Hitting High Hay Prices

How much are you paying for small square bales of hay?

Under $3
More than $10
I don't feed small square bales

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picked up field year's supply

11/19/2007 10:52:57 PM

better this year-huge relief after Katrina related shortages past 2 years!

11/19/2007 10:09:00 PM

very difficult to get in this area

11/19/2007 9:04:16 PM

Cost includes delivery from NY-MD; alfalfa/orchardgrass mix bales are about 35-40 pounds

11/19/2007 8:28:30 PM

poor quality compared to past years.

11/19/2007 8:06:05 PM


11/19/2007 7:50:42 PM

Quality Hay was difficult to find in 2007. Spring $3.50 - Fall $$6.00 +

11/19/2007 6:17:57 PM

live in se mass on coast..contracted hay in spring at price..have 1 quater/5 goats/1lamb

11/19/2007 6:11:34 PM

its ok hay, but not of as good as quality that I would expect for the money I pay for it.

11/19/2007 4:03:36 PM

We have gone to mid sqaures for feeding our five horses as they are cheaper.

11/19/2007 2:54:00 PM

i get grass hay in 80-100lb bales and they cost $18.40 each. i live in reno nevada

11/19/2007 1:49:43 PM

2nd crop not that good not enough rain and most farmers planted corn

11/19/2007 1:00:19 PM

We have a farm and 8 horses, we keep enough hay for the winter for all horses.

11/19/2007 12:55:28 PM

we cut our own. But it was hard to find extra we lost our110 acre lease in march 07

11/19/2007 12:02:37 PM

I paid $5.50/bale but the bales are 1/2 the size I usually get. Ouch!

11/19/2007 12:00:33 PM

Buy local grass hay out of field. 55-60# average. 8-12% protein.2:1 Ca:Phos.TDN av. 55%. Wa. st.

11/19/2007 11:38:43 AM

it is really greaT

11/19/2007 10:29:44 AM

Not much to be found and what is there is underquality and overpriced. Am in need of more.

11/19/2007 9:48:29 AM

Excellent quality, varity, and abundance

11/19/2007 9:21:03 AM

A local farmer bales my own field for me - alfalfa + grass mix

11/19/2007 8:48:57 AM

Beautiful Willamette Valley second cutting, cleaned and farmed. $205. per ton. My horses love it.

11/19/2007 2:48:41 AM

I am in Minn and we had a pretty good yr for hay.With gas prices it will get higher soon.

11/19/2007 1:07:10 AM

I purchsed 23.5 tons of timothy in September 07....it stays dry but I have to supplement

11/19/2007 12:31:29 AM

Hay in my area is selling for 15.oo a bale. That is both grass, oat or alfafa

11/19/2007 12:15:43 AM

very poor quality at very high prices

11/18/2007 11:10:08 PM

wonderful praire hay

11/18/2007 8:55:08 PM

hay has been good/avail in ocala, Florida area. t/a is $15.00/per bale and coastal is approx $7.00

11/18/2007 8:37:43 PM

Was able to get 3rd cutting grass/alfalfa mix from regular supplier for $4.75. Was $3.50 last year.

11/18/2007 7:34:33 PM

square bales are getting smaller and smaller...

11/18/2007 6:58:13 PM

We had to buy hay outside of our home state this year, never had to do that before.

11/18/2007 6:43:09 PM

For the T/A

11/18/2007 6:36:29 PM

abundant...but still as high priced as last year

11/18/2007 6:05:30 PM

Large bales of hay are $18.00

11/18/2007 5:33:30 PM

we had a drought in Augus, so 2nd cut was very late

11/18/2007 3:13:26 PM

Timothy Hay - 4 tons at a time. $850.00 Alfalfa - $900/4 tons

11/18/2007 2:42:12 PM

I make my own hay, so my cost is a bit lower that if I were buying it.

11/18/2007 2:40:21 PM

Very poor quality, cut late

11/18/2007 2:00:19 PM

It seems many producers are hoarding to inflate prices. We are planting our own for next year.

11/18/2007 1:28:06 PM

picking it up out of the field is cheaper, but you have to be set up to either hire or haul yoursel

11/18/2007 1:18:24 PM

1200 lb. round bale $50.00

11/18/2007 10:50:57 AM

I have small acreage and have to buy hay oftenbecause I also have a storage problem.

11/18/2007 9:05:16 AM

We cut and bail our own.

11/18/2007 12:57:29 AM


11/17/2007 11:15:15 PM

Last year we paid $4.00

11/17/2007 11:00:48 PM

My hay went up from $3.50 to $4.50 and the supplier said he brely got the 2nd cutting.

11/17/2007 10:55:56 PM


11/17/2007 10:00:28 PM


11/17/2007 9:52:32 PM

Lots of good quality coastal hay

11/17/2007 9:34:34 PM

We are closing in on $300.00 per ton delivered, I go through at least 30 ton per month. Yikes!

11/17/2007 9:31:32 PM

I had no problem receivng hay from our dealer

11/17/2007 9:09:49 PM

get mine from the field of a local farmer, 6 miles away

11/17/2007 8:15:29 PM

I am buying by the ton with a fixed price for the year from my feed store. He delivers and stacks

11/17/2007 6:03:57 PM

Hay is going to be really tight this year.

11/17/2007 3:41:47 PM

hihh quality higher prices

11/17/2007 3:08:29 PM

It started at 3.75 it is now at 8.25 and going up

11/17/2007 2:20:36 PM

I put in 500 three wire bales that weigh over 100 lbs a piece. Too heavy but glad theyr'e in!

11/17/2007 12:54:48 PM

I've found a local farmer that sells regular sized bales for $4.25. Really good quality.

11/17/2007 11:38:16 AM

very good

11/17/2007 11:25:35 AM


11/17/2007 8:19:02 AM

I was luckey enought to find hay this year..I had lost the best person we ever had to death two year

11/17/2007 6:53:50 AM

Horse gram use

11/17/2007 2:55:59 AM

Grass is getting tight but alfalfa available easily

11/17/2007 2:03:55 AM

It's just like any other year.

11/17/2007 12:15:35 AM

So far, so good. We don't have as much storage for hay on the farm as we would like, but no shortage

11/16/2007 11:16:16 PM

we make our own for 4 horses and glad we kept all this year because of drought mid summer

11/16/2007 10:03:24 PM

First cut was scarce with the dry early summer, and the 2nd and 3rd were so fine they wouldn't stay

11/16/2007 9:58:00 PM


11/16/2007 9:08:51 PM

It has been expensive and sometimes difficult to get - need some alternatives.

11/16/2007 8:43:05 PM

Slim and costly, paying 15.00 a bale

11/16/2007 8:33:54 PM

very bad, round bales approx. $70.00 to $100.00, poorer quality

11/16/2007 7:51:46 PM

Its good but expencive!

11/16/2007 7:35:49 PM

I do not see a shortage where I am

11/16/2007 7:23:37 PM

Purchasing 900 pound square bales instead of small, more economical.

11/16/2007 7:21:55 PM

Haveing a very hard time finding good hay this year.

11/16/2007 6:30:22 PM

Buying compressed bales not good enough for export

11/16/2007 5:59:40 PM

I bought fairly early on which kept my costs more reasonable.

11/16/2007 5:23:56 PM

not healthy green hay

11/16/2007 4:26:44 PM

Rough - harder to find, poorer quality, more expensive. Selling horses.

11/16/2007 4:08:59 PM

everytime we go to buy the price goes up:, we are in CA.

11/16/2007 3:31:48 PM

$4.95 and a $20 surcharge for gasoline for delivery of 80 bales

11/16/2007 3:29:11 PM

early in the year it was good now it is of poor qaltiy and is very high priced

11/16/2007 3:27:14 PM

I purchase orchard grass hay from a local farmer.

11/16/2007 3:23:00 PM

good first cut, no second cut

11/16/2007 2:58:51 PM

Orchard hay in 100 lb bails

11/16/2007 2:26:41 PM

hard to find

11/16/2007 2:17:20 PM

I have 190 bales left for 3 horses who have NO pasture.

11/16/2007 1:48:39 PM

I buy 125# bales at $12.50, with better nutrition and no waste

11/16/2007 1:43:40 PM


11/16/2007 1:36:39 PM

its is a sad selection

11/16/2007 1:27:42 PM

so far so good. We have a very reliable source and the hay is nice and consistent.

11/16/2007 1:23:27 PM

South Carolina

11/16/2007 1:21:11 PM

We have more hay available this year because the drought was not so bad but the prices are the same

11/16/2007 1:18:53 PM

5.75, it's 15/ton cheaper this year for alfalfa here

11/16/2007 1:10:39 PM

the Hay prices keep going up and the bales are smaller and not packed well ,horrible

11/16/2007 12:40:23 PM

Very limited supply, importing from western states

11/16/2007 11:59:49 AM

very dry

11/16/2007 11:33:23 AM

Good. I get hay from a farmer who specializes in horse hay; he makes sure regulars have hay!

11/16/2007 10:55:47 AM

Hay has been sketchy at best. I am switching to pellet feed.

11/16/2007 10:51:07 AM

less than good quality at high prices

11/16/2007 10:50:04 AM

Good quality 1st, 2nd cuts 3rd cut thick cuts

11/16/2007 10:25:02 AM

I am in South GA and it is sparce....

11/16/2007 10:22:03 AM

Hay prices in south Florida have skyrocketed and costing horse owners like myself to struggle.

11/16/2007 9:42:27 AM

$8/35lb square bale. Hay was extremely scarce in the fall and winter months. I fed cattle grade.

11/16/2007 9:40:37 AM

our hay supply this year has been great. The farmers had three cuttings in most of the area

11/16/2007 9:29:57 AM

The hay price has fluctuated from $5 to $6; quality: bad in lt summer, better in early fall grassy

11/16/2007 9:20:24 AM

I ordered 200 bales of Alicia Bermuda and 200 bales of Bahai Grass hay for my 4 TWH.

11/16/2007 9:11:46 AM

My crop was 1/5 of a normal year. With everyone else having the same prob, hay is a BIG issue.

11/16/2007 9:09:40 AM

Good hay, for that matter any feed quality is in short supply in central Minnesota.

11/16/2007 8:42:55 AM

3.25- WI. alfala or grass, no rain

11/16/2007 8:27:49 AM

Available, but expensive; all shipped in from out of the area

11/16/2007 7:54:27 AM

hay is in short supply. I will probably run out before spring

11/16/2007 7:53:09 AM

It is not too bad although the coast for me has almost doubled.

11/16/2007 7:21:52 AM

I'm in England and there has been flooding all year. Hay is late hay and not as nutritiou!

11/16/2007 2:36:03 AM

$5.00 per bale. 1/2 of each load has a lot of crab grass and fescue instead of orchard grass.

11/16/2007 1:33:57 AM

expensive. and more each year

11/16/2007 1:31:42 AM

Not good

11/16/2007 1:12:29 AM

very expensive

11/16/2007 12:31:26 AM

make my own

11/16/2007 12:15:51 AM

As much as $6 for quality alfalfa at 45-50 lbs. Not delivered.

11/15/2007 11:27:42 PM

Square bales of Brome Grass weighing 55-60 lbs for $2.50 delivered.

11/15/2007 11:05:05 PM

t/a mix, 13.00 to 16.00 per bale, gainesville fl. area, just ridiculous-cannot do it

11/15/2007 11:02:31 PM

We had a shortage of hay because of the drought in Mississippi which raised the price on square bale

11/15/2007 10:37:48 PM

I do not hsve enough to carry us through the winter. The shortage is very serious here.

11/15/2007 10:34:59 PM

Not consistent quality! $160 per ton.

11/15/2007 10:29:24 PM

Premium alfalfa $200.00 per ton

11/15/2007 10:27:18 PM


11/15/2007 10:23:07 PM

purchase @ feed store, limited supply

11/15/2007 10:10:25 PM

I had a farmer aptly call them idiot cubes! Round bales are cheaper and can be fed justas accurately

11/15/2007 10:01:10 PM

Twice as much as last year and none local, we are in VA and bringing it in from PA and NY, rounds 2

11/15/2007 10:01:01 PM

I'm not sure what you call small sq bales? 100# sq bales are $13.00/each in Central CA.

11/15/2007 9:44:54 PM

normal supplier all out, securing other supply.

11/15/2007 9:42:20 PM

Hay has gone up by 25% in my area, BC Canada

11/15/2007 9:27:28 PM

in western Montana, if you did not get hay early, like 1st cutting, you are paying $160 +/ton

11/15/2007 9:24:22 PM

12/06 $5/bale, like straw! 07/07 bales fair/good, $6/bale, got 400. Worried for 12/07.

11/15/2007 9:11:19 PM

plentiful but expensive

11/15/2007 9:08:02 PM

bale our own fields...have over 1,000 bales stored

11/15/2007 9:05:34 PM


11/15/2007 8:55:21 PM

buyit form the same guy every year.

11/15/2007 8:52:52 PM

Fortunately, we made arrangements to get some first cutting hay early in the season.

11/15/2007 8:49:21 PM

satisifactory, pretty consistent and easily attained.

11/15/2007 8:42:07 PM

dismal-got mine early

11/15/2007 8:39:57 PM

We have plenty of hay in N E Texas this year.

11/15/2007 8:15:15 PM

hard to get good nutritious hay

11/15/2007 8:08:01 PM

easy to get this year. and it is good hay.

11/15/2007 8:06:23 PM

very scarce. no round bales in SC and few in Florida

11/15/2007 8:04:34 PM

Hay prices have almost doubled past years

11/15/2007 7:57:41 PM

lots of rain lots of hay

11/15/2007 7:57:05 PM

quality hay is hard to find and very expensive when found

11/15/2007 7:50:42 PM

not a good supply due to too much rain this spring and summer

11/15/2007 7:27:21 PM

I wont buy square bales at that price. Besides, they have been consistently MOLDY!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF

11/15/2007 7:26:44 PM


11/15/2007 6:57:43 PM

There is minimal hay available in my area

11/15/2007 6:39:34 PM


11/15/2007 6:12:53 PM

timothy and birdsfoot excellent haaaaayn

11/15/2007 6:06:54 PM

i pay 2.00 bale for large bales and 1.50 for small bales here in upstate ny

11/15/2007 5:56:12 PM

so far so good!

11/15/2007 5:49:26 PM

In upstate NY there is plenty

11/15/2007 5:41:22 PM

Poorer Quality, We have had to deal with more moldy bales than in the past

11/15/2007 5:09:49 PM

$5 for grass & $6 for alfalfa in SW Idaho

11/15/2007 5:03:40 PM

For 3 string #2 and 3 way and Teff grass $12-$13

11/15/2007 4:53:44 PM

I have a good relationship with a local farmer. I can go and get a truck load any time I need it.

11/15/2007 4:51:55 PM

bermuda is $14 a blale and small bales of alfalfa are $1--increase of at least $4 a bale

11/15/2007 4:37:14 PM

cost of hay in sw pa has doubled in last 3 years

11/15/2007 4:31:36 PM

I don't buy, I sell hay, straight bermuda grass, at $3.50 per bale in Oklahoma.

11/15/2007 4:29:59 PM

I think its too much

11/15/2007 4:14:03 PM

Timothy goes for 24.95 in so.CA, alfalfa is 14.00 a bale, ouch !!

11/15/2007 4:14:02 PM

Very nice grass mix from S. Colorado

11/15/2007 4:08:45 PM

not the best, but glad I have plenty in the barn

11/15/2007 3:42:28 PM

We buy by the tons, lucky got good price per ton

11/15/2007 3:29:45 PM

I'm loyal to my hay provider (20+years) so he doesn't take advantage of me when prices skyrocket.

11/15/2007 3:25:47 PM

Really hard time finding GOOD square bales, local farmers are all round baling EVERYTHING

11/15/2007 3:23:20 PM

My horse can't eat alfalpha, won't eat Bermuda. Large bales of timothy are around $20-23 in AZ

11/15/2007 3:22:53 PM


11/15/2007 3:18:10 PM

Hard to find and expensive. Low quality hay for premium prices.

11/15/2007 3:17:00 PM

i feed 1200 to 1800 lb rolls at $40 or 800 lb at $25

11/15/2007 3:16:20 PM

still looking - prob will pay $8+ for additional grass bales

11/15/2007 3:12:31 PM

I currently pay $13.50 for bermuda and $12.50 for alfalfa in AZ. 50 lb bales

11/15/2007 3:06:36 PM

Orchard grass hay is about 18 bucks a bale in Southern CA. Yikes!

11/15/2007 2:51:25 PM

i need hay but its expensvie

11/15/2007 2:48:46 PM

Paying $13-15 for 105# bales grass and or alfalfa in Oregon

11/15/2007 2:43:18 PM


11/15/2007 2:32:41 PM

I paid $3.50 for small squares of brome hay and $55 per bale for large rounds of brome

11/15/2007 2:30:16 PM

good, alfy

11/15/2007 2:27:12 PM

Very inferior to what we have fed in the past.

11/15/2007 2:26:54 PM

It's a crisis in Tennessee this year.

11/15/2007 2:22:30 PM

Our area of central ohio has a short supply of hay.

11/15/2007 1:49:22 PM

price is for local grass hay, first cutting, from a stacked, covered facility.

11/15/2007 12:43:24 PM

I had hay to give away but I couldn't find anyone to take it, like firewood if you cut it and split

11/15/2007 11:54:50 AM

$150 a ton that we bought from farmer earlier in year, no shortage here

11/15/2007 11:05:25 AM

no problem with supply, yet. $10 for T&A.

11/15/2007 11:03:44 AM

Hay supply has been consistently good this year..I'm in Houston, TX area

11/15/2007 10:59:23 AM

low supply, excellent hay

11/15/2007 10:52:25 AM

Grass hay prices have skyrocketed since the drought this year

11/15/2007 10:35:30 AM

Choose 2nd cutting hay, 1st cutting in Michigan was cut to late making it stemmy. Purchased 450

11/15/2007 10:31:53 AM

very, very hard to find & very far to drive increasing said price b/c of gas prices are so high

11/15/2007 10:28:24 AM

Right now I am paying 5 per bale in a few months I believe they will be going to be $7.

11/15/2007 10:00:57 AM

used to pay 5-8 depending on the source and weight

11/15/2007 9:42:19 AM

We pay $11 for 110 lb. bale of hay

11/15/2007 9:26:01 AM

the hay is beautiful, delivered, and stacked.

11/15/2007 9:09:52 AM

last year I had to import hay from Penn. It will be the same this year due to lack of rain in FL/GA

11/15/2007 8:54:28 AM

We purchase from a trucker who hauls for plants in our area.

11/15/2007 8:30:45 AM

I buy 30 # square grass hay bales from a local farmer, who brings it here from the field in June.

11/15/2007 8:29:27 AM

never getting the same product twice can't find good roundbails either

11/15/2007 7:09:01 AM

in the NewEngland area not that bad. Was a good Spring for first cut.

11/15/2007 7:02:19 AM

prices in pa are getting way too high

11/15/2007 7:00:36 AM

orchard grass hay, when I can find it

11/15/2007 2:07:36 AM

I feed alfalfa bales that weigh 110-120 lbs. & costs $9.50 a bale.

11/15/2007 1:38:01 AM


11/15/2007 12:26:41 AM

Roughly $13 for 100lbs

11/15/2007 12:00:24 AM

It's hard to find the hay we want. Some guys are holding it back! It's hard to be really particular

11/14/2007 11:51:42 PM

50 tons / year of orchard grass from Western to Eastern Oregon price $210/ton from 165/ton last year

11/14/2007 11:43:38 PM

Quality grass hay averages 5.50-7.50/bale or 170-210/ton

11/14/2007 11:42:15 PM


11/14/2007 11:41:25 PM

we picked 5 ton early June for about $2.70 a bale, probably won't be so lucky next year

11/14/2007 11:34:49 PM

We feed large square bales of grass hay, at about $150/ton

11/14/2007 11:31:23 PM

$2.75 per 50lb bale.delivered and stacked in my barn. Bet you're jealous!

11/14/2007 11:26:49 PM

Idaho hay good, raised own grass, is audan good horse fees?

11/14/2007 11:01:25 PM


11/14/2007 10:49:54 PM

$3.00 delivered and put into the barn

11/14/2007 10:29:32 PM

Same hay supplier for the past 16 years in Missouri

11/14/2007 10:21:03 PM

Upstate NY - first curring is around $2 a bale. Plenty of it around!

11/14/2007 10:12:59 PM


11/14/2007 10:01:59 PM

I paid 1.85 a bale for first cutting. That is up .10 from last year.

11/14/2007 10:01:26 PM

have plenty

11/14/2007 9:42:18 PM

$4.50-5.00 bale in northwestern Ohio southeastern Michigan.

11/14/2007 9:36:54 PM

not all small square bales are equal. Must know quality/type of hay, and weight of bales!!!

11/14/2007 9:27:49 PM

We got 100 bales in the field in Oct. but are still looking to add to it. It was 3.50 a bale then.

11/14/2007 9:19:23 PM

130 pound alfalfa bales

11/14/2007 9:04:10 PM

3.25 delivered and stacked in barn

11/14/2007 8:51:24 PM

the hale is poor quaility, over dry, often dusty. Acquired hay from 4 different farmers,

11/14/2007 8:51:03 PM

excellent in Oklahoma

11/14/2007 8:42:01 PM

hay is readly available if you feed alfalfa

11/14/2007 8:41:01 PM


11/14/2007 8:29:17 PM

The supply is better than the previous two years. However, square bales are hard to find easily.

11/14/2007 8:20:06 PM

I pay $5 per bale of brome Hay

11/14/2007 8:11:14 PM

most dealers are holding onto it thinking they will get higher dollar later

11/14/2007 8:07:01 PM

Good hay, but nothing fancy. About 40lb/bale.

11/14/2007 7:57:18 PM

I'm in Australia. My last delivery of lucerne hay was $24.50 AUD per bale. Outrageous price.

11/14/2007 7:57:11 PM


11/14/2007 7:29:30 PM

Great hay got lucky and only paid 3.50 a bale,most were asking 5.-8 early summer.

11/14/2007 7:26:02 PM

Good, but we bought right out of the field

11/14/2007 7:13:04 PM

It's hard to find a supplier in north Florida and South Georgia.

11/14/2007 7:08:13 PM

Glad I committed in June and bought a year's worth. It's already going for $2-3 more than I paid .

11/14/2007 7:07:48 PM

9-10, we live in Alaska, and that's out of the field!

11/14/2007 7:04:55 PM

Hay scarce in N. C. Fair quality.

11/14/2007 6:43:38 PM

only because I know the grower-otherwise $12+

11/14/2007 6:43:30 PM

Can't find enough hay for hte winter!

11/14/2007 6:39:30 PM

I also have to keep large rolls in the pasture since bales are scarce

11/14/2007 6:37:54 PM

a lot of Weeds and brown grass are in my hay bails

11/14/2007 6:37:24 PM

Live in S. CA; feed Orchard grass; readily avail - large bales, 100#s, sells for $20 - $23 each.

11/14/2007 6:26:50 PM

I feed alphfa and stocked up in August for a year's supply.

11/14/2007 6:26:02 PM

very scarce and poor quality. Had to be hauled from Nebraska to Tx.

11/14/2007 6:16:48 PM

Went in on a trailer load shipped down from NY.

11/14/2007 6:01:52 PM

abundant hay this year,some farmers actually got a 3rd cutting!!

11/14/2007 5:54:24 PM

Plenty of rain and hay, but the prices did not come down. Fertilizer has also gone up quite alot.

11/14/2007 5:47:18 PM


11/14/2007 5:28:51 PM

So far ok, but I got 2X as much 1st cut as usual

11/14/2007 5:07:06 PM

This year we have enough hay in our area.

11/14/2007 4:47:14 PM

Ontario DEhy TimothyBalanced Hay cubes make up my horse's diet. He is IR.

11/14/2007 4:43:24 PM

Small bales are not available where I live in Southern California to my knowledge

11/14/2007 4:41:52 PM

$3 CAD from our usual reliable local farmer in sourthern Ontario (Toronto area)

11/14/2007 4:15:27 PM

Lots of rain. Best hay in years.

11/14/2007 3:54:20 PM

Bought it all in August from regular supplier (a local farmer)

11/14/2007 3:53:54 PM

I live in PA

11/14/2007 3:42:37 PM

scarce, brought in from 2 states away, severe shortage

11/14/2007 3:40:38 PM

we were able to fill up our barn because in Texas we had lots of rain during the summer months.

11/14/2007 3:31:24 PM

$13/50 for straight Alfalfa in South Carolina

11/14/2007 3:26:07 PM

it stinks!

11/14/2007 3:22:16 PM

We use round bales and pay 30 - 45.00 for one averging 900 to 1200 lbs.

11/14/2007 3:17:24 PM

Great hay this year

11/14/2007 2:59:25 PM

no ordhard grass available; had to get brome and timothy

11/14/2007 2:47:54 PM

Orchard Grass is my feed of choice. Costs per bale have doubled this year alone!

11/14/2007 2:42:47 PM

high prices and low quality

11/14/2007 2:39:29 PM

I think they are all holding out, they got 2-3 cuts in michigan

11/14/2007 2:38:43 PM

very short

11/14/2007 2:35:02 PM

3 wire bales of natural meadow grass hay

11/14/2007 2:34:19 PM

bought early, feel bad for the horses who owners cant afford or even find it -now

11/14/2007 2:34:15 PM

Hay has increased $2/bale -- and I pre-bought this hay. Others in Ohio paying $7/bale

11/14/2007 2:30:17 PM

Hay crop is down, so more costly to buy hay

11/14/2007 2:28:06 PM

My hay man makes sure he saves me a supply;I am lucky

11/14/2007 2:19:40 PM

Timothy from Canada trucked to Florida. The weak US Dollar and high fuel prices are killing us.

11/14/2007 2:14:57 PM

Fortunate to have permanent supplier who stores up a years supply for me.

11/14/2007 2:08:52 PM

Paying $5 a small bale of Oat from local, $15 a large bale(140 lb) of Grass

11/14/2007 2:02:17 PM

$20 for ochard hay in Los Angeles, CA

11/14/2007 2:01:02 PM

Plenty of hay, price went up because of cost of fuel. Have bought fron the same person for almost 20

11/14/2007 2:01:00 PM

we are paying that but are driving from NC to Iowa to get it so really its about $6-8

11/14/2007 2:00:42 PM

In the San Fernando Valley, CA we have 100-110 pounders for $19-25 all types

11/14/2007 1:55:10 PM

Bale our own alfalfa hay - we have over 2000 bales for the winter to feed our livestock

11/14/2007 1:52:26 PM

I feed T/A for which I drive 30 miles each way to get it off the back of a truck from Canada.

11/14/2007 1:48:15 PM

Quality is mixed and dusty . I live in upstate NY and although the hay season was better in the NE

11/14/2007 1:45:49 PM

We seem to have plenty of hay but it is $13 a bale. I have my hay delivered. I live in Lake Havasu .

11/14/2007 1:19:49 PM


11/14/2007 1:17:10 PM

i bought in summer 70-80# for $9

11/14/2007 1:01:52 PM

stickers,but very green'

11/14/2007 1:00:58 PM

Depending on the week and hay availablitiy, it can be as little as $3.50 or as high as $16...ugh!

11/14/2007 12:55:48 PM

grow our own for $0.15 a bale, puchase for $1.25 to $2.00 a bale

11/14/2007 12:54:06 PM

In my area (Lexington, KY) it ranges from $2.75 - $15.00

11/14/2007 12:52:36 PM

Southern California, $17.00 for Timothy, $14.95 for Alfalfa

11/14/2007 12:50:37 PM

Local hay

11/14/2007 12:49:22 PM

Prices are about 1.75 to 2.25 a bale in my area

11/14/2007 12:45:32 PM

In normal years I pay $3.50 for grass and $5.50 for peanut hay

11/14/2007 12:33:27 PM

$13.95 120 lb. bale bermuda $14.95 120# Alfalfa

11/14/2007 12:28:00 PM

I bought my Hay in July, it was plentiful then.

11/14/2007 12:25:09 PM

Have just enough to get through a short winter

11/14/2007 12:25:02 PM

I have been getting lg squares and rounds for around 100/ton

11/14/2007 12:22:09 PM

I have been lucky to get good quality grass hay from a guy about 20 miles from my house.

11/14/2007 12:16:25 PM

We are fortunate since we had a good season 70lb for 5.00

11/14/2007 12:14:10 PM

I was very lucky to get a deal at 175/ton. Its up to 250 at all the feed stores

11/14/2007 12:08:32 PM

Excellent quality timothy this year

11/14/2007 12:08:02 PM

In SW Wisconsin, I have very good quality mixed hay

11/14/2007 12:07:06 PM

hay supply has been favorable here this year

11/14/2007 11:50:25 AM

$12/Bale for T&A in Florida

11/14/2007 11:43:40 AM

Hay costs here are and remain to be over $13 a bale for grass

11/14/2007 11:38:07 AM

expensive but excellent and readily available

11/14/2007 11:32:25 AM

lots of nice hay available in NY

11/14/2007 11:29:52 AM

Seems like plenty of hay, but fuel prices driving up the cost

11/14/2007 11:28:37 AM

i grabbed whatever cutting I could.

11/14/2007 11:25:20 AM


11/14/2007 11:23:17 AM

We got lucky because are on the top of the list with a farmer who leases our back field for crops!

11/14/2007 11:21:35 AM

Hay in northern WY is running about $100/ton regardless of bale size.

11/14/2007 11:13:20 AM

Costal Hay in Ocala, Florida has hit $6.65/bale. $68 for a good round roll.

11/14/2007 11:12:34 AM

Between 3 farmers, I should have enough until first cutting

11/14/2007 11:11:04 AM

Got lucky and got a few months supply out of the field from a local, but will need to find more soon

11/14/2007 11:09:55 AM

Using a large round bale saves wear on worn pasture and decreases usage of the costly square bales.

11/14/2007 11:00:35 AM

27 bales/ton/$280 delivered and stacked/top quality orchard worth every penny!!

11/14/2007 11:00:21 AM

I feed large round bales but only by hand; never free choice

11/14/2007 11:00:08 AM


11/14/2007 10:59:02 AM


11/14/2007 10:52:13 AM

We have a small farm that it only cost us gas for the tractor, so we really dont pay much.

11/14/2007 10:50:35 AM


11/14/2007 10:50:34 AM

$3 for prairie hay; $4 for brome, more for alfalfa. Supplies in KS are good.

11/14/2007 10:42:31 AM

15.00 PER BALE

11/14/2007 10:42:30 AM

Alfalfa is high and getting very stemmy. Coastal is under $10 and a bit better. Supply ok so far

11/14/2007 10:41:32 AM

Parts of Michigan had a good growing season but with high gas prices my daughter paid $4.00 per bale

11/14/2007 10:41:21 AM

Ive already used up my winter hay suppy. I spent 1800.00 on hay and we are not even in winter yet.

11/14/2007 10:29:21 AM

for Alfalfa that was $7.00 last year

11/14/2007 10:13:19 AM

100 pounds

11/14/2007 10:12:27 AM

Where I usually get my hay, 12 mi. away went up by 28% and were short because of lack of water.

11/14/2007 10:07:17 AM

I get my hay from the local Jail, therefore, this is the Countiy price.

11/14/2007 10:04:43 AM

Very sparse. There was no second cut because it was so dry.

11/14/2007 10:01:51 AM

Good quality hay is costing $2-3 more this year in my area.

11/14/2007 9:58:29 AM

We got ours in early June at first cutting so we are well supplied for the year.

11/14/2007 9:56:34 AM

Florida had a late rain cycle & farmers have stocked up on bumper growth of coastal bahia,

11/14/2007 9:55:49 AM

pretty Steady supplier

11/14/2007 9:53:12 AM

slim to none (southeast)

11/14/2007 9:51:06 AM

I bought 10 tons at $139.00 per ton delivered spring of 2007

11/14/2007 9:49:43 AM

Our area hit by drought. Drove two hours to get quality qrass mix hay at $6 per bale.

11/14/2007 9:48:35 AM

I have no storage so I buy locally regular bales for $14.50 right now.

11/14/2007 9:44:44 AM

Right now, we pay $40.00 for 1000 pound 4x5 round bales of Brome.

11/14/2007 9:41:58 AM

it was a very dry year and our farmers only got 2 cuttings on average

11/14/2007 9:41:15 AM

i raised my own: the $6-$9 figure is what i sold it for (the excess). could have gotten $10

11/14/2007 9:38:39 AM

Short, Hard to find. Pre-Ordered 150 only got 100!

11/14/2007 9:38:33 AM

We put our own up but I have bought Brome for $1.50-2.50 a bale. So far it seems to be a lot around.

11/14/2007 9:36:16 AM

Grow our own/averages out to 2.5 bale/A LOT OF WORK

11/14/2007 9:33:22 AM

prices increase weekly starting in Oct.

11/14/2007 9:29:13 AM


11/14/2007 9:28:39 AM

It's been good, mold free, mostly grass.

11/14/2007 9:28:34 AM

It's abundant here in Texas

11/14/2007 9:27:33 AM

I raise our own hay but am selling the excess for $125/ton-avg price in WY.

11/14/2007 9:26:41 AM

Okla.- $4.50/bale Prairie-blue stem mix. $7/bale Brome. $45/Large rounds not the tiny cheater bales!

11/14/2007 9:25:20 AM


11/14/2007 9:21:54 AM

we have plenty of hay

11/14/2007 9:20:58 AM

Need about 4000 bales this year, paying $3.25 but it's good hay

11/14/2007 9:15:53 AM

Purchased all bales between June and September for the year

11/14/2007 9:14:32 AM

very expensive, transport cost is drivng prices up, i live in a drought area and no assist is availa

11/14/2007 9:09:37 AM

if you can find it!

11/14/2007 9:04:00 AM


11/14/2007 9:03:45 AM

Hay in our area, Ottawa Canada was excellent this year

11/14/2007 8:58:49 AM

Reno,Nevada-15 a bale in the feed stores,80-100 pounds,10 directly from the ranches if you can get a

11/14/2007 8:58:24 AM

3.25, coastal Bermuda, we were lucky this year, had rain in AR!

11/14/2007 8:57:45 AM

Dwindling! Scary! Stable supplier is running out!

11/14/2007 8:56:11 AM

My hay production was down 50%, Found a farmer needing to move hay to gain storage space,

11/14/2007 8:53:21 AM

$4.50 delivered for 65 lb bale. High quality, weed free, Tift 44. Excellent.

11/14/2007 8:52:29 AM

We bale our own hay, and sell a small amount at $2 in PA

11/14/2007 8:47:12 AM

Had to wait for 3rd cutting in September which ended up being beautiful (2nd burned up in drought).

11/14/2007 8:45:02 AM

I get from a farmer whos field is right down the road from my farm.

11/14/2007 8:43:42 AM


11/14/2007 8:42:29 AM

Most is already bought and if you don't have any for the winter, it's going to be hard to find.

11/14/2007 8:36:19 AM

Depends on the type of hay as well.

11/14/2007 8:36:08 AM

too much Johnson grass w/coastal, readily available

11/14/2007 8:31:38 AM

Huge challenge to find 1st cut grass hay at an affordable price...

11/14/2007 8:30:52 AM

It was harder to come by off the field this year. Wish I had more going into winter.

11/14/2007 8:30:27 AM

$5.50 - $6.50 is our rate in No. Va. for timothy or orchard grass.

11/14/2007 8:27:25 AM


11/14/2007 8:25:10 AM

Average of $11.99 - 14.99 in South Florida...This is not new pricing it has always been this high...

11/14/2007 8:24:22 AM

$6.35 per bale of grass hay plus a $40 delivery charge for 140 bales in a St Louis, MO suburb

11/14/2007 8:20:41 AM

500 bales for 2 horses

11/14/2007 8:14:17 AM

We feed T/A a light mix of A. We have been paying 13.00 to 14.00 a bale.

11/14/2007 8:14:08 AM

MN, $1.50 for 50 to 70 lb bale

11/14/2007 8:12:35 AM

suppliers say it is more limited due to drought

11/14/2007 8:03:55 AM

hard to find and high prices; we are using our hay budget to fence more pasture

11/14/2007 7:45:47 AM

Using round bales. Cou;d not find good quality square bales.

11/14/2007 7:42:57 AM

Make our own hay!!

11/14/2007 7:38:46 AM

UK: late cut only available

11/14/2007 7:34:19 AM

not a problem

11/14/2007 7:32:52 AM

so far i have been able to get a steady supply of 1st & 2nd crop hay. Prices higher in in new year

11/14/2007 7:32:30 AM

our crop made about 1/3 of its normal production. We are buying hay from Northern Ohio and Canada

11/14/2007 7:32:08 AM

I didn't wait until the last minute. Got mine early and at a good price.

11/14/2007 7:25:34 AM


11/14/2007 7:22:57 AM

Hay is more plentiful this year and better quality

11/14/2007 7:21:42 AM

Its going to be increasingly difficult toward spring, like last year, except worse. N. Florida

11/14/2007 7:19:46 AM

Hard to find, exspensive when you do...worried about next years crops too

11/14/2007 7:18:27 AM

we are stocked

11/14/2007 7:04:53 AM

Long Island, NY prices gone from $185/ton to $230!

11/14/2007 7:00:34 AM

We contract ahead of time for fixed price. $2.50 grass, $2.85 mix, $3.25 alfalfa, 2700 bales

11/14/2007 6:46:42 AM

First cutting was minimal, second cut was non-exsistant.

11/14/2007 6:00:56 AM

bought my hay early

11/14/2007 5:18:54 AM

Most of the farmers around us got in enough hay, we are also getting 4x4 round bales for $15

11/14/2007 5:12:09 AM

Very poor hay and not available at a resonable price

11/14/2007 5:04:04 AM

not enough for the winter, going to round bales

11/14/2007 5:03:24 AM

a lot of it is shipping South.

11/14/2007 5:01:04 AM

$3.00 first or second cut/ $20 for large round bales stored inside

11/14/2007 4:50:30 AM


11/14/2007 4:32:28 AM

Local Alaskan brome hay in the field-$6-8. I buy a year's supply in August.

11/14/2007 4:10:35 AM

100-110lb bermuda bales are getting close to $13/bale

11/14/2007 2:25:37 AM

the quality wasn't the best this year

11/14/2007 2:00:24 AM

Bale weight averages 115 lbs, for alfalfa. Burmuda Hay at same average weight at over $12.00 in AZ.

11/14/2007 1:12:14 AM


11/14/2007 12:56:22 AM

more expensive

11/14/2007 12:27:25 AM

Our hay bales average 100 to 130# each - cost is $12-21/bale depending on type of hay.

11/14/2007 12:26:37 AM

It's been good, but we are not in a draught area.

11/14/2007 12:24:47 AM

alfalfa and grain mix bales that average 100-120 pounds

11/14/2007 12:22:23 AM

I put up my own sqaure bales for my horses comes in less then $3 a bale

11/14/2007 12:20:37 AM

coastal bermuda hay

11/14/2007 12:18:44 AM

Asheville nc. We are receiving NY hay at 6.50/bale. Good deal!

11/14/2007 12:18:23 AM

EXCELLENT bermuda best i've ever seen. alfalfa harder to find, but was good

11/14/2007 12:17:06 AM

700 bales ast $6.50. Bales weighed 55 lbs. delivered and stacked in Cheyenne WY

11/13/2007 11:56:01 PM

my bales are 175 lbs and went from $7 to $12 in 4 months

11/13/2007 11:51:46 PM

Price will be up next time to more than $10. Super quality lucerne, worth it!

11/13/2007 11:50:25 PM

Drought made production less than normal and the quality isn't as good but we'll have enough!

11/13/2007 11:48:08 PM

I am feeding alfalfa cubes and love it, do not plan on changing back ever.

11/13/2007 11:38:02 PM

Extremely hard to come by even when we have a standing order with a local hay grower.

11/13/2007 11:37:32 PM

I got all of my hay at first cutting my hay guy said 2nd was going to 4.50 . I got lucky at 3.50.

11/13/2007 11:33:51 PM

very limited due to drought conditions

11/13/2007 11:26:58 PM

lucked into good orchard grass but only 50 bales. then found tim/alfalfa brought infrom wisconsin.

11/13/2007 11:26:18 PM

My hay dealer brings me hay every 3 wks at $3.50/bale delivered. The quality varies month to month

11/13/2007 11:22:23 PM

Fescue is non-existant we have had to switch to cb at 7.50/bale

11/13/2007 11:20:16 PM

have a wonderful supplier who books for a limited number so all have what they need

11/13/2007 11:18:15 PM

down from $11 last year--hay is coastal grass and good quality. Hay is currently readily available.

11/13/2007 11:17:01 PM

higher percentage of alfalfa than past 4 years

11/13/2007 11:13:54 PM

Anywhere from $9.50 to $13 + for 100lb Bermuda bales

11/13/2007 11:09:50 PM

We only got 50% of our annual hay production and with 10 horses and 70 cattle we will be very short.

11/13/2007 11:06:30 PM

I feed rectangular bales, 100/125 lbs each of alfalfa or Bermuda, currently $11 per bale (Phx, AZ)

11/13/2007 11:05:49 PM

14.95/ bale, gotta love California

11/13/2007 11:05:31 PM


11/13/2007 11:05:15 PM

tough to find hay at a reasonable price

11/13/2007 10:54:12 PM

Nice, clean coastal bermuda.

11/13/2007 10:52:27 PM

very available through local suppliers, last year same was 7.00 OKLA

11/13/2007 10:52:01 PM


11/13/2007 10:49:25 PM

I paid a lower supply buying in bulk locally. I would usually pay $6-8. Hope the quality is ok

11/13/2007 10:47:59 PM

Ft. Worth area--lucky we had rain this year!!!

11/13/2007 10:46:42 PM

extremely short

11/13/2007 10:45:23 PM

Grass alfalfa mix Firs and second cut. No rain.

11/13/2007 10:44:24 PM

we bale our own hay

11/13/2007 10:41:48 PM

I use large sq bales, but smalls are going for $7 + around here in VA

11/13/2007 10:41:17 PM

My hay comes streight from the farmer to me real nice hay new season

11/13/2007 10:39:55 PM

scarce, had to buy from 5 suppliers. worried about constant nutrition changes through the winter.

11/13/2007 10:38:23 PM

buying 800 lb round bales from brother for $25 each which is a bargain. average is $40-$50 SE ohio

11/13/2007 10:37:09 PM

we grow our own but had to buy 100 bales of grass hay for a IR pony for 2.50 a bale.

11/13/2007 10:31:53 PM

I buy approx 100 lb rectangle bales and am paying $10-13 a bale for #2 alfalfa

11/13/2007 10:31:29 PM

Have bought Brome hay from same supplier for 10 years.

11/13/2007 10:30:37 PM

very short supply of grass hay

11/13/2007 10:29:29 PM

the price of hay went up $40-50 per ton this year, good hay is hard to find, much goes out of state

11/13/2007 10:27:23 PM

I only paid 1.95 per bale this year for timothy hay Ont.Canada

11/13/2007 10:26:56 PM

Willamette Valley grass several varietys unusually good.

11/13/2007 10:25:56 PM

I was able to get a limited supply of excellent hay for $3.25 per bale here in MO.

11/13/2007 10:20:31 PM

had enough growth this year to cut my own

11/13/2007 10:18:49 PM

Very brown ... very expensive. I buy mostly Timothy/Alfalfa and Orchard/Alfalfa

11/13/2007 10:13:55 PM

I buy compressed hay, from Idaho. I will not feed coastal hay .

11/13/2007 10:11:04 PM

Purchased supply early in season.

11/13/2007 10:07:24 PM

Mostly fescue with some prairie grass and about 20% lespedeza.

11/13/2007 10:05:17 PM

Alaska local hay 40-50lb - $10-$11 Outside hay 65lb - $30

11/13/2007 10:03:27 PM

Hay is at a shortage even though it was a bumper crop this year. Go figure ! Very small bales $4

11/13/2007 10:03:18 PM

I make and feed 800 lb round bales and got 1/3 less this year due to poor growing season.

11/13/2007 10:01:05 PM

Alfalfa is going for $200 a ton. But I don't know how that relates to a small square bale??? 100lb

11/13/2007 9:58:50 PM

We just bought hay today at twice the usual price, and were glad to get it!

11/13/2007 9:57:58 PM

Coastal from feed store as needed.

11/13/2007 9:55:31 PM

105 lb bales $12 per plus a charge to del, a charge to unload - 516 bales per del lasts 7 wks;rescue

11/13/2007 9:50:29 PM


11/13/2007 9:50:21 PM

more than adequate

11/13/2007 9:45:15 PM

good quality, first cut, we put up our own

11/13/2007 9:43:10 PM

We grow our own hay, but hay in the area is going for up to $8.

11/13/2007 9:41:11 PM

We make our own round bales,but between the weather and fuel prices, it's going to be a rough year.

11/13/2007 9:40:29 PM

I'm lucky to be buying from same seller for years now. Many are paying much more.

11/13/2007 9:39:59 PM

2nd cut was sooo weedy! milkweeds, pricker briars that got in everyone's tails, what a mess!

11/13/2007 9:39:05 PM

Alfalfa 130 pound bales 11.00 each

11/13/2007 9:35:43 PM

I purchase 3 wire grass/timothy for $9 a bale. They weigh over 110 pounds each.

11/13/2007 9:35:33 PM

very loose grassy second cutting WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

11/13/2007 9:31:11 PM

Buying bales by the ton, is going up to $320/ton. Not sure how that breaks down per bales

11/13/2007 9:29:56 PM

we are in the southeast- need we say more? poor quality, poor local production, = hay from northeast

11/13/2007 9:29:20 PM

We had a pretty good year for hay this year in Nova Scotia.

11/13/2007 9:28:26 PM

we bought hay early this year to avoid not having any

11/13/2007 9:20:54 PM

I pay $14 for grass hay mix, I find horse poop and all sorts of weeds in it the bails weigh about 50

11/13/2007 9:20:54 PM

I purchase my entire winter's supply of hay at one time from a supplier I have used for over 20 yrs

11/13/2007 9:17:48 PM

#65 double compresssed timothy shipped to Alaska from Oregon

11/13/2007 9:16:52 PM

Last year we paid $780/ton for alfalfa in Aus.

11/13/2007 9:14:34 PM

I feed 5x6 round bales of coastal bermuda, they are $45 each.

11/13/2007 9:10:04 PM

expensive T&A dry

11/13/2007 9:08:59 PM

Depends on what type hay. This is for ochard grass.

11/13/2007 9:08:39 PM

I paid $9 per large bale of bermuda, plus delivery.

11/13/2007 8:58:18 PM

I gladly pay $12 per bale for cerified weed free veryhigh quality hay gorwn locally.

11/13/2007 8:56:59 PM

already purchased entire years supply , grass hay only

11/13/2007 8:55:50 PM

Dec/06 paid $5. per was straw hay!! Purchased 400 bales in July @ $6 per, fair, scared for Dec/07!!

11/13/2007 8:54:51 PM

It's good qualilty, but I'm worried I don't have enough to make it through the winter.

11/13/2007 8:53:06 PM

hay people are holding out for higher price to pay for the increase in fual, cost

11/13/2007 8:49:27 PM

in New Zealand it is around $5.00 a bale so about US$3-4

11/13/2007 8:46:40 PM

I still had about 50 bales from last year due to good rain, hence pasture this summer.

11/13/2007 8:46:16 PM

this is for local grass, low protein. Eastern WA Alfalfa $12-15 per bale

11/13/2007 8:46:05 PM

Most in the $3-5 range, 100 out of 600 bales were $5.50

11/13/2007 8:46:01 PM

I pay 5.00 a bale, but it keeps going up and up and up...

11/13/2007 8:45:10 PM

Great 1st crop, no 2nd crop, good 3rd crop

11/13/2007 8:43:31 PM

I was fortunate to find a quantity of 10% protien and less than 10 % non-structured carbohydrates at

11/13/2007 8:38:13 PM

$6.75 delivered, bought too much last year. tested out better than this year's crop!

11/13/2007 8:37:06 PM

$12.00 for 100# bale of bermuda that's the discount price!

11/13/2007 8:33:24 PM

$10 for alfalfa-$4.25 horse quality local

11/13/2007 8:33:15 PM

My hay supplier is almost out of hay. He has >1600 acres of hay fields and it is almost all sold.

11/13/2007 8:29:40 PM

I didn't buy enough hay for the year and now I am having a problem locating any. We ended up adoptin

11/13/2007 8:28:23 PM

I pay around $11.50 for grass mix 2 string and $17.00 for 3 string timothy

11/13/2007 8:27:52 PM

Timothy/ Orchardgrass mix. My supplier has promised me his entire 2nd and 3rd cuts.

11/13/2007 8:26:22 PM

beardless wheat was $7 and alfalfa was $8.50 in quantity from the grower - we got 600+ bales

11/13/2007 8:26:20 PM

started off bad last spring/summer from too much rain. was better this fall.

11/13/2007 8:26:02 PM

south west ohio,hay supplies are very slim.

11/13/2007 8:23:13 PM

Dry weather made for bad hay and high price

11/13/2007 8:21:58 PM

Have some but would like to buy more but having trouble finding it

11/13/2007 8:20:13 PM

I have been getting very nice grass and grass alfalfa mix hay, we live in Lancaster County, PA

11/13/2007 8:18:26 PM

Northern Ontario

11/13/2007 8:16:27 PM

Getting it for $3.50/bale. Hay supplier is the uncle of my friend where I keep my horse.

11/13/2007 8:15:02 PM

$3 alfalfa

11/13/2007 8:14:20 PM

Just rediculous the price of feed today.

11/13/2007 8:14:14 PM

Make my own hay it was total 125.00 to make. next year a bit more due to limeing feilds

11/13/2007 8:11:02 PM

some times more

11/13/2007 8:09:20 PM

it was a good year for hay here central Ontario Canada

11/13/2007 8:05:36 PM

nice, 50 pound grass/alphafa squares, $2.50 ea. Really nice and abundant, no rain at all.

11/13/2007 8:05:23 PM

picked it up out of the field - less than last year but more than the year before

11/13/2007 8:04:46 PM

many hay fields in my area were plowed up and planted with corn in the face of ethonol & high corn p

11/13/2007 8:04:28 PM

scarce at reasonable prices

11/13/2007 8:03:51 PM

medium sized round bales $35 each

11/13/2007 8:03:12 PM

$3.00 a bale deliverand stacked of mixed timothy and grass hay! $3.50 for pure timothy in PA

11/13/2007 7:59:44 PM

Its been going up all year with no end in sight.

11/13/2007 7:57:03 PM

have just enough well barely enough really havin to cut down on the horse because cant afford it.

11/13/2007 7:56:40 PM

lots of rain during the second cut period, but some farmers got a 3rd cut!

11/13/2007 7:56:19 PM

depends on who the seller is.

11/13/2007 7:53:07 PM

We bale our own coastal bermuda for $1/bale (50 lb) It was a good year 1000 bales for $1000

11/13/2007 7:51:56 PM

We live in VA, and I had to truck orchard grass in from New York. T

11/13/2007 7:51:10 PM

4.25 this year, upto 16.00 last year

11/13/2007 7:50:34 PM

I live in alfalfa country but feed grass, which is harder to get and more $$$

11/13/2007 7:48:00 PM

The crop was good in Eastern Kansas this year..

11/13/2007 7:43:04 PM

The feed stores have told us there will be a huge shortage of CB hay by Jan. 2008!!!

11/13/2007 7:42:11 PM

It is 17 dollars a bale in South Florida. We purchase it from a independent trucker for $10 a bale.

11/13/2007 7:40:27 PM

better get all the hay you will need by Dec.

11/13/2007 7:38:37 PM

Lots of rain here in WI made for a good hay crop this year.

11/13/2007 7:38:16 PM

No problem.

11/13/2007 7:34:13 PM

due to the dry conditions it has been hard to get hay some times & when i can get it is very $$

11/13/2007 7:34:07 PM

plentiful in Mich., but drought elsewhere driving prices up.

11/13/2007 7:32:52 PM

we cut and sell hay to horse people, mainly, we sell 1st cut for $3.75 and 2nd cut for $4.25/bale

11/13/2007 7:32:46 PM

totally outragious - rescues can't find enough for 100's of horses - donate today!!

11/13/2007 7:29:05 PM

low, need more

11/13/2007 7:27:39 PM

I live in Maine. Supply is okay so far.

11/13/2007 7:27:09 PM

this price is per ton delivered

11/13/2007 7:26:35 PM

Coastal Bermuda

11/13/2007 7:26:18 PM

not premium quality ,summer to rainy

11/13/2007 7:25:57 PM

Timothy and/or Orchardgrass hay is selling for between $305 and $360/ton here

11/13/2007 7:23:45 PM

I buy out of the field. Productiond down due to low rainfall thru spring

11/13/2007 7:22:59 PM

tried new places. alf/orch, orch, & fescue hays

11/13/2007 7:22:43 PM

Had to sell a horse to off set outrageous prices! :(

11/13/2007 7:22:30 PM

only a fraction of a normal hay season

11/13/2007 7:22:29 PM

I found a local farmer last year, stayed loyal- now he will save hay just for me thru May08.

11/13/2007 7:21:39 PM


11/13/2007 7:19:15 PM

I have one supplier that charges 2.75 a bale and another that charges 3.50 - NY had a great hay year

11/13/2007 7:17:36 PM

good hay for as little rain as we had. total 6" forthe whole summer. very little 2nd ct.

11/13/2007 7:14:44 PM

lack of good availability due to daught

11/13/2007 7:13:03 PM


11/13/2007 7:12:23 PM

Why don't you ask, "How much per ton?" Which would be in excess of $230.

11/13/2007 7:10:15 PM

I live in Australia and we are paying $25 for a small bale of grass hay

11/13/2007 7:09:16 PM

In WA hay prices have skyrocketed. Alfalfa is $11-$12 per bale, Orchard Grass is as high as $14-$15

11/13/2007 7:08:59 PM

we bale our own hay in round bales

11/13/2007 7:08:03 PM

North Carolina has had no rain in AGES! Had to buy hay from the Northeast.

11/13/2007 7:06:42 PM

Slim pickings and glad to have it. $6-8 for COASTAL!

11/13/2007 7:05:47 PM

hard to get up dry

11/13/2007 7:04:46 PM

I was very blessed to have a neighbor who grows hay just as a business and I bought 266 bales

11/13/2007 7:02:00 PM

Im fortunate we buy from the same guy every year so he always keeps enough on hand for us to buy

11/13/2007 7:00:15 PM

I just have barely enough for my two horses. I fear for the worst when winter really hits.

11/13/2007 6:52:50 PM

We got hay alright-from 2 years ago! luckily, it was free.

11/13/2007 6:52:49 PM

The quality is not as good because of dry weather, but so far I have had no problems finding hay ava

11/13/2007 6:51:30 PM

Better supply and better quality than last year. No break in price, though.

11/13/2007 6:51:29 PM

it seems to be always $5.00 or $6.00 a bale and that is put up in the barn for us

11/13/2007 6:51:17 PM

we're importing from Ind. to Va.

11/13/2007 6:51:10 PM

Fortunately, i have a farmer who sells me hay, but he does not sell to everyone .

11/13/2007 6:50:17 PM

do not see any problems with buying hay,paid the same price as last year

11/13/2007 6:50:16 PM

I raise my own hay, so only cost is swathing and baling.

11/13/2007 6:46:04 PM

brome from MFA

11/13/2007 6:45:06 PM

alf/orchard grass mix-70 lb bales for $12

11/13/2007 6:42:15 PM

$6 bale for coastal bermuda delivered and stacked

11/13/2007 6:41:54 PM

We only got one cutting and were 4 bales short from last year's first cutting.

11/13/2007 6:39:37 PM

Here in FL we pay around $10 for a T&A bale, and about $7 for a bale of Tifton from local farmers.

11/13/2007 6:38:33 PM

Hay was $3 last year, 5$ this year. I used 2/3 of my hay last year so purchased less this yr. KC MO

11/13/2007 6:36:57 PM

South Florida - getting worse due to population and cost of diesel; expensive to keep horses here!

11/13/2007 6:36:32 PM

Very, very limited. Purchased hay from a local grower but will run out in January.

11/13/2007 6:36:11 PM

Using Bermuda round bales (reliable local supplier). Currently paying $40 per bale.

11/13/2007 6:36:10 PM

A 110 lb bale of grass hay is 18.95 in the winter at the feed store.

11/13/2007 6:33:50 PM

Spring will be interesting.

11/13/2007 6:33:44 PM


11/13/2007 6:33:43 PM

I buy 50 lb. bails off the field for 3.25, and take in 350 per year for 2 horses.

11/13/2007 6:33:25 PM

My neighbor hays my field for me. Fortunately it was a decent crop this year.

11/13/2007 6:32:55 PM

In Michigan, it depends where you live and the available hay fields that are around where you live.

11/13/2007 6:32:12 PM

Bermuda 10.95 and NOT best quality!

11/13/2007 6:30:23 PM

So far,so good, just expensive, we live in Florida.

11/13/2007 6:30:20 PM

plus one dollar a bale for delivery

11/13/2007 6:28:10 PM

In Australia, lucerne hay prices have hit over $30 for square bale in winter due to drought.

11/13/2007 6:24:23 PM

Fortunately I live in a rural area where hay is still plentiful. However, as development spreads, f

11/13/2007 6:23:56 PM

I feed round bales at $50 a bale

11/13/2007 6:22:34 PM

I use orchard grass mixed hay

11/13/2007 6:22:17 PM

Same hay that I paid $100 less a ton last year.

11/13/2007 6:22:01 PM

Quality grass hay is hard to find here in NM

11/13/2007 6:18:33 PM

Same as usual, except more competition from buyers whose usual suppliers don't have enough. (FL)

11/13/2007 6:18:04 PM

After last years drought, we have an abundance of hay in Central Texas. :-)!

11/13/2007 6:17:03 PM

I bought mine early anticipating shortages

11/13/2007 6:16:18 PM

last year's timothy

11/13/2007 6:12:46 PM

Coastal bales are $8.95 @ bale. Rolls are $85. and I can't afford Timothy anymore.

11/13/2007 6:09:48 PM

Supply is low and you must be careful in researching what you're getting.

11/13/2007 6:06:59 PM

We bought early, MO. is out of hay. We hear prices up to $8.00 for grass $10.00 for Alphalfa

11/13/2007 6:04:59 PM

Price of 70-lb bales is up by 20% over last few years.

11/13/2007 6:04:30 PM

For approx a 50 lb bale of local hay in Willamette Valley area

11/13/2007 6:03:14 PM

Early in season it was plentiful. Cost twice that during drought last year

11/13/2007 6:02:51 PM

We live in Kansas and there is an abundance of hay this year.

11/13/2007 5:59:40 PM

70 pound bales

11/13/2007 5:57:17 PM

About $22/bale of Timothy here in CA!

11/13/2007 5:55:47 PM

variable quality and bale sizes

11/13/2007 5:55:28 PM

$12 for a 90lb bale

11/13/2007 5:54:00 PM

I do feed larger 75-80 rect. bales and am

11/13/2007 5:50:55 PM

It's going to be a rough year supply-wise.

11/13/2007 5:50:01 PM

WHAT hay supply!?! I ususally buy from my central KY neighbors, but they have cattle so no hay.

11/13/2007 5:45:39 PM

100# bale prices: Alfalfa $12 Oat 12-14 Grass hays $14-$17 a BALE !! We live near Monterey, Calif.

11/13/2007 5:45:26 PM

we are in the north east, it was good

11/13/2007 5:43:01 PM

I traded training for hay. Hay in Eastern Iowa is going for $4.50 a bale for good hay.

11/13/2007 5:40:06 PM


11/13/2007 5:37:15 PM

alfalfa with some orchard grass. Beautifuly cured. Michigan

11/13/2007 5:36:13 PM

30 bales/one month supply

11/13/2007 5:32:57 PM

no oat hay in n. CA

11/13/2007 5:32:29 PM

1/3 yield of previous year bought out of state

11/13/2007 5:31:45 PM

it will go up

11/13/2007 5:30:19 PM


11/13/2007 5:29:07 PM

Hay has been very hard to come by this year in the Southeast due to the drought.

11/13/2007 5:28:43 PM

This is up from $4.50 last year for alfalfa

11/13/2007 5:27:12 PM

$100 / ton for beautiful Montana grass hay. Worth every penny.

11/13/2007 5:25:54 PM

I am trying Teff hay, it is new in our area. Do you have any nutritional info on Teff hay?

11/13/2007 5:25:34 PM

i raise my own feed

11/13/2007 5:24:18 PM

excellent (western Canada)

11/13/2007 5:24:17 PM


11/13/2007 5:23:25 PM

hay supply seems fine

11/13/2007 5:23:22 PM

$6/bale for about a 80 lb+ bale of grass hay.

11/13/2007 5:20:12 PM

locally grown. Quantity adequate + for the 2007-8 year. NJ

11/13/2007 5:19:14 PM

it is $4.00 a bale

11/13/2007 5:18:03 PM

New Brunswick, Canada - Good quality - plentiful

11/13/2007 5:14:25 PM

In the midwest, the hay is great quality. Most fields have had 4 cuttings this year. I pay $2.65.

11/13/2007 5:12:39 PM

$20 for Orchard bale live in California

11/13/2007 5:11:22 PM

I have a good supplier of brome hay

11/13/2007 5:10:45 PM

good bermuda hay

11/13/2007 5:08:57 PM

We make and feed our own hay.

11/13/2007 5:07:50 PM

hard tme to find good hay and people who do haying

11/13/2007 5:05:17 PM

although no 2nd cut we luckily got a good first cut

11/13/2007 5:05:02 PM

Drought has affected hay prices and availability

11/13/2007 5:02:25 PM

Large rectagular bales,alfalfa as well as grass mix have both gone up in price to greater than $14.

11/13/2007 5:01:22 PM

Hay is now going for over $8 a small bale in SW Va. & round are up to $80

11/13/2007 5:01:08 PM

4.85 for bales bought over 2 months ago

11/13/2007 5:00:54 PM


11/13/2007 4:59:36 PM

Price was based on cost of fuel, dry weather for fewer bales from the field

11/13/2007 4:58:21 PM

Fescue picked up out of the pasture

11/13/2007 4:58:10 PM


11/13/2007 4:57:23 PM

buying it by the ton saves some, but the prices are definitely rising!

11/13/2007 4:56:37 PM

hay supply is normal in my county. I am contracted into a steady supply thru spring of 2008

11/13/2007 4:56:26 PM


11/13/2007 4:56:25 PM

after the drought last year I was paying $10.00

11/13/2007 4:56:22 PM

I just purchased 100 bales for $600. Second cutting; great quality. Drove 80 miles to get it.

11/13/2007 4:56:12 PM

Timothy hay is at an all-time high in California

11/13/2007 4:56:01 PM

I supplement with bales but use round bales most of the winter.

11/13/2007 4:54:53 PM


11/13/2007 4:54:20 PM

will be short!!

11/13/2007 4:53:05 PM

finally there is no problem in NJ. But from what my supplier says it is going to go up next year.

11/13/2007 4:52:59 PM

We feed good Timothy at $13.00 a bale for small bales.

11/13/2007 4:52:16 PM

$6 for 100 lb bales

11/13/2007 4:51:43 PM

dry, dusty

11/13/2007 4:50:55 PM

currently use western bales - once paid $4 in a drought in WI

11/13/2007 4:50:54 PM

it has been very good in south nj we got alot of cuttings but alot has been shipped out and we have

11/13/2007 4:50:02 PM

Ohio - Expensive compared to previous years. Harder to find also

11/13/2007 4:50:01 PM

I only keep a few small squares on hand, and only feed them to the horses in the barn.

11/13/2007 4:49:12 PM

Have enough hay because we have our own fields. CRP fields were allowed to be cut in Southern IL

11/13/2007 4:46:50 PM

All locally grown and my horses luv it....they never leave any behind.

11/13/2007 4:46:25 PM

very very dry

11/13/2007 4:46:15 PM

very short on all grasses, alfalfa is fine through the winter.

11/13/2007 4:46:10 PM

I got 510 bales of hay out of the field that I hope will hold me until the end of June 08.

11/13/2007 4:43:00 PM

A little tight, but am suplementing with beet pulp and hay replacer pellets

11/13/2007 4:41:30 PM

In AZ--EXPEN$IVE but readily available

11/13/2007 4:39:44 PM

Great first cutting, all we needed for the year. $2.00 out of the field.

11/13/2007 4:38:27 PM

good, in abundance, easy to find, cheap to buy

11/13/2007 4:38:24 PM

High level of availability, but outrageous prices.

11/13/2007 4:37:00 PM

one ton going for $240 per ton. decent hay. up from $180 in 2003.

11/13/2007 4:35:32 PM

15.95 plus tax --San Diego County CA

11/13/2007 4:35:31 PM

very low

11/13/2007 4:35:28 PM

Not Great here in Gulf Coast of AL

11/13/2007 4:35:25 PM

I purchase 2-wire bales of grass hay directly from the grower. I live in No. CA.

11/13/2007 4:34:09 PM

My dad grows hay so I get it at a reduced price . It's $3.50for everyone else

11/13/2007 4:33:38 PM

$2.50 from a neighbor

11/13/2007 4:32:20 PM

125 bales of bermuda at $5/bale delivered in barn

11/13/2007 4:32:08 PM

3 ton of eastern oregon grass hay $800.00

11/13/2007 4:31:55 PM

1st crop abundant here in western Wisconsin. Then drought and rain spoiled 2nd and 3rd crop.

11/13/2007 4:31:28 PM

make my own hay, small bales and big round ones

11/13/2007 4:30:43 PM

I got all the hay I needed, but my supplier's amount was down this year.

11/13/2007 4:30:07 PM

average weight 100#

11/13/2007 4:29:34 PM

drastically decreased, no local hay available, all trucked in

11/13/2007 4:29:33 PM

Despite the cost our horses will still receive free choice hay 24/7

11/13/2007 4:28:53 PM

I contract my hay at the first cutting to avoid shortages

11/13/2007 4:28:35 PM

We grow our own hay and sell to friends for $2.50 a bale

11/13/2007 4:27:40 PM

60 pounders

11/13/2007 4:26:52 PM

I just barely got enough hay off my farm to get me through the winter.

11/13/2007 4:26:22 PM

Very good season for producing hay in the northeast (PA)

11/13/2007 4:25:53 PM

50 pound timothy hay bales

11/13/2007 4:25:53 PM

Eastern Nebraska is $4-5 per bale.

11/13/2007 4:24:40 PM

I have about 1/2 of what I need to get through till spring. I have 24 horses! I'm still looking.

11/13/2007 4:23:44 PM

We baled our own and had just enough before dry weather set in

11/13/2007 4:23:44 PM

The grower is only 25 miles away; we order 88 bales at a time; excellent quality; $10/100# bale.

11/13/2007 4:23:44 PM

Our horses syat outside in a pasture all day tne we let them out into a larger pasture with shelter

11/13/2007 4:23:33 PM

usually pay around 1.75 to 2.00

11/13/2007 4:22:55 PM

$4/bale and getting more difficult to find due to amount of handling involved.

11/13/2007 4:22:41 PM

$14 is standard around here

11/13/2007 4:22:20 PM

I paid $4 back in September, but sure it is higher now

11/13/2007 4:21:59 PM

Alf $11.00 - $12.95 Timothy 3wire $17.95 Orch/Tim 3wire $16.00-$17.95 yikes but ....

11/13/2007 4:21:14 PM


11/13/2007 4:19:40 PM

Harder to find, paying $1.00 more per bale

11/13/2007 4:18:13 PM


11/13/2007 4:16:52 PM

Good stuff is scarce & expensive in Central Ohio

11/13/2007 4:16:42 PM

Smaller, lighter bales for twice the price (if you can find it)

11/13/2007 4:16:30 PM

i buy round bales at $40.00 each and they last my 3 horses about 1 month with heavy feeding

11/13/2007 4:14:11 PM


11/13/2007 4:13:53 PM

Bought Tiffany Teff Grass for the first time - it's great stuff, the horses love it

11/13/2007 4:13:51 PM

I have 10 acres that I have someone come in a cut it for a small fee.

11/13/2007 4:12:49 PM

Beautiful stalks, little dust, and fresh smelling

11/13/2007 4:09:59 PM

we live in indiana and got first cutting because we didn't know if there was going to be any more

11/13/2007 4:09:47 PM

Excellent, since we do our own hay!!!

11/13/2007 4:09:44 PM

Very Good in northern IL

11/13/2007 4:09:17 PM

but in an emergency $4.50 have seen $10 tho. Pay $65 for 1500 lb round bale mix

11/13/2007 4:09:17 PM


11/13/2007 4:08:21 PM

For coastal hay

11/13/2007 4:08:15 PM

Been Lucky were I am in New York my regular source is stable gas prices have caused some increase

11/13/2007 4:07:19 PM

12.00 per bale

11/13/2007 4:07:10 PM

Hay is in short supply, not enough rain this year.

11/13/2007 4:06:56 PM

but only from one farmer. Once that is gone, it's $5/bale

11/13/2007 4:05:04 PM

Grow our own hay.

11/13/2007 4:04:50 PM

I live here in Lakeview and still have to pay 11 per bale. but its good stuff.

11/13/2007 4:04:35 PM

mostly grass; first cutting was the best quality; third cutting didn't dry suficiently.

11/13/2007 4:04:27 PM

abundant supply of grass hay in OK

11/13/2007 4:02:43 PM

lucky fo find hay for $6

11/13/2007 4:02:33 PM

I put up 500 bales because of the projected high prices, don't want to pay $12 after January.

11/13/2007 4:02:27 PM

$175/T alfalfa grass by truck & trailer load

11/13/2007 4:01:43 PM

very good in colorado

11/13/2007 4:01:40 PM

alot of it not that good but high

11/13/2007 4:00:47 PM

Hard to find, going far out of state and paying shipping on top of bale cost.

11/13/2007 4:00:44 PM

I reserved my hay in April for this winter. Price is up 40% from last year. Southerm Pennsylvania

11/13/2007 4:00:26 PM

I reworked a storage area for 3x3x8 bales that are very hard for small farms to handle.

11/13/2007 3:59:52 PM

a late frost sent prices up

11/13/2007 3:57:50 PM

Iffy and often poor quality

11/13/2007 3:57:37 PM

No problem getting 1st or 2nd cut... nice soft orchard grass "candy" hay... best I've seen in years.

11/13/2007 3:57:03 PM

having to go to new sources, get leads from other owners

11/13/2007 3:57:02 PM

Missing in Action!

11/13/2007 3:56:51 PM

very limited. Rolls are $70 and square bales are $8. This is for low to average quality grass hay.

11/13/2007 3:55:30 PM

Hay is hard to find since our area has been affected by drought.

11/13/2007 3:55:19 PM

Southern California

11/13/2007 3:55:18 PM


11/13/2007 3:54:29 PM


11/13/2007 3:54:27 PM

Good year for hay, no problem finding good hay for reasonable price

11/13/2007 3:53:08 PM

I always order and agree on a price in March

11/13/2007 3:52:00 PM

And that is for nice coastal bermuda, but I'm sure that won't last.

11/13/2007 3:51:01 PM

Quality Local Grass Hay no longer cheap! Buying from safe source makes it worth the price!

11/13/2007 3:51:01 PM

I got mine early, rather than having to purchase throughout the winter, what a relief!

11/13/2007 3:50:51 PM

Trying not to panic--using beet pulp & total ration feed! No hay in Indiana!

11/13/2007 3:49:43 PM


11/13/2007 3:49:43 PM

$3.50 a bale for grass hay in our town

11/13/2007 3:49:29 PM

shortage for most due to dry NE summer. 2nd cut practically nonexistent

11/13/2007 3:48:20 PM

We have used same man for 28 yrs. He plans for dry years.

11/13/2007 3:47:37 PM

paying 1.75 or quality grass hay. Went from alfalfa mix to grass due to colic/laminitis condition

11/13/2007 3:46:47 PM

I committed to and payed for 1200 bales before spring - already have committed for 2008

11/13/2007 3:46:38 PM

Local grass - $4.50 Full trailer load alfalfa $10.50/bale

11/13/2007 3:46:21 PM

i only buy a small amount of squares and feed mostly rounds. $3/ small bale

11/13/2007 3:46:00 PM

Getting very hard to find good qualty hay

11/13/2007 3:45:00 PM

MICHIGAN - $2.50 1st cut grass - $3.00 2nd cut grass - $3.50 2nd cut grass/alfalfa - good year

11/13/2007 3:44:41 PM

Its just the cutting fee, I grow it myself!

11/13/2007 3:43:22 PM

Normally I free feed large round bales from LA. but local $ 7.50 for sm sq. less than 50#

11/13/2007 3:40:21 PM

Not in as good of quality, starting to become scarce and up to $5.50 a bale!!!

11/13/2007 3:40:07 PM

we bought 240 bales for our three horses 9turnout during the day) and paid 3.50 for delivered brome

11/13/2007 3:39:41 PM


11/13/2007 3:39:35 PM

Live in S/Central PA. Make most of our own, but have to buy approx. 500bales. Hay priciest ever.

11/13/2007 3:39:26 PM

First cut has been poor for the past 3 years due to very wet springs.

11/13/2007 3:38:52 PM

hay is very hard to find here in sc

11/13/2007 3:38:43 PM


11/13/2007 3:38:38 PM

We will be stocking up on hay early this year to insure we have enough until next seasons cutting

11/13/2007 3:36:52 PM

Some bales are going for over $10 in some areas

11/13/2007 3:36:24 PM

paying more ( $5)than I have ever in Central Ohio

11/13/2007 3:35:47 PM

$9-10 for grass hay, $13-15 for anything with alfalfa. Even grass hay is hard to find right now.

11/13/2007 3:34:16 PM

not very good hay.

11/13/2007 3:33:20 PM

Hay was late and so a bit coarse and older than I would have liked.

11/13/2007 3:32:47 PM


11/13/2007 3:30:23 PM

fertilized bermuda

11/13/2007 3:20:59 PM

We are on the sweat equity plan...my hay gets put up and we work all summer doing hay in exchange!

11/13/2007 2:57:09 PM

Nothing. Baled my own hay this year.

11/13/2007 1:37:46 PM

I buy from the same farmer every year. He is retiring after this harvest. Next year???

11/13/2007 1:33:17 PM

local grass hay

11/13/2007 12:04:23 PM

IT's INSANE>>>>>

11/13/2007 12:03:07 PM

whatever it takes

11/13/2007 11:50:35 AM