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How do you measure your horse's feed?

I weigh each serving
I use a coffee can or scoop and go by volume

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I weigh the hay each time. The grain I weigh once and go by volume thereafter.

3/3/2008 11:54:17 PM

We initially weigh and then measure in volume for targeted amount. This is re-tested now & again

3/3/2008 10:51:35 PM

first weighed it and then poored it in the can and drew a line.

3/3/2008 10:03:17 PM

weigh once, mark scoop

3/3/2008 8:50:35 PM

I weighed the contents of the feed in a coffee can so that I know how much weight each serving of fe

3/3/2008 7:54:32 PM

I weigh new feed when I first start using it, but then I go by the volume indicated by that weight

3/3/2008 6:45:08 PM

now I periodically weigh the feed in the scoup to be sure that they are getting the correct amount.

3/3/2008 6:14:17 PM

I use a scoop but only after weighing the grain so I can convert weight to volume

3/3/2008 5:43:38 PM

however, i weigh the amount in the coffee can and use that same amount each time.

3/3/2008 4:51:09 PM

with a scoop provided by the manufacturer for that specific feed

3/3/2008 12:05:59 PM

It gets weighed periodically. I feed by weight but know the corresponding volume

3/3/2008 9:17:21 AM

just 1 or 2 scoops by feed or so.

3/3/2008 12:02:02 AM

I weigh several differnt size scoops to find the amount required

3/2/2008 10:36:10 PM

coffee can can't beat 'em

3/2/2008 6:47:41 PM

I have weighed coffe can with and without feed to get the proper weight.

3/2/2008 5:00:47 PM

We use a "pound" measuring "cup" at the stable.

3/2/2008 1:08:48 PM

I weigh the scoop with & without feed then use the marked scoop as a measure at feed time.

3/2/2008 12:50:53 PM

When i change to a new feed I weigh it first-to find out how much to feed in the scoop

3/2/2008 10:25:39 AM

having weighed a scoopful, I feed by weight measured by scoop

3/2/2008 9:59:56 AM

I weigh occassionally to be sure I'm on track.

3/2/2008 6:52:45 AM

i weighed the feed, poured it in my scoop and marked the scoop

3/1/2008 10:36:45 PM

by scoops as mesuring grains/minerals/supplements

3/1/2008 7:28:14 PM

I have weighed the full can at the grocery, and now adjust amt fed by observing horses condition

3/1/2008 6:35:32 PM

I weigh out the grain then find the container that holds that amount & use that as my "scoop"

3/1/2008 6:23:34 PM

pelleted grain ration

3/1/2008 6:03:33 PM

I weigh the amount in a measuring cup and continue using it until I need to change amounts.

3/1/2008 9:26:07 AM

I weigh the 3 quart scoop w/grain if its a new feed

3/1/2008 12:44:06 AM

I weigh how much goes in my scoop then ration accordingly.

3/1/2008 12:29:18 AM

With the right scales and setup of the feed room and hay barn, weighing is fast and easy.

2/29/2008 8:50:18 PM

I estimate hay portions by heft.

2/29/2008 8:26:44 PM

i use a small bucket to scoop feed, i weigh the feed again when changing or modifying the diet

2/29/2008 8:09:45 PM

And for those who think it is a bother or unreasonable, I was responsible for over 300 head.

2/29/2008 7:22:08 PM

I have weighed the volume in a scoop

2/29/2008 6:13:23 PM

I use a measuring cup for grain and weigh the hay

2/29/2008 4:54:22 PM

I have 5 horses and four different feeds, one a custom blend

2/29/2008 4:30:50 PM

I use a kitchen scale for weighing.

2/29/2008 3:03:29 PM

I weigh my coffee can, then I go by volume based on the known weight.

2/29/2008 2:55:08 PM

I weigh the scopp of grain about every 6 mos. or so, but not daily.

2/29/2008 2:09:13 PM

what is this for

2/29/2008 1:55:29 PM

Once I know how much a measurement weighs, I mark the bucket and use that amount.

2/29/2008 12:30:36 PM

Volume is sufficent, you should monitor the horses condition not be a slave to a scale

2/29/2008 12:23:59 PM

I use the same feed and have weighed the feed in the past, so I know the wt. by vol. in the scoop.

2/29/2008 12:21:54 PM

I use a small cup to scoop, that's close enough.

2/29/2008 11:37:54 AM

My horses get a very small amount of grain, so I don't worry about being real precise.

2/29/2008 11:20:52 AM

I use a digital kitchen scale to measure all feeds each day.

2/29/2008 10:39:24 AM

my scoop holds exactly 1lb of Strategy so there is no guessing

2/29/2008 10:24:53 AM

I weighed the contents of the can & did the math-I feed the same type of grain to all.

2/29/2008 10:04:20 AM

I weigh my horses every 3 mo. read the label and weigh the food accordingly.

2/29/2008 9:45:46 AM

With a postage scale

2/29/2008 9:36:42 AM

I weighed the feed in a full container, so now can calculate about how much each horse is getting

2/29/2008 7:37:45 AM

I give the amount of feed to maintain a good weight. No fat horses here.

2/29/2008 6:28:24 AM

I adjust their amount daily according to there body condition and activity.

2/29/2008 12:12:02 AM

Don't weigh all serving. Get a weight on each bag and go from there.

2/28/2008 11:14:59 PM

I put out a 1400 pound bale of good quality hay for 7 horses the bale lasts for about 7 days

2/28/2008 9:58:19 PM

I feed the same grain, I know what a can of it weighs

2/28/2008 9:55:11 PM

measure by the quart

2/28/2008 9:21:06 PM

I use a scoop and measure by the size of the horses we have.

2/28/2008 8:27:26 PM

Scoop is marked for amt for each horse and the donkeys

2/28/2008 8:23:27 PM

I use a plastic container with marks calibrated to weight of feed

2/28/2008 6:17:54 PM

on pasture 24/7, grain is supplement

2/28/2008 5:28:02 PM

I use a one cup measuring cup most of the time...mine don't get much grain.

2/28/2008 5:00:43 PM

i use a scoop, but if your horse is on a strict diet, like a racehorse, you should weigh

2/28/2008 4:12:28 PM

I weigh the contents of the scoop and add marks with weigh on the scoop.

2/28/2008 3:27:51 PM

scoop with measurement from feed dealer

2/28/2008 3:26:58 PM

I know how much each scoop of feed weighs

2/28/2008 3:00:20 PM

feed a lot of 10% feed and free choice alfalfa

2/28/2008 2:57:35 PM

I only use a scoop after weighing the appropriate amounts originally

2/28/2008 2:54:37 PM

I weigh the pellets when I first started using them and marked the coffee can !/4 lb. 1/2lb etc.

2/28/2008 2:52:30 PM

I weighted my feed when I first start it then use same amount.

2/28/2008 2:48:19 PM

Feed by weight, I weighted a coffe can of feed out ahead of time.

2/28/2008 2:32:26 PM

Nothing wrong with using a scoop or coffee can but weigh it so you know weight being fed

2/28/2008 2:30:06 PM

i have a plastic cup that holds one lb of one type of feed, and 1 1/4 lb of the other feed i use.

2/28/2008 2:29:22 PM

i use a 16 ounce cottage cheese container

2/28/2008 2:17:49 PM

Volume is calibrated to wieght for each type of feed

2/28/2008 2:17:39 PM

I don't feed grain

2/28/2008 1:54:33 PM

Use differant size cans and know the exact weight for each can

2/28/2008 1:49:35 PM

I weighed the scoop and then added the appropiate weight amount of feed

2/28/2008 12:50:25 PM

I weigh the first couple of times and then mark the can

2/28/2008 11:34:55 AM

I weighed my feed in the can, so technically I feed by weight.

2/28/2008 11:32:35 AM

I first weigh using a scoop, then mark on the scoop the desired portion, then markded scoop daily

2/28/2008 9:45:58 AM

I use the same feed all the time and weighed it once.

2/28/2008 9:33:50 AM

I feed Buckey grow n win only - it comes with its own measure scoop

2/28/2008 9:16:02 AM

I use a measuring cup

2/28/2008 9:10:55 AM

Weigh when first starting,but then increase/decrease by volume

2/28/2008 9:10:36 AM

I use a can, but know the weight of the food in it.

2/28/2008 8:35:06 AM

I have weighed the amount in the scoop and use accordingly

2/28/2008 7:12:04 AM

I feed very little grain..mostly hay and keep all they want out watching their weight.

2/28/2008 12:23:05 AM

I found my hay flakes vary so much that I can only rely on weight to really know how much I am feedi

2/27/2008 11:15:17 PM

Feed stores sell feed & scoops, but not scales! Hard to find!

2/27/2008 10:48:39 PM

I weigh the grain, then mark my scoop to the right levle

2/27/2008 9:33:29 PM

weighing is the only way to know,. Scoops can be held differently by different people., also.

2/27/2008 9:20:27 PM

Watch body condition to see if need more or less feed

2/27/2008 9:11:21 PM

Purina gave me a scoop with pre-measured designations for several of their grain types; its easy now

2/27/2008 9:00:48 PM

Eact measurement, every time you feed is the only way to go!

2/27/2008 8:16:12 PM

I bought an expensive scoop w/ a built in-scale. I love it!

2/27/2008 7:48:37 PM

Measuring cup

2/27/2008 7:19:55 PM

I weigh the first time I make a change to feed, then use volume based on previous weight.

2/27/2008 6:50:35 PM

I use a digital scale and weigh hay and grain.

2/27/2008 6:41:19 PM

I have been using a coffee can for many years!

2/27/2008 6:36:04 PM

I actually weigh it first , mark the scoop or can to be used daily.

2/27/2008 6:30:28 PM

measuring cup

2/27/2008 5:36:23 PM

I weigh the amount once, and then figure out how much of a scoop equals that weight.

2/27/2008 5:14:15 PM

Not every time. I go by feel. I feed only grass hay to my endurance horses.

2/27/2008 4:30:48 PM

i do it by each scoop

2/27/2008 4:28:24 PM

feed as much as i can, get em fat

2/27/2008 4:08:15 PM

but have weighed scoop previously so know what each feed weighs/scoop

2/27/2008 3:04:50 PM

1 small coffee can does equal 1 lb. sweet feed, 2/3 small coffee can does equal 1 lb. pelleted feed

2/27/2008 3:03:38 PM

I first weighed the correct amount, then marked the volume in a can.

2/27/2008 2:47:36 PM

I weigh the contents of a coffee can of grain, so I have an idea of how much I'm feeding.

2/27/2008 2:43:57 PM

Weighed 1st scoop, use same volume now

2/27/2008 2:41:30 PM

we use an 8 cup scoop

2/27/2008 2:38:03 PM

Old coffee cans work great!

2/27/2008 2:30:50 PM

I don't feed grain, mostly Timothy hay and beet pulp.

2/27/2008 2:29:55 PM

weigh it once, then use a varying amount based on activity for the day.

2/27/2008 2:20:31 PM

This is not the main source of nutrients, just a treat for my pal.

2/27/2008 1:36:13 PM

also will use my hand size

2/27/2008 1:34:48 PM

first weigh the feed and figure out the corresponding coffee can volume

2/27/2008 1:23:32 PM

Weigh volume/scoop, adjust quantity based on weight

2/27/2008 1:20:00 PM

I also weigh my hay at each serving.

2/27/2008 1:16:50 PM

grain is always weighed; I check my "internal" hay scale regularly, but feed primarily by wgt.

2/27/2008 1:15:45 PM

I use a cup which has weight measures on it.

2/27/2008 12:44:54 PM

Used a postal scale & marked the inside of a bucket for 2, 3 & 4 pounds of pellets

2/27/2008 12:32:19 PM

large & small coffee cans and a tuna can are the bomb!

2/27/2008 12:17:58 PM

I weigh the feed occasionally, but usually go by volume of the scoop.

2/27/2008 12:07:39 PM

I use a measuring cup and put in a coffee can or scoop to deliver to the stall

2/27/2008 12:04:13 PM

along with the coffe can I usually weigh the new bag when I get it to check for exactness in the can

2/27/2008 11:49:12 AM

I have a 20 yr. old TB who's always been a hard keep, so I measure by what he will eat-It fluctuates

2/27/2008 11:47:03 AM

1st weigh feed then mark volume as reference

2/27/2008 11:45:54 AM

I know the weight of each feed that I measure by coffee can or cup

2/27/2008 11:41:26 AM

my feed comes with a calibrated scoop for volume and weight

2/27/2008 11:35:59 AM

I actually use a large measuring cup.

2/27/2008 11:28:26 AM

first I weigh the amounts of a particular feed and then know how much I am feeding by the coffee can

2/27/2008 10:50:53 AM

Very few boarding barn staff will weigh the food - scoop fed it is

2/27/2008 10:45:06 AM

I know the weight of the scoop and the grain when feeding

2/27/2008 10:19:52 AM

I weigh the feed on a scale in the scoop and then I know how much a scoop will equal. Then adjust

2/27/2008 10:16:44 AM

Actually, I weigh the first serving from each new bag of feed

2/27/2008 10:11:05 AM

I have weighed the feed in the scoop.

2/27/2008 9:48:46 AM

I weighed it in and know how much the scoop we use holds, balnaced the rations for each horse.

2/27/2008 9:43:48 AM

We weigh each horse's hay and use a calibrated scoop for grain.

2/27/2008 9:40:48 AM

I actually do both, but I do not weigh each serving. I usually check my weights about once a month.

2/27/2008 9:22:01 AM

Keep an eye on body condition and feed accordingly

2/27/2008 9:17:34 AM

What's full? Heaping, flat, or barely reaching the top?

2/27/2008 9:06:06 AM

I use a measuring cup

2/27/2008 8:55:25 AM

I weigh can one time, mark. That way you don't have to weigh each feeding.

2/27/2008 8:54:49 AM

Use a scale to determine weight exactly, find the volume of that, and use the volume afterwards.

2/27/2008 8:50:22 AM

I have weighed what I give by scoop. ie: 1 scoop = 3lbs.

2/27/2008 8:46:07 AM

good old coffee can

2/27/2008 8:44:20 AM

I use this method(coffeecan) after I having weighed the feed and so have a premeasure mark.

2/27/2008 7:58:41 AM

after initially weighing the amt - I use a scoop to deliver that weight

2/27/2008 7:46:29 AM

measure each serving by the cup

2/27/2008 7:41:14 AM

We feed by weight based on size and condition of each horse.

2/27/2008 7:34:52 AM

i use a large ish scoope, and feed to what the weather is or what work he is doing

2/27/2008 7:32:15 AM

I have weighed the amount in the coffee can, hay is a judgement call each day

2/27/2008 7:28:23 AM

I usually figure out how much a quart of whatever weighs and use a scoop

2/27/2008 7:11:48 AM

I have "calibrated" my scoop by weighing scoops of grain so I know how much, in pounds, I am feeding

2/27/2008 6:51:45 AM

I use a scoop, but I weigh the contents of the scoop on a regular basis

2/27/2008 6:27:33 AM

2 oz dry cob with one oz vitamins. That's it!

2/27/2008 2:45:56 AM

The old "coffee can" trick only works if you have already weighed a can and can remember the weight!

2/27/2008 2:43:03 AM

They each get 1/2 cup low carb feed per day

2/27/2008 1:54:28 AM

coffee cans, yes! variety of sizes in those things!

2/27/2008 1:46:09 AM

I use a dipper.

2/27/2008 1:21:21 AM

When I started to weigh my feed I was amazed at how much I had actually been overfeeding!!

2/27/2008 12:11:51 AM

I feed by weight, then mark my scoop accordingly. Then check occasionally.

2/26/2008 11:54:31 PM

I don't feed grain. I weigh all my hay.

2/26/2008 11:28:31 PM

i use pelleted feed that is measured in a container for exact weight

2/26/2008 11:16:54 PM

I have a Measured Scoop that serves my needs. I give 3 lbs to my Mares, 2 lbs to yearlings

2/26/2008 11:16:46 PM

they don't get a huge amount of supplement, so there is no need to weigh it

2/26/2008 11:13:00 PM

I weigh occasionally and use scoop for appropriate amount

2/26/2008 10:52:42 PM

our horses are on pasture/hay and get 'fed' only minimal amount of grain when they come to the barn

2/26/2008 10:50:09 PM

I only feed about 1 cup of grain; most nutrition is coming from hay and pasture

2/26/2008 10:49:21 PM

I don't weigh every serving but I do weigh my feed regularly & make sure of the correct amount.

2/26/2008 10:40:25 PM

I weight the feed in the scoop once or twice, after that I know the weight in the scoop

2/26/2008 10:34:13 PM

weigh grain ever few months with scoop

2/26/2008 10:30:34 PM

A one cup scoop

2/26/2008 10:14:30 PM

It is fast and I've used this measurement for years.

2/26/2008 10:06:37 PM

I weigh the 1st serving from ech new bag mkng sure it is the same mark on my measuring cup/scoop.

2/26/2008 10:02:18 PM

I use a coffee can, but I know exactly how much each ingredient weighs in it.

2/26/2008 9:56:10 PM

Scoop eleven piles in the pasture, one for each horse. Usually goes well. Most share.

2/26/2008 9:45:38 PM

Good old fashion 4 cup measure!!

2/26/2008 9:44:45 PM

have kitchen scale first time to c how much =1lb, weigh tape horse , then figure recommended amount.

2/26/2008 9:34:14 PM

I weighed feed, and then use the same amount in a scoop each time.

2/26/2008 9:27:10 PM

usually by "flake"

2/26/2008 9:24:46 PM

This fall I added aalfalfa cubes and oats to my horse's diet. I weighed each for for a few feedings.

2/26/2008 9:20:05 PM

My horses only get 6oz of whole oats each day. I have a measure that holds that amount.

2/26/2008 9:12:38 PM

I have weighted the scoop and eye it.

2/26/2008 9:11:43 PM

I keep an eye on the body mass and increase or decrease as necessary

2/26/2008 9:09:55 PM

I have weighed my measure full

2/26/2008 9:06:11 PM

I have a scoop from Purina that tells me the lbs. of feed

2/26/2008 8:55:15 PM

I use a measuring cup

2/26/2008 8:54:45 PM

I weigh one cup from each bag, then measure by the cup.

2/26/2008 8:50:06 PM

Problems occur when more than one person preps feed. 1/2 scoop varies from person to person...

2/26/2008 8:47:43 PM

I constantly change the amount of feed given depending on the weather

2/26/2008 8:42:18 PM

We had someone from the company come out and we weigh the horses and the feed.

2/26/2008 8:31:23 PM

Well, I don't weigh every day, but I weigh occasionally so I know the weight in the scoop

2/26/2008 8:31:00 PM

I have weighed my feed in the scoop that I use so I know the weight.

2/26/2008 8:28:12 PM

Feeding by volume is inaccurate and incorrect!

2/26/2008 8:25:37 PM

We feed hay, not grain!

2/26/2008 8:25:05 PM

I weigh the scoop of feed I use and feed accordingly

2/26/2008 8:22:32 PM

I do use a scoop every day but I do weigh the feed when I make any feed changes.

2/26/2008 8:20:13 PM

I don't grain or supplement but I weigh hay.

2/26/2008 8:15:07 PM

We use a coffee can AFTER calculating weight of feed.

2/26/2008 8:08:38 PM

I weighed scoop sizes (1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups) of each feed. Now I feed. by scoop volume.

2/26/2008 8:00:49 PM

I use the SureScoop, one side is for sweet feed & the other for pellets.

2/26/2008 8:00:38 PM

I first wiegh the contents of the coffee can so I can adjust feed accordingly.

2/26/2008 7:58:13 PM

I use a 12 oz coffee can they get 1 can a day

2/26/2008 7:54:01 PM

We weighed it first, now we use the scoop because we know what it weighs.

2/26/2008 7:51:20 PM

I weigh one pound and mark the scoop/can accordingly.

2/26/2008 7:45:40 PM

I weigh each & every serving of basically anything but the hay, which I go by a very rough estimate

2/26/2008 7:39:13 PM

Dry feed is measured by quart, hay is weighed.

2/26/2008 7:21:02 PM

I create my own diet right down to the individual mineral so measuring is a big must for me

2/26/2008 7:17:36 PM

For the TC Lite I have a specially designed cup for measuring by weight.

2/26/2008 7:12:14 PM

also use purina's premarked scoops that are set by weight at the factory

2/26/2008 7:10:25 PM

I weigh once a week to make sure that my 'eye' has not gone off the amount. I

2/26/2008 7:06:25 PM

I weigh the feed initially so I know exactly how many scoops I need, then I feed by scoops

2/26/2008 7:01:37 PM


2/26/2008 6:57:29 PM

with 20+ horses, 40+ feedings/day; saves on feed; individualizes feed program per horse

2/26/2008 6:54:43 PM

Scoop is filled, weighed less the weight of scoop itself. This determines serving size.

2/26/2008 6:53:05 PM

tupperware container and small can

2/26/2008 6:52:57 PM

weighed initially, then by volume

2/26/2008 6:50:43 PM

All portions are weighed initially, then predevolume is served.

2/26/2008 6:47:20 PM

Occasionally I might weigh a serving, but if they are losing weight, I feed more, if gaining, less

2/26/2008 6:43:08 PM

i weigh each type of feed in the can, then go by coffee can.

2/26/2008 6:40:40 PM

I first weigh the container that I plan to use and figure out the weight with feed.

2/26/2008 6:38:50 PM

I weighed the feed the first time I measured it with the coffee can

2/26/2008 6:38:31 PM

I don't weigh grain every time I feed - that is unreasonable. I do initially weigh the grain.

2/26/2008 6:38:17 PM

I weigh the amount of feeds then use the same scoop until I change amount then weigh again.

2/26/2008 6:37:10 PM

Not a coffee cam, but a much smaller scoop that the contents have been weighed at a point in time.

2/26/2008 6:35:43 PM

I have been trying to educate people to feed by weight and not volume.

2/26/2008 6:28:42 PM

pre weighed feed in coffee can

2/26/2008 6:25:07 PM

I use a coffee can but also weigh each serving, unless I'm in a big rush!

2/26/2008 6:21:49 PM

I have a scale to weigh everything including the hay which I have analyzed

2/26/2008 6:21:42 PM


2/26/2008 6:18:03 PM

Always used a coffee can. Isn't this the unofficial standard?

2/26/2008 6:14:48 PM

I weighed out each grain by cups to have an accurate feed program for each horse

2/26/2008 6:12:01 PM

I first weigh the proper amount and see how much of a scoop it fills

2/26/2008 6:11:45 PM

I weigh the first serving

2/26/2008 6:06:15 PM

I weighed the scoop full the first time and I use the same scoop for each feeding.

2/26/2008 6:03:45 PM

I weighed a scoop of each type of feed.

2/26/2008 6:02:48 PM

I weigh it out before hand, put a line in the coffee can and voila! Easy cheap measuring device!.

2/26/2008 6:02:11 PM

I weigh the amount periodically, but then use the measure to feed regularly.

2/26/2008 6:00:58 PM

after weighing the feed the first time, I just use the scoop to measure everyday.

2/26/2008 5:55:40 PM

I use a scoop but have weighed a scoopfull fo the various feeds we use in the past

2/26/2008 5:53:49 PM

I have scoops the correct size for each supplement.

2/26/2008 5:53:38 PM

I pre-weigh the feed my scoops hold so I know exactly how much I am feeding.

2/26/2008 5:49:05 PM

Weighing is the only consistent way to use the right amount.

2/26/2008 5:44:06 PM

horses w/ Cushing's and/or IR have taught me TONS from the EC yahoo group!

2/26/2008 5:39:14 PM

feed by weight, learned in online nutrition course from Canada

2/26/2008 5:38:25 PM

volume is easier on a daily basis, but we periodically weigh the feed to be certain we're on track

2/26/2008 5:28:37 PM

I periodically check the weight of an average "scoop" of each grain I feed.

2/26/2008 5:28:23 PM

I used to weigh feeds but now just use saucepan! Horses look just as good this winter!!

2/26/2008 5:28:10 PM

I did weigh the scoop initially and weigh hay occasionally to reset my self/scale

2/26/2008 5:25:15 PM

I weigh out the correct amount and then mark and use the same container and feed by volume.

2/26/2008 5:22:17 PM

I know the wieght equivalant of my coffee can for the grain type I feed

2/26/2008 5:19:39 PM

I weigh out the portion and then mark that on the coffee can and then just use the can

2/26/2008 5:12:16 PM

Scoop, but I'm always consistent-probably consistently wrong!

2/26/2008 5:11:42 PM

I know you're supposed to weigh feed but I have always used a scoop and a comercial feed.

2/26/2008 5:09:32 PM

I have 5 horses I weigh ea horses hay 2 times a day

2/26/2008 5:00:47 PM

Scoop - but I originally took measured scoop of feed to store and weighed it.

2/26/2008 4:59:51 PM

I weigh the grain in the can and base feed on lbs per can

2/26/2008 4:57:04 PM

Initially I established the volume based on weighing the grain in the measuring container.

2/26/2008 4:55:32 PM

scoop provided w/feed

2/26/2008 4:55:19 PM

I found that coffee cans or scoops can be very inaccurate - off 1/4 # or more/feeding!

2/26/2008 4:55:12 PM

I weigh once thenuse that volume

2/26/2008 4:53:58 PM

The large red Folgers can works great--handle on the side!

2/26/2008 4:53:41 PM

Our scoop measure has been verified for weight.

2/26/2008 4:53:37 PM

My Nutrena dealer has given me a scoop to take the guesswork out of measuring my Nutrena feed.

2/26/2008 4:50:17 PM

I weigh the scoop of feed once to see where it is.

2/26/2008 4:49:01 PM

it's not my way, I don't like it but it's the common use here and i have to accept it

2/26/2008 4:48:46 PM

I came up with the measurement the first time by weighing.

2/26/2008 4:40:10 PM

The feed has been weighed in the scoop.

2/26/2008 4:40:06 PM

I find out how many cups/lbs of the feed I'm using and then feed by volume.

2/26/2008 4:38:46 PM

We use a Purina Scoop which gives the exact weight and measure for each type of food. Great Item!

2/26/2008 4:37:17 PM

cup. Easy keepers, my mares get 1/3 cup pelleted feed per feeding & lots of good hay

2/26/2008 4:32:31 PM

I weigh hay. Also grain & then measure that amount. Then I can feed by measurement. It's easier.

2/26/2008 4:31:35 PM

I don't really weigh it every day, just if I would change something.

2/26/2008 4:28:04 PM

I work out the diets by weight, and convert it to volume for feeding.

2/26/2008 4:27:44 PM

I don't use a can or scoop; they just get one hand full of oats to help with supplements.

2/26/2008 4:25:56 PM

I weigh with every bag I open

2/26/2008 4:25:25 PM

I test my hay and feed a vit./mineral supplement. I add minimal grain when he's in work.

2/26/2008 4:20:54 PM

We weigh each feed by the scoop for correct amounts

2/26/2008 4:20:40 PM

Regular cooking measuring cup. These are Fjords!

2/26/2008 4:16:59 PM

weigh and measure everything that goes in.

2/26/2008 4:14:38 PM

Use scoops supplied by mfg.

2/26/2008 4:14:30 PM

pre-measured scoop

2/26/2008 4:13:54 PM

I weighed first and marked a coffee can

2/26/2008 4:10:05 PM

I weigh the feed and mark it on a coffee can .

2/26/2008 4:08:59 PM

i first weigh my contents one time then use a scoop with that weigh serving

2/26/2008 4:07:35 PM

I weigh and mark a container to that weight,reweigh occasionally

2/26/2008 4:07:04 PM


2/26/2008 4:06:29 PM

It's what I learned to do in the University of Guelph's online equine nutrition course!

2/26/2008 4:05:51 PM

I weighed the contents of my "scoop", so I know how much feed each horse is getting by weight, also.

2/26/2008 4:04:40 PM

I weigh the container with the grain,subtract the amount of the container once. From there I scoop

2/26/2008 4:04:19 PM

However, each product is weighed from time to time to calibrate volume

2/26/2008 4:01:24 PM

I previously weighed the scoop empty and then full to determine the # I feed from the scoop.

2/26/2008 3:59:41 PM

I hve a scoop which marks wgt for pellet and grain

2/26/2008 3:57:28 PM

I use a scoop that has measurements on it.

2/26/2008 3:56:40 PM

I weigh onceevery time I either get a new bag or change the serving.

2/26/2008 3:54:59 PM

But I weigh the feee int he coffee can to make sure I know how much each horse is getting

2/26/2008 3:54:55 PM

I weigh feed in my scoop then mark scoop for that amount needed

2/26/2008 3:53:57 PM

I weigh once using the coffee can and adjust it up or down using a scale as well.

2/26/2008 3:53:07 PM

We weigh the hay using a scale and have pre-weighed our grain in a 1lb coffee can.

2/26/2008 3:51:55 PM

We use pellets that are measured by the cup.

2/26/2008 3:50:30 PM

I feed by the pound

2/26/2008 3:50:09 PM

the best way to feed is to have a good eye for the horses condition and adjust accordingly

2/26/2008 3:49:03 PM

Once winter is over, he will be getting his grain cut back to about 1/4 can.

2/26/2008 3:47:50 PM

I ought to weight it, though

2/26/2008 3:46:11 PM

For pelleted feed, I use a scoop with a built-in scale.

2/26/2008 3:44:18 PM

I use a small scoop for pellets, but I weigh hay.

2/26/2008 3:40:15 PM

I weigh the feed in the coffee can first so I know what I'm feeding by weight

2/26/2008 3:39:02 PM

I periodically weigh the scoop and go by volume between weighings

2/26/2008 3:38:46 PM

but I go by weight in the coffee can

2/26/2008 3:38:10 PM

By 8 oz cup

2/26/2008 3:37:44 PM

I use a scoop which take a once controlled and weighed amount of grain. Alfalafa by the bu

2/26/2008 3:37:41 PM

the scoop contents were weighed once to be sure of volume

2/26/2008 3:36:54 PM

I have weighed volume in my scoop so know how much I am feeding.

2/26/2008 3:34:46 PM

I weigh hay flakes, and have pre-weighed pelleted feeds so I know how much weight by scoop.

2/26/2008 3:33:59 PM

We stick with the same feed brand and hope it is consistent

2/26/2008 3:31:35 PM

I use the old fashioned coffee can - why complicate it?

2/26/2008 3:30:54 PM

I don't weigh but I do measure oats (very little) and supplements.

2/26/2008 3:30:10 PM

Also weigh it.

2/26/2008 3:25:28 PM


2/26/2008 3:23:24 PM

For Hay I use the large bushel tubs and weigh each serving

2/26/2008 3:23:17 PM

i use a scoop but previously weighed out a serving to determine how much to put in the scoop

2/26/2008 3:21:08 PM

I have measured the amount my scoop holds with a scale

2/26/2008 3:20:35 PM

I use pre measure feed and put marks on my scoop indicating the pounds they represent

2/26/2008 3:17:04 PM

I use a scoop after I know th weight of the feed in the scoop

2/26/2008 3:16:26 PM

I use the coffee can after I've weighed it out once.

2/26/2008 3:16:12 PM

we feed very limited grain, only enough to encourage consumption of supplements

2/26/2008 3:13:20 PM

by weight, especially if more than one person feeds to ensure consistency

2/26/2008 3:05:54 PM

Depends on the seasons too - the colder it is the more food and/or grain they get

2/26/2008 2:59:39 PM

The volume is determined by the weight.

2/26/2008 2:56:08 PM

I weighed the amount a coffee held first.

2/26/2008 2:21:15 PM

have a with weight measurments on it.

2/26/2008 2:13:32 PM

I'l already determined nutritional content of my feed per "scoop" so I don't weigh each time

2/26/2008 12:31:03 PM

I have a cup from the company I buy the feed from made just for the feed I use.

2/26/2008 12:27:45 PM

I weighed feed with the scoop I use and maintain that amount

2/26/2008 12:00:48 PM

I usually find a container that equals the correct weight and use that scoop when I feed my horse.

2/26/2008 11:25:21 AM

I use the same scoop, but I have weighed the exact feed to know how much I use

2/26/2008 11:20:23 AM

they do not need that much feed per day, just a little to get the mineral needed, i give them hay

2/26/2008 10:38:31 AM

single measuring cup

2/26/2008 9:32:17 AM