Where's the Hay!?

Are you having problems getting hay?


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we are not having any trouble, and we live in a really dry state!

6/16/2008 11:42:42 PM

Luckily, my barn manager makes his own.

6/16/2008 9:49:26 PM

We grow it

6/16/2008 6:52:38 PM

It just costs a lot for small bales

6/16/2008 5:51:03 PM

current supplier is retiring, no one else in area selling

6/16/2008 3:22:06 PM

I grow my own

6/16/2008 3:05:27 PM

Buying 110lb bales of Bermuda in San Diego area for $16.

6/16/2008 2:08:12 PM

available but the price has skyrocketed

6/16/2008 1:35:10 PM

Problems getting orchard grass hay.

6/16/2008 1:21:03 PM

Big businesses buy out the hay, the rest of us struggle.

6/16/2008 12:43:52 PM

but it is expensive!

6/15/2008 10:52:10 PM

I can get it but the quality is horrible

6/15/2008 10:32:12 PM

Bailed our pasture and just bought for $3.00 a bale

6/15/2008 8:08:22 PM

We are fortunate enough to have a local supplier. It is rainy season here in FL, no problem growing.

6/15/2008 6:19:17 PM

Poor quality hay, and not many hay fields around.

6/15/2008 6:11:31 PM

fortunately my hay guy has been in the business for two generations but price has increased.

6/15/2008 5:16:39 PM

problem finding good hay.

6/15/2008 4:09:39 PM

lock in w/local farmer for

6/15/2008 4:02:39 PM

I started using dengi since hay is hard to get and what is available is poor quality.

6/15/2008 3:30:21 PM

To large of a demand, just not enough hay.

6/15/2008 3:03:41 PM

Very expensive but available.

6/15/2008 1:46:25 PM

Expensive and quality is sometimes questionable.

6/15/2008 1:17:59 PM

Not enough rain in this part of Texas!

6/15/2008 11:58:33 AM

Too much rain now, and no extra from the drought last year.

6/15/2008 10:45:41 AM

We buy from one supplier & pay on delivery & he takes good care of us

6/15/2008 2:08:19 AM

hay grown on farm

6/15/2008 12:00:27 AM

In Australia, my hay has gone from $25 a bale to $16 a bale, but delivery is expensive.

6/14/2008 9:20:29 PM

at $8.00 per bale that is

6/14/2008 8:53:01 PM

hay is too high of price and there is not enough of it

6/14/2008 7:54:03 PM

But having problems paying the price

6/14/2008 6:42:15 PM

the hay farmers are all transporting their hay to the coast where they can demand higher prices.

6/14/2008 4:51:09 PM

it costs too much or it is old

6/14/2008 3:40:45 PM

grow my own but costs have doubled to do it

6/14/2008 2:08:31 PM

have a great hay supplier,plenty of hay,great price($3/bale) (no, I won't give you his name)

6/14/2008 2:07:07 PM

Alfalfa keeps going up but I've had no problem getting it. Last year it was $6per bale. This years??

6/14/2008 1:55:06 PM

treating lameness

6/14/2008 1:05:05 PM

our barn grows its own hay

6/14/2008 9:56:40 AM

No problem getting good hay; YET!

6/14/2008 12:37:06 AM

large stable with commited grower

6/14/2008 12:06:57 AM

Not yet, but I keep expecting it to happen. Hopefully I can get some local oat hay again this year.

6/13/2008 11:58:06 PM

It won't stop raining......

6/13/2008 10:50:23 PM

own 8 acres field0share it with the gy who bales it

6/13/2008 10:48:33 PM

Hay is extremely hard to get & so high; $5 small square bale in MN

6/13/2008 9:29:19 PM

Our local suppliers are baling this year's crop right now.

6/13/2008 8:28:47 PM

The price this year has doubled since last year and due tot he drout here in CA.

6/13/2008 7:11:16 PM

It's expensive! $16.95 a bale

6/13/2008 6:09:00 PM

waiting for second cutting@

6/13/2008 5:50:19 PM

drought in our area

6/13/2008 3:12:58 PM

we make our ownand what we dont use, we sell

6/13/2008 3:08:49 PM

tons of hay but too wet to cut. Getting too big and tough .

6/13/2008 2:24:02 PM

We're paying $13 per 80-100# bale!

6/13/2008 1:01:04 PM

I buy over5000 bales a year so hay growers cater to me.

6/13/2008 12:17:08 PM

Good quality hay. Having major weed problems in Nevada.

6/13/2008 11:21:12 AM

No problem in getting it, just in paying for it!

6/13/2008 11:05:44 AM

Nice hayis available, but costly. Not as bad as West Coast, tho! Yikes!

6/13/2008 11:04:17 AM

$16.95 per 100 lb. bale for Alfalfa and $15.95 for Bermuda

6/13/2008 10:34:04 AM

Less and less people are farming and with weather , it is not good quality as in past

6/13/2008 9:39:07 AM

farmers think their hay is gold when really it is just good enough to get by with

6/13/2008 8:39:49 AM

Not now, it was scarce last fall though.

6/13/2008 8:34:59 AM

cost much more than last year

6/13/2008 8:28:09 AM

A fella grows and cuts down the road from my home

6/13/2008 7:29:56 AM

but the cost is unbelievable

6/13/2008 6:49:10 AM

We live in WI, been very rainy, normally we'd have 1st cut now, but it's been to wet to cut hay

6/13/2008 2:10:16 AM

I need grass hay for an IR horse and can't find any.

6/13/2008 1:58:13 AM

It's just very expensive!!

6/13/2008 1:52:29 AM

but it has doubled - tripled in price in 5 years

6/13/2008 1:25:27 AM

I can get it at $250.00/ton. What's going on??

6/12/2008 11:51:36 PM

too much rain to late in spring,out of last years hay

6/12/2008 11:37:42 PM

Still able to get from local ranchers

6/12/2008 10:55:41 PM

our primary supplier has 100 bales put up instead of 2000 so far this yaer.

6/12/2008 10:23:27 PM

No but the prices are getting ridiculous just like gas!

6/12/2008 10:04:50 PM

Yikes....and I thought fuel was expensive! Wheres the hay in NH?????

6/12/2008 9:36:17 PM

Feed Store = price gauging. Luckily, only one horse now.

6/12/2008 9:20:15 PM

No problem getting it. Just affording it!!

6/12/2008 9:01:56 PM

Just very expensive

6/12/2008 8:30:58 PM

I planted 5 acres in alf alfa. Just had enough for 5 horses last winter. With our drought 60 bales

6/12/2008 8:30:43 PM

I have two hay producers in NY

6/12/2008 8:13:01 PM

there's drought here-Austin area

6/12/2008 7:26:07 PM

We raise our own; some was cut a little late, but it is ok

6/12/2008 7:22:09 PM

I'm sure it will limited this winter so am buying now!

6/12/2008 7:16:09 PM

very expensive, scarce supply

6/12/2008 6:53:36 PM

I live in S.W. PA and small bales are going for 4-5 bucks and round bales can be 40-70$.

6/12/2008 6:47:56 PM

not yet this year, just got 80 bales of rye bermuda mix

6/12/2008 6:40:26 PM

Grow our own. But it will be! very short in 2008, especially with continual bad weather in mt.states

6/12/2008 6:37:00 PM

my dad raises it

6/12/2008 6:00:36 PM

No problems getting it - just the price has gone very high

6/12/2008 5:57:35 PM

good hay is scarce or just plain outrageous in price.

6/12/2008 5:54:35 PM

We can get it but it's getting awfully expensive. We're on Long Island, NY.

6/12/2008 5:50:02 PM

No. If it ever quits raining and they can cut it. I know the price will be way high.

6/12/2008 5:25:40 PM

I'm in the south of England. Hay is wonderful!

6/12/2008 4:55:59 PM

Peopple are taking advantage of the gas prices and charging double for left over hay from last year.

6/12/2008 4:54:23 PM

Prices have gone UP!!! $$$$$$$

6/12/2008 4:31:45 PM

no but, $$$$

6/12/2008 4:13:14 PM

fortunately our neighbor has hay for sale along with our small field of our own

6/12/2008 4:12:31 PM

Lots available, just not always top quality.

6/12/2008 4:08:54 PM

keeps raining

6/12/2008 4:05:55 PM

after a shortage last year we grew our own this year

6/12/2008 4:05:12 PM

its is expensive and poor quality

6/12/2008 4:01:21 PM

making my own seems impossible due to rain, forced to buy $$

6/12/2008 3:42:44 PM

We have a standing relationship with a local cattle farmer who provides us with excellent hay

6/12/2008 3:37:35 PM

But it has doubled in price in the last few years!

6/12/2008 3:23:57 PM

Our family grows/cuts our own hay.

6/12/2008 3:19:45 PM

I can't afford it!!!!

6/12/2008 3:18:18 PM

But it's getting harder to pay the prices.

6/12/2008 3:13:19 PM

But I have my own hay fields for cutting and am in Canada!!! Hope the rain stops soon.

6/12/2008 3:10:52 PM

We cut and bale our own hay plus buying off the fields of neighbors.

6/12/2008 2:47:49 PM

Either I have a good source & they run out or they sell me garbage

6/12/2008 2:21:59 PM

No, but our board went up because hay costs more. I am not sure hay has gone up as much as stated

6/12/2008 1:37:30 PM

Retired farmer neighbor still square bales horse hay!

6/12/2008 1:07:59 PM

I used to.. now I get my hay from a dairy farmer. The bales are 3x3x10.

6/12/2008 12:31:54 PM

I have contracted for hay, with all the flooding whether or not I get it is another question.

6/12/2008 12:27:24 PM

We grow our own. LOTS of work, but we get the kind we want

6/12/2008 12:25:24 PM

We grow cut and bale our own!

6/12/2008 11:58:07 AM

we get on the list every year. we got good hay but it cost $4.50/bale

6/12/2008 11:38:42 AM

i dont have horses. no hay needed

6/12/2008 11:26:31 AM

I live N. of Hou. TX, have no trouble getting hay, it's just exp. 9 bucks sq bale of coastal.

6/12/2008 11:09:52 AM

I grow and bale my own mix timothy, smooth brome orchard grass

6/12/2008 11:06:59 AM

spring drought, slow growing season

6/12/2008 11:04:56 AM

reliable supplier in PA

6/12/2008 10:39:51 AM

Almost did not make it through winter. Prices have sky rocketed.due to gas prices

6/12/2008 10:36:53 AM

We make our own hay.

6/12/2008 10:00:45 AM

T&A expensive. Tifton is ok, but no rain will make it harder to get

6/12/2008 9:50:16 AM

It's getting expensive, $200 per ton in SE Wyoming.

6/12/2008 9:42:26 AM

I have all I need plus some to spare!

6/12/2008 9:34:06 AM

so expensive and the hay is of poor quality

6/12/2008 9:23:34 AM

I live in a farming area and hay is available even in 'bad times' it's just poor quality then.

6/12/2008 7:49:20 AM

too wet in eastern nebraska to cut and bale

6/12/2008 1:44:08 AM

to much of a demand where we live not a long enough good weather window for more than one crop

6/12/2008 12:26:52 AM

No not at this time but I know the price on this summers cost is going way up.

6/11/2008 11:54:08 PM

No shortages here, just more expensive this year.

6/11/2008 11:32:37 PM

Our problem is the cost is astronomical. All of are hay is trucked in from NY or Canada.

6/11/2008 11:22:27 PM

there just is not a lot of hay being grown

6/11/2008 11:17:57 PM

Plenty of first cutting Timothy & Orchard Grass nice 50lb.+ little square bales in PA

6/11/2008 11:00:02 PM

affording it is more the question

6/11/2008 10:39:13 PM

I reserve mine from a ranch every year. The prices are getting high though due to high fuel costs.

6/11/2008 10:18:58 PM

we have had so much rain, there is plentiful hay, native and bermuda, it is just real mature and ste

6/11/2008 10:06:34 PM

First cutting available at $5/bale; last purchase in March was $6.50 and poor quality.

6/11/2008 9:36:22 PM

I live in Pennsylvania - no problem for hay.

6/11/2008 9:19:47 PM

we produce our own

6/11/2008 8:32:43 PM

Zoning laws in Houston,Tx suburbs are anti livestock, need 5 acres for ONE pig or horse,

6/11/2008 8:31:43 PM

raise my own

6/11/2008 8:13:08 PM

Shortages of all types, two wire, short bales only available, inferior - sometimes inedible.

6/11/2008 8:13:00 PM

We run a 501c3 rescue and have many extra horses. Have had to use large amounts of forage extender.

6/11/2008 7:39:47 PM

I can get plenty of alfalfa hay but not Burmuda grass hay.

6/11/2008 6:32:53 PM

I live in NM and my hay man sells all he has every cutting. People are expecting hay to go to $25 a

6/11/2008 6:15:28 PM

too much rain!!!!!!!!!!

6/11/2008 5:32:36 PM

Paying throught the nose, but getting it.

6/11/2008 5:28:45 PM

We cut, bale and hale our own hay and alfalfa

6/11/2008 4:56:39 PM

the cost is increased.

6/11/2008 4:49:02 PM

Have used the same supplier for several years.

6/11/2008 4:46:22 PM

We grow our own

6/11/2008 4:30:23 PM

aus horses nomming on cardboard

6/11/2008 3:42:22 PM

Nothing grows here

6/11/2008 3:41:58 PM

too high

6/11/2008 3:09:16 PM

I buy from the same person every year and he makes sure I have enough before others are offered.

6/11/2008 3:08:30 PM

hay isd in short supply because of cold, dry spring - 50% less yield and increase cost of diesel

6/11/2008 2:55:31 PM

We grow our own.

6/11/2008 2:53:22 PM

Not yet having a problem with availability. Just watching the price climb higher and higher.

6/11/2008 2:45:05 PM

not right now. As long as rains continue we should be ok.

6/11/2008 2:39:42 PM

Texas is good right now, at least in the Dallas area

6/11/2008 2:15:25 PM

will be with all the flooding in south central Wisconsin

6/11/2008 1:53:21 PM

my husband nows a guy that works with him and he cut 200 bales just for me

6/11/2008 1:51:22 PM

It's always available, but costs much more in winter to buy PA & NY imported bales.

6/11/2008 1:42:44 PM

NE Kansas in good shape

6/11/2008 1:40:31 PM

Drought and high fuel costs

6/11/2008 1:34:21 PM

my long term hay guy just stopped returning my calls!

6/11/2008 1:21:29 PM

No problems thankfully, our horses have access to free choice hay 24/7

6/11/2008 1:06:30 PM

Hay is available but not the same quality as before 2007 cutting season. I'm paysing much more

6/11/2008 12:50:13 PM

Always keep a good relationship with your hay provider!

6/11/2008 12:45:30 PM

we cut and sell our own hay, and sell to others, including breeders, vets, and stable

6/11/2008 12:41:44 PM

We live in the Nevada desert and the closest hay we have is around 200 miles away. Help!!!

6/11/2008 12:32:59 PM

I get it from the same place every year. The price has gone up.

6/11/2008 12:30:11 PM

Last year was hard finding hay - we grow 3/4 or what we need but due to drought, only got 1/3 last

6/11/2008 12:06:03 PM

It is twice as much as last year!

6/11/2008 12:05:36 PM

we raise our own

6/11/2008 11:44:24 AM

Cost has gone out the ceiling

6/11/2008 11:34:58 AM

I board at a large equestrian center

6/11/2008 11:30:58 AM

not yet

6/11/2008 11:19:21 AM

Lack of rain has caused shortage and high prices

6/11/2008 11:18:49 AM

fortunately, we grow our own

6/11/2008 11:11:57 AM

too expensive for the quality found

6/11/2008 11:09:24 AM

The ranches have been out of hay for months. The feed stores ran out last week. Rain, snow today.

6/11/2008 11:04:12 AM

We make our own.

6/11/2008 11:02:44 AM

grass hay. we feed stable mix once a day and hay for the second feeding

6/11/2008 11:02:25 AM

We grow our own. The problem is harvesting between rains.

6/11/2008 11:02:02 AM

We raise our own hay.

6/11/2008 11:00:46 AM

Comes from "far" away. Any local hay is very poor quality.

6/11/2008 10:58:31 AM

And quality is uneven

6/11/2008 10:58:13 AM

I'm in Central California. But it is more expensive of course, and price rising.

6/11/2008 10:55:13 AM

We grow our own hay, so we won't have the problems so many others are having.

6/11/2008 10:42:57 AM

live in isolated community and standards are high

6/11/2008 10:40:15 AM

rain, wet, surrounded by hay fields none of them cut

6/11/2008 10:35:54 AM

I bale my own

6/11/2008 10:30:05 AM

even with drought last yr/i never had a problem with getting quality hay

6/11/2008 10:20:52 AM

We produce our own on a 55 acre hay meadow and have had more than enough rain to support its growth.

6/11/2008 10:17:16 AM

I cut my own from a 9acre field

6/11/2008 10:13:34 AM

yes drought is killing us but right now we got it but it won't last!!

6/11/2008 10:11:43 AM

So far, in Texas, we can get coastal grass hay (most common) but it's not cheap.

6/11/2008 10:11:14 AM

I have hay in my field and it's to wet to get it cut. I have people that are driving by stop to buy

6/11/2008 9:59:36 AM

Poor growing conditions last year, rising fuel costs etc are making it difficult to find good hay

6/11/2008 9:37:29 AM

...but the price is killing us!!!!!!!!!!

6/11/2008 9:19:13 AM

Fortunately provider is a distant family relative;price reasonable too, $4.75/bale for timothy

6/11/2008 9:16:05 AM

I like 4-way and my supplier can't get it in.

6/11/2008 9:14:01 AM

plenty of expensive hay!

6/11/2008 9:07:45 AM

not yet, but the hay cutting season has just started

6/11/2008 9:06:52 AM

Not from finding it but from the price. Paying over $1100 for an 80 bale dump.

6/11/2008 8:56:07 AM

THANK GOODNESS we are doing well here in Canada.

6/11/2008 8:52:28 AM

Less farmers = less fields being hayed. There is plenty of hay, just nobody to hay the fields.

6/11/2008 8:48:52 AM

There is only one feed store here and it is privately owned and they basically do what they want,

6/11/2008 8:46:27 AM

We bale our own

6/11/2008 8:36:55 AM

short supply in GA last year, dry weather is continueing

6/11/2008 8:34:56 AM

only until the new crop is off.

6/11/2008 8:32:29 AM

At least not yet

6/11/2008 8:28:08 AM

We can get it -- it's AFFORDING it that's the problem!

6/11/2008 8:24:06 AM

I get the best quality NY 2nd cut hay for my horse who almost died from an ulcer. No problems at all

6/11/2008 8:18:21 AM

Too much rain no one is able to bale

6/11/2008 8:17:38 AM

I live in north west PA and have been buying hay from a local farmer for the last six years.

6/11/2008 8:13:54 AM

Feed stores in Fl. have a large selection , no problems here.

6/11/2008 8:13:31 AM

I have had the same supplier for years, and he is providing our hay again this year.

6/11/2008 8:12:50 AM

well, it's ordered, but not cut yet, so fingers, toes, eyes, everything is crossed it will come.

6/11/2008 7:50:17 AM

I buy from the feedstore right now. Lost a foal due to bad hay in 2006 drought. Better quality now

6/11/2008 7:41:08 AM

We even bale our own hay and have run out. We have not increased or decreased our herd.

6/11/2008 7:25:12 AM

It's time to bring in the hay, and now the rains have started, every few days, ruining the hay.

6/11/2008 7:19:09 AM

We bale our own finally getting some rain!

6/11/2008 7:16:38 AM

We cut our own, good first cutting.

6/11/2008 7:02:30 AM

I live in Port Angeles Wa, and usually get my hay from eastern Wa. Although I can still find hay to

6/11/2008 3:46:56 AM

Big drought in my country (New Zealand) over summer meant pasture wasn't as substantial as normal

6/11/2008 3:13:54 AM

Having problems getting good quality hay. Have to drive far to obtain nice hay.

6/11/2008 3:13:06 AM

Most of the hay ground has been put into corn and soybeans. Hay prices have gone up accordingly.

6/11/2008 2:00:54 AM

Mid-west - so far we will have an excellent hay crop this year

6/11/2008 1:42:30 AM

No, but it is very expensive.

6/11/2008 1:40:51 AM

We'll pay $4 + / bale but that's only because my friend's uncle is our supplier.or it would be $5+

6/11/2008 1:01:59 AM

even tho we live in a hay producing area, all ours is being shipped to CA!

6/11/2008 12:59:16 AM

Phx area locally grown ha is scarce, dealers going to CA, which is of course raising prices.

6/11/2008 12:35:12 AM

Prices are incredulous and the weather is wet. Gas and Diesel are out of this world, we are scared.

6/11/2008 12:33:49 AM

Weather is making us late cutting this year!

6/11/2008 12:23:08 AM

I live on an island off Wash coast and we are having an amazing hay shortage

6/11/2008 12:03:15 AM

not this year -- but, prices are staying higher due to increased cost of fertilizer, fuel, corn

6/10/2008 11:54:51 PM

too much rain

6/10/2008 11:50:09 PM

I board so don't buy directly

6/10/2008 11:30:23 PM

No but prices are high

6/10/2008 11:23:01 PM

we bale our own and sell some too...601-798-8220

6/10/2008 11:08:19 PM

Edmond Oklahoma and the surround area has hay. The quality of the grass hay could improve.

6/10/2008 11:05:55 PM

It's scarce and expensive

6/10/2008 10:59:30 PM

Hay prices are outrageous . $45 per ton more.

6/10/2008 10:56:05 PM

Too rainy right now and they can't get into the fields for their first cut.

6/10/2008 10:54:36 PM

basically no one has any just some alfalfa from last year or straw. there is no timothy

6/10/2008 10:54:05 PM

Last year and the year before was a hit or mis, this year we have LOTS!

6/10/2008 10:52:33 PM

We are having non stop rain and flooding in Wis.

6/10/2008 10:48:36 PM

None available yet, high prices at local feed stores

6/10/2008 10:48:01 PM

We grow our own

6/10/2008 10:39:59 PM

My horses are on pasture for the summer and I haven't tried to buy any yet for winter

6/10/2008 10:37:24 PM

great crops this year in the southeast

6/10/2008 10:31:45 PM

It's due in any time now. I have 300 bales reserved...

6/10/2008 10:29:19 PM

last yr was close. This yr I have already gotten 1st cutting so I will be ok

6/10/2008 10:29:14 PM

Quality hay? YES!!

6/10/2008 10:29:00 PM

normal hay fields are replanted in other crops..weather!!!

6/10/2008 10:14:21 PM

Have deal with local hay farmer.

6/10/2008 10:14:17 PM

Luckily we can grow our own hay and have gotten plenty of rain this year to get LOTS!

6/10/2008 10:12:11 PM

We grow our own hay.

6/10/2008 10:11:50 PM

We grow our own hay

6/10/2008 10:11:05 PM

Got my first batch of first-cut yesterday, and the quality was outstanding (upstate NY)

6/10/2008 10:08:02 PM

I'm sooo fortunate - a neighbor grows coastal and bring a round bale down whenever I need one.

6/10/2008 10:03:09 PM

First cutting has been good...in SW Virginia

6/10/2008 10:03:01 PM

20% higher price because diesel and fertilizer costs more.

6/10/2008 10:01:25 PM

We've had a very cold Spring and hay just isn't growing. Very late this year.

6/10/2008 10:00:51 PM

Price has gone up several dollars a bale for orchard hay in Los Angeles, CA

6/10/2008 9:59:45 PM

No problem, we just called and ordered a quantity of 2nd cut mix grass/alfalfa, He will bale it in e

6/10/2008 9:59:36 PM

but the price is staying high at $13 for 90-100# alfalfa

6/10/2008 9:59:19 PM

I board and we have plenty of hay, but cost may rise due to fuel prices.

6/10/2008 9:59:01 PM

My usual hay grower does not irrigate and we have had no rain.

6/10/2008 9:56:14 PM

Our hayfields are really good this year and last year.

6/10/2008 9:54:50 PM

we make our own

6/10/2008 9:53:05 PM

the hay is thick and plentiful in this first cutting but the farmers are pricing people out of it.

6/10/2008 9:50:48 PM

In SE Wy & WNebraska growing less hay and it's very expensive!

6/10/2008 9:50:40 PM

Our boarding facility is only giving hay once a day as opposed to twice daily, due to the shortage.

6/10/2008 9:49:07 PM

There is plenty of hay but the price is about 60% higher than last year.

6/10/2008 9:48:11 PM

no land field in Thailand

6/10/2008 9:40:58 PM

In WI we have plenty of great grass hay, 1000# shedded square bales

6/10/2008 9:39:48 PM

Many ads in the paper. The man we bought from just baled 800 and has 5 more fields to cut.

6/10/2008 9:39:01 PM

Very high prices,8.00 for three wire bale last fall,up to 17 plus tax in the feed stores,Not cutting

6/10/2008 9:37:35 PM

More rain this year in Tennessee, so far.

6/10/2008 9:37:18 PM

Drought - good hay shipped to mainland Australia at double the normal price so remainder is in shors

6/10/2008 9:34:25 PM

The farmers are out and a new crop is not due until the end of June in NV

6/10/2008 9:32:59 PM

We cut our own.

6/10/2008 9:32:01 PM

Not in north central FL

6/10/2008 9:29:08 PM

2 years ago in Texas with the drought we had trouble

6/10/2008 9:27:37 PM

We have to drive farther, area feed stores are closing due to urban sprawl.

6/10/2008 9:25:04 PM

So much rain, noone has been able to get any baled & anyone with extra hay is hanging on to it.

6/10/2008 9:20:27 PM

Where can we find alfalfa/grass

6/10/2008 9:20:15 PM

Hard to find good hay, and when I do, it's horrifically expensive,

6/10/2008 9:20:13 PM

Poor quality, HIGH prices.

6/10/2008 9:19:41 PM


6/10/2008 9:15:07 PM

I have no problem getting hay here in west Australia only $7-50 bale & its good hay

6/10/2008 9:09:07 PM

relative is hay farmer

6/10/2008 9:08:01 PM

I've now got a stack on order to recieve in 30 days. $250/ton; about 5 tons

6/10/2008 9:05:17 PM

less baled

6/10/2008 9:03:54 PM

round bales $50, wheat/coastal sq bales $4.50

6/10/2008 9:02:42 PM

Big farms buying up all local good quality hay

6/10/2008 8:58:06 PM

Is it a conspiracy to charge $8 a bale when it used to be $3.50?

6/10/2008 8:55:34 PM

We won't be able to cut hay this year because it is so dry and it is expensive to buy

6/10/2008 8:51:51 PM

no rain

6/10/2008 8:48:07 PM

Our usual 1st cutting of pasture grass/hay has been greatly hendered by the midwest flooding

6/10/2008 8:44:32 PM

Have not run out, but hay dealer is really scrambling to keep us supplied and it is expensive

6/10/2008 8:41:53 PM

hay is more limited. have been encouraging people/farmers to grow more hay. Plan to cut more fields.

6/10/2008 8:40:59 PM

Grower for hay & mill for pellets 15 miles away

6/10/2008 8:40:54 PM

I am fortunate to live by 4 haying farms.

6/10/2008 8:40:37 PM

But the quality sucks

6/10/2008 8:37:33 PM

Having trouble with quality though!

6/10/2008 8:37:19 PM

I grow my own.

6/10/2008 8:32:46 PM

We have a good source, and pay well, for teenagers, to put it up for us, plus hay owner storage

6/10/2008 8:30:21 PM

We had a very dry Summer last year...Our barn didn't even have enough to get us through the entire w

6/10/2008 8:20:27 PM

good quality - the crummy stuff is always out there.

6/10/2008 8:15:29 PM

Good horse hay has become scarce and prices have skyrocketed. WA also hard to get small 100# bales

6/10/2008 8:12:43 PM

cause i share crops and prepare.

6/10/2008 8:06:38 PM

The weather in NY State has not been cooperting so far this year!

6/10/2008 8:06:09 PM

New York State

6/10/2008 8:03:42 PM

Price is up though.

6/10/2008 8:01:18 PM

Not yet, I still have about 70 bales from last year

6/10/2008 7:59:51 PM

It is raining too much and I can't get in the meadow to mow! Going to be lots!

6/10/2008 7:53:58 PM

hay quality goes down, prices go up

6/10/2008 7:46:28 PM

not as long as i am willing to pay at least $10.00/bale

6/10/2008 7:45:46 PM

Grow my own.

6/10/2008 7:42:26 PM

Just watch out for unscrupulous hay dealers!

6/10/2008 7:40:21 PM

I grow my own hay so I have hay but if it does not stop raining I will have problems.

6/10/2008 7:36:51 PM

But it is expensive.

6/10/2008 7:36:16 PM

Rain has been much better this year & hay is grown locally

6/10/2008 7:34:31 PM

Finally the new hay crop is in in California. Unfortunately hay prices remain very high.

6/10/2008 7:26:52 PM

Everyone seems to have hay available, but it's twice as much as last year

6/10/2008 7:26:29 PM

It's just expensive as heck! $26/bale of Timothy

6/10/2008 7:26:23 PM

But it costs a fortune if it's any good

6/10/2008 7:24:00 PM

Too wet and cold to cut. Hay has increased dramatically in price, also at the feedstore

6/10/2008 7:22:34 PM

Between drought in NC and gas prices it has been crazy

6/10/2008 7:22:20 PM

not so far. I have most of the hay we'll need for the year

6/10/2008 7:20:24 PM

I buy it for the year in the summer. Haven't purchased any this year yet, though.

6/10/2008 7:16:18 PM

weather is bad to cut it.

6/10/2008 7:15:26 PM

hay donations to our rescue are DOWN!!! Price so high we will have to turn away horses soon.

6/10/2008 7:14:51 PM

just need the rain to stop to get it cut and baled

6/10/2008 7:11:40 PM

Plenty of hay but VERY expensive

6/10/2008 7:09:39 PM

My stable buys it! But the price has gone up.

6/10/2008 7:08:18 PM

just the bales are either light weight or they are poor quality

6/10/2008 7:08:17 PM

Where I live in Nebraska we grow a lot of hay, so we always seem to have plenty.

6/10/2008 7:05:41 PM

we reserved hay.

6/10/2008 7:05:14 PM

Last year's barn stored hay will last until July Hope prices go down some then. $10 a bale in AZ

6/10/2008 7:03:09 PM

I am lucky to be in an area with high horse pop. and many retailers

6/10/2008 6:56:35 PM

Good hay, and the specific type I need.

6/10/2008 6:52:19 PM

....in Northern Virginia. Also about 1/2 the price of last year's hay.

6/10/2008 6:51:54 PM

no rain here in Sask, Canada so nothing's growing and no one is willing to part with what they have

6/10/2008 6:45:18 PM

Getting it isn't the problem...paying for it is!

6/10/2008 6:38:37 PM

It's doubled in price in the last year.

6/10/2008 6:36:09 PM

Not this year - good weather is making it easy - warm, enough rain... cheap aswell...

6/10/2008 6:30:40 PM

You can get it but you have to be willing to pay for it.......OUTRAGEOUS $$$$

6/10/2008 6:29:42 PM

211 bales delivered & stacked in barn for 4.25 a bale opposed to over $7.last year due to drought

6/10/2008 6:28:36 PM

Just bought 300 bales at $2.25 in western PA.

6/10/2008 6:24:11 PM

keeps raining-can't cut

6/10/2008 6:23:07 PM

not yet

6/10/2008 6:21:48 PM

I bale my own, but it is hard work.

6/10/2008 6:18:17 PM

Price is higher, quality lower this year.

6/10/2008 6:13:16 PM

drought - pasture dried up hay $$$$$

6/10/2008 6:10:55 PM

Many varieties of hay are available in Washington state-if you are able to pay $250-$300 per ton...

6/10/2008 6:06:59 PM

Grow my own & Neighbors may have hay to sell !

6/10/2008 6:06:40 PM

Can find it...now affording it...that is another problem

6/10/2008 5:53:33 PM

TOO expensive

6/10/2008 5:52:41 PM

Not only finding it, but paying the increasing price per ton is breaking the bank!

6/10/2008 5:51:18 PM

We raise our own, Timothy, and sell the extra.

6/10/2008 5:48:22 PM

Growing some myself, have several resources.

6/10/2008 5:48:02 PM

Good Quality Grass Hay

6/10/2008 5:48:00 PM

it's too soon to tell

6/10/2008 5:46:36 PM

so cal has enough hay just very expensive, even burmuda is $18, orchard is $25 alfalfa ranges from $

6/10/2008 5:46:12 PM

Not enough rain in central calif. for dry farmed hay, & cost of fuel drives prices sky high.

6/10/2008 5:46:07 PM

Haying a little over an acre, fertilizing between cuttings this year. 1st cutting nearly doubled!!

6/10/2008 5:37:18 PM

Just need lots more money than last year. Expect $3,000 more for annual load.

6/10/2008 5:36:47 PM

Great first cut here in Maryland!

6/10/2008 5:36:12 PM

I'm fortunate to have my hay grown by a neighbor.

6/10/2008 5:35:55 PM

As long as I'm willing to pay top dollar, I can get it .

6/10/2008 5:34:18 PM

We grow our own, but drought conditions in the south may change that.

6/10/2008 5:28:01 PM

No problems, we make our own hay.

6/10/2008 5:27:16 PM

No problem getting hay yet, but it is very expensive.

6/10/2008 5:22:31 PM

Quality hay is hard to come by in Orange County, CA

6/10/2008 5:20:15 PM

No, but I am paying a lot more for it.

6/10/2008 5:14:57 PM

So far we have hay but the second cuttings may be meager.

6/10/2008 5:13:56 PM

Both as good quality and reasonable price!

6/10/2008 5:13:05 PM

too much rain

6/10/2008 5:09:46 PM

We've had lots of rain this spring - Thank God!

6/10/2008 5:09:30 PM

But the prices has gone up at least $2.00 a bale due the price of fertilizers.

6/10/2008 5:09:00 PM

Brought premium in from 2 states away. Cost was premium too due to fuel costs.

6/10/2008 5:06:58 PM

just filled the barn with hay made on the farm

6/10/2008 5:06:34 PM

Scarce and very expensive in the Texas panhandle

6/10/2008 5:05:52 PM

I grow my own

6/10/2008 4:58:41 PM

We grow hay and we have plenty of pasture.

6/10/2008 4:55:53 PM

Not this year, but several hay growers are quitting due to the high cost of diesel and fertilizer.

6/10/2008 4:54:18 PM

but costs are high

6/10/2008 4:54:05 PM

Owners in WI and MN are paying double and triple from last fall, if it can be found at all.

6/10/2008 4:53:48 PM

have enough land and make my own hay

6/10/2008 4:53:41 PM

Right now in Ky. conditions are good and hay prices are down.

6/10/2008 4:53:32 PM

Getting hay isn't the problem. Paying for it is. Timothy hay is $30/bale delivered in small qtys.

6/10/2008 4:52:55 PM

Yes & No, Available for a steep price because they are shipping it out west

6/10/2008 4:52:44 PM

i grow my own.

6/10/2008 4:52:10 PM

In GA the supplies seems to be good and the price is going down. $6.75/bale for Timothy.

6/10/2008 4:49:58 PM

Northeast. Just have to pay for it. $7/35lb bale delivered.

6/10/2008 4:49:04 PM

$12.00 a bale for good grass hay

6/10/2008 4:44:42 PM

getting good grass hay in my area, nothern california ) is difficult and over $20 bale!

6/10/2008 4:44:21 PM

too much rain, and supplier selling elsewhere than local for higher prices

6/10/2008 4:43:17 PM

But Boy, did I have problems during the winter!!!

6/10/2008 4:43:07 PM

not available in area and increase in price

6/10/2008 4:41:46 PM

but will have problems in the fall

6/10/2008 4:41:44 PM

we grow our own

6/10/2008 4:40:22 PM

Ordered a year or 2 ago.

6/10/2008 4:40:16 PM

PRICE HAS GONE UP due to fuel and fertilizer costs - but no trouble getting it this year

6/10/2008 4:38:59 PM

My local feed store isn't having problems so far

6/10/2008 4:37:13 PM

All supplies sold, late first cutting d/t weather, using cubes.

6/10/2008 4:36:47 PM

We grow our own timothy pasture mix and have access to abundant alfalfa in Delaware

6/10/2008 4:36:32 PM

It is very expensive

6/10/2008 4:34:23 PM

Good quality hay is difficult to find, excellent quality hay is scarce!

6/10/2008 4:34:16 PM

It's expensive, but I get mine in as early as possible. Don't leave it until it's too late

6/10/2008 4:34:11 PM

However it is more expensive!

6/10/2008 4:33:53 PM

Large farms buy whole fields-prices up

6/10/2008 4:32:44 PM

Being a good customer >16 yrs. pays off in lean years.

6/10/2008 4:32:39 PM

Northeast WI, lots of hay and cheap.

6/10/2008 4:32:03 PM

Get TNT Forage bagged Chopped Hay

6/10/2008 4:26:28 PM

I use orchard hay and the quality has not been good and the price is higher.

6/10/2008 4:25:59 PM

A full years supply is prepurchased annually.

6/10/2008 4:25:30 PM

The farmers have been cutting but it's been too humid to bale.

6/10/2008 4:25:29 PM

Have an awesome hay supplier who committs to you if you commit to him!

6/10/2008 4:22:43 PM

We make our own.

6/10/2008 4:22:36 PM

Plethera of hay and the prices are unbelievable!!!

6/10/2008 4:21:36 PM

not yet but it's EXPENSIVE!!!

6/10/2008 4:20:54 PM

Not only getting but finding good quality hay when it is found.

6/10/2008 4:20:40 PM

I am fortunate to have a relative who grows hay and makes sure I have all I need each year.

6/10/2008 4:20:19 PM

It's just way more expensive than last year!

6/10/2008 4:18:46 PM

area suppliers switching to biofuel crops!!!

6/10/2008 4:18:11 PM

It's very expensive for good clean horse hay.

6/10/2008 4:18:08 PM

I get mine because I have been a good client for a long time. I pity the others.

6/10/2008 4:18:04 PM

not yet, but may if the rain does not come and price will be up because of gas

6/10/2008 4:17:20 PM

Grown on my own property.

6/10/2008 4:15:52 PM

Grass hay is $21, can't get it anyway. Alfalfa is $16 now.

6/10/2008 4:15:09 PM

After the drought disaster of 2007, I'm buying my 5 tons NOW

6/10/2008 4:14:59 PM

no problems, we live in AZ, and hay is readily available

6/10/2008 4:14:50 PM

farmers are planting corn for the money

6/10/2008 4:12:26 PM

We've had over 30In. of rain so far this year so it's made up for last years drought

6/10/2008 4:10:43 PM

At $17+ a bale ~ ya think!

6/10/2008 4:10:30 PM


6/10/2008 4:10:18 PM

It is a little more expensive than usual, but it is readily available, both bermuda and alfalfa.

6/10/2008 4:10:11 PM

I was struggling to find hay only until I found a constant supplier, where I RESERVE amount needed.

6/10/2008 4:09:57 PM

My hay guy rocks. He puts up flawless hay and saves me the best. I tip HEAVILY at Xmas.

6/10/2008 4:09:23 PM

Just ordered 60 round bales to last thru the winter.

6/10/2008 4:08:07 PM

No, but it costs $289 + tax per ton here in Western Washington. OUCH!!!!!!

6/10/2008 4:06:16 PM

We bale our own. I have heard of farmers near us jacking up the prices from $25 to $65/round bale.

6/10/2008 4:05:59 PM

But quality is an issue

6/10/2008 4:05:19 PM

We're lucky to have land we can bale. But we help the neighbor and get square bales for $3 ea

6/10/2008 4:05:08 PM

grass hay is not in rotation this year. Many farmers switching to wheat - price of grass hay WAYup.

6/10/2008 4:04:44 PM

our area has had a good first cutting.

6/10/2008 4:04:28 PM

In Wi, we've had so much rain, we can't make first crop hay.

6/10/2008 4:02:28 PM

Scarce and too expensive

6/10/2008 3:58:57 PM

Our supplier is doing GREAT! even building a new (third) barn to stock up.

6/10/2008 3:57:16 PM

It's getting better since they have started cutting, but the price is way up.

6/10/2008 3:55:11 PM

Due to Diet, my horse is on pellets only.

6/10/2008 3:54:35 PM

we cut and bale our own hay.

6/10/2008 3:54:08 PM

North Carolina: Horse hay is available, but VERY expensive

6/10/2008 3:52:54 PM


6/10/2008 3:52:06 PM

Planted very late this year

6/10/2008 3:51:53 PM

i am buying all that Hay Man can cut. Not sure about 2nd cutting.

6/10/2008 3:51:50 PM

with 7 head, I put up 150 bales. I should go after 50 more. 25 acres is getting a beating. AustinTX

6/10/2008 3:51:44 PM

just expensive!!

6/10/2008 3:51:41 PM

We grow our own, but the weather has not been cooperative in getting it out of the field.

6/10/2008 3:49:55 PM

Just paying more & started picking it up ourselves

6/10/2008 3:49:14 PM

we grow our own.

6/10/2008 3:47:27 PM

Only from February to June

6/10/2008 3:47:10 PM

when I do find it usually is expensive, full of dirt clumps and alot of weeds and sticks..

6/10/2008 3:46:26 PM

I expect to have trouble in the fall. I bought all I could of the first cutting

6/10/2008 3:46:21 PM

But it is very expensive where I live.

6/10/2008 3:44:06 PM

Not yet. But it is expensive

6/10/2008 3:41:13 PM

i am in the North East and even the prices are reasonable.

6/10/2008 3:40:56 PM

Order & offer to pay for a year's hay supply in spring, so you know it's available when needed

6/10/2008 3:40:41 PM

Midwest has had a wet spring and have not been able to get the first crop yet.

6/10/2008 3:38:30 PM

expensive and in short supply

6/10/2008 3:38:06 PM

Price is also going up as fuel does.

6/10/2008 3:37:43 PM

can find it But prices are VERY HIGH

6/10/2008 3:37:38 PM

Hay is plentiful this year, but even more expensive than last year because of costs to make it

6/10/2008 3:35:23 PM

too much rain

6/10/2008 3:35:19 PM

South Carolina has been hit with alot of dry weather. The cost of a round bail is almost $ 70.00

6/10/2008 3:34:21 PM

We live in the area above Atlanta GA,

6/10/2008 3:33:27 PM

But will have if it doesn't quit raining here soon

6/10/2008 3:32:03 PM

1st cutting hay is available in SE since cattlemen have reduced stock; prices are high; stocking up.

6/10/2008 3:31:45 PM

Problems getting GOOD hay. This is an ongoing situation.

6/10/2008 3:31:36 PM

We are able to get plenty of hay this year and it's about 3.00 to 3.50 a bale.

6/10/2008 3:31:11 PM

I'm sure seeing lots of moldy hay that people want to sell and get rid of

6/10/2008 3:30:49 PM

and the prices are going up and up

6/10/2008 3:28:41 PM

We're not having a problem getting the hay, but the price per ton has significantly increased.

6/10/2008 3:26:13 PM

we have 6 horses and 7 acres of hay field. The 7acres produces about 600-700 bales then we buy the r

6/10/2008 3:23:18 PM

We raise our own, and sell the excess

6/10/2008 3:22:18 PM

Same source every year and I buy ahead when prices low and no shortages of hay!

6/10/2008 3:18:45 PM

The price of hay goes up with the price of gasoline. If you want to pay the price, it's available.

6/10/2008 3:17:47 PM

have received a pretty hefty price increase out of the field though

6/10/2008 3:17:25 PM

No, not in Michigan

6/10/2008 3:09:00 PM

We make our own.

6/10/2008 3:06:30 PM

Very expensive, my horses won't eat Timothy anymore

6/10/2008 2:57:17 PM

Alberta has it good right now,

6/10/2008 2:22:06 PM

Hay is available, but the price has gone up.

6/10/2008 12:35:49 PM

We have a local grower - lucky so far

6/10/2008 12:28:27 PM

We are on the verge of doing our first cut; it's a do-it-yourself project around here!

6/10/2008 12:25:13 PM