Double-Decker Dilemma

Do you support federal legislation banning equine transport in double-decker trailers for any purpose?


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Our horses deserve better than what is happening to them.

11/12/2007 10:05:19 PM

Absolutely! There is no benefit to anyone but the slaughterhouses for this.

11/12/2007 9:54:57 PM


11/12/2007 8:06:02 PM

These trucks are not designed to transport horses properly

11/12/2007 7:48:20 PM

sorted and loaded accordingly texas a&m studies show less injuries on a double decker

11/12/2007 7:44:10 PM

This could not happen in Australia

11/12/2007 5:18:33 PM

are people totally crazy?

11/12/2007 4:13:00 PM

Anybody who alows this is not a normal human being. They are evil & they rot in hell

11/12/2007 2:55:25 PM

Too dangerous for the horses & people using the same highways

11/12/2007 2:28:40 PM

not sure, look at the increase in horses being abused due to closing slaughter houses.

11/12/2007 12:17:50 PM

Not all DD trailers are bad some are designed for horses Parelli uses DD trailers

11/12/2007 12:10:32 PM

horses caan weigh a whole lot.

11/12/2007 10:50:13 AM

Yrs ago in CO, a double decker lost control on a mtn road, killed several people & flung horses out

11/11/2007 8:40:39 PM

It's inhumane

11/11/2007 7:44:45 PM

This inhumane practice has been banned in several states and should be a federal ban

11/11/2007 7:31:00 PM

and ban horse slaughter, too

11/11/2007 5:01:53 PM

Horses are totally different than other animals, in how they move and stand. They need plenty of roo

11/11/2007 3:25:58 PM

I oppose for all animals. Cattle are cognizant also.

11/11/2007 3:22:02 PM


11/11/2007 2:33:24 PM


11/11/2007 2:07:30 PM

As long as the double-decker is safe, what's the problem with them?

11/11/2007 1:58:06 PM

Absolutly! People know right from wrong, and when they are being cruel.

11/11/2007 1:33:23 PM

how frightening this must be for horses!

11/11/2007 3:19:29 AM

This is a no brainer

11/11/2007 1:30:40 AM

because they are too low for horse transport

11/10/2007 10:35:25 PM

I oppose the use of double decker trailers for transporting horses. However I support the slaughter

11/10/2007 10:19:55 PM

there are cases such as the recent fires that double deckers could be utilized to evacuate.

11/10/2007 9:03:27 PM

too dangerous!

11/10/2007 8:09:33 PM

No horse no matter what size should be transported in a trailer that is more than one level.

11/10/2007 6:27:02 PM

Horses transported this way are usually on the way to slaughter.

11/10/2007 12:04:19 PM

They are not designed to haul horses!! They are strictly built to haul cattle and other livestock.

11/10/2007 2:19:49 AM

This should have done a long time ago. This is a disgrace to the horse and the industry.

11/10/2007 12:15:44 AM

There is not enough room in a double decker to safely transport horses!

11/9/2007 10:57:05 PM

these trailer are top heavy and moving weihgt is ask for trouble

11/9/2007 10:51:23 PM

Hauling horses in double deckers is inhumane and cruel! AND UNSAFE for them and other vehicles!

11/9/2007 10:12:31 PM

Isn't this a no-brainer?

11/9/2007 8:17:34 PM

common sense and being humane

11/9/2007 7:50:49 PM

Heck yes, what kind of person wouldn't!

11/9/2007 7:35:27 PM

It is cruel to put a horse in a double decker - no matter what the reason. Horses are uncomfortable

11/9/2007 6:38:34 PM

Absolutely! How could one not support legislation such as this?

11/9/2007 5:12:32 PM

Its about time this comes to an End..

11/9/2007 4:55:13 PM

This will help stop slaughter.

11/9/2007 4:54:01 PM

Absolutely. Horses are require more head room than cattle.

11/9/2007 3:46:28 PM

Only if not enough head clearence

11/9/2007 3:31:57 PM

There are too many horrific acidents with horses and double decker trailers!

11/9/2007 2:54:52 PM

oh for cryin' out loud! anybody w/ 2 brain cells could answer this the same way!

11/9/2007 1:15:13 PM

Transporting equines in this way is inhumane and has an obvious affect on thier well being.

11/9/2007 1:09:22 PM

Double decker trailers are not made with the intention of transporting horses

11/9/2007 11:33:19 AM

Unsafe Practice!!

11/9/2007 11:15:41 AM

Double deckers are inhumane for transporting horses as they cannot stand erect. Ban them now!

11/9/2007 9:35:21 AM

HSUS video shows horses cannot put heads up-even cutting and bruising themselves with the movement.

11/9/2007 7:58:14 AM

terrible injuries occur in these trailers

11/9/2007 7:21:34 AM

they are NOT designed for horses

11/9/2007 1:39:41 AM

focus should be transport not slaughter

11/9/2007 1:21:14 AM


11/8/2007 11:48:51 PM

double deck trailers are safe when properly secured.

11/8/2007 11:29:35 PM


11/8/2007 11:07:42 PM

They are designed for cattle-horses must ride in the upper deck with their heads and necks lowered.

11/8/2007 10:59:51 PM

It is cruel and inhumane.

11/8/2007 10:50:46 PM

And don't haul stallions with others

11/8/2007 9:43:28 PM


11/8/2007 9:27:36 PM

there is no dilemma, it is just plain cruelty.

11/8/2007 9:26:12 PM

just unsafe & unperdictable

11/8/2007 9:08:15 PM

transporting of ALL animals should be done in a humane way

11/8/2007 8:19:43 PM

I thought it was already a law that double decker transport was illegal

11/8/2007 7:53:58 PM

They flat out, were NOT designed for that purpose. Most livestock are not the height of an equine.

11/8/2007 7:08:01 PM

it would be a good thing so less horses will die

11/8/2007 6:50:57 PM

Too dangerous!!

11/8/2007 6:35:48 PM

Horses are too tall and should never be subjected to such inappropriate transportation

11/8/2007 6:06:25 PM

Find a Humane way or nothing at all!

11/8/2007 5:35:49 PM

Find a Humane way or nothing at all!

11/8/2007 5:22:28 PM

Ban for all animals.

11/8/2007 4:21:03 PM


11/8/2007 3:37:32 PM

These trailers are roomy enough to handle horses. Whats the big deal?

11/8/2007 3:36:47 PM

I thought it was outlawed several years ago actually.

11/8/2007 3:28:44 PM

should be banned for all animal transport

11/8/2007 3:07:24 PM

It is inhumane to make animals travel like that. Also they were not made for transporting horses.

11/8/2007 3:05:39 PM


11/8/2007 3:03:55 PM


11/8/2007 2:51:00 PM

How do you fit 40 or 50 horses in a single vehicle anyhow?

11/8/2007 2:34:01 PM

Horses do not fit in those trucks and if you see one on the road with horses in it call for help.

11/8/2007 2:31:35 PM


11/8/2007 2:26:47 PM

how money hungry are these people?

11/8/2007 1:41:11 PM

I thought it was a done deal. Sad to find out differently.

11/8/2007 1:27:54 PM

It SHOULD be against the law.

11/8/2007 1:23:21 PM

I really don't even like that they do livestock in double deckers either

11/8/2007 12:43:10 PM

All states need this!!

11/8/2007 11:53:05 AM

I Believe it is inhumane and very dangerous and uncalled for . The most cruel should be band

11/8/2007 11:30:30 AM

truly cruel, no concern for saftey of the horses, totaly stressful.

11/8/2007 11:02:41 AM

Trailers designed for cattle are not designed for horses.

11/8/2007 10:53:03 AM

Double decker vans are inhumane.

11/8/2007 9:35:06 AM

Legislation on equine affairs has reached a level of total stupidity

11/8/2007 9:18:46 AM

Is anyone actually studying facts to determine if they are at higher risk in a dble decker?

11/8/2007 9:11:28 AM

Transporting horses in such trailers for ANY purpose is barbaric & inhumane.

11/8/2007 8:24:23 AM

Clearly, these vehicles are not safe for any horse -- the accidents prove that

11/8/2007 8:02:58 AM

As a rescuer at the crash scene in Wadsworth IL--you bet I support a Federal ban!

11/8/2007 7:31:43 AM

Its time to learn that all animals are living creatures and not trash cans!

11/8/2007 2:14:09 AM

Horses do not belong in this type of transport!!!

11/8/2007 12:42:39 AM

double deckers are unnecessary!!

11/7/2007 10:28:19 PM

Its almost as barbaric as the slaughter of our horses!!!!

11/7/2007 9:57:18 PM

This is a NO-BRAINER!

11/7/2007 9:54:54 PM

How would humans like to be put in a double decker crowded?

11/7/2007 9:52:36 PM

Only humane transportation should be allowed

11/7/2007 9:42:50 PM

For all animals

11/7/2007 9:05:40 PM

Its inhumane, load those who don't believe it wronge and let them see how it feels

11/7/2007 8:37:38 PM

they are very cruel

11/7/2007 7:13:14 PM

double decking is inhumane

11/7/2007 6:49:15 PM

if double deckers were so great, trainers would use them for their big, valuable show/race strings

11/7/2007 6:44:57 PM

This is one simple way of keeping the transport of horses humane!

11/7/2007 6:30:38 PM

come on people accidents can and do happen in any size horse trailer.we only hear bout the semis

11/7/2007 5:54:41 PM

I thought that had already passed but guess it was just slaughter bound horses. Ban It!

11/7/2007 5:17:18 PM

absolutely it's a no brainer!

11/7/2007 5:15:41 PM

Feds should have no say in this; let the shipper beware.

11/7/2007 4:52:51 PM

end the suffering & barbaric treatment of our beautiful horses !!!

11/7/2007 4:44:06 PM

It's cruel & inhumane

11/7/2007 4:43:24 PM

Horses shouldn't be transported without protective wraps much less a ddtransport!

11/7/2007 4:35:28 PM

Its about Time !

11/7/2007 4:34:45 PM

it should ALWAYS have been banned!!!

11/7/2007 4:23:25 PM

Extremely cruel!

11/7/2007 4:00:46 PM

Depends - if the horses fit comfortably, then no. Humane is the key.

11/7/2007 3:57:25 PM

very dangerous

11/7/2007 3:55:13 PM

Yes, I feel this is mainly for horses headed for slaughter. Stop! Crossing country/state lines

11/7/2007 3:26:26 PM


11/7/2007 3:13:15 PM

NO animal should be transported in double-decker trailers!!!

11/7/2007 2:55:52 PM

accidents of double deck trailers is a rare occurance.

11/7/2007 2:49:40 PM


11/7/2007 2:27:37 PM

Someoutfits like pack staions transfer 60+ horses at a time.Without thisthey wouldnt beabletooperate

11/7/2007 1:57:48 PM

We should ban all double-decker and croweded animal transport.

11/7/2007 1:42:30 PM

I don't believe any any four legged animals should have to be transported in double decker trailers.

11/7/2007 1:00:08 PM

This is a no brainer!

11/7/2007 12:59:27 PM

its inhumane

11/7/2007 12:41:21 PM

it was only an accident - people roll their vehicles and kill children everyday and no blinks an eye

11/7/2007 12:40:12 PM

No. All trailers can be in accidents... if dd's are condemned, which one will be next?

11/7/2007 12:36:31 PM

there have been too many resulatant accidents in recently with catestrophic consequences for horses

11/7/2007 12:21:00 PM

This method of transportation in my opinion is totally inhumane!

11/7/2007 12:17:50 PM

One standard law would make the most sense rather than state by state.

11/7/2007 12:17:36 PM

absolutely!!!!!!! those trailers aren't made for horses, it is cruel treatment to haul horses this w

11/7/2007 12:12:59 PM

Humane treatment should be the priority!!

11/7/2007 12:06:48 PM

There is all ready a federal law. Lets enforce it.

11/7/2007 12:03:04 PM

Lets ban those double-deckers before families are killed on the road as well!

11/7/2007 11:53:00 AM

lets give these poor unfortunate animals SOME DIGNITY

11/7/2007 11:43:48 AM

Should be considered cruel, those who use should be prosecuted.

11/7/2007 11:43:24 AM

Come on people, common sense, it's a no brainer!

11/7/2007 11:43:02 AM

Double deck transport is showing absolutely no respect or caring for the feelings/comfort of horses.

11/7/2007 11:31:33 AM

Its hard enough for horses in a trailer but to have 2 levels its twice as much tramatic!

11/7/2007 11:15:21 AM

I can't concieve of any valid reason to put a horse through that kind of stress!!

11/7/2007 11:14:54 AM

Banning this type of transport may also lessen horses going to slaughter. (we pray!)

11/7/2007 11:06:23 AM

Double decker ("possum belly") trucks should NOT be legal for transporting ANY kind of livestock!

11/7/2007 10:56:47 AM

These are NOT for horse transportation talk about greedy people!

11/7/2007 10:55:35 AM

It should be a no brainer.

11/7/2007 10:52:01 AM

It is an absolutely inhumane way of transport.

11/7/2007 10:49:16 AM

horses should be transported in a single level trailer

11/7/2007 10:31:41 AM

They were'nt designed to hual horses.

11/7/2007 10:27:45 AM

It is insane to transport horses in a double decker trailer

11/7/2007 10:11:34 AM

The "pot" trailers or triple decks should be banned not double deck.

11/7/2007 9:50:05 AM

Should have been banned before this horrific accident

11/7/2007 9:43:04 AM

It is inhumane to make a horse stand in a vehicle designed to transport cattle, hogs, or sheep.

11/7/2007 9:39:13 AM

It is so inhumane for double decker, their should be a limit to amount of horses hauled in 1 trailer

11/7/2007 9:19:49 AM

LONG AGO! this should have been in place before the slaughter ban!!!

11/7/2007 9:04:25 AM

horses center of gravity is not safe for double decker hauling

11/7/2007 8:57:14 AM

This is unacceptable and preventable, lets change it now!

11/7/2007 8:52:50 AM

Ky already has this ban

11/7/2007 8:48:13 AM

Straight Deck Trailers can serve the same purpose and are safer for the horse.

11/7/2007 8:25:23 AM

In case of accident, they are too unsafe.

11/7/2007 8:16:16 AM

it is unsafe for all hooved animals

11/7/2007 8:08:27 AM

It is already illegal in many states.

11/7/2007 8:02:58 AM

This is totally disgusting and inhumane! Put yourself in their situations and look at the accidents

11/7/2007 7:31:25 AM

Transport in a double decker or more, plus transport to out of country slaughter should be baned.

11/7/2007 7:08:26 AM

only in emergency evacuation like in wildfires

11/7/2007 6:40:10 AM

For a big animal like horse it becomes too high

11/7/2007 5:49:55 AM

I fully support legislation to ban these for horses in ALL states.

11/7/2007 3:46:04 AM

The risks to the horses/carers is increased unacceptably by this method, making rescues difficult

11/7/2007 3:27:42 AM

The only exception should be is if there was a need to evacuate an area for emergency reasons.

11/7/2007 3:12:44 AM

horses should NEVER be transported by double decker anything.

11/7/2007 2:57:58 AM

They have been illegal in Europe for many years already

11/7/2007 2:42:52 AM

I can't even imagine how horses are forced into this kind of holding, or how they endure the stress.

11/7/2007 1:46:40 AM

This should be a no-brainer for legislators!

11/7/2007 1:25:14 AM

Hell yes!

11/7/2007 1:22:07 AM

not only no but **** no, if we are going to let them do that then we should also put a ban on every

11/7/2007 1:19:02 AM

Double-Decker transport is inhumane for any creature!!!

11/7/2007 12:50:36 AM

it appears most inhumane and unhealthy

11/7/2007 12:26:16 AM

They should be banned for all animal transportation not just horses!

11/7/2007 12:00:07 AM

Horses have too high center of gravity to be double stacked.

11/6/2007 11:53:18 PM

It depends, some can be responsible, some can be careless

11/6/2007 11:41:27 PM

Good Idea:Transport humans that way.

11/6/2007 11:26:27 PM

Horses would experience immense terror from noise above. Absolutely no double deckers for horses.

11/6/2007 11:18:38 PM

Absolutely! Anyone that cares about horses at all should. No Exception!

11/6/2007 11:10:53 PM

Horses should NEVER be shipped in double deckers

11/6/2007 10:44:27 PM

isn't it obvious just the weight shifting is dangerous, not to mention their natural tendencies

11/6/2007 10:43:36 PM

There is no doubt that it is unsafe for the horses and an inhumane transportation method

11/6/2007 10:20:19 PM


11/6/2007 10:18:51 PM

Horses are too large for double-deckers. Transport humanely or don't transport at all.

11/6/2007 10:17:09 PM

I don't believe ANY large animal should be transported in double decker trailers for any reason !!

11/6/2007 9:54:43 PM

Here in australia we dont use double decker haulage for horses thankfully.

11/6/2007 9:53:16 PM

Horses weren't meant to be transported in double deckers it's way to dangerous.

11/6/2007 9:47:26 PM

Just look at the statistics and it should be very obvious as to why double decker transport should b

11/6/2007 9:43:28 PM

It would never be allowed in Europe, that's for sure

11/6/2007 9:42:55 PM

Horses are not always well balnaced in any transport, banning double deckers is an urgent "must do"

11/6/2007 9:40:35 PM


11/6/2007 9:36:20 PM

Cattle and other livestock are transported that way. The truck driver's are what needs changing.

11/6/2007 9:22:12 PM

Safety for others on the road, safety for the horses

11/6/2007 9:19:57 PM

absolutely. its unsafe & cruel!!!

11/6/2007 9:15:05 PM

They are livestock, just like cattle & hogs, so should be able to be hauled in double-deckers.

11/6/2007 9:08:27 PM

Ban the slaughter houses, too!!

11/6/2007 9:04:47 PM

Horses have a high center of gravity, travelling on top exacerbates that difficulty in accidents.

11/6/2007 8:55:38 PM


11/6/2007 8:36:37 PM

They were not designed for horses!

11/6/2007 8:36:24 PM

One accident shouldn't make everyone else have to suffer, accidents happen with single trailers also

11/6/2007 8:34:43 PM

What kind of dumb ass would think that that is a good way to transport horses!

11/6/2007 8:34:10 PM

Why does always take a tragic event before the goverment does anything

11/6/2007 8:31:56 PM

The only place horses should be going is to a loving home!!

11/6/2007 8:30:49 PM

doubledecker truks should be outlawed for transport of any animals including horses they are killers

11/6/2007 8:22:58 PM

This stuff has gotta stop. Lets protect our horses.

11/6/2007 8:20:22 PM

I sure do think it's wrong. Heck, I wouldn't want to ride on a bus that was like that.

11/6/2007 8:17:16 PM


11/6/2007 8:13:28 PM

These are just accidents waiting to happen, whether it is traffic or an internal breakdown.

11/6/2007 8:09:17 PM


11/6/2007 8:05:21 PM

To allow transporters to haul equines so they can't raise their heads is torture.

11/6/2007 8:03:22 PM

Absolutely YES!! The idea of treating equines like sheep, goats, etc. is horrifying & inhumane

11/6/2007 7:45:54 PM

Yes, there is no reason to transport any animal in a double decker trailer!! In-humane!!

11/6/2007 7:42:39 PM

They are VERY dangerous.

11/6/2007 7:33:47 PM

Its Dangerous

11/6/2007 7:20:57 PM

those are not made for horses, they are unsafe and unhealthy for any reason.

11/6/2007 7:04:26 PM

It is cruel and inhumane to fit such large pets for their last breaths of life ride.

11/6/2007 7:02:41 PM

The horse is not suited to this type of transport and it should definitely be banned by fed. action

11/6/2007 6:57:29 PM

These trailer where never designed with horse transport in mind. They are for cattle or smaller only

11/6/2007 6:54:33 PM

What's taking so long? how many have to suffer, day in/day out?

11/6/2007 6:53:32 PM

Horses should never be transported by double-decker trailers, for any purpose!

11/6/2007 6:53:12 PM

way overdue

11/6/2007 6:48:31 PM

New York has already done this.

11/6/2007 6:43:08 PM

This ban is imperative.

11/6/2007 6:41:09 PM

It is inhumane, no matter where to are taking horses, to make them crawl onto a double decker truck.

11/6/2007 6:36:53 PM

Cattle and sheep are also transported like this. It was an unfortunate accident

11/6/2007 6:28:05 PM

Double Decker trailers are inhumane transport for horses

11/6/2007 6:25:23 PM

yes, yes, yes, & yes!

11/6/2007 6:25:20 PM

thies are calltle sheep ect trucks

11/6/2007 6:18:28 PM

This law should have been put into affect a long time ago.

11/6/2007 6:13:01 PM

From what I have read, the TRAILER was not at fault, but the DRIVER. Should we ban drivers?

11/6/2007 6:12:30 PM

that is terrible. they r already scared enough so they do not need to be cramed into them

11/6/2007 6:10:15 PM

horses should have room to raise their heads above their withers

11/6/2007 6:06:18 PM

This not a humane way to ship horses!

11/6/2007 5:59:11 PM

It's inhumane in any instance. I thought it was already outlawed, but that was just to slaughter!

11/6/2007 5:56:31 PM

Please....no more accidnts and no more injured or dying horses.

11/6/2007 5:55:03 PM

Yes i support the ban on double decker trailers

11/6/2007 5:54:15 PM

They are not safe for horses.

11/6/2007 5:51:00 PM

absolutely! These type of trailers are a death trap!

11/6/2007 5:50:03 PM

Double decker trailers were meant for pigs and sheep, not horses.

11/6/2007 5:49:21 PM

No animal or human should be subjected to such dangerous and unpleasant conditions.

11/6/2007 5:48:49 PM

the more horses you have on a trailer the more horses you have in a wreck if something happens.

11/6/2007 5:44:46 PM

Double decker transports are NOT designed to transport equines!

11/6/2007 5:38:16 PM

unlike cattle horses have longer legs, which makes for very unstable riding up so height.

11/6/2007 5:38:06 PM

They are dangerous. Drivers drive too fast. Many animals can't stand up. Too many accidents.

11/6/2007 5:37:33 PM

Too risky with precious lives.

11/6/2007 5:34:26 PM

This method is cruel and inhumane!

11/6/2007 5:32:43 PM

Those trailers are very unbalanced. The drivers should be limited in the speed they can travel

11/6/2007 5:32:18 PM

cruel, barbaric, horrible

11/6/2007 5:31:48 PM

This cruelty should never have been legal

11/6/2007 5:30:35 PM


11/6/2007 5:22:03 PM

Double decker trailers should NEVER be used to transport any horse or pony!

11/6/2007 5:19:49 PM

It's about time!!

11/6/2007 5:17:54 PM

And a really severe fine and mandatory jail time for those that break the law, it is abuse.

11/6/2007 5:12:36 PM

Horses are no longer veiwed as cattle but as companions to be treated with respect

11/6/2007 5:11:14 PM

This is inhumane.

11/6/2007 5:03:14 PM

They are not meant for horses and are creul.

11/6/2007 5:02:41 PM

no brainer

11/6/2007 5:00:16 PM

I can't believe they still do this. This sounds like something in a third world country, not the U.S

11/6/2007 4:53:14 PM


11/6/2007 4:51:50 PM

It is dangerous and should NOT be allowed under any circumstance!

11/6/2007 4:51:39 PM

I don't like double deckers for any animals; horses are too large for this to be safe.

11/6/2007 4:51:14 PM

I abslolutely do support the ban. It is inhumane and dangerous.

11/6/2007 4:50:03 PM

I thiught this had been passed years ago, pushed thru by Jack Anderson OK, then Prez of AQHA

11/6/2007 4:49:35 PM

Absolutely !!!

11/6/2007 4:37:17 PM

Yes, absolutely barbaric to ship equines of any kind in double deckers.

11/6/2007 4:36:12 PM

And it's long overdue - for all fifty states.

11/6/2007 4:34:42 PM

Doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to know the answer to this one.

11/6/2007 4:34:39 PM

horses can't fit in these types of trailers

11/6/2007 4:28:54 PM

double decker for any animal and even human beings is not safe. Potentially top heavy they will flip

11/6/2007 4:27:48 PM

Horses are naturally high strung and should not be subjected to these cramped quarters.

11/6/2007 4:26:49 PM

not if they are loaded properly

11/6/2007 4:21:47 PM

Way to unstable and inhumane for horses!!

11/6/2007 4:20:43 PM


11/6/2007 4:19:08 PM

it's barbaric!

11/6/2007 4:16:11 PM

Anyone who cared about a horse could NEVER transport ANY horse in this manner!!!!!

11/6/2007 4:10:49 PM


11/6/2007 4:10:39 PM

has been proven to be more dangerous

11/6/2007 4:10:28 PM

I have friends who were part of the Illinois rescue -they must recover as well.

11/6/2007 4:09:30 PM

Slaughter is not the issue - TRANSPORT IS! Make slaughter legal, ban transport in double deckers!

11/6/2007 4:09:16 PM

Yes, but not worded as it is in the proposed IL Bill as it has a loop hole

11/6/2007 4:08:11 PM

Those are not designed for horses and unsafe for them

11/6/2007 4:04:50 PM


11/6/2007 4:04:48 PM

I can't think of anything more inhumane for horses

11/6/2007 3:59:49 PM

I don't think it is safe or humane under any circumstances!

11/6/2007 3:58:00 PM

Unless it's mini's or weanlings that would be able to stand up.

11/6/2007 3:57:02 PM

Emus shouldn't either. Birds have feelings too!

11/6/2007 3:56:47 PM

Horses are too big for double deckers, its just wrong to force horses into them

11/6/2007 3:54:42 PM

the health & safety of all horses must be protected

11/6/2007 3:54:10 PM

Simply too dangerous and inhumane to transport horses in this manner.

11/6/2007 3:54:07 PM


11/6/2007 3:52:19 PM

They are too top heavy!

11/6/2007 3:51:05 PM

Cows too? they're not as fragile but still

11/6/2007 3:49:14 PM

double-deckers are not designed to safely haul horses. They are for cattle

11/6/2007 3:46:16 PM

unstable top heavy load can only be a recipe for disaster

11/6/2007 3:45:48 PM

should have been outlawed years ago!

11/6/2007 3:44:37 PM

absolutely UN SAFE for too many reasons

11/6/2007 3:44:32 PM

Absolutely! It's cruel and inhumane--not just horses, either.

11/6/2007 3:44:02 PM

Anyone who would allow this should be shot!!!!

11/6/2007 3:43:41 PM

common sense

11/6/2007 3:43:32 PM

These trailers are not designed for horses, it's a bad fit even under the best of circumstances.

11/6/2007 3:43:07 PM

It is beyond Inhumane to transport andy animals this way, much less horses

11/6/2007 3:42:43 PM

This is a grossly outdated and very dangerous practice that needs to be banned immediately.

11/6/2007 3:39:03 PM

The ill-fated results of these trailers should speak for banning them.

11/6/2007 3:38:46 PM

5' head clearance = absolutely cruel!!!!

11/6/2007 3:37:26 PM

unsafe is unsafe -- period.

11/6/2007 3:36:56 PM

I am not anit-slaughter, but am opposed to the manner in which horses are transported to slaughter

11/6/2007 3:35:57 PM

Double decker trailers are not designed for horses. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

11/6/2007 3:34:19 PM

ALL horses should be able to raise their heads while in transit...no matter what the destination

11/6/2007 3:33:31 PM

Far too dangerous to the animals

11/6/2007 3:32:16 PM

I don't think the government should be involved, too many rules.

11/6/2007 3:28:31 PM

Double-deckers shouldn't be used to transport any kind of animals.

11/6/2007 3:26:10 PM

They are not meant to carry anything taller than a cow

11/6/2007 3:26:08 PM

It should be ban in ALL states, not just Illinois

11/6/2007 3:25:48 PM

Double decker trailers are barbaric and reflection of our greedy society at the experience of God's

11/6/2007 3:25:40 PM

There are too many reasons to list on why horses shouldn't be in double-decker trailers.

11/6/2007 3:25:04 PM

Horses should never be transported in such a manner! They need more head room than these allow!

11/6/2007 3:24:27 PM

This is a no brainer and should never have been allowed in the first place.

11/6/2007 3:22:16 PM

Definitely support it!! Truckers should know better and shame on them for doing it!!!!

11/6/2007 3:19:01 PM


11/6/2007 3:18:16 PM

We recognize capacity limits for people in cars-why not for horses???

11/6/2007 3:17:56 PM

I would ban transport of any living creature in double deckers for any purpose

11/6/2007 3:17:48 PM

Double deckers are not designed for horse transport and are an accident waiting to happen!

11/6/2007 3:16:58 PM

I thought we already had that law.

11/6/2007 3:16:26 PM

I also feel this should be extended to ALL livestock

11/6/2007 3:15:58 PM

i thought it already was illegal!

11/6/2007 3:12:23 PM

Sam Farr got it banned in Calif but the Cattlemen and Flying U rodeo really fought it hard

11/6/2007 3:10:21 PM

Human transport is essential

11/6/2007 3:10:05 PM

Save the horses!

11/6/2007 3:09:48 PM

how in the heck did they get drafts in a double decker to being with?

11/6/2007 3:09:41 PM

Double deckers lend themselves to abusive handling in my opinion.

11/6/2007 3:09:03 PM

It is past due legislation!

11/6/2007 3:07:18 PM

Load shifting makes it too dangerous.

11/6/2007 3:05:18 PM


11/6/2007 3:04:48 PM

ABSOLUTELY. Doubledecker is a horror!

11/6/2007 3:01:46 PM

should have already been banned!

11/6/2007 3:00:54 PM

Such legislation also should curtail shipment to Canada & Mexico unless proof of sale or showing

11/6/2007 2:57:45 PM

it should be up the owners . on how they transport their animals.

11/6/2007 2:57:34 PM

it may not be safe for accidents

11/6/2007 1:49:12 PM

Heck yes. It has to be terrifying for the horses and it's dangerous.

11/6/2007 1:39:31 PM


11/6/2007 12:28:46 PM

There isn't any justification for moving any livestock over long distances in cramped quarters.

11/6/2007 11:48:47 AM

They need to loved, or make a trailor that fits a horse right.

11/6/2007 10:32:02 AM

not economically feasible for rodeo stock, etc.

11/6/2007 10:21:53 AM

Horses' necks attatch differently than cattle's & pigs'

11/6/2007 10:01:58 AM