from horse food storage areas

11/7/2008 10:49:48 AM

fence with 2x4 wire

11/7/2008 10:20:18 AM

shoot them

11/7/2008 10:07:54 AM

No opossums around us.

11/7/2008 10:03:45 AM

keep water source off ground, keep feed, barn and cat food locked up, shoot them when we see them

11/7/2008 10:03:32 AM

We keep dogs and cats to help keep wild animals off the property

11/7/2008 9:24:36 AM

shoot them

11/7/2008 9:08:28 AM

catch and release; permit foxes to den on property

11/7/2008 8:32:04 AM

keep my place spotless and feed locked up

11/7/2008 8:05:10 AM

we have livestock guardian dogs on the job and keep feed in metal cans with lids

11/7/2008 8:00:39 AM

shoot them dead

11/7/2008 7:53:03 AM

kill em

11/7/2008 7:33:21 AM

Opos are too prevalent; no steps are effective

11/7/2008 3:56:48 AM

Haven't ever seen an opossum here in NW Washington

11/7/2008 2:56:20 AM

Possums are not really an issue in my area (CO)

11/7/2008 1:51:59 AM

keep a claen barn area ans shoot any of them we see.

11/7/2008 12:10:47 AM

Live trap...them kill them:(

11/6/2008 11:49:29 PM

Keep grain locked away and in steel barrels.

11/6/2008 10:41:11 PM

Hunt & shoot them, burn carcass

11/6/2008 10:24:51 PM

trap coon and possium

11/6/2008 10:23:38 PM

Catch in Hav-a-Hart trap and relocate nowhere near horses (we live in FL and I lost my horse to EPM)

11/6/2008 9:57:34 PM

There are very few opossums in my area.

11/6/2008 9:49:35 PM

trap and remove

11/6/2008 9:44:15 PM

Trap and destroy any we find.

11/6/2008 9:28:31 PM

i trap and then shoot them!

11/6/2008 9:13:38 PM

I have Jack Russels

11/6/2008 8:43:52 PM

shoot them

11/6/2008 8:40:04 PM

Keep barn closed, feed tubs closed.

11/6/2008 8:19:08 PM

yes I keep 4 dogs

11/6/2008 7:26:45 PM

we don't have opossums where I live.

11/6/2008 6:31:58 PM

Keep them away from the manure pile and clean the manure from the field regularly

11/6/2008 5:56:18 PM

too arid here for o's

11/6/2008 5:50:57 PM

electric fence low to the ground to keep out critters

11/6/2008 5:45:46 PM

leave no grain on the ground under feed buckets

11/6/2008 5:26:04 PM

No opossums on Vancouver Island

11/6/2008 5:22:49 PM

we don't really have an issue with oppossums so we haven't had to take any preventative steps...

11/6/2008 4:58:50 PM

We don't have them in our area of the country

11/6/2008 4:51:15 PM

Live trapped several over the years, only when I see them.

11/6/2008 4:49:18 PM

with 26 rhodesian ridge backs, coons, coyotes, possums take off fast

11/6/2008 4:40:55 PM

kill them

11/6/2008 4:33:26 PM

use horse designed no climb fencing on my perimeter to limit intrusion from outside critters

11/6/2008 4:25:24 PM

I shoot 'em all!!!!

11/6/2008 4:15:14 PM

I limit their access to hay by keeping it in a tightly closed barn.

11/6/2008 3:52:50 PM

After horses eat I turn the feed bowls upside down. All feed/grain kept in galvanize trash cans.

11/6/2008 3:44:07 PM


11/6/2008 3:34:24 PM

We set traps

11/6/2008 3:31:09 PM

trap them

11/6/2008 3:23:36 PM

have plenty of dogs

11/6/2008 3:22:12 PM

The coyotes get them.

11/6/2008 3:21:46 PM

feed is stored in rodent proof containers

11/6/2008 2:53:27 PM

WE do not have opossums in Alberta Canada

11/6/2008 2:46:26 PM

cover feed; use large water tubs which are inaccessible to smaller animals

11/6/2008 2:45:39 PM

kill all I find

11/6/2008 2:43:43 PM

have no idea how i'd be able to do that

11/6/2008 2:41:20 PM


11/6/2008 2:35:02 PM

Opossums do not cause EPM.

11/6/2008 2:31:37 PM

Take up pet food at night to discourage them having a regular source of food.

11/6/2008 12:43:33 PM

we kill any oppossums that we see on our property.

11/6/2008 12:32:30 PM

eliminate them

11/6/2008 11:46:02 AM

we have dogs outside that discourage opossums and raccoons from coming around. They will kill them.

11/6/2008 11:21:50 AM

My farm dogs keep all vermin off property. Fence off ponds and only provide fresh water&clean tubs

11/6/2008 11:12:40 AM

Barn is secured against critters.

11/6/2008 9:56:23 AM

Cyclone fence

11/6/2008 9:44:47 AM

22 rifle, pitch fork - and just keep the area around the barn clean & unfriendly to opossums

11/6/2008 9:36:23 AM

I have had live traps out for years and still had 1 horse to get epm. What else can you do?

11/6/2008 9:09:01 AM

Keep property tidy!

11/6/2008 8:52:16 AM

i have jack russels no sweet feed no spilt feed

11/6/2008 5:40:01 AM

We have humane traps set. We shoot and dispose of the varmit.

11/6/2008 1:09:12 AM

keep grain in critter tight containers and my Doberman does the rest

11/5/2008 11:43:31 PM

trap them and move them far far away monthly

11/5/2008 11:10:02 PM

we don't have any for some reason

11/5/2008 11:03:53 PM

keep feed and trash out of reach

11/5/2008 10:50:46 PM

Haven't seen a possum since we moved to Arizona desert; had a lot of them in California however!

11/5/2008 10:44:21 PM

feed cats at house, transport caught live animals to other place

11/5/2008 10:21:21 PM


11/5/2008 10:13:33 PM

This is Florida, there

11/5/2008 9:57:04 PM

Try to scare them away.

11/5/2008 9:34:12 PM

shoot and or relocate them

11/5/2008 9:24:12 PM

I live trap the opposums

11/5/2008 9:13:20 PM

eliminate access to cat food every night

11/5/2008 8:52:43 PM

I've only seen one in 12 years.

11/5/2008 8:13:48 PM

Installed a no-climb horse fence

11/5/2008 7:41:49 PM

lost 1 horse due to it. Elimate any that are around

11/5/2008 7:41:27 PM

protect feed from possum. Water from elevated tubs.

11/5/2008 7:02:41 PM

I don't know how

11/5/2008 6:22:02 PM

shoot tyhe possums if I see them

11/5/2008 6:17:37 PM

I keep my feed in metal trash cans. Also keep my hay in a secure shed.

11/5/2008 6:17:36 PM

my blue healer loves to kill them for me!

11/5/2008 6:12:17 PM

keep feed locked up and my dogs love to patrol the property

11/5/2008 5:41:12 PM

trap & remove

11/5/2008 5:36:43 PM


11/5/2008 5:22:47 PM

Put up cat food at night. I have one horse with EPM already.

11/5/2008 5:16:02 PM

Trap and shoot them. Do not leave food (i.e., cat food out at night)

11/5/2008 4:47:13 PM

Not opossums in UK

11/5/2008 4:39:02 PM

We don't have any opossums where I live

11/5/2008 4:23:24 PM

set up traps

11/5/2008 3:53:21 PM

trap and remove

11/5/2008 3:51:13 PM

I have four dogs that keep the possums running

11/5/2008 3:48:19 PM

Have never seen an opossum in Wyoming!!

11/5/2008 2:52:58 PM

trap and remove them, try not to leave to much food for them

11/5/2008 2:31:23 PM

Wildlife has a hard enough time existing with people without adding to it.

11/5/2008 2:31:14 PM

Don't leave out catfood.

11/5/2008 2:10:52 PM

Kill Opossums

11/5/2008 2:05:09 PM

kill & dispose of

11/5/2008 1:57:10 PM

keep barn very clean ... lots of activity (dogs) .. shoot on site!!! Goes for raccoons too

11/5/2008 1:50:55 PM


11/5/2008 1:39:11 PM

Large dogs

11/5/2008 1:26:50 PM

Keep a dog and keep no garbage or open feed around.

11/5/2008 1:19:07 PM

fencing that goes down in the ground

11/5/2008 1:14:15 PM

take late nite walks and leave the dogs out!

11/5/2008 1:13:53 PM

There are several dogs at my bran. Maybe they help keep opossums away.

11/5/2008 12:54:55 PM

shoot, shovel, hit & run

11/5/2008 12:49:44 PM

I had no idea about the danger.

11/5/2008 12:48:12 PM

keep food covered; shoot every one we see

11/5/2008 12:31:38 PM

Keep feeds locked up and doors closed. Also have dogs.

11/5/2008 12:25:25 PM

I water all horses from tanks up off the ground. I feed horses in feeders off the ground.

11/5/2008 12:19:44 PM

have dogs

11/5/2008 12:13:54 PM

I board my horses, so I have no control over it

11/5/2008 12:09:00 PM

trap/relocate or kill

11/5/2008 12:08:39 PM

I lost a great horse to epm so we KILL all opossums

11/5/2008 12:07:40 PM

we trap them, then shoot them.

11/5/2008 12:05:33 PM

let the coyotes have 'em

11/5/2008 12:05:16 PM

Shoot them.

11/5/2008 11:54:03 AM

We do not have Opossums problems in Colorado

11/5/2008 11:52:25 AM

Use a cat door in the feed room door to limit access by feral animals.

11/5/2008 11:45:22 AM

We shoot the suckers.

11/5/2008 11:42:13 AM

Trap them and dispose

11/5/2008 11:28:47 AM

I cover grains and keep hay in barn. we have plenty of predators. dogs, owls, hawks

11/5/2008 11:28:06 AM

yes, but darn if I didn't just see a opossum in the barn this morning - 1st in 5 years!

11/5/2008 10:52:57 AM

no barn cats, no cat food around

11/5/2008 10:34:50 AM

Beat on them with 2x4, trap them, shoot them...

11/5/2008 10:30:18 AM

clear underbrush, no access to feed rooms, keep dogs on property

11/5/2008 10:10:39 AM

The barn is closed up tight for the night every night, and lids to feed bins are locked down.

11/5/2008 10:10:19 AM

I live in Michigan. We don't leave food around, but there is really no way to avoid possoms.

11/5/2008 9:54:34 AM

Live catch and release, don't leave feed for cats in barn, I have a GREAT dog!!!

11/5/2008 9:33:31 AM

the dogs naturally keep them away.

11/5/2008 9:33:03 AM

I no longer live in an area where there are opossums, thank goodness, creepy little creatures!

11/5/2008 9:31:43 AM

shoot them

11/5/2008 9:26:11 AM

kill the little demons!!! (have 1 w/EPM)

11/5/2008 9:22:28 AM

Wish I knew how to

11/5/2008 9:18:02 AM

wouldn't know what to do

11/5/2008 9:07:28 AM

wehave coy dogs in our area

11/5/2008 9:00:57 AM

Keep all foodstuffs in metal containers. All cats and dogs are fed in the house. No food outside.

11/5/2008 8:56:41 AM

I keep dogs and cats to make the barn and pasture unwelcoming

11/5/2008 8:52:45 AM

yes,shoot any i see

11/5/2008 8:48:49 AM

My dogs, rat terriers, won't let them near the property.

11/5/2008 8:44:22 AM

wWe shoot any that are near horse areas

11/5/2008 8:43:37 AM

Put away the cat food!

11/5/2008 8:29:59 AM

shoot them

11/5/2008 8:26:00 AM


11/5/2008 8:18:05 AM

all feed (including cat food) is securely locked away.

11/5/2008 8:17:46 AM

Vaccinate annually. Except this fall, our vet said the vaccine is not available from manufacturer.

11/5/2008 8:13:01 AM


11/5/2008 8:12:24 AM

Eradicate them

11/5/2008 8:06:23 AM

We don't have possums around here.

11/5/2008 8:05:48 AM

shot them

11/5/2008 8:00:27 AM

keep all feeds tightly covered

11/5/2008 7:59:11 AM

shoot if possible

11/5/2008 7:55:11 AM

don't have any opossums here

11/5/2008 7:48:29 AM

eliminate them

11/5/2008 7:40:11 AM

Keeping food put away, covering water sources at night.

11/5/2008 7:11:51 AM

properlystore feed, do not feed off teh ground and use humane traps to capture and remove opossums.

11/5/2008 6:48:03 AM

We kill possums on sight!

11/5/2008 6:45:30 AM

fencing, no food outside

11/5/2008 6:42:07 AM

Make sure they don't have access to food storage areas

11/5/2008 2:30:39 AM

trap and kill

11/5/2008 1:46:17 AM

keep garbage up; shoot them if they persist in coming around

11/5/2008 1:40:02 AM

Set Traps

11/5/2008 1:37:07 AM

Barn I board at does not limit - but I not seen any opussums around

11/5/2008 1:34:19 AM

Don't have possums here in the desert

11/5/2008 1:20:12 AM

None around here.

11/5/2008 1:01:19 AM

I have lived here all my life and never seen 1 opossum. Thankfully we just don't have them here

11/5/2008 12:21:37 AM

No cats on the property

11/5/2008 12:05:21 AM

Shoot possums.

11/5/2008 12:01:08 AM

human traps and release them out in the wild where there is no farms at all.

11/5/2008 12:00:44 AM

Keep all feed in tight containers, have a big dog!

11/4/2008 11:37:49 PM

we are up in Canada where there are no possums

11/4/2008 11:33:55 PM

no pet food left out of doors;no food in compost pile

11/4/2008 11:31:17 PM


11/4/2008 11:30:38 PM

I would if there were opossums where I live.

11/4/2008 11:22:05 PM

trap and transfer

11/4/2008 11:04:22 PM

opossums are not common in my area

11/4/2008 10:38:46 PM

Keep grain in metal cans in closed feed room. Also, have dogs and cats roam the area frequently.

11/4/2008 10:33:12 PM

I kill them whenever I can.

11/4/2008 10:32:54 PM

shoot them

11/4/2008 10:32:06 PM

We have four dogs. They even keep the mice in control.

11/4/2008 10:17:42 PM

I make sure not to leave any feed out and pick up all uneaten cat food.

11/4/2008 10:14:33 PM

I rely on a .22 rifle and a good eye to limit the possum population

11/4/2008 10:09:52 PM


11/4/2008 9:59:00 PM

Keep feed covered. Keep area well lighted.

11/4/2008 9:53:05 PM

I shoot them if they are on my property

11/4/2008 9:51:38 PM

With increased activity around the barn and barn cats and dogs we don't have problems with possums.

11/4/2008 9:51:08 PM

WE do keep our feed in metal containers in a locked storage room in the barn.

11/4/2008 9:46:39 PM

keep all hay and grain securly covered at all times. clean feed buckets and water buckets daily.

11/4/2008 9:46:35 PM

trap them and then shoot them

11/4/2008 9:45:07 PM

check for opossums and elimanate any we find.

11/4/2008 9:40:40 PM

they are exterminated when found

11/4/2008 9:39:19 PM

feed the hay off the ground in the pasture

11/4/2008 9:32:51 PM

Between the dogs and cats, we never see any sign of opossums

11/4/2008 9:18:42 PM

keep an outside very territorial dog

11/4/2008 9:18:26 PM

too many in this area to be able to have any control over them!

11/4/2008 9:18:26 PM

We do not have opossum where i live in Canada

11/4/2008 9:02:03 PM

as much as I can.

11/4/2008 9:00:59 PM

I keep live traps set and also use a rifle.

11/4/2008 8:53:17 PM

shoot them

11/4/2008 8:53:04 PM

have guard dogs that kill them

11/4/2008 8:48:29 PM

Live trap and remove if possible, shoot if not possible

11/4/2008 8:44:04 PM

No opossums in my area so not a risk

11/4/2008 8:41:24 PM

shoot them

11/4/2008 8:35:37 PM

We trap/shoot any that cruise the barn looking for food.

11/4/2008 8:26:47 PM

I have 2 dogs that HATE opossums and they take care of them.

11/4/2008 8:24:40 PM

we have very few up here in NW Montana.. I will remove them if I see one

11/4/2008 8:22:41 PM

limiting plantings that attract opposums, let dogs run free at night.

11/4/2008 8:21:09 PM

Do not keep oat hay or other tastey morsels on the property. Lockup feedrooms, etc....

11/4/2008 8:21:00 PM

Shoot them!

11/4/2008 8:13:12 PM

Close up cats/food; as for my horse, supplement to reduce herpes virus level and boost immune system

11/4/2008 8:11:30 PM

Everything and anything neccesary!

11/4/2008 8:09:38 PM

Do not have items around that will attract them, such as food.

11/4/2008 8:09:10 PM


11/4/2008 8:07:56 PM

There are no opossum issues in my area

11/4/2008 7:59:19 PM

We don't have them here!

11/4/2008 7:59:15 PM

None of those critters in our Pacific NW area-just coyotes and our feisty mare takes care of them .

11/4/2008 7:53:46 PM

'possum-killing dogs

11/4/2008 7:51:59 PM

We have the meanest barn cat you ever saw!

11/4/2008 7:45:28 PM

Our farm dogs dispatch them

11/4/2008 7:44:35 PM

Keep my hay source absolutely secured in a separate building with an overhead door.

11/4/2008 7:39:51 PM

trap and shoot

11/4/2008 7:39:09 PM

we shoot them

11/4/2008 7:35:00 PM


11/4/2008 7:34:40 PM

Live trap and destroy unwanted captures.

11/4/2008 7:31:46 PM

Get rid of any possums, keep feed in closed containers, Large Dog

11/4/2008 7:29:09 PM


11/4/2008 7:26:27 PM

we kill the little buggars when they show up. Now have a dog to chase them off.

11/4/2008 7:17:09 PM

open barn doors are screened - pond fenced off.

11/4/2008 7:17:00 PM

we've tried elec. wire, motion sensor horns and keeping the dogs in the barn at night, all for nada.

11/4/2008 7:16:13 PM

have a dog who kills them

11/4/2008 7:15:16 PM

1. keep grass short. 2. set traps & shoot them. 3.keep clean feed, hay & facilites. 4 read inform.

11/4/2008 7:15:01 PM

I've never seen one in our area, nor have I heard of EPM here

11/4/2008 7:11:24 PM

dog patrol

11/4/2008 7:10:53 PM

Stopped leaving the cats' food out at night

11/4/2008 7:09:25 PM

This is 1st yr w/opossum and simply making sure there is no cat food at night has helped immensely

11/4/2008 7:08:38 PM

Thank goodness no possums in NV

11/4/2008 6:47:50 PM

LOL I don't live where there are opossums!!!

11/4/2008 6:45:42 PM

keep food up, keep dogs out, and shoot any I see

11/4/2008 6:44:27 PM

Have skunks but no opossums

11/4/2008 6:37:54 PM


11/4/2008 6:30:12 PM


11/4/2008 6:28:27 PM

Trap and kill any possum in my barn.

11/4/2008 6:17:45 PM

The traffic seems to do a pretty good job of taking care of them!

11/4/2008 6:14:06 PM

We live in area where ther are no opossums

11/4/2008 6:12:29 PM

I trap them in a live trap and then I shoot them.

11/4/2008 6:09:30 PM

live traps

11/4/2008 6:04:33 PM

Had my wonderful gelding put down for EPM X1 year ago. Now keep areas clean as possible

11/4/2008 6:01:44 PM

Not sure what I could do to prevent opossums

11/4/2008 5:55:44 PM

no brush piles or places for them

11/4/2008 5:55:31 PM

When I do have them in my barn I trap them

11/4/2008 5:55:06 PM

Grain is kept in an old chest freezer. It is rodent proof and inexpensive.

11/4/2008 5:55:05 PM

I keep all feedstuffs enclosed and secured

11/4/2008 5:53:21 PM

pick up any cat food for the barn cats at night, and keep the hay barn doors shut.

11/4/2008 5:50:49 PM

Keep grain in metal containers

11/4/2008 5:49:18 PM

I never leave pet food outside.

11/4/2008 5:48:50 PM

I board.

11/4/2008 5:48:37 PM

The dogs keep the opossums from being comfortable at our place

11/4/2008 5:48:35 PM

the horses have no tolerance for strange animals in their pasture

11/4/2008 5:40:43 PM


11/4/2008 5:39:43 PM

dispatch all opossoms and raccoons whenever possible

11/4/2008 5:35:53 PM

kill the little buggers!

11/4/2008 5:35:22 PM


11/4/2008 5:33:39 PM

We shoot them on site to prevent disease.

11/4/2008 5:30:24 PM

It's about host health of the horse. Clear ouot the oppposums, but feed the horses immune systems!

11/4/2008 5:29:50 PM

No opossums in my country.

11/4/2008 5:26:33 PM

keep feed secure; watch for critters--just went thru EPM with gelding; luckily is doing well..

11/4/2008 5:22:35 PM

We have many barn cats and dogs. Also, we trap and move them to Federal Forest land.

11/4/2008 5:21:53 PM

limit cat food availability; keep areas near barn tidy

11/4/2008 5:20:11 PM

I board my horses so I expect the stables to take care of this.

11/4/2008 5:19:37 PM

Put cat food away overnight, keep all horrse feed in closed containers, shoot possums.

11/4/2008 5:15:24 PM

Kill any opposums in or near the barn

11/4/2008 5:13:58 PM

I don't know what to do. I can't seem to get them to stop coming back.

11/4/2008 5:11:54 PM

Dog/barn cats don't tolerate them. Shoot em if we have to.

11/4/2008 5:11:36 PM

Trained, enthusiastic dogs that are encouraged to hunt con, possoms and coyotes. They are free 24/7

11/4/2008 5:10:18 PM

Clean up brush in pastures, clean up fruit trees, pick up dead carcus on road

11/4/2008 5:10:04 PM

I have fenced off my pastures from the creeks on my property as well as keep my water troughs clean.

11/4/2008 5:09:42 PM

kill them

11/4/2008 5:08:27 PM

We don't have opossums in the desert (AZ)

11/4/2008 5:08:12 PM

we don't have opossums in Colorado

11/4/2008 5:07:44 PM

I kill them every chance I get

11/4/2008 5:06:40 PM

gun power

11/4/2008 5:03:13 PM

Diamond-mesh fences on exterior of farm

11/4/2008 5:02:51 PM

kill and remove them

11/4/2008 5:02:20 PM

What can you do to limit opossums?

11/4/2008 5:00:25 PM

We set traps and shoot on site...my mare had EPM 3 years ago. Great vet discovered it early!

11/4/2008 4:55:20 PM

shoot them

11/4/2008 4:55:19 PM

trap them and release them in state land about a mile away

11/4/2008 4:52:13 PM

Limit the food supply; i.e. garbage and cat food are both tightly covered

11/4/2008 4:51:40 PM

I trap & kill them.

11/4/2008 4:50:20 PM

I store all feed. I ELIMINATE all opossums

11/4/2008 4:46:11 PM

Dogs Help

11/4/2008 4:46:11 PM


11/4/2008 4:44:55 PM

not sure its possible in the south

11/4/2008 4:42:21 PM

set live traps and take them to the game reserve

11/4/2008 4:41:46 PM

Don't have opossums in our area

11/4/2008 4:41:09 PM

Never see them as we have dogs that keep eveything away

11/4/2008 4:39:00 PM

short if hitting them with our vehicals what can we do?

11/4/2008 4:38:13 PM

We shoot them

11/4/2008 4:36:53 PM

put feed in steel bins they can not get into.

11/4/2008 4:35:43 PM

Not many around and haven't seen any in my pasture or barn area.

11/4/2008 4:35:08 PM

Never leave food (horse/cat/dog) around to attrack. No stock tanks - only elevated waterers

11/4/2008 4:35:07 PM

kill them if they are in the vicinity of the barn, keep the barn clean, no food laying about

11/4/2008 4:32:55 PM

Four big dogs, three fierce goats, and a watch-donkey maintain law & order in the pastures & barn!

11/4/2008 4:32:30 PM

Keep feed in metal drums with tight lid, and trap and shoot any that are hanging around.

11/4/2008 4:32:00 PM

The Dogs Kill them. We had one horse get EPM in 2003. Hood River Oregon has a lot of Opossums!!

11/4/2008 4:31:36 PM

nasty dog on guard

11/4/2008 4:31:11 PM

Possums are a plague in the NW. Same precautions as for rats

11/4/2008 4:29:34 PM

No, I don't even know what I can do!?!?

11/4/2008 4:24:47 PM

Dogs do a pretty good job

11/4/2008 4:24:41 PM

few around. i make sure things of interest are secure and H2O sources aren't easy 4 them to reach

11/4/2008 4:23:14 PM

Trap and eliminate them!

11/4/2008 4:19:44 PM

The horses spend a lot of time in the timber also. No EPM problems

11/4/2008 4:16:21 PM

Traps set in the barn and run-in shed. Once in the trap, I put a bullet in their brain.

11/4/2008 4:14:50 PM

Our dogs help keep them away, and I have gleefully hit one with my car.

11/4/2008 4:14:42 PM

Seriously doubt opossums are the real problem. 3 horses and the healthiest one gets it and dies? Why

11/4/2008 4:14:05 PM

don't know what to do.

11/4/2008 4:12:49 PM

We don't have opossums where I live

11/4/2008 4:12:41 PM

We had 3 stray dogs decide to live here, nothing else will come on the farm know

11/4/2008 4:09:28 PM

Keep feed and supplements covered, killed one that would not stay away and caused damage.

11/4/2008 4:09:15 PM

We trap them and kill them.

11/4/2008 4:06:34 PM

Keep cat food in airtight container, remove xtra after kitties eat

11/4/2008 4:05:44 PM

we don't have a problem here in northern mn

11/4/2008 4:04:48 PM

kill them

11/4/2008 4:03:40 PM

There are very few possums where I live, but my horse got EPM anyway

11/4/2008 4:03:27 PM

Our dog kills opossums on sight. Also shoot them if we see them.

11/4/2008 4:03:13 PM

big white dogs -Great Pyrenees - don't let ANTYHING in the pasture other than horses and sheep

11/4/2008 4:00:06 PM

keep grain in closed containers and dogs deter the opossums from staying

11/4/2008 3:59:34 PM

I wouldn't know how to begin...

11/4/2008 3:56:00 PM

My husband shoots them

11/4/2008 3:49:38 PM

we leave the radio on at night, which seems to have reduce both the opossums and sink sightings

11/4/2008 3:47:36 PM

Dug in no-climb wire and dogs.

11/4/2008 3:47:09 PM

Dirty, nasty little things, I don't even feel bad shooting them.

11/4/2008 3:46:36 PM

shoot or trap - release away from farms

11/4/2008 3:46:12 PM

I purchase steam-crimped and pelleting grain and keep tightly closed for all night creatures.

11/4/2008 3:43:53 PM

I've never seen one here. Plus we have a dog.

11/4/2008 3:39:01 PM

There are not very many in my area

11/4/2008 3:19:00 PM

Don't leave any dog/cat food out that would attract them.

11/4/2008 2:34:54 PM

Lock up my cats and their food at night.

11/4/2008 1:38:07 PM

Shoot them when I can

11/4/2008 1:00:21 PM

keep all cat food in a secure place

11/4/2008 12:43:27 PM

shoot on sight

11/4/2008 11:42:29 AM

kill them

11/4/2008 11:01:19 AM

Can't - woods and ponds and wildlife.

11/4/2008 10:59:09 AM

shoot 'em

11/4/2008 10:34:56 AM

Live in rural area, trap for mice/rats only

11/4/2008 10:30:45 AM