Challenging Feet

Do you think Big Brown's hoof issues might be a factor in his bid for the Triple Crown? (Read about his feet in: Big Brown's Feet Not So Bad, Farriers Say)


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hmmmm, lets see. Horse on Winstrol Steroid, built up fake heels and hooves.Why not implant muscles?

5/27/2008 12:05:18 AM

love of money is root of all evil

5/26/2008 8:43:47 PM

Greedy people kill horses

5/26/2008 6:11:45 PM

People always get such a scare with the slightest injury...

5/26/2008 1:21:42 PM

He's a mediocre horse winning against a very weak crop of 3 year olds. They'll run him. Poor horse.

5/26/2008 6:04:37 AM

horses weren't meant to wear shoes! glued or nailed.

5/25/2008 3:49:05 PM

His farriers seem to know what they are doing

5/25/2008 1:58:08 PM

been there with foot problems and hoof/wall separation; it's in the management

5/25/2008 1:52:50 PM

We use extreme measures to try to remedy over-use damage caused by people! When will we wake up?

5/25/2008 1:28:59 PM

Another thoroughbred raced with crappy hooves - what a surprise...

5/23/2008 10:46:41 PM

I think the farrier has the answer at this time

5/23/2008 10:45:37 PM

No hoof, no horse.

5/23/2008 10:11:15 PM

not a factor for racing BUT a factor for breeding!

5/23/2008 9:33:28 PM

Because excellent farriership and the horses desire to win are just a super combination !!!

5/23/2008 7:20:39 PM

his chances are better if he is shod natural balance

5/23/2008 5:26:46 PM

not with the professional hoof care he is receiving.

5/23/2008 3:43:20 PM

It's just to much pressure on a horse's body to race at such a young age!Change the racing age!

5/23/2008 3:10:05 PM

Anytime there are any weaknesses in the hoof it could potentially pose a problem.

5/23/2008 1:40:19 PM

Either racing self-governs or animal rights groups will.

5/23/2008 12:48:50 PM

Good farriers on hand will be sure he is sound and ready.

5/23/2008 9:40:24 AM

IF a bare foot horse under is own power (and obvious health) cannot compete without shoes ?????

5/23/2008 6:40:14 AM

All you guys need to stop hating on Big Brown. Your just jealous that he won.

5/22/2008 11:44:43 PM

Not if he has sound feet and good shoeing!

5/22/2008 11:13:03 PM

After Eight Belles I am done with horse racing. It should be banned.

5/22/2008 10:41:18 PM

Hoof issues ALWAYS affect how a horse moves, but alternatives can help.

5/22/2008 10:11:00 PM

not at all it is just the same racing shoes just added padding that is the only differnce

5/22/2008 10:10:38 PM

EVERY athlete has flaws and when there heart is in the game (like big brown's) they learn toovercome

5/22/2008 9:48:37 PM

I think his shoes are doing their job.

5/22/2008 9:42:15 PM

The only issue for me is the cruelty of the racing industry, He should be home in a paddock!

5/22/2008 8:34:42 PM

his problems seem to be older

5/22/2008 6:47:18 PM

Farriers--great ones--can do wonders!

5/22/2008 6:40:56 PM

any horses hooves could have an effect on the triple crown

5/22/2008 6:33:28 PM

After the derby's loss of 8 belles I refuse to watch it anymore!

5/22/2008 6:27:14 PM

yes i do because i love horses and iv read all the horse things and i really do think it would help

5/22/2008 5:41:45 PM

win loose or die, the owner gets rich and the horse is abused.

5/22/2008 4:54:52 PM

I think that level of stress on any horse makes it an issue

5/22/2008 3:48:57 PM

Hopefully they will pull his shoes when he is done racing and let his hoof's heal. No hoof No horse!

5/22/2008 3:15:56 PM

He's awesome he'll be lucky to have other competition

5/22/2008 3:00:53 PM

Horrible feet! Horrible shoes and repairs. I'm a dedicated barefooter

5/22/2008 2:53:02 PM

I hope he does it, horse racing desparately needs a hero!

5/22/2008 2:50:54 PM

his foot issues should also give one pause when choosing to breed to him (or not.)

5/22/2008 2:37:49 PM

He has the best of care

5/22/2008 11:51:41 AM

Breeding for speed vs. quality; you lose something in the process -- I don't agree with it.

5/22/2008 10:34:51 AM

They race them too young & train to young

5/22/2008 9:36:22 AM

Not with those shoes! They are awesome and should be standard for ALL horses!

5/22/2008 9:24:25 AM

We could see another fatality on the track. Horse racing needs to be abolished.

5/22/2008 8:47:30 AM

I think that bad hooves shouldn't be bred.

5/22/2008 8:29:57 AM

He has great farriers, seams like they fixed the problem already.

5/22/2008 6:50:38 AM

The special shoes seem to be working to prevent the quarter cracks.

5/22/2008 1:06:16 AM

I believe that his owners will be sure to keep him as sound as possible

5/21/2008 10:44:48 PM

have won money on him expect more

5/21/2008 10:20:50 PM

They obviously are not bothering him now and I am sure his Farriers are among the best they can get.

5/21/2008 9:37:27 PM

No,the trainer will give extra TLC between no and the Belmont,go Big Brown,deliver the big one 4 us.

5/21/2008 8:54:53 PM

His feet seem A o.K. as he has a very good farriers on this

5/21/2008 7:44:35 PM

I think people are making a huge ordeal out of nothing.

5/21/2008 7:02:57 PM

It would appear that his hoof issues have been dealt with successfully.

5/21/2008 6:16:50 PM

at least I hope not! I want to see him WIN!

5/21/2008 5:38:18 PM

The fact of steriod use will negate the bad feet. I can't believe this is an accepted practice!!

5/21/2008 4:32:22 PM

Sounds like his farriers know what they're doing.

5/21/2008 3:14:32 PM

I'll be rooting for Big Brown!

5/21/2008 3:11:42 PM

looks like under control for 3 more wks

5/21/2008 2:57:11 PM

Is it really responsible to make him a major stud with such a defect?

5/21/2008 2:22:31 PM

it really depends on how his feet hold up between now and then, if no obvious damage than no problem

5/21/2008 2:22:24 PM

Just read your article and so it sounds like feet are under control.

5/21/2008 12:41:43 PM

As long as they keep the same type of shoes on him, he should have no problem.

5/21/2008 12:26:29 PM

as long as the hoof filler stays in place. In the pictures it seems that he has a putty filler.

5/21/2008 12:11:00 PM

clearly his farriers have this under control. Horses feet issues are usually correctable

5/21/2008 11:47:04 AM

Not with the special shoes he's getting! He is awesome!

5/21/2008 11:46:54 AM

I truly believe in corrective shoeing. I have a TB that has made a remarkable change due to this met

5/21/2008 11:40:38 AM

His farriers obviously have it under control.

5/21/2008 11:16:56 AM

It sounds to me that they have taken care of the problem so it is no longer an issue.

5/21/2008 11:09:28 AM

I think if his problems are that severe, why race him? Another accident & death?

5/21/2008 10:47:30 AM

It is an additional 'something' to worry about.

5/21/2008 10:41:14 AM

If he had them in the other too races it is going to be the same for him.

5/21/2008 10:14:37 AM

Maybe, maybe not. We have to wait and see. Bless his heart. I guess we need another Barbaro...

5/21/2008 10:10:56 AM

new cushioned shoes made fopr this horse

5/21/2008 9:39:33 AM

Sometimes glued shoes come off and take the hoof too.

5/21/2008 9:08:20 AM

as a farrier I think his shoes will not have any factors as long as the superfast and adhear hold

5/21/2008 7:38:49 AM

It would appear that his farrier has solved the problem using the glue on shoes.

5/21/2008 7:27:52 AM

he should be fine

5/21/2008 7:12:45 AM

Quarter cracks are common on race horsees and these 2 farriers seem to ahve everything under control

5/21/2008 5:13:57 AM

Ian McKinlay is doing a good job on his feet and there should be any problem.

5/21/2008 3:01:26 AM

there are far worse hoof issues besides this

5/21/2008 1:30:45 AM

Good feet, bad feet - this horse has tremendous speed

5/21/2008 12:55:10 AM

no, not after reading what they are doing for him with Yasha pads.

5/21/2008 12:40:32 AM

It sounds like these glue on shoes are effective

5/20/2008 11:48:00 PM

He no longer has "issues"!

5/20/2008 11:41:07 PM

They would not take that chance to lose him now.He is as exciting as watching Secretariat

5/20/2008 11:21:08 PM

After winning the Preakness today, I'd say no.

5/20/2008 10:51:59 PM

They've been working on them for a while.

5/20/2008 10:36:44 PM

He has fabulous farriers to keep his feet in great shape.

5/20/2008 10:36:09 PM

Why take the chance after the recent fatalities.

5/20/2008 9:46:50 PM


5/20/2008 8:45:32 PM

It appears that a thorough analysis has been done of the issues and a successful solution determined

5/20/2008 8:45:09 PM

You can't hurry healing! Hoprfully the worst is over...

5/20/2008 8:44:07 PM

If he indeed had problems only with abscesses and they're healed his feet should hold up .

5/20/2008 7:57:02 PM

Pounding of hooves & delicate legs... NO racing until3 yrs old

5/20/2008 7:47:14 PM

He has a heck of a farrier! Without him B.B whouldn'd have a chance.

5/20/2008 7:29:01 PM

Unless they are being less than truthful

5/20/2008 6:55:28 PM

Screw the risk of a catastrophic death like the others, lets race him anyway! People are disgusting

5/20/2008 6:47:58 PM

Horses w/foot "problems" compete successful in many disciplines w/competent farrier.

5/20/2008 6:30:58 PM

His feet are well managed

5/20/2008 6:23:07 PM

Horse racing is evil and should be illegal

5/20/2008 6:21:58 PM

won't be a factor - he is an awesome athlete

5/20/2008 6:20:42 PM

Racing a physcially developing youngster leads to foot and other breakdown.

5/20/2008 5:39:13 PM

He's made it 2/3s of the way, hopefully he can finish that and be on his way to stud. He's so cute!

5/20/2008 5:38:56 PM

Proper shoeing, which he has will help

5/20/2008 5:35:18 PM

They have it under control

5/20/2008 5:33:35 PM

He is being used to make money, he will break down, no hoof no horse. He will die. It is that simple

5/20/2008 5:21:59 PM

Saw the Yasha shoes...ok..could have better breakover/knee and pastern stress.

5/20/2008 5:21:23 PM

Great farriers working on him

5/20/2008 5:18:41 PM

He's done well so far.

5/20/2008 5:14:29 PM

I knew he was great when I saw h im in the Florida derby. I knew he would win the Triple Crown

5/20/2008 4:58:38 PM

Compliments to the farriers

5/20/2008 4:56:42 PM

No hoof, no horse, he'll be find so long as they maintain them...

5/20/2008 4:54:36 PM

His feet WERE a problem; the glue-on shoes are resolving it. GO GET 'EM, BB!!

5/20/2008 4:45:28 PM

Seems like the glue on shoes are working, TB's are notorious for bad feet.

5/20/2008 4:32:44 PM

Sounds like they are on top of it.

5/20/2008 4:25:28 PM

Long as he wins, what does it matter if his hooves shatter once he's across the finish line?

5/20/2008 4:21:02 PM

Not with diligent care

5/20/2008 4:19:34 PM

To save his feet, he may not be properly conditioned to face the 1 1/2 mile race.

5/20/2008 4:16:16 PM

I think it's abusive to be running these young horses, and they should be barefoot.

5/20/2008 4:14:47 PM

That last quarter mile in the Belmont is what makes or breaks a Triple Crown winner.

5/20/2008 4:14:03 PM

"hopefully, great feet"

5/20/2008 4:13:33 PM

High tech farriery can keep him sound but will he pass on his feet to his offspring?very likely...

5/20/2008 4:02:00 PM

Sure doesn't look like it's a problem

5/20/2008 4:01:42 PM

A positive factor. He's lucky to be wearing the plastic shoes instead of the aluminum.

5/20/2008 3:28:54 PM

Race horses are so competitive they will run without hooves.

5/20/2008 3:24:06 PM

His farrier is on top of it, he is a strong contender for a historical conclusion!

5/20/2008 3:15:14 PM

Sounds like his farrier's are keeping him sound

5/20/2008 3:12:35 PM

glue's just as good nails : )

5/20/2008 3:12:26 PM

The current method of repair probably makes his feet STRONGER than a normal trim and shoe.

5/20/2008 3:10:16 PM

It sounds like they have his feet problems under control

5/20/2008 3:07:45 PM

We like our Equiflex synthetic shoes on our endurance horses .

5/20/2008 3:03:54 PM

Could be. Everything and then some can be an issue in racing....

5/20/2008 2:55:23 PM

It is a shame that he will sire many with poor feet like himself.

5/20/2008 2:50:27 PM

Big Brown is awesome! He will be the next Triple Crown Winner!

5/20/2008 2:44:52 PM

Could they be from someone nailing in the white line???

5/20/2008 2:41:14 PM

Wake up! METAL SHOES increase concussion. Go BAREFOOT

5/20/2008 2:35:06 PM

he won so handily in the Preakness without even being asked -they wont stop a Triple Crown.

5/20/2008 2:33:47 PM

He should NOT be pushed...we do not need Another Eight Belles incident in racing!!!!!

5/20/2008 2:29:12 PM

It won't be his feet that make him lose. It'll be the FASTER COMPETITION.

5/20/2008 2:18:19 PM

Sounds like the ferrier/trainer have the right treatment plan in place. Should not be a problem.

5/20/2008 2:11:00 PM