Herd Management

Should wild horses be euthanized (read story) to help control their population growth in the Western United States?


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7/8/2008 12:02:04 AM

cut down on cattle ranches and people go vegetarian

7/7/2008 11:48:34 PM


7/7/2008 11:33:23 PM


7/7/2008 11:04:10 PM

birth control

7/7/2008 10:26:23 PM

for controlling wild herds , castration of some. relocate herds, drop hay,

7/7/2008 10:05:46 PM

birth control

7/7/2008 10:05:15 PM


7/7/2008 9:44:24 PM


7/7/2008 8:33:23 PM

lighten the restrictions of adoption of wild horses.

7/7/2008 8:32:31 PM

can't even save all domestics these days

7/7/2008 8:05:05 PM

Remove the cattle

7/7/2008 8:01:50 PM

Geld the stallions!

7/7/2008 7:39:00 PM

Reproductive control using sterilization, temporary for all, permanent for some

7/7/2008 7:24:51 PM

prevent pregnancies with birth control for mares.

7/7/2008 6:53:50 PM


7/7/2008 6:48:55 PM

Stop livestock grazing on federal lands, geld and release some stallions, use birth control on mares

7/7/2008 6:48:54 PM


7/7/2008 6:37:46 PM

A dollar from all horse feed sales should go to feed them

7/7/2008 6:08:19 PM

relocate to better location

7/7/2008 5:49:11 PM

sell to france to help with feed costs

7/7/2008 5:45:34 PM

more resonable adoption practices and fees, sterilization

7/7/2008 5:40:49 PM

Only the weak, deformed, & old and bad injuries, much like responsible horse owners.

7/7/2008 5:15:55 PM

Geldings, just like we control cat colonies - spay & neuter. Trap, gelding, rest a week then release

7/7/2008 4:49:31 PM

yes and no? what do we do? how bad is it for them to be overpopulated? will they starve?

7/7/2008 4:48:19 PM

hold an adoption auction

7/7/2008 4:43:33 PM

gelding stallions

7/7/2008 4:27:26 PM

Capturing and gelding males and return to wild

7/7/2008 4:21:34 PM

donating horses to colleges in th US for there equine riding programs

7/7/2008 4:14:21 PM

Geld most stallions

7/7/2008 4:08:17 PM

RescueFarms; train for medical and mental rehab/treatment kids and adults

7/7/2008 4:00:27 PM

Take the majority of the colts off the range and geld & train them. Improve the breeding herd.

7/7/2008 3:54:24 PM

gelding most of the mature stallions in each herd

7/7/2008 3:50:29 PM

adoption, these horses are amazingly talented and diverse. they can be used for almost any disciplin

7/7/2008 3:45:34 PM

Castrating some stallions and spaying some mares to reduce herd sizes

7/7/2008 3:31:13 PM


7/7/2008 3:18:40 PM

geld some of the studs

7/7/2008 3:15:53 PM

Let them be

7/7/2008 3:15:36 PM

birth control would be more humane

7/7/2008 2:37:43 PM

Get them fixed? I wouldn't want to have to be the one to catch him or her.

7/7/2008 2:26:51 PM

Stallion castration Mare sterilization

7/7/2008 2:24:46 PM

Selective sterilization to control breeding but allow for a good genetic diversity

7/7/2008 2:14:26 PM

If we just let them run free, the population would likely take care of itself-survival of the fit

7/7/2008 2:07:12 PM

wild horse sterilization

7/7/2008 2:04:45 PM

Use tax dollars for wild horses on public lands instead of subsidizing cattle ranchers.

7/7/2008 1:32:19 PM

Revise existing adoption policy

7/7/2008 1:15:22 PM

regulate the cattle grazing, or no cattle grazing.

7/7/2008 1:11:31 PM

More use of Birth Control shots

7/7/2008 1:11:22 PM

boost adoption efforts, and selective steralization if additional controls are needed

7/7/2008 1:06:25 PM


7/7/2008 1:03:22 PM

Unless they can come up with some kind of feasible birth control.

7/7/2008 12:53:14 PM

contraceptives and improved adoption regulations

7/7/2008 12:38:40 PM

There really isn't any other solution. There are too many horses and not enough land and food.

7/7/2008 12:26:14 PM

geld and release more of the colts; restrict out of control building which reduces available land.

7/7/2008 12:06:25 PM

geld more of the colts; restrict out of control building which reduces available land.

7/7/2008 12:04:17 PM

Continue adoptions and leave many of these horses on the range, they are small in number

7/7/2008 11:31:39 AM

keep adapting out!

7/7/2008 10:40:06 AM


7/7/2008 10:15:32 AM

Stop leasing govt. grazing land cheaply to cattle ranchers & let the horses stay where they belong!

7/7/2008 10:01:59 AM


7/7/2008 9:34:28 AM

Easier adoption policies

7/7/2008 9:29:41 AM


7/7/2008 9:18:28 AM

better puplic awareness for adoption

7/7/2008 9:12:47 AM

Hold more auctions and sell younger horses, reducing the quantity that can reproduce.

7/7/2008 9:07:25 AM

If we are unable to do this on our aging horses, then BLM shouldn't be able to either.

7/7/2008 8:57:23 AM

Adoption, increased funding per tax return

7/7/2008 8:55:35 AM

Sterilization to limit reproduction

7/7/2008 4:51:34 AM

Catch, geld and release the males.

7/7/2008 3:09:33 AM

birth control methods if practical.

7/7/2008 2:53:12 AM

move the cattel off gov't lands, and leave the horses alone

7/7/2008 2:06:14 AM

humane slaughter for human oor animal consumption.

7/7/2008 2:04:42 AM

lessen the amount of Domestic livestock that is grazing the same land

7/7/2008 1:31:27 AM

Gelding most of the stallions may help,euthanizing is unexceptable when we have alternatives!!!

7/7/2008 12:20:58 AM

Maybe use available funds to geld the stallions for population control.

7/7/2008 12:20:02 AM

more adoptions

7/7/2008 12:12:11 AM


7/6/2008 11:26:29 PM

castrate males

7/6/2008 11:22:44 PM

these animals have novalue, BRING BACK SLAUGHTER PLEASE, save the horse industry

7/6/2008 10:48:35 PM

Send them to other reserves in the US and other countrys

7/6/2008 10:29:50 PM

relocation to unpopulated mountainous region, They still exsist!

7/6/2008 10:04:09 PM

sterilazition of both mares and colts/stallions

7/6/2008 9:57:27 PM

Geld the stallions; birth control for the mares

7/6/2008 9:45:07 PM

rewark the tax code to allow mustangs to be deductable to the average horse lover.

7/6/2008 9:31:34 PM

Geld the males instead of euthanizing

7/6/2008 9:22:08 PM

gelding and birth control

7/6/2008 8:34:53 PM

If they can euthanize them, (the horses) then they (the government) can spay and or neuter them.

7/6/2008 8:18:08 PM

or slaughtered for food.

7/6/2008 7:24:21 PM

sterilizing selected stallions to keep the population down

7/6/2008 7:21:15 PM

castrating some stallions perhaps? I think our overuse of the land is important.

7/6/2008 6:55:32 PM

return them to the wild. there is plenty of space for them to roam.

7/6/2008 6:43:17 PM

If adoption or enough ranches can't be found, spay the mares!

7/6/2008 6:31:50 PM

gelding colts

7/6/2008 6:05:02 PM

Leave more on the range - stop favoring cattle over wild horses!

7/6/2008 5:44:36 PM


7/6/2008 5:30:00 PM

Increase their grazing areas by decreasing the amount of land given to cattle.

7/6/2008 3:33:03 PM

Stop the round-ups. Open up more land for these horses to roam. Restrict ranchers use of public land

7/6/2008 3:31:32 PM

charge less to adopt, they're wild and even registered horses are not going for much these days

7/6/2008 3:28:43 PM

It'a also a quality of life issue for the horses, but there's got to be an alternative to death.

7/6/2008 3:26:13 PM

Money shld be spent on sterilization of studs, female contraception.

7/6/2008 3:14:48 PM

Subsidize potential owners so more can afford to rescue a wild horse.

7/6/2008 2:40:48 PM

Birth Control- Sterilization

7/6/2008 1:46:38 PM

should either be gelded or broken to be sold

7/6/2008 1:42:07 PM

neutering to prevent reproduction

7/6/2008 1:23:20 PM


7/6/2008 1:05:25 PM

Gelding a number of the stallions to control herd numbers

7/6/2008 12:37:30 PM

Get more people involved by advertising through the media. .

7/6/2008 12:32:09 PM


7/6/2008 11:47:14 AM


7/6/2008 11:44:36 AM

Gelding and mare care

7/6/2008 11:35:46 AM

Birth control. They do it with the wild horses of Assateague.

7/6/2008 11:17:49 AM


7/6/2008 10:40:28 AM

give them to people who are willing to give them a home

7/6/2008 10:17:31 AM

make a wild habitat sanctuary area for them to live.

7/6/2008 10:09:03 AM

Send WH to slaughter and use the money to support the herds that exist through birth control

7/6/2008 8:56:39 AM

sterilization, better PR and more work for adoption

7/6/2008 8:48:26 AM


7/6/2008 7:42:28 AM

Castration, lower selling prices, fewer cattle competing for range

7/6/2008 7:09:22 AM

100% rescue

7/6/2008 5:44:23 AM

Birth control for the mares.

7/6/2008 2:43:25 AM

there must be a drug that can be fed or administered to wild ranging mares to sterilize.

7/6/2008 12:12:44 AM

adopt them out for more money

7/5/2008 11:30:30 PM

Catch and geld the stallions. Only allow the best of the best to reproduce, manage the nubmers that

7/5/2008 11:22:46 PM

ASsign a percentage of total herd to be given birthcontrol and monitor every few years as to size of

7/5/2008 10:56:58 PM

I think there could be some type of birth control for the mares in the wild or geld the studs.

7/5/2008 10:56:33 PM

For starters, stop paid lobbyists running the BLM. Slanted question, poor science.

7/5/2008 10:50:13 PM

Send them to underdeveloped countries which utilize horses for transportation and agriculture.

7/5/2008 10:49:46 PM

relocate them to other areas & geld the undesireable trait stallions

7/5/2008 9:45:21 PM

relocation national parks, wildlife preserves. fixing mares.

7/5/2008 9:40:35 PM

I'm sorry I have no solutions but the horses deserve better than death just because we can't share.

7/5/2008 8:58:46 PM

Humans should stop proreating & breeding; humans create burden on everyone including horses.

7/5/2008 8:12:20 PM

castration of males

7/5/2008 8:06:19 PM

if they made it easier to adopt them would be one way

7/5/2008 7:01:57 PM

Keep them running free & leave them alone, less housing developments, more room for the wild horse

7/5/2008 6:47:06 PM

Move horse to other locations on the range verse a holding facility

7/5/2008 5:46:01 PM

perhaps gelding as many stallions as possible, yes expensive but at least you don't have to dispose

7/5/2008 5:45:57 PM

Why not have national parks for them like we do for bison?

7/5/2008 5:45:13 PM


7/5/2008 5:30:11 PM

human birth control and vegetarianism

7/5/2008 4:53:31 PM

adoption and auctions advertisements commercials to public interest

7/5/2008 4:44:47 PM

Bring back the slaughter houses to put carcasses to use.

7/5/2008 3:45:39 PM

Leave them free in designated areas away from ranchers.

7/5/2008 3:34:42 PM

birth control

7/5/2008 3:29:40 PM

to catch the wild horses and auction them but return the ones that dont get sold to the wild

7/5/2008 3:00:58 PM

It is better than slaughter

7/5/2008 2:22:20 PM

Let's geld all the stallions but one our two in an area.

7/5/2008 2:04:45 PM

gelding the stallions

7/5/2008 1:43:49 PM

Castration programmes

7/5/2008 1:32:52 PM

I would rather see a horse humanely euthanized than live a life of ill treatment or starvation.!

7/5/2008 12:59:47 PM

Use BLM $ to employ professional trainers & train horses so they have a better chance to be adopted.

7/5/2008 12:58:47 PM

leave them alone

7/5/2008 12:38:34 PM

Let the puplic now about the situation! A sreility program would be an alternative.

7/5/2008 12:31:50 PM

Stop leasing land to cattle ranchers. That land was reserved for Americas wild horses.

7/5/2008 12:07:52 PM

slaughter for food

7/5/2008 12:03:41 PM

adoption as with Mustang Makeover or birth control

7/5/2008 11:27:08 AM

Transport some to new locations

7/5/2008 11:09:17 AM

Do not send to Mexico to be brutally slaughtered

7/5/2008 11:04:16 AM

But, chasing them with a helicopter and shooting them is not humane. What about birth control?

7/5/2008 10:24:54 AM

Geld! Geld! Geld!

7/5/2008 10:01:37 AM

birth control

7/5/2008 9:36:20 AM

birth control should be used, like the ponies on the outer banks of NC

7/5/2008 9:16:33 AM

Capture - geld and spay, leave only quality mares and stallions

7/5/2008 8:21:25 AM

Non-lethal population control using contraceptive darts to create infertility has been successful!!!

7/5/2008 8:13:48 AM

With the help of a little funding private parties would welcome the opportunity to foster.

7/5/2008 8:06:17 AM

castation on stallions would be a better solution and moving some to a different location as well,

7/5/2008 7:05:10 AM

removal + rehoming of majority of breeding stallions

7/5/2008 4:24:16 AM

To relieve the BLM of its duties of killing off Mustangs.

7/5/2008 2:19:50 AM

birth control

7/5/2008 2:04:14 AM

Cattle? Oil? Land for food?

7/5/2008 1:02:04 AM


7/5/2008 12:52:52 AM

open up more blm land, it is like they don't have a shortage.

7/5/2008 12:22:01 AM


7/4/2008 11:45:34 PM

There should be more publicity about the horses up for adoption or fostering, or a way to transport

7/4/2008 11:24:55 PM

Gather some and find homes for them.

7/4/2008 11:04:40 PM

Leave them on the range,the strongest will survive and improve the herd,I live in Dayton,Nevada,

7/4/2008 11:04:00 PM


7/4/2008 11:03:55 PM

Some form of limited sterilization

7/4/2008 10:45:23 PM

Leave them alone

7/4/2008 10:42:03 PM


7/4/2008 10:41:05 PM


7/4/2008 10:31:05 PM

rather than euthinizing why not use them to feed the hungry

7/4/2008 10:29:04 PM


7/4/2008 10:25:23 PM


7/4/2008 10:17:41 PM

easier adoptions

7/4/2008 9:58:13 PM

Graze less sheep and cattle on public loands. Have farmers pay to graze livestock. Money go to help

7/4/2008 9:47:45 PM

sterilization of parts of herd

7/4/2008 9:33:10 PM

Gelding Stallions

7/4/2008 9:27:32 PM

start with the older, unhealthy horses

7/4/2008 9:00:41 PM

Geld more stallions.

7/4/2008 8:33:15 PM

More auctions

7/4/2008 8:24:29 PM


7/4/2008 8:21:47 PM

adoption or sterilzation

7/4/2008 7:38:06 PM

Contraception. There are already too many mustangs adopted out into unsupervised situations with no

7/4/2008 7:24:04 PM

Selective castration would be a more humane option

7/4/2008 7:19:59 PM

open up Custer Forest to increase habitat

7/4/2008 7:06:18 PM

It is far better then having them starve to death

7/4/2008 6:41:20 PM

Adoption programs

7/4/2008 6:06:57 PM

Consider GnRH immunocontraceptive "vaccine", temporary contraceptive used in deer populations.

7/4/2008 5:37:12 PM

What type of euthanasia are they considering?

7/4/2008 4:40:00 PM

Shooting them IS more humane and cheaper. The slaughter plants should be re-opened.

7/4/2008 4:07:37 PM

Open then Horse kill plants and there would bemore people to help

7/4/2008 3:48:08 PM

Remove a few of the 4 million cattle and sheep off public lands

7/4/2008 3:46:28 PM

effective in-the-wild management

7/4/2008 3:45:25 PM

use some kind of birth control. government provide monies to help rescue groups set up shelters

7/4/2008 3:37:55 PM

Round up all the stallions they can and geld them...why didn't anyone else think of that years ago.

7/4/2008 3:34:44 PM

sterilization, birth control would be more effective.

7/4/2008 3:29:50 PM

Proper handling and management by the BLM. Use of birth control menthods.

7/4/2008 3:28:15 PM

castrate/spay - Why do ranchers have priority over wild horses? Stop roundups.

7/4/2008 3:23:00 PM

gelding and spaying or birth control hormones

7/4/2008 3:19:27 PM

sell them for less money or give them away. but always to commited people with the right conditions.

7/4/2008 3:14:42 PM

make it easier for people to adopt them...

7/4/2008 3:14:26 PM


7/4/2008 3:10:34 PM

and feed teh starving people with them!

7/4/2008 3:06:49 PM

birth control

7/4/2008 2:58:25 PM

Give them to good homes--I mean free!

7/4/2008 2:55:24 PM

They want to kill them to empty holding facilities, not to control population.

7/4/2008 2:50:43 PM


7/4/2008 2:43:09 PM

Education about over population and lack of feed and land that we have forced these horses into.

7/4/2008 2:41:50 PM

Would catching the young stallions and castrating them might help.

7/4/2008 2:32:55 PM

no more development and population control for people

7/4/2008 2:30:42 PM

Leave them alone. There are NOT the numbers they claim in the wild!!!

7/4/2008 2:26:53 PM

controlled breeding, sterilization of selected mares and/or stallions, euthanize sick/injured

7/4/2008 2:07:59 PM


7/4/2008 1:55:38 PM

correct and strick management

7/4/2008 1:52:50 PM

Get the BLM out and have an org. that understands herd management,gene pool dilution, etc. in charge

7/4/2008 1:40:29 PM

birth control

7/4/2008 1:29:40 PM


7/4/2008 1:29:31 PM


7/4/2008 1:21:27 PM

1. Stop breeding, both backyard and within the so-called racing and show "industries".

7/4/2008 1:13:16 PM

Limit commercial cattle/sheep grazing

7/4/2008 1:12:20 PM

Limit cows and sheep from grazing on the horses range.

7/4/2008 12:58:25 PM

Let them have their fair share of the land!

7/4/2008 12:54:47 PM

Leave Them To Hell ALONE.

7/4/2008 12:43:48 PM

reproduction control

7/4/2008 12:42:55 PM

Get horse slaughter plants open in US. Send excess horses to kill & BLM use money for budget!

7/4/2008 12:40:36 PM

Capture and relocate or auction .

7/4/2008 12:32:44 PM

New BLM management***Stop giving federal funds to countries that don't appreciate us. Use funds here

7/4/2008 12:29:46 PM

Stop leasing land to the cattlemen.

7/4/2008 12:26:20 PM

relocate some of the horses to other parts of the country, Castrate some of the males.

7/4/2008 12:25:09 PM

those in opposition to this email Henri_Bisson@blm.gov to let him know altermatives!

7/4/2008 12:13:15 PM

REDUCE THE PRICE/ RESTRICTIONS ON ADOPTIONS, fencing for example.that stops me from adopting.

7/4/2008 12:06:21 PM

Sometimes the governement needs to leave their nose out of it and let things work themselves out

7/4/2008 12:02:26 PM

Birth Control

7/4/2008 11:55:31 AM


7/4/2008 11:40:34 AM


7/4/2008 11:21:24 AM

Hold benefits to fund them

7/4/2008 11:13:06 AM

use drugs to stop the cycling of mares for a few years

7/4/2008 11:12:27 AM

Man needs to quit managing and let nature take its coarse with easier adoptions

7/4/2008 11:05:06 AM

I should say sometimes. How about castration of the males then turn them back out

7/4/2008 10:57:41 AM

birth control, sterilization

7/4/2008 10:57:08 AM

Find homes for them.

7/4/2008 10:50:09 AM

preservation of the herd/castration

7/4/2008 10:47:38 AM

Adoption & ship to new, safe land. More public awareness for funding.

7/4/2008 10:43:21 AM

The PROBLEM is the free/cheap access to PUBLIC grazing lands by for-profit ranchers.

7/4/2008 10:42:02 AM

Sadly yes as population effects the enviroment and the health of the horses themselves

7/4/2008 10:37:54 AM

stop development and leave range land open, it is the horses heirtage.

7/4/2008 10:36:52 AM

Instead adoption and birth control should be used. Both are used on the wild ponies on the East Coa

7/4/2008 10:24:27 AM

Unadoptable horses could be sold for food consumption in other countries to help supplement budget

7/4/2008 10:24:03 AM

but every attempt should be made to find homes first

7/4/2008 10:15:47 AM

Fed. $ for assisted therapy centers for rehab youth/adults use natural horsemanship

7/4/2008 10:13:40 AM

Make it easier for people who care, to be able to adopt!

7/4/2008 10:07:05 AM

keep two stallions, fix the rest. Put stallions with the herd every 7 or 10 yrs.

7/4/2008 10:03:51 AM

maintain federal land and/or not for profit funded wild horse sanctuary acreage

7/4/2008 10:02:57 AM

Castration round ups

7/4/2008 10:00:00 AM

remove the owned cattle and let the mustangs have the range it was theres

7/4/2008 9:43:38 AM

birth control and increase their range area

7/4/2008 9:38:09 AM

Find other remote land for some relocation and let nature take it's course

7/4/2008 9:32:21 AM

Some form of contraception.

7/4/2008 9:24:03 AM

The govt should charge higher fees for cattle to graze and use the extra funds to support the horses

7/4/2008 9:23:16 AM

catch and geld as many as possible, Remove the horses from the herd that may be adoptable.

7/4/2008 9:15:59 AM

Castrate the young colts. Or is killing easier!!!

7/4/2008 9:07:10 AM

Create a wild Horse Sanctuary

7/4/2008 8:55:47 AM


7/4/2008 8:55:11 AM

Sell to slaughter houses. Better than killing them on the range to rot!

7/4/2008 8:49:03 AM


7/4/2008 8:46:25 AM

They must be controlled

7/4/2008 8:45:13 AM

Small scale euthanasia with expert help followed by a larger scale adoption of ready foals.

7/4/2008 8:39:54 AM

Castrate some of the stallions and stop leasing the land to cattle

7/4/2008 8:30:43 AM

cull the stallions and geld, adoption, sales, follow Assateaque, Chincoteaque programs

7/4/2008 8:17:29 AM

get some of the cattle off the land. After all, regardless of method, the horses were here first.

7/4/2008 7:49:04 AM

More wild horse education. Many people think that the wild horse cannot be trained to be a safe hor

7/4/2008 7:45:53 AM

inject mares with hormone, like Assateague Island or give horses more room, less for cattle

7/4/2008 7:37:05 AM

send the meat to Africa and other countries where people are starving!

7/4/2008 6:54:58 AM

Just not enough homes to house all unwanted horses...controlled breeding..?

7/4/2008 6:53:03 AM

Like every thing els in this country if its a work just toss it out!

7/4/2008 6:38:50 AM

Moving excess horses to another range or some sort of managing birth control

7/4/2008 5:36:03 AM

adoption, relocation, fundraisers

7/4/2008 5:33:13 AM

no, never, not ever - why not try gelding or spaying?

7/4/2008 5:24:37 AM

adopt - start horses in basics of training

7/4/2008 5:20:28 AM

switch from cars to horses

7/4/2008 5:00:09 AM

For one, I have written many letters to the BLM and Wild Mustang Adoption sites with NO response!

7/4/2008 4:15:54 AM


7/4/2008 3:52:34 AM

rounding up foals and gelding all males!

7/4/2008 3:22:08 AM

Don't think there is one.

7/4/2008 2:04:34 AM

Geld stallions or spay mares

7/4/2008 1:48:07 AM

Adoption; Gelding

7/4/2008 1:38:01 AM

remove cattle & sheep from public lands & geld the stallions

7/4/2008 1:22:05 AM

Mustangs are wonderful horses. Money could be better spent in training them & educating public.

7/4/2008 1:12:53 AM

humane slaughter for meat to feed the growing numbers of the poor. Many ate horse during WWII

7/4/2008 1:09:55 AM


7/4/2008 1:03:00 AM

capturing, gelding, healing and releasing a couple of generations. Cheaper than holding facilities

7/4/2008 1:02:50 AM

Control the human population and leave the horses alone

7/4/2008 12:46:13 AM

Geld the stallions

7/4/2008 12:44:07 AM

Breeding PERMITS & limiting the number of breedings per STALLION. Some stallions are WAY overbred!

7/4/2008 12:43:45 AM


7/4/2008 12:38:24 AM

reproductive management

7/4/2008 12:25:40 AM

gelding most of the stallions

7/4/2008 12:20:11 AM

release back to wild

7/4/2008 12:08:08 AM

Adopt them out and/or geld some

7/4/2008 12:00:48 AM

adoption/government support ($$$)

7/3/2008 11:59:15 PM

More adoption incentive

7/3/2008 11:50:42 PM


7/3/2008 11:49:29 PM

Spay and Geld some of those horses and turn them back out. Let vet students learn on those horses.

7/3/2008 11:47:24 PM

Implanted Sterility hormones if possible

7/3/2008 11:29:04 PM

gelding, holding during recovery period, then back to herd. same as feral cat deal. fix, vacc .

7/3/2008 11:21:02 PM

Euthanasia is preferable to lax adoption policies and subsequent neglect.

7/3/2008 11:16:53 PM

Rounding up and castrating as many yound colts as possible, then returning them to the herd.

7/3/2008 11:15:05 PM

do a better job of rounding up stallions,geld them and find them homes

7/3/2008 11:07:08 PM

selling off new colts at 3 months of age so they will grow up tame this makes for a good helthy hors

7/3/2008 10:57:49 PM

Leave them alone. There is not too many of them. Stop cattle grazing instead.

7/3/2008 10:55:53 PM

It was their land long before it was ours

7/3/2008 10:49:12 PM

Place animals that you can, and sterilize and return those that cannot be placed.

7/3/2008 10:43:19 PM

partnering with rescue groups and mags like The Horse for publicity for adoption

7/3/2008 10:32:48 PM


7/3/2008 10:30:39 PM

trap and neuter like feral cats

7/3/2008 10:29:42 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 10:28:45 PM

If possible geld the stallions,surely there is a way to cut down the population.

7/3/2008 10:27:55 PM

There are no viable alternatives.

7/3/2008 10:24:20 PM

We have people turning Reg. show horses for pennies, feed and hay are too much for alot of people.

7/3/2008 10:16:27 PM

wild horse sanctuaries, possible placements in zoos and better adoption efforts.

7/3/2008 10:15:37 PM

Gov has already stripped away lands alloted for them, reduced their #'s far below wht the 71 Act gav

7/3/2008 10:12:09 PM

I'd rather not but would prefer it to possibly starving ,prisions that train are a great method

7/3/2008 10:07:17 PM

turn them back out where they came from. the BLM is controlled by lobbyist of greedy ranchers.

7/3/2008 9:59:22 PM

Geld some of the males

7/3/2008 9:51:43 PM


7/3/2008 9:43:28 PM

NO! What a stupid solution. Charge the ranchers a wild horse maintence fee for using their land.

7/3/2008 9:41:05 PM

Allowing more habitat, not federal grazing, adoption, birth controlt

7/3/2008 9:37:47 PM

They should be humanely slaughtered and their bodies utilized.

7/3/2008 9:29:41 PM

Continue the adoptions, geld the colts and euthanize those too old to survive in the wild.

7/3/2008 9:29:37 PM

yearly clearance sale

7/3/2008 9:20:06 PM

o you bump of aged humans because there are too many? Too many for WHAT? Let nature take it's cours

7/3/2008 9:17:45 PM

Work on useable birth control

7/3/2008 9:17:11 PM

Allow them to be used to feed starving people. Use them to feed meat eating animals in zoos.

7/3/2008 9:14:15 PM

they should just leave them alone till they get higher numbers.

7/3/2008 9:10:30 PM

Geld the older stallions and find a way to make some of the older mares infertile.

7/3/2008 9:10:13 PM

birth control, and giving people an option to donate on their tax returns to help support the horses

7/3/2008 9:01:30 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 8:59:27 PM

gelding and spaying

7/3/2008 8:55:16 PM

some type of birth control

7/3/2008 8:54:52 PM

Stop incrouching on their land

7/3/2008 8:54:44 PM

Euthanized is better than stuck in concentration camps with all their freedoms taken away.

7/3/2008 8:49:45 PM

Return the land to the horses that was originally designated for them

7/3/2008 8:49:12 PM

leave them alone

7/3/2008 8:42:35 PM

Neutering and release

7/3/2008 8:33:37 PM


7/3/2008 8:30:30 PM

change adoption policies, make it more attractive to private facilities to provide management care

7/3/2008 8:25:23 PM

Keep federal lands for wild horses, cattle/sheep ranchers use personal land,wild horses came first

7/3/2008 8:22:00 PM

Geld the male horses for a few years until there are less foals on the ground.

7/3/2008 8:21:11 PM

Teams of volunteer wranglers, vets, vet techs should start gelding colts.

7/3/2008 8:11:40 PM

spaying the mares

7/3/2008 8:08:48 PM

adopt these horses out let the government find people who will adopt these horses were here beforeus

7/3/2008 7:47:02 PM

control the private cattle herds on public land so the horses have more forage.

7/3/2008 7:37:23 PM

Increase BLM budget

7/3/2008 7:34:32 PM

Is it viable to use birth control for the mares? It would be far worse to see them starve.

7/3/2008 7:33:44 PM

Hey, humans the HORSES were here FIRST !!!

7/3/2008 7:30:24 PM

Catch the stallions and geld them.

7/3/2008 7:29:30 PM

Beef is bad for America, bad as food, bad for environ, bad for wild horses. Remove cattle not horses

7/3/2008 7:28:05 PM

They need to lower their restrictions on people who have many horses and a lot of land.

7/3/2008 7:26:19 PM

sterilization/birth control

7/3/2008 7:23:49 PM

fix the heard

7/3/2008 7:23:20 PM


7/3/2008 7:22:13 PM

more limits on allowed usage of domesticated animals.

7/3/2008 7:18:32 PM

sold for meat

7/3/2008 7:17:14 PM

If we can feed ALL Illegals, we can feed our Horses!

7/3/2008 7:17:14 PM

why should that be an answer???

7/3/2008 7:08:21 PM

The BLM needs a complete overhaul and get out of the pockets of the cattlemen. Why tell the real sto

7/3/2008 7:06:10 PM

castration, chemical (for breeders) & physical (for unsuitables)

7/3/2008 6:58:27 PM

more land for horses,less land for cattle.

7/3/2008 6:58:10 PM

Wild horses could be adoptedout once a year to the public

7/3/2008 6:56:47 PM

Buy the grazing rights for the Horses instead

7/3/2008 6:52:05 PM

For other wild animals they are given forms of long term birh control.

7/3/2008 6:46:49 PM

Could they target the studs to go to the holding facilities?

7/3/2008 6:44:19 PM

no cattle, no sheep, no big business; selective birth control

7/3/2008 6:40:56 PM

Do not make adopting them out so difficult

7/3/2008 6:36:15 PM

Gelding 90% of stallions. Euthanizing unsound horses. Make adoption easier.

7/3/2008 6:34:05 PM

A SELECTIVE euthanization policy for old/unsound, etc. horses makes sense.

7/3/2008 6:32:29 PM

Offer more adoptions, but don't just kill them.

7/3/2008 6:28:24 PM

Catch and hold silent auctions, or casterate a FEW stallions

7/3/2008 6:27:39 PM

Birth control implants, spaying a portion of mares every year.

7/3/2008 6:25:15 PM

get cattle off blm land. leave it for horses.

7/3/2008 6:21:39 PM

castration of some of the stallions

7/3/2008 6:19:20 PM

remove more cattle from the range - it's public ground

7/3/2008 6:18:23 PM

Subdivide the herds into smaller groups and have each state adopt a group to live on the state lands

7/3/2008 6:14:22 PM

Euthanize the ones in holding facilities. More $ for management, and space for quality animals.

7/3/2008 6:09:41 PM

leave them alone!!!!!!!!!

7/3/2008 6:03:52 PM

capture and castration?

7/3/2008 6:03:47 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 6:02:44 PM

sell the unadoptable for meat the money could be used to support the good ones and improve rangeland

7/3/2008 5:52:20 PM

go to the PUBLIC..tell the story of euthanasia and why...they will donate..people love horses....

7/3/2008 5:51:45 PM

The only solution is to stop the BLM from obvious wild horse mis-management.

7/3/2008 5:48:02 PM

More pr needs to be done on the advantages of the wild horses as horses .

7/3/2008 5:46:42 PM

Remove cattle from the horses' ranges

7/3/2008 5:44:05 PM

Sterilize the stallions

7/3/2008 5:43:58 PM

They have as much right there as privately owned cattle. Let them stay!

7/3/2008 5:39:50 PM

get over-the-road trucking companies to volunteer transportation to get the horses to new owners

7/3/2008 5:37:44 PM

less restrictions for adoption to good homes

7/3/2008 5:37:41 PM

more $ from sheep cattle grazing land use birth control in mustangs

7/3/2008 5:35:51 PM

birth control measures

7/3/2008 5:34:22 PM

gelding the stallions and only keeping the older ones and a few younger ones for populating later on

7/3/2008 5:32:58 PM

birth control; stop letting cattle ranchers use public lands for little or no cost

7/3/2008 5:32:31 PM

Developing feasible birth control.

7/3/2008 5:25:21 PM

gelding !!!!!!!

7/3/2008 5:23:22 PM


7/3/2008 5:22:00 PM

Suspend all BLM roundups until policy can be revamped.

7/3/2008 5:13:23 PM

Well broke saddle horses are hard to find homes for right now. Something needs to be done.

7/3/2008 5:08:15 PM

If they're only euthanizing the older and weaker horses, that would be more acceptable

7/3/2008 5:02:40 PM

Instead of simply holding all horses in a holding pen indefinitely geld the stallions.

7/3/2008 4:55:11 PM

gelding/birth control

7/3/2008 4:51:11 PM

give them back their land, no more big game hunters or cattle taking away from the wild horses.

7/3/2008 4:50:29 PM

neuter or birthcontrol

7/3/2008 4:49:12 PM

Its a much better option than slaughter, disease, or no forage

7/3/2008 4:47:30 PM

give everyone a chance to buy them at a cost that people can aford.

7/3/2008 4:44:37 PM

give them to PETA

7/3/2008 4:42:01 PM

more aggrssive adoption practices

7/3/2008 4:41:55 PM

Get the idiots out of their 'ivory towers' that passed the anti-slaughter legislation & get their $

7/3/2008 4:41:33 PM

Better-slaughter to feed untold no#s hungry people. Cut taxpayer drain, do something practical.

7/3/2008 4:40:37 PM

sterilization of all males

7/3/2008 4:38:02 PM

What's wrong with adoption?

7/3/2008 4:37:53 PM

geld stallions or birth control for mares or don't give away so much public land to ranchers for fre

7/3/2008 4:36:00 PM

Gelding some of the stallions,same with mares,more adoption locations

7/3/2008 4:34:44 PM

Try to adopt them out if possible but DO NOT KILL THEM!! These horses are our American Icons..

7/3/2008 4:32:09 PM

if it was the same probleme with the man ,should we euthanize them!stop manipulation of the earth.

7/3/2008 4:32:02 PM

geld and spay the mares, expensive for the mares but cheaper than millions in care.

7/3/2008 4:27:35 PM


7/3/2008 4:26:42 PM

better overall mgmt. spay, castrate, don't pay farmers to not plant hay crops, possible food source

7/3/2008 4:24:25 PM

brith control methods

7/3/2008 4:23:39 PM


7/3/2008 4:23:30 PM

I would geld all the stallions I could catch

7/3/2008 4:21:38 PM

Fertility control (selective castration of stallions, spaying mares); better promotion of sales

7/3/2008 4:19:47 PM

gelding stallions

7/3/2008 4:18:36 PM

gelding young colts would reduce the population. No killing!!!

7/3/2008 4:17:23 PM

let the animal rights groups support them

7/3/2008 4:16:44 PM

Why isn't there more sterilization of the herd so that breeding is reduced to a maintance level?

7/3/2008 4:15:09 PM

Spaying the mares and gelding the stallions

7/3/2008 4:15:06 PM

Maybe sterilize the stallions

7/3/2008 4:13:42 PM

make rational requirements for adopting wild horses.

7/3/2008 4:10:25 PM

holistic approach- support prey/predator balance in the ecosystem

7/3/2008 4:08:37 PM

processed for dog food, cat food, etc

7/3/2008 4:07:47 PM

get rid of the cattle and sheep and put the horses back where they belong

7/3/2008 4:07:32 PM

monitored adoptions

7/3/2008 4:03:44 PM

Methods of birth control should be used

7/3/2008 4:02:48 PM


7/3/2008 4:02:08 PM

at 1 time there was a million horses running free in this country. I say leave them alone .

7/3/2008 3:59:06 PM


7/3/2008 3:58:43 PM

Increase the low fees now charged to ranchers for leasing public lands

7/3/2008 3:58:37 PM

Those herds should be regularly culled. Very few captured or held--it is cruel.

7/3/2008 3:58:06 PM

Managed breeding

7/3/2008 3:57:57 PM

gelding & spaying

7/3/2008 3:56:57 PM

geld any stallion that does not have good enough conformation to pass on to offspring.

7/3/2008 3:56:15 PM

Get private cattle off public land, compare #'s

7/3/2008 3:55:48 PM

meeting with rescues and government to find a solution

7/3/2008 3:53:40 PM


7/3/2008 3:53:11 PM

Sell horses 10 yrs old and up in holding facilities to zoos to feed carnivores.

7/3/2008 3:52:04 PM

contract w individuals to care for and place 4-6 horses each, start training. BLM sales aren't frequ

7/3/2008 3:51:07 PM

better mngmt, gelding, etc.

7/3/2008 3:50:40 PM

Leave them in the wild and to hell with the sheep and cattle ranchers.

7/3/2008 3:50:23 PM

castrate the male horses, or sterilze some females. To kill them in good health is just unfair to th

7/3/2008 3:47:22 PM


7/3/2008 3:46:26 PM

Anything else

7/3/2008 3:45:49 PM

slaughter for human consumption

7/3/2008 3:45:34 PM

geld the stallons!

7/3/2008 3:43:57 PM

Reduce management and let nature take its course. Get the cattle out of their areas.

7/3/2008 3:41:58 PM

Reproduction controls in herd management makes the most logic.

7/3/2008 3:40:58 PM

Send more into training programs, prisons, challenged youth, etc...also gelding stallions would help

7/3/2008 3:39:05 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 3:38:51 PM

training and adoption

7/3/2008 3:36:31 PM

make adaption easier for all...location.......

7/3/2008 3:36:15 PM

i think that the horses that sont get adopted out sould be put back into the wild!!!

7/3/2008 3:35:44 PM

there are many horses in rescue facilities that are unusable. Replace them with the wild ones.

7/3/2008 3:34:03 PM

Charge the Gov.Land Leasees a Preservation Fee, Preserve American Wild Horse Heritage.

7/3/2008 3:33:27 PM

make adoption requirements more sensible and less intimidating. I'd love to adopt.

7/3/2008 3:31:11 PM

Geld the weaker Stallions, More acess to good horses thru adoption

7/3/2008 3:27:56 PM

Allow humane regulated slaughter in the US

7/3/2008 3:24:45 PM

adoptions, neutering or birth control methods

7/3/2008 3:24:39 PM

The horses could be tranquilized to facilitate relocation to another region of the country.

7/3/2008 3:24:10 PM

Modifying the adoption requirements such as how tall the paddock must be & offer incentives

7/3/2008 3:24:07 PM


7/3/2008 3:23:57 PM

HMAs need to stop shrinking due to outside pressures and the folks looking to make the almighty $

7/3/2008 3:22:57 PM

Euthanization is better than starvation and complete decimation of the range.

7/3/2008 3:22:53 PM

Birth control in feed!!!

7/3/2008 3:22:12 PM

gelding and spaying and broad range education on soil preservation practices from people first

7/3/2008 3:20:38 PM

Yes, but only by qualified veterinarians!!!

7/3/2008 3:20:21 PM

spay and geld ten release tem back into the heard

7/3/2008 3:18:56 PM


7/3/2008 3:18:28 PM

Find some sort of birthcontrol

7/3/2008 3:17:46 PM

No easy answer, but they have to do a better job to have them adopted.

7/3/2008 3:15:15 PM

Geld a percentage of the stallions if necessary & auction to reputable owners

7/3/2008 3:14:58 PM

more efficient adoption programs

7/3/2008 3:14:49 PM

I wish I knew of an effective solution.

7/3/2008 3:14:23 PM

Unfortunately we've come to a hard decision. With all the

7/3/2008 3:13:50 PM


7/3/2008 3:12:37 PM

Geld all the colts, and any of the older ones that probably would not have a chance to be adopted.

7/3/2008 3:12:02 PM

Dont just adopt the horses out to the long trim homes. Short trims homes can help just as much!

7/3/2008 3:07:11 PM

National and State Parks - as imprtant as wolves, bison, elk

7/3/2008 3:07:07 PM

try gelding some of the stalllions and end up with ony 1 to 3 studsdnt get rid of them comp. though

7/3/2008 3:06:28 PM

easier to find good homes

7/3/2008 3:05:52 PM

send them to slaughter at least they would be used instead of rotting in the ground.

7/3/2008 3:04:53 PM


7/3/2008 3:04:39 PM

selective sterilization

7/3/2008 3:03:33 PM


7/3/2008 3:03:11 PM

Sterilization...they already have tried it and know it works.

7/3/2008 3:02:33 PM

neuter&release,get rid of cattle on rangelands

7/3/2008 3:00:37 PM

shots of birth control. If they can do it with elk, they can do it with horses!

7/3/2008 3:00:15 PM

Sterilize both sexes and turn them back loose on the range.

7/3/2008 2:59:06 PM

Go to the Extreme Mustang Makeover in September and Adopt!

7/3/2008 2:59:03 PM


7/3/2008 2:57:33 PM


7/3/2008 2:57:24 PM

sterilization, more land

7/3/2008 2:56:03 PM

education of the wonderful riding horses these horses make. population control of all breeds.

7/3/2008 2:53:47 PM

leave them in the wild where they belong

7/3/2008 2:53:41 PM

1. let them run free. 2. easier, less expensive adoption process

7/3/2008 2:50:40 PM

egg bar shoes

7/3/2008 2:49:03 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 2:47:37 PM

stop roundups and let natural selection determine population

7/3/2008 2:46:21 PM

protected grazing, birth control

7/3/2008 2:46:04 PM

more government support for adoption; last range for cattle

7/3/2008 2:42:56 PM

Asking the American people to donate to save the horses. Just a $1 from people adds up quickly!

7/3/2008 2:41:13 PM

Perhaps small herds of wild horses could be situated in other areas. State parks, race track parks.

7/3/2008 2:36:46 PM

Put privately ovwned cattle on private land

7/3/2008 2:35:21 PM


7/3/2008 2:34:49 PM

Capture and sterilize studs/mares and release back to wild.

7/3/2008 2:32:02 PM

Change rules/restrictions on adoption and farm requirements. My best horse is a Mustang

7/3/2008 2:28:08 PM

Had the slaughter houses not been closed - slaughter for zoos would have been an option

7/3/2008 2:27:04 PM


7/3/2008 2:24:36 PM

Geldind less desirable stallions and limiting public grazing.

7/3/2008 2:23:44 PM


7/3/2008 2:23:04 PM

They are supposed to be protected folks! They say they are over grazing but it's actually the cattle

7/3/2008 2:20:32 PM

Hire trainers to at green break and put ground manners on the horses so that they can be placed

7/3/2008 2:17:43 PM

Publicize. Many folks in MN would love having wild horse, yet don't know how to get one.

7/3/2008 2:17:27 PM

Horse slaughter for human consumption

7/3/2008 2:14:53 PM

Charge the cattle and sheep people for the use of public land at fair market values. Income for BLM

7/3/2008 2:12:08 PM


7/3/2008 1:45:35 PM

capture and geld the stallions

7/3/2008 1:38:03 PM

Give them to the people who are against slaughter plants

7/3/2008 1:14:32 PM

use financia sources for increased land purchases, and protection, breeding control, do their job

7/3/2008 1:10:59 PM

Sterilization of some of the herds.

7/3/2008 1:01:50 PM

birth control

7/3/2008 12:46:17 PM


7/3/2008 12:16:21 PM

Cooperation among cattle and sheep ranchers, with use of public tax dollars to set aside lands

7/3/2008 12:04:32 PM


7/3/2008 11:56:02 AM

reinstate slaughter (with stricter regulations) so the horse population in general wasn't so huge

7/3/2008 11:50:54 AM

easy question- lower adoptation fees and use local good horse folks to do farm checks.i'd sure be wi

7/3/2008 11:33:30 AM

The old ones and the unhealthy ones that would take too much care/money to fix.

7/3/2008 11:32:46 AM

Use equine birth control, castrate stallions

7/3/2008 11:24:07 AM

restrict acreage of grazing for domestic cattle

7/3/2008 11:22:26 AM

allow them the space for natural lifestyle, nature takes care of itself.

7/3/2008 11:19:19 AM

catch and sell

7/3/2008 11:12:29 AM

I believe that the sick and very old should be euthanized only.

7/3/2008 11:02:07 AM

Trianing programs in prisons expanded making more trained mustangs available to the public

7/3/2008 10:55:18 AM

There has got to be a birth control alternative.

7/3/2008 10:50:59 AM

How about someone grows a heart and a brain in Washington?

7/3/2008 10:48:39 AM

Gelding some stallions

7/3/2008 10:34:53 AM

Send them to a foreign country to feed starving people around the world!

7/3/2008 10:31:17 AM

Ovariectomize some mares, castrate some stallions, increase adoptions, don't kill them!

7/3/2008 10:24:43 AM

Some form of birth control

7/3/2008 10:18:19 AM

Birth control in special feed

7/3/2008 10:18:04 AM

Less wild horses now due 2 roundups, get cattle&sheep ranchers off the federal lands, stop the greed

7/3/2008 10:11:56 AM

sterilization is a better, more humane solution

7/3/2008 10:10:09 AM

bad economy, ethanol, corn, hay, drought, outlaw legal slaughter...so now you have to euthanize.

7/3/2008 10:06:14 AM

Castration and sterilzation

7/3/2008 10:00:36 AM

abolish PMU farms, more public programs like the mustang challege will help raise awarness of adopta

7/3/2008 10:00:13 AM

Better overall management and birth control

7/3/2008 9:54:02 AM

leave them alone

7/3/2008 9:34:53 AM

Carefully planned sterilization program.

7/3/2008 9:34:25 AM

adopt horses to people who want a horse and can show they can take care of it. lower prices,

7/3/2008 9:33:23 AM

castrate the males and or sterilize the females

7/3/2008 9:14:54 AM

Birth control

7/3/2008 9:14:24 AM

The BLM is not euthanizing them for population control. BLM is euthanizing them to empty long term h

7/3/2008 8:58:40 AM

contraceptive methods

7/3/2008 8:56:02 AM

Use birth control. Cattle ranches cause more overgrazing than wildlife, including horses.

7/3/2008 8:51:04 AM

What has happened to the US horse industry? It is now the horsemeat industry.

7/3/2008 8:41:40 AM

geld all less than high quality males

7/3/2008 8:38:11 AM

Mustang Makeover plus list available horses on a "petfinder" type of internet site

7/3/2008 8:30:43 AM

Less restrictions on adoptions

7/3/2008 8:09:41 AM

Give mares PZP when needed.

7/3/2008 6:55:43 AM

castrate the males

7/3/2008 6:13:01 AM

turn them back onto the range. 37000 horses is a drop in the bucket compared to 6,000,000 cows!

7/3/2008 4:45:52 AM

Geld the stallions.

7/3/2008 3:11:11 AM

euthanize people-they over breed

7/3/2008 2:49:43 AM

only very sick, lame, very old horses should be euthanized, cattlle NOT on fed land

7/3/2008 2:31:54 AM


7/3/2008 2:17:37 AM

geld stallions or birth ctrl for mares

7/3/2008 2:16:39 AM

We need commercials on TV/greater awareness to make the public aware of the need to adopt horses.

7/3/2008 2:08:13 AM

I personally feel that gelding the young fellas would be a much better alternative.

7/3/2008 1:30:53 AM

Sterilization programs. Prosecute those who turn their horses loose. Let nature take its course.

7/3/2008 1:15:03 AM

Quit leasing so much land out and quit letting hunters kill off the cougars.

7/3/2008 12:54:21 AM

ban the cattle (private enterprise/rancher profit off public land,there would be food for the horses

7/3/2008 12:37:58 AM

euthanize the politicians. Quit grazing the domestic cattle on the land and cease our human arroganc

7/3/2008 12:19:26 AM

donate space to them, that other people aren't using

7/3/2008 12:10:16 AM

Absolutely not!! We should continue sterilization research.

7/2/2008 11:59:14 PM

birth control

7/2/2008 11:19:55 PM

geld the stallions

7/2/2008 11:04:23 PM

castration of most males & depo provera for mares

7/2/2008 10:50:06 PM

put a stop to backyard breeding so we can get these horses adopted.

7/2/2008 10:48:04 PM

a combination of PDP birth control and truth. They were not over populating. Senator Reid LISTEN.

7/2/2008 10:45:44 PM

Adoption and birth control

7/2/2008 10:44:46 PM

Get cattle lobbies out of BLM mgmt. Keep wild horses alone in the land set aside for their use only!

7/2/2008 10:41:53 PM

Geld Stallions

7/2/2008 10:28:59 PM

move to new areas

7/2/2008 10:23:05 PM

give them away for free to approved homes

7/2/2008 10:13:18 PM

Auctions- sell the horses

7/2/2008 10:08:02 PM

Stop the damn government from interferring with the balance of nature.

7/2/2008 9:56:43 PM

only euthanize the old sick ones that cant get better and the hurt ones adopted the other ones

7/2/2008 9:56:39 PM


7/2/2008 9:56:01 PM

Reopen slaughter plants

7/2/2008 9:49:25 PM

Put them back where they found them.

7/2/2008 9:47:02 PM

the horses need to be started in training to be more desireable. more castrating . request donations

7/2/2008 9:42:21 PM

cattle aren't leaving, get over it. They already use BC so give a real solution!

7/2/2008 9:30:50 PM

rain rot

7/2/2008 9:28:48 PM

less cattle, contraceptives

7/2/2008 9:26:23 PM

open up more lands - let the horses win as much as the ranchers - this is a rancher driven problem

7/2/2008 9:25:04 PM

I don't trust there is a problem.

7/2/2008 9:23:21 PM

Have "round ups" like in chincoteague and earn money for good causes

7/2/2008 9:12:14 PM

birth control for both stallions and mares. Stop taking away their land as well.

7/2/2008 9:02:10 PM

ONLY if only the infirm, ill, elderly or injured are culled. The strong and healthy should remain.

7/2/2008 8:58:02 PM

decrease beef cattle herds on public land and allow more space for horses

7/2/2008 8:50:53 PM

remove/reduce livestock grazing on wild horse land--stop overbreeding domestic horses--adopt a WH!

7/2/2008 8:29:44 PM

Catch stallions and geld them or find some kind of birth control? Please don't kill them!!!

7/2/2008 8:25:22 PM

There are worse things that can happen to a horse than euthanasia....

7/2/2008 8:24:02 PM

adoption - fostering

7/2/2008 8:22:02 PM


7/2/2008 7:56:45 PM

birth control

7/2/2008 7:45:52 PM

why not limit human sprawl for a change and leave the animals alone?

7/2/2008 7:37:29 PM

sterilization, have the wild horse advocates provide the funding for the rest

7/2/2008 7:36:03 PM

More adoptions/send to prisoners for training and selling or adoptions

7/2/2008 7:19:23 PM

proper mgmnt./birth control/adoptions

7/2/2008 7:01:15 PM

Create awareness and adoption programs, gather and geld the herd to control population growth

7/2/2008 7:00:07 PM

Birth control

7/2/2008 6:38:57 PM

Capture and castration and re-release.

7/2/2008 6:36:21 PM

I dentify and cut extraneous government and pork barrel spending; limit cattle ranch lobbying

7/2/2008 6:35:39 PM

birth control, gelding SOME of the stallions, we CANNOT loose our wild horses! .

7/2/2008 6:18:54 PM

let the people who love horses and can understanfd them move there

7/2/2008 6:17:07 PM

I think castration and move some of the herd ,If I coukd I would take one

7/2/2008 6:14:59 PM

Is there a drug that can be given to certain stallions that would render them infertile?

7/2/2008 6:13:07 PM

more adoptions further East

7/2/2008 6:08:06 PM

removing privately owned cattle grazing on public land, birth control shots, adoption, donations

7/2/2008 6:04:52 PM

Make adoptions to qualified owners eaiser/cheaper.

7/2/2008 6:00:17 PM

gelding the stallions

7/2/2008 6:00:09 PM

I would rather see them euthanized than abused. People do not respect the value of a horse.

7/2/2008 5:59:12 PM

sterilization of half of the mares.

7/2/2008 5:54:33 PM

birth control

7/2/2008 5:48:25 PM

Make these horses free t anyone willing to take care of them.

7/2/2008 5:40:18 PM

geld the stallions

7/2/2008 5:29:51 PM

feed birth control

7/2/2008 5:29:15 PM

Keep domestic horses from being dumped off on the range and birth control.

7/2/2008 5:27:28 PM

Sure, make a mess of things, then kill the horses. How about euthanizing federal agents instead!?

7/2/2008 5:26:00 PM

Management for the well-being of HORSES not cattle ranchers;BLM needs a "re-make"

7/2/2008 5:19:29 PM

increase adoption program; safe restricted areas for horses

7/2/2008 5:15:14 PM

adoption and selective sterilization

7/2/2008 4:53:55 PM

Geld most of the stallions the stallions. Leave one or two as stallions. Then turn them all back out

7/2/2008 4:45:47 PM

Make the ranchers and others that directly profit from the use of the Mustiangs range, pay for them!

7/2/2008 4:37:01 PM

The mustangs should remain wild and birth control should be used to manage their numbers.

7/2/2008 4:31:11 PM

Humane slaughter.

7/2/2008 4:29:12 PM

more blm adoptions

7/2/2008 4:20:41 PM


7/2/2008 4:19:02 PM

its better than slaughter

7/2/2008 4:15:37 PM

Birth control for horses. Mandatory birth control for people would help.

7/2/2008 4:11:28 PM

Yes and the meat should be exported to countries that consume horsemeat. They"ll starve otherwise or

7/2/2008 4:06:56 PM

is there really an overpopulation?

7/2/2008 4:05:17 PM


7/2/2008 4:02:21 PM

Surely there must be some sterilization procedures that could reduce growth of herds.

7/2/2008 3:54:34 PM

well for one thing... prosecute ranch owners and private horse owners for abandoning non-wild horses

7/2/2008 3:49:37 PM


7/2/2008 3:39:10 PM

Castrate the males

7/2/2008 3:35:56 PM

get the millions of cows & sheep off the public lands

7/2/2008 3:33:42 PM

"Backyard breeders"need to stop.Too many as is.Wild ones are part of history.

7/2/2008 3:25:50 PM

Its a no win situation. Either the horse as as symbol or the cow as dinner. Greedy ranchers hog land

7/2/2008 3:20:18 PM

birth control/gelding

7/2/2008 3:16:50 PM

We have taken their environment from them & they ultimately suffer, rather euthanize than starve

7/2/2008 3:13:09 PM

Their deaths should be benificial and they should not be euthanized an buried but slaughtered

7/2/2008 2:56:43 PM

Birth Control

7/2/2008 2:55:11 PM

catch & geld stallions

7/2/2008 2:54:38 PM

dog food / human ood chain rather than just wasting them

7/2/2008 2:52:24 PM

Immunocontraception using PZP

7/2/2008 2:51:53 PM

It might make people think seriously think about breeding more horses

7/2/2008 2:47:56 PM

they should be adopted or relocated to other areas of the united states

7/2/2008 2:45:31 PM

Return them back where they came from.

7/2/2008 2:43:39 PM

Absolutely not; PZP birth control once yearly by dart gun is safe, effective, stress free

7/2/2008 2:39:50 PM

Castrate stallions or put mares on "the pill"until we get to manageable levels.

7/2/2008 2:39:49 PM

Let them roam free,kick the cows out!

7/2/2008 2:38:56 PM

The problem is that our government keeps handing public lands over to ranchers. It needs to stop.

7/2/2008 2:38:08 PM

I think we have to many people and all animals wild are paying for it. I don't have children because

7/2/2008 2:36:41 PM

castrate the stallions, stop the reproduction for a period of 3-5 yrs.

7/2/2008 2:27:17 PM


7/2/2008 2:24:26 PM

natural attrition

7/2/2008 2:24:18 PM

Decrease the buracracy; release the horses from the pens; limit the cattle and sheep leases

7/2/2008 2:15:23 PM

less land for cows, more for the wild horses. Not everyone in US wants public land for beef farming

7/2/2008 2:14:59 PM


7/2/2008 2:14:56 PM

but it would be better than starvation. birth control is better idea after the droughts are over

7/2/2008 2:12:29 PM

Keeping unadopatable horses is like putting them in prison

7/2/2008 2:11:02 PM

Use birth control and remove the cattle and sheep from subsidized grazing!

7/2/2008 2:09:41 PM

give to people who want them. train them for border patrol police

7/2/2008 2:09:17 PM

adoption, relocation

7/2/2008 2:08:19 PM

If sick, injured, old. but not if healthy - Give them more land!

7/2/2008 2:05:48 PM

wild horses should be treated like native anilmals. Be left alone so natural selection occurs

7/2/2008 2:04:08 PM

Capture & geld the herd stallions

7/2/2008 2:03:55 PM

immunocontraception and larger herd size allowances

7/2/2008 2:01:58 PM

stop subsidizing beef ranchers on public land- let the horses utliize these properties

7/2/2008 1:55:45 PM

They are God's creature an no one has that right to do that

7/2/2008 1:55:28 PM

start castrating some of the males

7/2/2008 1:52:31 PM

Some type of birth control.Castration for stallions drugs to keep mare sfrom cycling?

7/2/2008 1:48:31 PM

Catch and train for boarder patrol

7/2/2008 1:47:41 PM

adopt out only young (fertile) horses, or sterilize and return to herd

7/2/2008 1:47:10 PM

What do you mean by euthanized? Hunted and shot by BLM??

7/2/2008 1:41:37 PM

leave them alone

7/2/2008 1:40:32 PM

Set aside their own preserves, or work out solutions w/local ranchers.

7/2/2008 1:40:25 PM

herd management through birth control to limit the size of the herds.

7/2/2008 1:37:44 PM

Adopting them to responsible people, or just LEAVING THEM ALONE!!! they were there first!!

7/2/2008 1:36:38 PM

birth control

7/2/2008 1:35:00 PM

meat market

7/2/2008 1:26:06 PM

Possibly another sanctuary or refuge in another part of the country could be started?

7/2/2008 1:25:45 PM

adoption; birth control

7/2/2008 1:23:25 PM

better breeding management

7/2/2008 1:21:20 PM

stop leasing federal lands to cattle ranchers -- let the wild horses live

7/2/2008 1:13:58 PM

Value horses & donkeys. Use government money more wisely & spend less outside of our country.

7/2/2008 1:13:49 PM

BLM run by environmentalist NOT corportate CATTLE. NO CATTLE

7/2/2008 1:11:52 PM

Let them live. They, and the land, do very well without interference.

7/2/2008 1:07:01 PM

annually auction foals, like Chincoteague

7/2/2008 1:02:52 PM

better management and a sponsor/donation program

7/2/2008 12:56:46 PM

TNR (trap, neuter, release)

7/2/2008 12:56:39 PM

gelding, culling the sick

7/2/2008 12:55:42 PM

birth control: 35,000 horses vs 6 million cattle graze on public lands; what's wrong w/this picture?

7/2/2008 12:53:18 PM

adoption or leave them where they are

7/2/2008 12:51:43 PM

some type of birth control would be a better solution than killing them off. they were here first

7/2/2008 12:51:02 PM

With all of that money buy property just for the horses. 37 million can buy several acre's of land

7/2/2008 12:50:02 PM

Non-hormonal birth control methods for mares

7/2/2008 12:49:28 PM

More effort toward adoption and support for adoptees.

7/2/2008 12:47:17 PM

Let them roam where they should and keep the cattle off of the government land..

7/2/2008 12:38:24 PM


7/2/2008 12:34:40 PM

contraception - we can put a man on the moon, why not contraception for horses ?

7/2/2008 12:34:09 PM

stop leasing public land to cattle farmers

7/2/2008 12:31:52 PM

population control in some herds and getting the cattle and sheep off the ranges. These horses are

7/2/2008 12:31:29 PM

Return the land to the horses and stop leasing it and upsetting up the balance of nature

7/2/2008 12:28:56 PM

Reopen the packing plants and ship them.

7/2/2008 12:28:54 PM

Get tougher on "low end" breeders. Encourage more adoptions.

7/2/2008 12:26:24 PM

Capture the stallions and geld them

7/2/2008 12:25:47 PM

castration of some of the stallions

7/2/2008 12:24:55 PM

castration and natural selection

7/2/2008 12:21:21 PM

reduce numbers of domestic livestock grazing on PUBLIC LANDS where the wild horse should be protecte

7/2/2008 12:17:46 PM

Cut AUM cattle grazing numbers so forage and water are available. Sterilize most herd studs.

7/2/2008 12:15:47 PM

cut down livestock, the meats are not really healty anyway!

7/2/2008 12:13:09 PM

Control birth rate. Reduce cattle/ sheep on public lands which do more damage.

7/2/2008 12:11:21 PM

i would like to see more birth control tried first.

7/2/2008 12:09:15 PM

Reduce the cattle by the same numbers. These are PUBLIC lands, not private ranches.

7/2/2008 12:06:38 PM


7/2/2008 12:06:17 PM

Better breeding stock, adoption program.

7/2/2008 12:05:45 PM

Birth control

7/2/2008 12:04:55 PM

Sterilization techniques, whether by gelding or injecting with chemicals.

7/2/2008 11:59:40 AM

Train them in prisons and sell to public

7/2/2008 11:58:16 AM

stop the totally exsessive over gathering and lying about the situation BLM has gotten itself into .

7/2/2008 11:56:36 AM

capture, neuter/spay, release. Yes, there would be costs, but less 'costly' than shooting them all.

7/2/2008 11:56:21 AM

Get the ranchers off of public lands.

7/2/2008 11:55:37 AM

birth control

7/2/2008 11:50:07 AM

Get the cows and sheep off the PUBLIC rangelands and leave the horsesand otherINDIGENOUSspeciesalone

7/2/2008 11:50:05 AM

more fund raising

7/2/2008 11:50:02 AM

GET THE COWS/SHEEP off the lands and leave the horses be.. Add Contraceptives and geld to limit

7/2/2008 11:49:22 AM

Get the Cattle off the public lands.

7/2/2008 11:48:31 AM

Round up a certain number of them and sell them to appropriate homes

7/2/2008 11:46:10 AM

Educate the public on the adoption of wild horses. I adopted one. She's GREAT!

7/2/2008 11:43:55 AM

Some type of birth control for the mares, and Gelding of less than perfect stallions

7/2/2008 11:31:09 AM

fertility control

7/2/2008 11:29:46 AM

restrict land lease to cattle

7/2/2008 11:28:29 AM

Abolish BLM!

7/2/2008 11:28:28 AM

isn't there a contraceptive option???

7/2/2008 11:26:32 AM

relocate to areas horse popualtions are very small or not .Like is done with Bison/bufflo herds in O

7/2/2008 11:21:17 AM

rehome, retrain

7/2/2008 11:14:07 AM


7/2/2008 11:13:12 AM

Reduce cattle and sheep numbers.

7/2/2008 11:12:04 AM

Mass Sterilization

7/2/2008 11:11:59 AM

there aren't that many out there. if needed, round up and move to other ranges

7/2/2008 11:10:34 AM

humane contraceptives

7/2/2008 11:05:09 AM

I think there should be state or federal subsidized sanctuaries

7/2/2008 11:05:02 AM

Increase budget-get out of Iraq.Eat less meat.No cattle on public lands.

7/2/2008 11:04:51 AM

the managment of the horses should of been left to the ranches like it used to be.

7/2/2008 11:04:21 AM

Reopening the slaughter allows horse owners 2 dispose of non-serviable, = more room for adoptions!

7/2/2008 10:59:56 AM

Raise cattle grazing fees. Lower the #/grazing permits. Use less costly round up techniques.

7/2/2008 10:58:55 AM

Trap, neuter, release, it works for ferrel cat colonies.

7/2/2008 10:57:34 AM


7/2/2008 10:56:26 AM

adoption, or a method of birth control which has been used in wild horses in the past.

7/2/2008 10:56:01 AM

natural selection

7/2/2008 10:55:27 AM

birth control?

7/2/2008 10:54:22 AM

feed thru birth control could decrease future foal crops or norplant type implant

7/2/2008 10:52:54 AM

Birth control for horses

7/2/2008 10:50:49 AM

geld most stallions, reduce grazing leases

7/2/2008 10:49:21 AM

Round up and castrate the lesser stallions to manage the herds populations

7/2/2008 10:47:48 AM

feed them to the europains they love horse meats

7/2/2008 10:46:41 AM

Why should we slaughter our wild horses for the benefit of the cattle ranchers?????????

7/2/2008 10:45:21 AM

some form of birth control

7/2/2008 10:43:22 AM

Older horses in holding should be euthanized. They are not "wild" anymore.

7/2/2008 10:42:47 AM

get the cows off of tax payers public lands its for wildlife not cowboy welfare

7/2/2008 10:40:51 AM

euthanize bad owners

7/2/2008 10:40:47 AM

Sterilization and natural selection. BLM and the cattle ranchers/sheep? Let the horses be!

7/2/2008 10:38:20 AM

Placement and birthcontrol

7/2/2008 10:35:02 AM

keep the govt out of it... let natural selection occur

7/2/2008 10:26:28 AM

My God there are so many people in this world that would give their eye teeth to own a horse!

7/2/2008 10:26:24 AM

how about slowing development? Or HUMAN population control?

7/2/2008 10:22:41 AM

let nature take care of it

7/2/2008 10:22:00 AM

castrating a few of the stallions

7/2/2008 10:14:20 AM

They should only be euthanized to prevent their suffering (i.e., if they are very old or very ill)

7/2/2008 10:13:48 AM

Why? Gentling by volunteers increases their value and is effective at getting them adopted.

7/2/2008 10:11:57 AM

they now have technology to employ equine birth control in the wild.

7/2/2008 10:06:27 AM

research intermittent birth control for mares. Round up is inhumane and traumatic!

7/2/2008 10:03:29 AM

STOP DEVELOPMENT in rural areas. too many da*n people!!

7/2/2008 10:01:54 AM

sterlize the mares

7/2/2008 10:01:24 AM

managed contraception

7/2/2008 9:58:10 AM

LIMIT privately-owned breeding rights on public lands....

7/2/2008 9:57:52 AM

I have no clue for now

7/2/2008 9:57:35 AM

raise grazing fees

7/2/2008 9:56:58 AM

Stop the BLM from using public land to sale grazing leases to ranchers who push out the wild horses

7/2/2008 9:56:58 AM

round up and castration of studs.

7/2/2008 9:56:20 AM

legalized slaughter in the US

7/2/2008 9:55:43 AM

The alternative to euthanizing is so cruel - holding pens!! Horses should run free

7/2/2008 9:54:49 AM

End roundups, limit usage of public lands to sheep and cattle ranchers.

7/2/2008 9:54:08 AM

stop roundups; stop killing the predators; stop subsidizing cattle & sheep operations

7/2/2008 9:52:44 AM

Leave them alone

7/2/2008 9:49:37 AM

The land can sustain a larger herd. Keep the cattle off public land.

7/2/2008 9:49:14 AM

Reduce the herd size of the domestic animals.

7/2/2008 9:46:10 AM

Turn wolves out with them-they have done a wonderful job depopulating our (WY) elk and moose!

7/2/2008 9:45:44 AM

Ship to state with lower count of horses, rescues, geld less hardy stallions...

7/2/2008 9:45:40 AM

ask breed associations to ask for 100.00 per year per family donation to help with the cost.

7/2/2008 9:44:56 AM

adoption of the horses

7/2/2008 9:42:53 AM

If horses must be destroyed, allow their life to pass on to another life. Euthanasia ONLY ends life.

7/2/2008 9:39:58 AM

re-open the export of horses for human consumption or re-open the meat plants

7/2/2008 9:34:23 AM

auction or santuary placement

7/2/2008 9:34:00 AM

Allow people to hunt them

7/2/2008 9:32:56 AM

STOP BREEDING... Euthanization is just another form of slaughter

7/2/2008 9:31:31 AM


7/2/2008 9:30:36 AM

No solution needed! Let them alone!

7/2/2008 9:30:13 AM

public sanctuaries/education

7/2/2008 9:27:26 AM

Investigating the issue of other animals besides the mustang on the land.

7/2/2008 9:27:21 AM


7/2/2008 9:27:12 AM

Give them their freedom

7/2/2008 9:24:17 AM

I would rather see them used for food consumption than to rot in a holding pen

7/2/2008 9:23:06 AM

Leave them in the Wild!

7/2/2008 9:22:02 AM

change law to prohibit cattle from grazing on federal land--then the horses would have plenty of fe

7/2/2008 9:20:02 AM

Allow a piece of land for them in the area away from the domestic animals or find them homes

7/2/2008 9:19:34 AM

I think that addressing this issue with horse organizations, like TROT in MD, would be a first step.

7/2/2008 9:15:31 AM

castration.if the horses can be euthanized, castration is the way to go. don't kill the horses

7/2/2008 9:14:23 AM

Make more holding pens, hire more cowboys/cowgirls , people need work. Let Americorp help,

7/2/2008 9:13:54 AM

Restore the balance of nature.

7/2/2008 9:13:20 AM


7/2/2008 9:10:14 AM

appropriate management of public lands for both domestic and wild animals.Domestic herds overgraze.

7/2/2008 9:09:50 AM

Is radical, but anti-slaughter legislation forces vets to do for unwanted horses too.

7/2/2008 9:06:48 AM

contraception and downsizing domestic herds in the area

7/2/2008 9:06:34 AM

The government should set guidelines for an area that the horses can roam and try sterilization of s

7/2/2008 9:05:00 AM

Restrict open range cattle farmers.

7/2/2008 9:03:51 AM

downsizing the livestock that grazes on these PUBLIC lands

7/2/2008 9:01:59 AM

Sterilization or something like it

7/2/2008 8:59:15 AM


7/2/2008 8:58:07 AM

contraception of existing herds and limit the for profit overgrazing by the 6 million sheep and cows

7/2/2008 8:56:12 AM

horses that can't be adopted should be euthanized, birth control measures should be instituted

7/2/2008 8:54:51 AM

relocate them

7/2/2008 8:51:54 AM

Adoption; Gelding lesser colts

7/2/2008 8:51:36 AM

stop eating so much beef, lose cattlemen

7/2/2008 8:51:34 AM

geld males - euthanize only old or sickly horses

7/2/2008 8:51:02 AM

On established wild horse reserves contriceptive innoculations for the mares.

7/2/2008 8:49:59 AM

Reduce cattle on public lands.

7/2/2008 8:46:35 AM

Thin out herds like we do w/other animals. Use the meat for export or dog food - don't waste it.

7/2/2008 8:46:17 AM

birth control....and finding a place suitable for all....God is always in control

7/2/2008 8:44:56 AM

release back into wild or RFD TV live auction

7/2/2008 8:44:01 AM

everbody saying adopt--do y'all have 10 of them in your backyeard? why not?

7/2/2008 8:38:53 AM

stop roundups

7/2/2008 8:38:40 AM

Adoption or relocation

7/2/2008 8:36:04 AM

Contraceptive methods and reduction of domestic livestock sharing the same grazing land

7/2/2008 8:35:33 AM

Gelding most of the stallions would be a long term solution.

7/2/2008 8:26:22 AM

birth control an adoption.

7/2/2008 8:23:09 AM

we destroy surplus dogs and cats, why so squeamish about horses?

7/2/2008 8:23:00 AM

gelding the yearling stallions

7/2/2008 8:22:06 AM

birth control

7/2/2008 8:18:41 AM

There are NOT too many wild horses. Cattle are overgrazing, not the horses!

7/2/2008 8:17:32 AM

or more casturation to control the herd.

7/2/2008 8:15:48 AM

Geld the stallions, limit development and cattle grazing in herd areas

7/2/2008 8:15:18 AM

There are many rescue facilities now. There's not that many wild horses anymore in our country!

7/2/2008 8:13:59 AM

Continue Adopting them out to homes

7/2/2008 8:09:52 AM

Organize better training for surplus horses, so they will be more attractive to more people.

7/2/2008 8:09:28 AM

more adoption

7/2/2008 8:08:11 AM

Leave them alone, or use feeth-through birth control on the herds.

7/2/2008 8:03:58 AM

until contraceptives & adoptions can keep numbers in check

7/2/2008 8:03:56 AM

Reducing gov. leases to private ranchers; birtth control. U.S. citizens do not need $1.00 burgers!

7/2/2008 8:02:48 AM

fertility control

7/2/2008 8:02:06 AM

stop bush's war and give more money to horses

7/2/2008 8:01:46 AM

Get the beef cows off of our ranges - now!

7/2/2008 8:00:20 AM

slaughter them for food

7/2/2008 7:58:24 AM

PZP USE when there really is an over-population.Only 25,000 free

7/2/2008 7:55:31 AM


7/2/2008 7:52:49 AM


7/2/2008 7:51:36 AM

Treat them as what they are: Native Wildlife.

7/2/2008 7:49:31 AM

Euthanize people to control their population growth and allow more open range for horses.

7/2/2008 7:48:39 AM

Possibly sterilization or some type of birth control; better adoption policies/practices

7/2/2008 7:47:44 AM

Sell hunting permits to reduce herd numbers. No slaughter dollars means taxpayers pay the bill.

7/2/2008 7:43:50 AM

birth control

7/2/2008 7:41:57 AM

it's quality of life, not quantity. living in a small overpopulated pen is no way to live for horse

7/2/2008 7:38:41 AM

use hormonal implants to induce sterility

7/2/2008 7:34:54 AM

I would think gelding of stallions or some form of birth control with the mares would control herd s

7/2/2008 7:27:45 AM

Remove some---not all--- of the 4 million cattle and sheep from public lands.

7/2/2008 7:25:33 AM

Quit giving out land permits to cattle and sheep ranchers.

7/2/2008 7:17:05 AM

birth control

7/2/2008 7:15:54 AM

remove the stallions and start gelding any young ones in the future

7/2/2008 7:13:26 AM

Geld some of the stallions

7/2/2008 7:09:23 AM

Sterilize the stallions

7/2/2008 7:08:59 AM

privitization of adoptions and; approaching as a rescue euthanizing older or unhealthy horses ok

7/2/2008 7:03:13 AM


7/2/2008 6:53:12 AM

Not taking so many off their range land and getting rid of an equal amount of cattle--more adoptions

7/2/2008 6:41:32 AM

birth control for mares, castration for males

7/2/2008 6:27:53 AM

birth control

7/2/2008 6:24:40 AM

euthanize the damn humans multipling too fast

7/2/2008 6:22:23 AM

Leave them alone. They have as much right to public lands as Ranchers livestock.

7/2/2008 6:07:15 AM

castration of stallions, less cattle and sheep on public land

7/2/2008 5:59:38 AM

Initiate mustang gentling programs at all the prisons in western states.

7/2/2008 5:54:44 AM

Some kind of birth control treatment

7/2/2008 5:43:22 AM

Let's call it butchering them for money.

7/2/2008 5:41:25 AM

make the cattle industry get off of the BLM and we wouldn't have to kill wild horses

7/2/2008 5:19:46 AM


7/2/2008 4:48:16 AM

Annual capture and sterilization of stallions

7/2/2008 4:29:13 AM

Round up the stallions and geld them!

7/2/2008 4:19:45 AM

Leave them in the wild where they belong.

7/2/2008 3:53:44 AM

As a Kiger owner, NO WAY!! What about increased use of the PZP vaccine???

7/2/2008 3:47:59 AM

Extreme Mustang Makeovers are great, BLM should have Satellite adoptions at them for the untamed.

7/2/2008 3:45:27 AM

I don't know many details but can't we let nature handle it?

7/2/2008 3:43:55 AM

Castrate the stallions, stud colts and yearlings That would stop the rapid growth of herds.

7/2/2008 3:31:28 AM

Short term holding facilities, castration of colts, euthanise only those stuck in long-term holdings

7/2/2008 3:18:57 AM

control the breeding effectively, then you wont have to euthanize any horse.

7/2/2008 2:56:59 AM

as with stray pets neutering them would be ok

7/2/2008 2:48:39 AM

Geld the stallions!

7/2/2008 2:25:43 AM


7/2/2008 2:21:40 AM

they were born and breed wild, the solution is to let them live on the land they've always lived on

7/2/2008 2:14:38 AM

These horses are protected, BLM has mismanaged them horribly why should they pay with their lives?

7/2/2008 2:05:55 AM

Leave them completely alone, population will self-regulate.

7/2/2008 2:00:27 AM

Castrastion of all stallions. Round ups only for the number of horses that can be sold/adopted.

7/2/2008 1:59:29 AM

Birth control, and stylization,

7/2/2008 1:55:16 AM

Reactivate the horse slaughter plants for human consumption overseas and dog food.

7/2/2008 1:50:13 AM

Reinstate the kll market fo all horses so all horses can be disposed of humanly domestic & wild

7/2/2008 1:49:37 AM

Let the earth make the decision

7/2/2008 1:47:05 AM

There is no population growth! That is propaganda

7/2/2008 1:46:22 AM

Release the horses back to the herd areas.

7/2/2008 1:45:12 AM

Offer them free to qualified adopters

7/2/2008 1:40:36 AM

birth control and foster care with qualified people who could claim feed and hay on taxes

7/2/2008 1:37:21 AM

if one is older or ill then it should, but why should a healthy, younger horse be euthanized?

7/2/2008 1:32:22 AM

Let them be wild, let them be just as any other animal in the wild,

7/2/2008 1:23:01 AM

sterilization/birth control

7/2/2008 1:20:29 AM

Is that going to help control the pop growth or get rid of the 30,000 waiting on homes?

7/2/2008 1:20:12 AM

more habitat - geld some colts

7/2/2008 1:18:14 AM

Let them live wild and free on public lands. Reduce free loading livestock grazing at public trough

7/2/2008 1:13:51 AM

Cut off benefits to illegal aliens and there will be plenty of money for other programs too!

7/2/2008 1:13:00 AM

birth control & adoption

7/2/2008 1:05:04 AM

Give them more land

7/2/2008 1:01:02 AM

contraceptive measures, downsizing in the # of domestic livestock herds that graze on public lands

7/2/2008 12:58:28 AM


7/2/2008 12:58:27 AM

Geld some of the stallions

7/2/2008 12:57:05 AM

geld males and return to wild

7/2/2008 12:56:41 AM

Stop leasing land to cattle breeders!!

7/2/2008 12:55:43 AM

IF cattle ranchers weren't so land greedy there wouldn't be a control problem!

7/2/2008 12:55:04 AM

I'm Undecided: pro- control unadopt pop. con- a step away from protecting them.

7/2/2008 12:46:45 AM

It's better then starving to death

7/2/2008 12:44:22 AM

Round up the cows! Get ranchers and developers off our PUBLIC OWNED wild lands!

7/2/2008 12:38:44 AM

How about gelding, the way wild cats are spayed or neutered

7/2/2008 12:37:55 AM

Govt. should advertise that there are too many horses, cats, dogs. stop breeding!

7/2/2008 12:31:41 AM

Get the livestock out of their range.

7/2/2008 12:28:12 AM

Leave their lands alone

7/2/2008 12:26:00 AM

Selective euthanasia is the key

7/2/2008 12:22:19 AM

Send the horses to prison programs and train inmates to care for and break them. Win WIN.

7/2/2008 12:19:16 AM

they were here before us and they should stay that way.

7/2/2008 12:16:17 AM

Geld stallions and adopt out mares.

7/2/2008 12:11:17 AM

Adoption and sterilization

7/2/2008 12:10:18 AM

Nueter & euthanize the politicians that are trying to kill off the last of OUR wild horses

7/2/2008 12:10:12 AM

control population of domestic animals grazing on the HORSE'S land!

7/2/2008 12:09:17 AM

At point I thought a sterilization program was initiated(?)

7/2/2008 12:06:22 AM

Sterilization and reducing cattle and other livestock population using public land

7/2/2008 12:04:10 AM

Birth Control

7/2/2008 12:04:01 AM

adoption, advancement of research into some form of birth control

7/1/2008 11:58:48 PM

Birth control for the mares or geld the studs.

7/1/2008 11:56:50 PM

ask the ranchers around these areas to adopt some.

7/1/2008 11:54:18 PM

every other animal industry practices herd culling, why not mustangs also?

7/1/2008 11:54:12 PM

Remove some of the 6 million cattle/sheep that are on our public lands.

7/1/2008 11:53:25 PM

Let them go home and euthanize 27,000 of the 4 million cows on public range.

7/1/2008 11:49:46 PM

Let them run free on their land! There will still be plenty of room for the greedy ranchers!

7/1/2008 11:48:47 PM

spay them

7/1/2008 11:40:08 PM

sterilize and release

7/1/2008 11:39:09 PM

Horses that are unadoptable might be put down, but healthy, sound, young horses shouldn't be.

7/1/2008 11:37:58 PM

We need to preserve the equine history and bloodlines of America.

7/1/2008 11:35:03 PM

Uhhh, get the CATTLE OFF, bring the predators back!

7/1/2008 11:34:15 PM

Dart the mares with birth control, it's cheaper than rounding them up

7/1/2008 11:30:29 PM

ride a horse save the gas

7/1/2008 11:27:13 PM

Fire BLM officials for allowing things to get to this point.

7/1/2008 11:26:53 PM


7/1/2008 11:21:53 PM

remove the cows from the land, ans sterilize the satllions, leaving fewer studs to breed. Remove th

7/1/2008 11:20:11 PM

Turn loose those penned, drop them hay if needed, keep water sources clean. There is not a problem

7/1/2008 11:19:37 PM

Putting these animals to death isn't going to fix the problem .

7/1/2008 11:17:32 PM


7/1/2008 11:16:25 PM

open a well regulated slaughter house and put there bodies to good use. It's a form of harvest.

7/1/2008 11:15:18 PM

Remove the cattle, feed the horses

7/1/2008 11:15:09 PM

increase the age from 10 to 20 y/o

7/1/2008 11:14:05 PM

Let Nature determine it.

7/1/2008 11:13:29 PM

education and responsibility

7/1/2008 11:10:47 PM


7/1/2008 11:09:41 PM

Leave them alone except for adoption

7/1/2008 11:09:25 PM

Leave them alone.

7/1/2008 11:06:13 PM

GELDING! Birth control! Take away some cattle land!

7/1/2008 11:03:50 PM

Capture the foals and train them at an early age to be put to good use!

7/1/2008 11:01:16 PM


7/1/2008 10:58:53 PM

PZP birth control for animals

7/1/2008 10:56:02 PM

the old or sick could be euthanized

7/1/2008 10:55:07 PM

instead of keeping them in holding fac.,why not geld the males and them set them free?!!

7/1/2008 10:54:09 PM

Need RELIABLE DATA on wild horses' status; I favor a healthy balance of predator-prey relationships

7/1/2008 10:53:59 PM

Castration or I have heard of literally shooting the with some form of birth control in a dart.

7/1/2008 10:51:23 PM

I think the use of the vaccination to ne to prevent the mare from becoming pregnant

7/1/2008 10:51:09 PM

are we also euthanizing their predators? Let's see if they can manage populations.

7/1/2008 10:50:43 PM

Would rather see short-term birth control methods for mares, gelding stallions, etc.

7/1/2008 10:47:35 PM

Bring back slaughter

7/1/2008 10:46:59 PM

sterilize mares or stallions

7/1/2008 10:45:55 PM

Let them continue to live in the wild!!

7/1/2008 10:45:00 PM

more round ups and adoption

7/1/2008 10:43:03 PM

Let them remain in the wild. Survival of the fittest would come into play.

7/1/2008 10:42:35 PM

I think a better alternative is to annually geld yearling colts & release them back to the herd

7/1/2008 10:36:48 PM

expand their lands that are rightfully theirs and introduce a better contraceptive for mares

7/1/2008 10:33:41 PM

Stop allowing ranchers to graze their cattle on Federal land that we pay for! Simple!

7/1/2008 10:31:51 PM

hold training competitions and then auction the trained horses

7/1/2008 10:29:00 PM

Sterilization of the herds by humane procedures.

7/1/2008 10:25:56 PM

stop rounding them up, cancel/buy cattle leases

7/1/2008 10:25:17 PM

Thin out oldest horses and stallions

7/1/2008 10:25:12 PM

Leave them to God and to their destiny. God and the horses know how to survive without government .

7/1/2008 10:21:45 PM

fosteing them on a wild life preserve with help for the goverment to pay the up keep and care .

7/1/2008 10:21:35 PM


7/1/2008 10:19:11 PM

Use for scientific research, to better find cures for equines worldwide.

7/1/2008 10:19:00 PM

Do away with the BLM and investigate lies and corruption elsewhere in the Dept of Interior.

7/1/2008 10:15:17 PM

Stop pandering to cattlemen and let their population find it own level

7/1/2008 10:13:42 PM

there also a better choice

7/1/2008 10:13:38 PM

1)castrate stallions2)tax breaks to those who adopt them3)horse herds given to Canada provinces.

7/1/2008 10:11:32 PM

geld stallions

7/1/2008 10:11:27 PM

birth control or geld the stallions

7/1/2008 10:10:52 PM

castrate most of the stallions & do the same every 2 yrs thus cutting down population.

7/1/2008 10:09:06 PM

Offer them for Adoption

7/1/2008 10:05:07 PM

why not have vets and vet students, castrate stallions and then return them

7/1/2008 10:04:14 PM

Wild horses should be wild, nature takes care of her own

7/1/2008 10:02:21 PM

Better adoption programs

7/1/2008 10:02:00 PM

Use the program at Return To Freedom as an alternitive for herd management

7/1/2008 10:01:43 PM

open more land for them and let nature control, not cattle or sheet ranchers.

7/1/2008 10:01:30 PM

Remove the cattle being raised for export. Find another area to drill for oil.

7/1/2008 10:01:25 PM

provide more US land for them instead of leasing to cattle farms.

7/1/2008 9:59:56 PM

maybe be a little more aggressive in the numbers of horses rounded up for adoption.

7/1/2008 9:58:29 PM

If they can so call "round them up" then why can`t they geld them ?

7/1/2008 9:57:51 PM


7/1/2008 9:56:55 PM


7/1/2008 9:54:26 PM


7/1/2008 9:53:42 PM

give them away like all the animal rights groups think should do with our sick,injured or oldhorses.

7/1/2008 9:52:40 PM

birthcontrol or introduce natural predators

7/1/2008 9:51:52 PM

get rid of cars and ride them.what do ya know and end to global warming

7/1/2008 9:50:40 PM

a national treasure turned into a national disgrace

7/1/2008 9:49:04 PM

there are birth control solutions such as geld and release, stop ranchers from encroachment.

7/1/2008 9:48:59 PM


7/1/2008 9:47:58 PM

birth control and let them on more government land

7/1/2008 9:46:16 PM

Re-open the slaughter houses.

7/1/2008 9:45:09 PM

Birth control and castration. lower #'s of cattle

7/1/2008 9:43:49 PM

Leave them in the wild to die a natural death

7/1/2008 9:40:35 PM


7/1/2008 9:39:52 PM

I think it is cruel and inhumane to keep these wild horses in holding pens for more than two weeks.

7/1/2008 9:39:51 PM

How about castrating stallions, for few years, so the population could be controlled?

7/1/2008 9:36:20 PM

An alternative could be trying to sterilize mares, less ablility to breed, less population.

7/1/2008 9:36:02 PM

More promotion about adopting, castratiing most stallions to control breeding

7/1/2008 9:34:11 PM

birth control

7/1/2008 9:31:07 PM

Geld males; encourage natural predators (mountain lions)

7/1/2008 9:30:09 PM

Limit the number of domestic livestock (namely CATTLE and sheep). Read original Taylor Grazing Act.

7/1/2008 9:28:26 PM

Yes, euthanize the old and castrate some of the young stallions and fix a few mares, or use marbles.

7/1/2008 9:27:25 PM

moe land for the horses, less land for malls.

7/1/2008 9:26:08 PM

Removing just a small part of that useless cattle that plagues the Western States

7/1/2008 9:18:51 PM

we should let some of our older and less able horses go and suffer less.

7/1/2008 9:18:49 PM

Increase adoptions, increase natural predators

7/1/2008 9:16:57 PM

use of birth control

7/1/2008 9:16:50 PM

birth control!

7/1/2008 9:15:24 PM

More empasis on contraception studies/implementation

7/1/2008 9:15:19 PM


7/1/2008 9:13:41 PM

Neuter and release.

7/1/2008 9:11:21 PM

Only the cattle ranchers believe their population is out of control - LEAVE THEM ALONE

7/1/2008 9:05:18 PM

smaller domesticated herds

7/1/2008 9:04:01 PM

get all those rancher's cattle off our land. they don't pay enough to graze there.

7/1/2008 8:59:35 PM

People need to cut down on their own breeding!

7/1/2008 8:58:14 PM

let them be nature will take care of them like it always has

7/1/2008 8:57:48 PM

set areas aside for them that are not suitable for cattle.

7/1/2008 8:56:46 PM

usse the moneyto kill the horses to keep them alive PLEASE

7/1/2008 8:56:01 PM

there is a birth control shot which can be darted into the mares

7/1/2008 8:52:30 PM

Geld as many stallions as you can with the $39 million budget

7/1/2008 8:51:50 PM

birth control

7/1/2008 8:50:32 PM

Geld all but the very best stallions to improve the breed. Geldings can be adopted or rereleased.

7/1/2008 8:48:25 PM

vasectomy for stallions, they'll still protect there heard and breed...just no new foals produced.

7/1/2008 8:47:39 PM

Release the horses. Do not re-catch them. Catching & holding them is what costs money.

7/1/2008 8:47:37 PM

yes if they have health problems, how about castration for males

7/1/2008 8:46:57 PM

Perhaps they (BLM) could do as they are doing now, but with the horses that are not adoptable; old,

7/1/2008 8:44:53 PM

Create a santuary for them and let the cattle graze elsewhere.

7/1/2008 8:44:46 PM


7/1/2008 8:42:40 PM

Birth control & limiting the numbers of cattle on PUBLIC lands

7/1/2008 8:41:47 PM

Kick the cattle and sheep out! Give the land back to its rightful owners -- the wild mustangs!!

7/1/2008 8:39:00 PM

the genetic viability is already suffering. They need to be managed like any registered horse

7/1/2008 8:38:37 PM

Move some horses to Canada for adoption, geld/spay and turn loose the older ones

7/1/2008 8:38:17 PM

It would be better than them suffering in the Canadian Slaughter houses or abused by adopters.

7/1/2008 8:37:08 PM


7/1/2008 8:35:32 PM

Leave the wild horses alone

7/1/2008 8:35:25 PM

Try running the adoption program properly. Horses shouldn't be killed because of humans' stupidity a

7/1/2008 8:35:17 PM

Castrating stallions

7/1/2008 8:32:50 PM

1. Limit grazing by ranchers on open lands

7/1/2008 8:32:32 PM

geld the colts

7/1/2008 8:31:20 PM

ok only if all other avenues were exhausted.

7/1/2008 8:29:02 PM

Adoption, control of HUMAN populations growth, gelding stallions

7/1/2008 8:28:22 PM

sterilization, gender separation, predators

7/1/2008 8:27:48 PM

Unless there is some thing wrong with a horse that requires euthanaisia, it's murder.

7/1/2008 8:27:11 PM

Let PETA and HSUS take care of them.

7/1/2008 8:26:39 PM

sterilization of some to help population control

7/1/2008 8:26:27 PM

free adoptions or tax to care for them

7/1/2008 8:25:35 PM

HELL NO, they were here first!!!

7/1/2008 8:22:52 PM


7/1/2008 8:22:36 PM

Domesticated horses with health, etc. need to be put down or they will be let loose also.

7/1/2008 8:20:27 PM

the people who use fed. property for pvt ranching should move out. let the horses live there

7/1/2008 8:15:53 PM

control reproduction/feed with hay/what is the reason for taking them away from their homeland?

7/1/2008 8:15:23 PM

Return them to where they were! Screw the ranchers!

7/1/2008 8:13:53 PM

Sterilization and/or castration

7/1/2008 8:12:10 PM

Having a refuge for them

7/1/2008 8:09:36 PM

I think the greedy ranchers need to be controlled

7/1/2008 8:09:08 PM

stallion castration

7/1/2008 8:02:09 PM

castrate and release

7/1/2008 8:01:32 PM

Use of PZP. Dollar donation box on W2. sterilize and release holding pen mustangs back to wild.

7/1/2008 7:59:44 PM

Geld the colts.

7/1/2008 7:59:33 PM

Capture and geld stallions, encourage adoptions

7/1/2008 7:57:57 PM

Train their babies and put them to work somehow

7/1/2008 7:57:52 PM

More "Mustang Challenges" as done at the Calif HorsExpo in June 2008

7/1/2008 7:56:52 PM

whos next. Old people

7/1/2008 7:56:24 PM

birth control and all other means should be used first, humane euthanasia as a last resort

7/1/2008 7:55:55 PM

Make them affordable to families that would love to own a horse

7/1/2008 7:55:22 PM

Let them live out their lives they way God intended. Nature has a way of taking care of its own.

7/1/2008 7:53:31 PM

Leave the horses alone and make the cattlemen find new pastures!!

7/1/2008 7:52:02 PM

geld the less desirable stallions and spay the mares... always a $$$ issue!

7/1/2008 7:51:25 PM

castration/birth control methods

7/1/2008 7:48:39 PM

birth control/ castration

7/1/2008 7:46:40 PM

reinstate horse slaughter facilities

7/1/2008 7:46:15 PM

Get the 6 million/sheep off our public lands & protect the 32,000 horses from the BLM & DOI

7/1/2008 7:45:42 PM

birth control!

7/1/2008 7:44:46 PM

If it's only the old and unadoptable one's

7/1/2008 7:43:31 PM

birth control on the range

7/1/2008 7:43:02 PM

Stop the roundups & let the horses live in peace, ensuring they have enough good land to live on

7/1/2008 7:42:39 PM

return them to the wild

7/1/2008 7:41:45 PM

What about having volunteer vets out there rounding up the boys and gelding them?

7/1/2008 7:35:05 PM

birth control and culling

7/1/2008 7:34:43 PM

geld some of the stallions or birth control for mares

7/1/2008 7:34:22 PM

Why don't they geld the stallions and the population growth will take care of itself.

7/1/2008 7:32:24 PM

gelding stallions

7/1/2008 7:32:16 PM

'birth control' - however that would be a slower solution and would not solve the current situation

7/1/2008 7:30:56 PM

sterilization/birth control

7/1/2008 7:30:26 PM

There should be more effort put into sterilzation and birth control.

7/1/2008 7:29:38 PM


7/1/2008 7:29:37 PM

Leave them alone! Let them be wild horses.To hell with the sheep and cattle ranchers

7/1/2008 7:27:33 PM

increase auctions in different states

7/1/2008 7:27:33 PM

There are birth control measures available for mares. They are used in Outer Banks Horses in NC

7/1/2008 7:27:26 PM

Use birth control for the mares

7/1/2008 7:27:24 PM

geld, give them back the land, not ranchers

7/1/2008 7:26:10 PM

As long as its done humanely.

7/1/2008 7:26:06 PM

breed less in captivity and use the horses that are available. There are all kinds of great horses!

7/1/2008 7:24:05 PM

Subsidy for farmers willing to allow grazing

7/1/2008 7:22:25 PM


7/1/2008 7:21:09 PM

birth control by feed.

7/1/2008 7:20:59 PM

Feed and water them.

7/1/2008 7:18:14 PM

stop killing mountain lions and wolves, also some contraceptives for mares.

7/1/2008 7:14:55 PM

limit use of public lands by ranchers

7/1/2008 7:13:47 PM

"the $ question is so easy to knock down - ask any American "would you donate $1 for wild horse pres

7/1/2008 7:12:24 PM

Give them more access to natural parkland, use them to help control plant populations.

7/1/2008 7:12:08 PM


7/1/2008 7:11:58 PM

Can't we used a previously used birth control with Mares?

7/1/2008 7:10:42 PM

Non-slaughter house sales adoptions and rehabilitation animals for kids and criminals

7/1/2008 7:07:01 PM

Leave them to their own devices-all other naturalized animals control #s by survival of the fittest

7/1/2008 7:06:04 PM

Manage the wild herds, as BLM was instructed, to maintain adequate gene pools. Oust cattle if need

7/1/2008 7:03:55 PM

there are a lot of useless politicians who should be shot too but we dont - sterilize stallions

7/1/2008 7:03:38 PM

6 million livestock graze, but there's not enough room for 35 thousand horses? Give me a break!

7/1/2008 7:03:10 PM

leave them on their land in the first place,they are hurting no one,they are not starving.

7/1/2008 6:59:42 PM

have generous preserves set aside for them

7/1/2008 6:57:31 PM

To remove all the welfare farmers and fat cattle off the land as they are the ones ruining the land

7/1/2008 6:56:15 PM

Equine contraception, and/or removal of private sheep and cattle from public ranges.

7/1/2008 6:55:27 PM

horses deemed unadoptable should be humanely euthanized. Unfortunately, can't save them all.

7/1/2008 6:52:01 PM

if they are handled to euthanize them, then why not geld the stallions instead.

7/1/2008 6:51:56 PM

birth control - Porcine zona pellucida (PZP) is used successfully w/ wildlife, including horses!

7/1/2008 6:50:44 PM

birth control for horses & removal of cattle from public lands

7/1/2008 6:50:35 PM

Establish self-stabilizing wild horse and burro populations through proper reserve design

7/1/2008 6:49:39 PM

return to the wild

7/1/2008 6:46:02 PM

Getting the 'welfare ranchers' off public lands and then looking at the wild horse situation again.

7/1/2008 6:39:41 PM

Some kind of birth control

7/1/2008 6:38:36 PM

Rather than euthanized them when you catch them, geld the males.

7/1/2008 6:38:25 PM

Who says that 33,000 horses are too many when you have millions of cattle and sheep on the same land

7/1/2008 6:36:32 PM

gelding stallions

7/1/2008 6:36:22 PM

Increase spending on adoption programs to further educate the public.

7/1/2008 6:33:31 PM

his is more humane than letting them starve..

7/1/2008 6:31:40 PM


7/1/2008 6:30:07 PM

Sell them for export to Europe for human consumption and the Government could even defray some costs

7/1/2008 6:29:53 PM


7/1/2008 6:29:27 PM

seek distribution of 1-2 of them to each of the equine rescue organizations within the US.

7/1/2008 6:28:53 PM

Birth control for mares; gelding stallions.

7/1/2008 6:28:36 PM

turn them back wild, shoot and drop for scavangers

7/1/2008 6:28:27 PM

I think the adopting of the animals helps. I myself have adopted 6 Equine from BLM. They are great.

7/1/2008 6:28:09 PM

This stems from cattle ranchers who do not want mustang competion for food and water.

7/1/2008 6:28:07 PM

gelding stallions, spaying mares to control breeding.

7/1/2008 6:27:27 PM

How appallilng that the govt agency legislated to protect these horses are even thinking of THAT!

7/1/2008 6:26:43 PM

Birth control for the mares/geld the stallions

7/1/2008 6:25:11 PM

Euthanize the BLM management officials!

7/1/2008 6:24:36 PM

Contraceptives like are used in other ferals

7/1/2008 6:21:55 PM


7/1/2008 6:21:52 PM


7/1/2008 6:21:50 PM

Gelding and spaying - isn't that an much better and obvious solution?

7/1/2008 6:20:28 PM

Gelding the stallions

7/1/2008 6:16:36 PM

neuter and release

7/1/2008 6:14:56 PM


7/1/2008 6:13:58 PM

Better funding to BLM to manage the horses Research- find birth control & more/better land

7/1/2008 6:13:14 PM

birth control, charge more for grazing domestic animals, expand wild horse ranges

7/1/2008 6:10:34 PM

oral or surgical birth control

7/1/2008 6:08:57 PM

If the other alternative is starving

7/1/2008 6:04:26 PM


7/1/2008 6:02:42 PM

Remove some of the domestic livestock and leave the WILDLIFE alone!

7/1/2008 6:01:43 PM

get the cattle off the range and (re)introduce natural preditors

7/1/2008 6:00:49 PM

move some to other public lands. horses can't help they were there before people

7/1/2008 5:59:43 PM

reduce subsidized pvt livestock-public land,suppported by public $, wildhorses&wildlife belong there

7/1/2008 5:59:23 PM

Humanely capture and geld stallions, re-release. I.E. birth control.

7/1/2008 5:59:18 PM

Creating more area for the horses to graze, planting, etc.

7/1/2008 5:56:56 PM

Telling greedy ranchers to SHARE the land. We subsidize them!

7/1/2008 5:56:21 PM

birth control, and keeping gene diversity

7/1/2008 5:56:02 PM

Repopulate the over 100 herd areas zeroed out by BLM with healthy wild horses in holding.

7/1/2008 5:55:44 PM

All stallions should be castrated and returned to the wild until the number of births are down.

7/1/2008 5:54:30 PM

Leave them alone, as they are NOT a problem

7/1/2008 5:53:30 PM

A percentage of adopted Mustangs end up neglected & abused... 'selective dispatch' may be an idea.

7/1/2008 5:52:15 PM

reduce domestic livestock grazing on public lands

7/1/2008 5:50:39 PM

visit: www.wildhorsepreservation.org

7/1/2008 5:49:31 PM

Thehorses belong to the citizens of the US. Remove the cattle

7/1/2008 5:49:01 PM

Depends on WHO decides what the population should be.

7/1/2008 5:47:38 PM

Better range management. Stop bowing to all the people whose cattle graze on the same land.

7/1/2008 5:44:55 PM

to pull more studs and to try to minimize breeding to a greater elimation

7/1/2008 5:42:20 PM

Quit reducing the size of their range land, and let the land determine the size of the heard.

7/1/2008 5:41:21 PM

Remove cattle from the horses legally awarded land (laws being avoided here)

7/1/2008 5:41:00 PM

Some horse herds are already being controlled with birth control. Leave the horses alone.

7/1/2008 5:40:19 PM

It is called spay and neuter!

7/1/2008 5:39:56 PM

Stop roundups. If open range is public land, the ranchers have no right to complain.

7/1/2008 5:39:39 PM

Humans are driving herds to less vast areas to live and breed; you can't mess with nature.

7/1/2008 5:38:06 PM


7/1/2008 5:37:02 PM

There are too many and not enough quality homes. I would rather see them euthanized than starving.

7/1/2008 5:36:52 PM

Ensure over breeding doesn't occur, advertise adoption of mustangs

7/1/2008 5:35:16 PM

castration of stallions and rerelease

7/1/2008 5:34:20 PM

Perhaps birth control or perhaps less domestic livestock competing for their grazing lands

7/1/2008 5:33:03 PM

Take the cattle off of the gov't land!

7/1/2008 5:33:01 PM

There is enough natural predation.

7/1/2008 5:32:11 PM

geld inadequate stallions using SLR and put back in wild..

7/1/2008 5:31:42 PM

Round them up, geld the colts while young.

7/1/2008 5:30:57 PM


7/1/2008 5:30:48 PM

I believe it should be the cattle and other livestock that should be controlled.

7/1/2008 5:29:54 PM

Geld some of the stallions

7/1/2008 5:29:22 PM

remove the cows from the grazing fields

7/1/2008 5:27:45 PM

Castration and tubal ligation would be more humane unless the wild horses host an incurable disease

7/1/2008 5:27:34 PM

Slaughter of wild horses is no different than slaughter for domestics.

7/1/2008 5:27:19 PM

PZP birth control

7/1/2008 5:26:51 PM

If they can spend the Money to euthanize horses why can't they just casterate some of the stallions?

7/1/2008 5:26:36 PM

castration of males

7/1/2008 5:26:33 PM

sReopen the slaughterhouses.

7/1/2008 5:25:51 PM

One word... Contraceptives!!!

7/1/2008 5:25:49 PM

In thw wild non-hormonal birth control.

7/1/2008 5:25:29 PM

reopen the slaughter houses, send them there

7/1/2008 5:25:10 PM

Prisoner rehab programs

7/1/2008 5:24:51 PM

round up and castrate a lot of males then release

7/1/2008 5:23:16 PM

Castrate the stallions.

7/1/2008 5:22:14 PM

There is no need for population control as only 25,000 are freeand mares are given PZP

7/1/2008 5:22:00 PM

no more roundups...proper management....NOT THE BLM>>>>they havedone more harm than good.....

7/1/2008 5:21:10 PM

Birth control has been working. Increase and improve (re-seed) the existing range land.

7/1/2008 5:17:35 PM

adoption, there are plenty of people that would

7/1/2008 5:16:59 PM

Tell people; many people will be glad to take one, some.

7/1/2008 5:16:31 PM

Birth control methods same as Zoo animals, ie dart guns with appropriate medication

7/1/2008 5:16:26 PM


7/1/2008 5:16:10 PM

yes only if old or lame or otherwise unadoptable. Extra effort to reduce the # in holding

7/1/2008 5:15:05 PM

allowing re-sale of all horses adopted. so trainers will buy them and make them ridable.

7/1/2008 5:14:43 PM

There is no solution needed! Leave them alone! Remove the cattlemens' cows from public land!

7/1/2008 5:14:37 PM

Sale for humane slaughter, preferably in U.S.

7/1/2008 5:14:25 PM


7/1/2008 5:14:23 PM

put them back in the wild and pump up the population of mountain lions and other preditors

7/1/2008 5:14:00 PM


7/1/2008 5:12:15 PM

birth control - as wild numbers drop rerelease unadoptable horses in the holding pens

7/1/2008 5:12:12 PM

how about birth control, spay neuter it really could be done....

7/1/2008 5:11:58 PM

Adoption and better management of the populations

7/1/2008 5:09:49 PM

Don't know

7/1/2008 5:08:56 PM

contraceptives to reduce the numbers

7/1/2008 5:08:20 PM

Birth control: Humans have this nasty habit of destroying that which requires effort without profit

7/1/2008 5:08:09 PM

Vasectomy for stallions, hormonal implants for mares, reduction of breeding capacity

7/1/2008 5:07:44 PM

More aggressive adoption campaign, possibly with training assistance.

7/1/2008 5:07:25 PM

Don't let ranchers "free range" cattle on government owned lands

7/1/2008 5:06:56 PM

Only by selected professionals who will cull the herd wisely and the meat donated to food shelters

7/1/2008 5:06:37 PM

reopen slaughter industry in US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/1/2008 5:05:59 PM


7/1/2008 5:04:48 PM

birth control

7/1/2008 5:03:55 PM

Treat wild horses like a national treasure.

7/1/2008 5:02:27 PM

Cut # of cattle & sheep in 1/2 & let horses be!

7/1/2008 5:02:26 PM

Why waste? They should be used for dog food or human consupmtion. This is a viable for unwanted ho

7/1/2008 5:02:21 PM

And Cattle should not be grazing on Public Land.If you don't have your own land, don't raise cattle.

7/1/2008 5:00:30 PM

selective castration

7/1/2008 4:58:27 PM

Spay/Neuter + freeze-brand and release again. Feed-through hormones preventing pregnancies.

7/1/2008 4:58:23 PM

I'd rather see them euthanized verses being shot or shipped to slaughterhouses.

7/1/2008 4:56:25 PM

Euthanasia as in shooting? sterilization - how about trap, neuter and release stallions. Of

7/1/2008 4:56:18 PM

wildlife contraception to manage population growth

7/1/2008 4:56:09 PM

euthanize people who try to take therel lands. this would help control the people population.

7/1/2008 4:55:09 PM


7/1/2008 4:53:18 PM

Let them live--get the cattle and sheep out!

7/1/2008 4:53:09 PM


7/1/2008 4:52:12 PM

Round up the new offspring and yearlings and tame them.

7/1/2008 4:51:39 PM

Kick the rich ranchers who are paying hardly anything for grazing rights off the public lands.

7/1/2008 4:51:17 PM

How about gelding the stallions?

7/1/2008 4:50:47 PM

shrink the cattle herds

7/1/2008 4:49:41 PM

Give the excess to the PETA people and legislators that voted to stop slaughter.

7/1/2008 4:49:11 PM

let the people vote.Wild horses or cattle and sheep on our public land. I vote for horses

7/1/2008 4:48:06 PM

find some land where they can run free the way they are supposed to.

7/1/2008 4:47:51 PM

Start euthanizing humans, they overpopulated the planet. More room for animals.

7/1/2008 4:47:21 PM

Shoot the government?Or the cattle ranchers?

7/1/2008 4:47:08 PM


7/1/2008 4:46:40 PM

I think that ALL healthy animals should be protected and allowed to be placed up for adoption

7/1/2008 4:46:35 PM


7/1/2008 4:46:20 PM

less cattle and sheep -import red wolves

7/1/2008 4:45:52 PM

gelding and steralizing some of them

7/1/2008 4:45:50 PM

sterilization to limit reporduction & encouraging more pre-adoption training programs for the horses

7/1/2008 4:45:34 PM


7/1/2008 4:45:07 PM

a comprehensive plan executed by non-special interest groups

7/1/2008 4:45:00 PM

I adopted a BLM mustang 16 yrs ago -- great horse, exceeded my expectations!

7/1/2008 4:44:18 PM

Re-open the US Slaughter Facilities!!!

7/1/2008 4:44:13 PM

Humane transport & slaughter

7/1/2008 4:44:09 PM

better oral birth control via feed

7/1/2008 4:44:04 PM

move the darn cows!!!!

7/1/2008 4:44:01 PM

Maybe. Euthanizing would be more humane than allowing them to starve to death. Rescues are full.

7/1/2008 4:43:35 PM

I'd like to see stallions gelded or birth control given to the mares if that could be done.

7/1/2008 4:43:22 PM

Leave them in the wild, on the lands set aside for them in the first place.

7/1/2008 4:43:21 PM

Leave them alone and let the cattle ranchers find pasture the way the rest of us do.

7/1/2008 4:43:05 PM

stop developing their territory!

7/1/2008 4:42:36 PM

Catch and geld the stallions beginning as early as weanlings

7/1/2008 4:42:23 PM

OPT for BLM reform What a rotten group You tax dollars going to waste!

7/1/2008 4:41:34 PM

birth control for the mares

7/1/2008 4:41:30 PM

Sterilization of mares and stallions in wild populations would help keep the numbers down as well.

7/1/2008 4:40:31 PM

adopt some out and leave the rest ALONE to be free.

7/1/2008 4:39:07 PM

Kick the Rolex cattle ranchers off govt. land leased for pennies on the dollar!!

7/1/2008 4:37:35 PM

Move the cattle off the land and let the horses be!

7/1/2008 4:37:14 PM

Manage the cattle, etc.!

7/1/2008 4:36:47 PM

There are too many people who would take a wild horse and care for it to even consider euthanizing.

7/1/2008 4:36:42 PM

continue and expand the current rtaining for adoption programs.

7/1/2008 4:35:15 PM

Not a function of the government.

7/1/2008 4:35:09 PM

the cattle and sheep ranchers need to buy and graze their own land

7/1/2008 4:34:47 PM

Intorducing them into state parks across the country.

7/1/2008 4:34:47 PM


7/1/2008 4:34:00 PM

Provide more land for them. I'd much rather see my tax dollars used for open land projects than war

7/1/2008 4:33:35 PM

Expandind the adoption program, making more information available to the public.

7/1/2008 4:32:29 PM

continue adoption and add more mustang challenges

7/1/2008 4:30:26 PM

I don't know of any. Sorry, we have an overpopulation of abandoned and neglected horses already.

7/1/2008 4:30:20 PM

slaughter houses

7/1/2008 4:30:08 PM

gelding stallions or sterilize mares

7/1/2008 4:29:07 PM

The ponies on Assateague Island have been maintained using hormone injections on the mares.

7/1/2008 4:28:30 PM

better mgmt of cattle grazing on federal lands

7/1/2008 4:28:21 PM

Gelding the stallions,birth control for the mares,let the captured ones free.

7/1/2008 4:28:05 PM

Nice job people! Take away the slaughter option and you have compounded the problem.

7/1/2008 4:27:32 PM

Castration of most wild stallions as well as yearlings so that the future numbers are controlled.

7/1/2008 4:26:58 PM

The unadoptable ones in pens for life should have their spirits set free.

7/1/2008 4:26:36 PM

continue with adoption

7/1/2008 4:26:16 PM

The farmers leasing federal land should share the range with the wild horses, Castration and release

7/1/2008 4:25:55 PM

Birth control and adoption.

7/1/2008 4:25:21 PM

sterilization of stallions, develop a long term injection to prevent mares from cycling

7/1/2008 4:24:50 PM

careful implementation of contraceptive measures

7/1/2008 4:24:04 PM

catch, sedate, geld

7/1/2008 4:23:26 PM

have a healthy number, controlled sterilization, pens-no!

7/1/2008 4:23:06 PM

A dedicated tax on certain horse items (non-essentials).

7/1/2008 4:22:19 PM

Confim BLM accurate re too many, ensure genetic diversity, chemical birth control of certain mares.

7/1/2008 4:22:17 PM

Take the cattle off the public ranges and let the wild horses alone.

7/1/2008 4:21:24 PM

leave them alone and nature will take care of all

7/1/2008 4:20:44 PM

Geld all stallions except those desired by breeders and over time disperse all herds

7/1/2008 4:18:28 PM

Reasonable adoptions at more sites around country (less distance to travel)

7/1/2008 4:17:37 PM

Please find good homes for these horses or relocate them.

7/1/2008 4:17:05 PM


7/1/2008 4:16:46 PM

Let them run! The land is public, it doesn't belong to cattle ranchers!

7/1/2008 4:16:36 PM

let nature take it's course.

7/1/2008 4:14:51 PM

expand wild horse territory by reducing human population and encroachment.

7/1/2008 4:14:30 PM


7/1/2008 4:13:45 PM

separate mares & stallions

7/1/2008 4:13:30 PM

europe has lead the way in many humane ways of euthanizing. We cannot allow so many to starve !

7/1/2008 4:13:02 PM

They should be used to feed zoo animals or for dog food

7/1/2008 4:12:54 PM

loosen adoption rules

7/1/2008 4:12:22 PM

Use a product that causes infertility in mares and/or stallions.

7/1/2008 4:12:00 PM

raise grazing fees for ranchers

7/1/2008 4:11:04 PM

quit allowing the cattle ranchers a free ride on the taxpayers and give us back our wild horses.

7/1/2008 4:11:04 PM

What about the cattle and other livestock on OUR land?

7/1/2008 4:10:43 PM

stop rounding them up and letting the ranchers buy land the horses are entitled to!

7/1/2008 4:10:41 PM

Capture and sterilize as necessary.

7/1/2008 4:10:25 PM

Birth contr 35K wild horses left on public lands vs 6 MILLION private owned livestock move the cows

7/1/2008 4:10:12 PM

government funding

7/1/2008 4:10:08 PM

When left alone the balance of predator to prey is established

7/1/2008 4:09:30 PM

A contraceptive vaccines, as such on Asseteague Island. Adoption promoted better.

7/1/2008 4:06:29 PM

these horses are in public lands. get rid of the cattle

7/1/2008 4:06:06 PM

no cattle, sheep or other special interest use

7/1/2008 4:05:47 PM

stallion castration

7/1/2008 4:05:35 PM

Getting rid of the 6 million cows that the cattlemen put on that same grazing land

7/1/2008 4:05:13 PM

spaying or SLR procedure

7/1/2008 4:05:06 PM

Reopen slaughter plants and supervise slaughter

7/1/2008 4:04:44 PM

More adoption, change there grazing areas, utilize more areas for grazing

7/1/2008 4:04:34 PM

Selective culling for older, crippled, or diseased members of the herd when round-ups occur.L

7/1/2008 4:03:17 PM

Better than holding them in pens for years

7/1/2008 4:03:14 PM

More sharing of the land. Its public land isn't it? shouldn't the public have a say on what grazes

7/1/2008 4:02:43 PM

To reduce the populations of domestic livestock grazing on the land.

7/1/2008 4:02:26 PM

Charge more than $1 for cattle grazing

7/1/2008 4:01:44 PM

Use tax money to selectively geld or do vasectomies on select youngsters.

7/1/2008 4:01:35 PM

Reopen the 100 Horse Mangement Areas the BLM switched over to cattle grazing.

7/1/2008 4:01:28 PM


7/1/2008 4:01:15 PM

They are supposed to be protected. Remove the cattle from their land and leave them alone!

7/1/2008 4:00:46 PM

control the other livestock like sheep and cows

7/1/2008 4:00:34 PM

Find local/state govts nationwide willing to take herds, place them on gov land for all to enjoy

7/1/2008 4:00:29 PM


7/1/2008 4:00:06 PM

BIRTH CONTROL, more awareness of adoptions, more programs to gentle them to make them adoptable

7/1/2008 3:59:24 PM

How about making fewer people so that other species have room to live too?

7/1/2008 3:59:19 PM


7/1/2008 3:56:41 PM

I don't like it, but the alternative of starving to death is not pretty either.

7/1/2008 3:55:35 PM

Capture the stallions and after gelding them, release them back into the herds

7/1/2008 3:54:16 PM

Castrate the stallions.

7/1/2008 3:53:40 PM

Castrating, and release, more prison taming programs that use Brian Neubert and Ray Hunt methods!

7/1/2008 3:53:40 PM

With modern technology there must be a way to either make mares or stallions sterile

7/1/2008 3:53:25 PM

Adopt, special needs companion animals, etc America was built with and by the Mustangs!!!

7/1/2008 3:52:12 PM

hence the word "WILD" leave them alone

7/1/2008 3:52:03 PM

More adoption sites

7/1/2008 3:51:44 PM

Capture and geld the stallions and then release them

7/1/2008 3:51:41 PM


7/1/2008 3:50:22 PM

auction off excess

7/1/2008 3:50:14 PM

Spend some of that money to geld more stallions

7/1/2008 3:49:18 PM


7/1/2008 3:48:23 PM

create preserves on National Park land. Birth control measures similar to those available for deer.

7/1/2008 3:47:49 PM

Only the unwanted ones

7/1/2008 3:47:46 PM

would the government be thinking of euthanizing the cattle or sheep that roam the same ranges?

7/1/2008 3:46:58 PM

Birth Control first undesirable older major flawed conformation horses could be put down if done hum

7/1/2008 3:46:04 PM

how about the slr section ligation release to reduce the breeding

7/1/2008 3:43:51 PM

put htem on federal protective land

7/1/2008 3:43:01 PM

larger horse herds then birth control, not elimination from the wild as some biologists want

7/1/2008 3:42:33 PM

Neutiering by some means is far more acceptable.

7/1/2008 3:42:24 PM

let them be adopted

7/1/2008 3:40:57 PM

But they should not be wasted, they could at least be used for pet/zoo food.

7/1/2008 3:40:56 PM

sterilization, castrating inferior males, but do not kill

7/1/2008 3:40:04 PM

ONLY if a horse is lame, ill, or otherwise unadoptable or unsafe/unsound.

7/1/2008 3:39:05 PM

Feral horse herds should be rather tightly controlled--a few small herds for the tourists.

7/1/2008 3:38:50 PM

There is not that many wild horses left!

7/1/2008 3:38:28 PM

Create wild horse open range zoo/sanctuaries where the public can pay to see, drive through, photogr

7/1/2008 3:37:41 PM

Castration of the studs

7/1/2008 3:37:34 PM

castration of males

7/1/2008 3:36:44 PM

Man created this problem - man needs to accpet responsibility, not kill!!

7/1/2008 3:36:33 PM

The West is already over built straining rescources (especially water). Birth Control to limit #s

7/1/2008 3:35:54 PM

Sterilize them

7/1/2008 3:34:57 PM

casteration on the weaker ones

7/1/2008 3:33:35 PM

These are not wild, they are feral. We don't need 57,000 of them

7/1/2008 3:33:02 PM

sterilize some

7/1/2008 3:31:30 PM

Capture, geld and release stallions

7/1/2008 3:30:01 PM


7/1/2008 3:29:49 PM

capture & castrate stallions

7/1/2008 3:29:23 PM


7/1/2008 3:28:13 PM

capture castrate and release

7/1/2008 3:27:11 PM

Absolutely not! It's murder to kill living beings for ridicuous reasons. Birth control instead!

7/1/2008 3:27:10 PM

Castrate the stallions

7/1/2008 3:26:43 PM

if humans upset the natural balance by eliminating natural predators, that may be the only option.

7/1/2008 3:26:18 PM

Keep the US slaughter houses open.

7/1/2008 3:26:14 PM

viable birth control methods already exist and can be administered easliy with dart guns.

7/1/2008 3:25:18 PM

Gelding the stallions to reduce the herd population from growing.

7/1/2008 3:25:07 PM

Charge more money for range fees from cattle and sheep ranchers & apply to NWHB program.

7/1/2008 3:24:57 PM

Castration of some stallions

7/1/2008 3:23:42 PM

Geld and Spay the mares

7/1/2008 3:21:50 PM

how about castration of all but select males?

7/1/2008 3:20:57 PM

I think humane slaughter even for human consumption is a practical and humane solution.

7/1/2008 3:19:55 PM

How about birth control? Selective gelding or spaying. Also how about giving away younger horses

7/1/2008 3:19:54 PM

Capture, sterilize and release them.

7/1/2008 3:19:03 PM

Yes, but ONLY if the population level is causing health problems in the herd!

7/1/2008 3:16:55 PM

The mag just ran the castration article. Reduce breeding

7/1/2008 3:16:46 PM

better management of the herds. perhaps open more areas up. they already use birth control.

7/1/2008 3:15:27 PM

Maybe if the BLM castrates the stallions that would be cheaper than all thier doing now..

7/1/2008 3:15:23 PM

it is so hard now a days for it is getting harder to read stories that people in florida any way are

7/1/2008 3:15:15 PM


7/1/2008 3:13:59 PM

Ranches graze animals for cents on PUBLIC land. Send horses east for adoption - all were adopted

7/1/2008 3:13:27 PM

Not with so many birth control options

7/1/2008 3:13:17 PM

castration and/or sterilization of mares

7/1/2008 3:12:58 PM

castrate the (young) stallions, sell the foals and yearlings to a good home

7/1/2008 3:12:29 PM

Gov't should fund selective sterilization of American legacy - wild horses

7/1/2008 3:12:13 PM

drop the adoption fee

7/1/2008 3:12:13 PM


7/1/2008 3:11:35 PM

Put in place a program to sterilize selected mares and stallions

7/1/2008 3:11:18 PM

gelding the stallions or sterilizing the mares

7/1/2008 3:11:06 PM

Introduction of sterile mares, cutting the herd down and adoption.

7/1/2008 3:10:32 PM

If done humanely and not through slaughter houses.

7/1/2008 3:09:36 PM

Public lands belong to the horses and public, too, not the ranchers exclusively.Birth Control!

7/1/2008 3:09:30 PM

only as a last resort. find them homes,

7/1/2008 3:09:07 PM

Let them remain in the wild as they have for hundreds of years! Perhaps some sterilization is needed

7/1/2008 3:07:55 PM

If it is Federal land, those horses have a much right as any other critter living on the land.

7/1/2008 3:07:43 PM

I'm an owner of 2 mustangs and hate the BLM system. They don't make sure the horses go to good home

7/1/2008 3:06:54 PM

HISTORIC TREASURES! Birth Control, adoption.

7/1/2008 3:06:05 PM

Geld the stallions and how about giving the mares birth control like we do deer and other animals?

7/1/2008 3:06:01 PM

Slaughter needs to be legalized again and used as a tool

7/1/2008 3:05:54 PM

birth control for the mares and limit the number of cattle and sheep on the government lands . The r

7/1/2008 3:05:30 PM

People should get their act together and HELP these animals instead of turning their heads.

7/1/2008 3:04:43 PM


7/1/2008 3:04:31 PM

Only the old and sick

7/1/2008 3:04:27 PM

porcine zona pellucida

7/1/2008 3:04:12 PM

vasectomies for males

7/1/2008 3:04:04 PM

birth control of unsuitable mares

7/1/2008 3:03:45 PM

adoptions first option.

7/1/2008 3:02:27 PM

It's just SAD!

7/1/2008 3:01:16 PM

geld many of the stallions

7/1/2008 3:00:57 PM

Get the cattle ranchers off the property

7/1/2008 3:00:28 PM

birth control

7/1/2008 3:00:24 PM

gelded stallions, and spayed mares

7/1/2008 3:00:16 PM

Adoption and additional advertising for those who are new to horse ownership.

7/1/2008 2:59:58 PM

Adoption and bring back horse slaughter for those that can't be rehabilitated.

7/1/2008 2:57:54 PM

Only aged or permanently lame horses should be euthanized

7/1/2008 2:57:35 PM

Sentimentality aside, it's better for them in the long run.

7/1/2008 2:57:09 PM

something humane must be done, there are too many domestic horses also

7/1/2008 2:53:52 PM

What is it about "open range" that I'm missing here? You want the horses gone, buy the land.

7/1/2008 2:52:57 PM

let the ranchers buy their feed just like I do,mustangs were there first

7/1/2008 2:51:14 PM

I read somewhere about a horse birthcontrol, that keeps the mares sterile for up to 5 years

7/1/2008 2:50:22 PM

More adoptions, geldings for males and then re-release into the wild

7/1/2008 2:49:03 PM

Find homes for them

7/1/2008 2:48:41 PM

Sterilization. The wild horse is an American Icon. Euthanazia is wrong and indespicable.

7/1/2008 2:48:31 PM


7/1/2008 2:47:57 PM

birth control with drugs

7/1/2008 2:47:05 PM

They will self regulate as nature provides a natural way to control populations

7/1/2008 2:46:20 PM

Round 'em up and geld the majority of the stallions!!!

7/1/2008 2:46:12 PM

Maybe we should think about controlling the population of humans!

7/1/2008 2:45:33 PM

Just another by-product of closing the killer market. What other option is there?

7/1/2008 2:45:27 PM

Birth Control and close the free ride "Open Ranges" that ranchers get!

7/1/2008 2:40:29 PM


7/1/2008 2:35:52 PM


7/1/2008 2:34:33 PM

selective birth control

7/1/2008 2:34:05 PM

Human sterilization to stop encroaching on wild animals' land.

7/1/2008 2:32:44 PM

hard to believe that's the best solution for anybody but the ranchers

7/1/2008 2:29:32 PM

None as there is an overflow of unwanted horses already in the market!

7/1/2008 2:27:14 PM

capture and castration...similar to tag and release with other animals

7/1/2008 2:24:02 PM

Stop the backyard breeders / sterilize the stallions

7/1/2008 2:23:38 PM

Has to be a way to see that all wildlife can co-exist!

7/1/2008 2:13:14 PM

If you don't want horses euthanized, adopt one.

7/1/2008 1:50:12 PM

geld some of the stallions. It is not their fault we take their land from them to live.

7/1/2008 1:35:23 PM

ovarectomy of fillies. Even if they didn't get ALL of them, it would reduce # of foals being born

7/1/2008 1:08:39 PM

Castrate the stallions.

7/1/2008 12:52:14 PM

natural selection

7/1/2008 12:50:02 PM

maybe relocate them to other ranges, stop rounding them up

7/1/2008 12:44:41 PM

allow people to adopt them

7/1/2008 12:43:25 PM

BLM's advertising for adoptions is very poor and it may help if they come with a booklet on gentling

7/1/2008 12:07:51 PM

only sick or injured horses should be euth, sterilization, adoption better

7/1/2008 12:04:02 PM

Castrate stallions

7/1/2008 12:00:54 PM

stop building greedy governments

7/1/2008 11:22:48 AM

adopting them out

7/1/2008 10:58:37 AM

Natural birth control methods and a capture/castration on some of the stallions if necessary.

7/1/2008 10:47:11 AM

reduce the number of cattle and sheep allowed to graze public lands

7/1/2008 10:19:10 AM

Begin with euthanizing some cattle, sheep and then ranchers. Or castrate the horses.

7/1/2008 10:14:00 AM

It's better than slaughter, but best is to control pop. thru oral birth control like with deer pop.

7/1/2008 9:50:45 AM