Mold? Geh!

Have you dealt with mold in your horses' feed or hay before?

Yes, in grain
Yes, in hay
Yes, in both
No, thankfully!

Total votes cast: 1361

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cheap hay given when paid for good hay

10/22/2007 8:57:53 PM

They developed huge welts that broke open and weeped. Childrens Benedryl cleared them

10/22/2007 3:59:40 PM

Threw it out! Not worth risking horses' health to save a few dollars.

10/22/2007 1:27:20 PM

Threw all of it out - can't risk it.

10/22/2007 12:36:10 PM

Hay that was stored on a dirt base became moldy from the moisture.

10/22/2007 11:43:19 AM

I now smell and look closely when I open a new bale! It now has to be habit!

10/22/2007 10:06:13 AM

I returned both or requested replacements.

10/22/2007 9:57:25 AM

the frost and rain is making most hay moldy

10/22/2007 7:59:52 AM

It was put up apparently too damp and molded. I just threw it out.

10/22/2007 5:02:21 AM

I'm in charge of aflatoxin testing at work, bad year for it!

10/22/2007 2:30:25 AM

Mold spores in my certified hay - 30 bales wasted!

10/22/2007 1:39:34 AM

Moldy hay goes away!

10/22/2007 1:30:12 AM

the hay was baled late in the day and a light dew fell on it

10/22/2007 12:24:57 AM

I discard moldy grain; never feed it purposely. Same goes for hay

10/21/2007 11:46:19 PM

I when it happens, I return it to the feed store

10/21/2007 9:55:02 PM

put hay in feeder trouth and hosed down w/h2o...2/3 leafs at a time..goatman

10/21/2007 9:29:35 PM

not very often, but I was to blame.

10/21/2007 6:36:01 PM

once in a while we come across a bale that has some mold in it. We burn the moldy hay.

10/21/2007 4:29:19 PM

mold was found in hay & it was powder dusty mold

10/21/2007 4:15:48 PM

leaky hay storage roof allows rain to get in and drip on bales....

10/21/2007 9:44:06 AM

Just afew bales and those go to be used elsewhere on the farm for mulch etc.

10/21/2007 7:34:36 AM

Won't feed it with mold. My hay man buys it back for his cows.

10/21/2007 4:26:58 AM

I threw it out

10/20/2007 10:34:44 PM

I've had to throw some of both away in the past

10/20/2007 10:13:46 PM

Conditions here are perfect incubatores so we carefully bag& remove to prevent future contaminations

10/20/2007 7:41:59 PM

Both outside and inside bales. I discard all bales exhibiting mold.

10/20/2007 6:09:45 PM

I got rid of hay and grain that had the mold

10/20/2007 6:07:00 PM

due to drought last year we imported a lot of expensive hay, only to have to burn the moldy stuff...

10/20/2007 4:52:26 PM

because of it I am more careful of where I buy my supply

10/20/2007 2:06:40 PM

threw it away

10/20/2007 1:18:23 PM

Had to send it all back

10/20/2007 12:22:03 PM

If the mold is not too bad, we feed it to the cows.

10/20/2007 10:18:44 AM

Had to return the feed to TSC; compost the hay

10/20/2007 9:41:51 AM

Had it in Nutrena products

10/20/2007 9:18:31 AM

When I found mold in my horses hay, I gave it to my son to feed to his cattle.

10/20/2007 7:43:36 AM

if it doesn't pass the smell and visual inspection tests, it gets tossed in the compost!

10/20/2007 6:02:00 AM

poor quality spour /mouldy food can cause morse expense by causing copd.buy cheap pay twice!

10/20/2007 4:51:51 AM

My best advice for mold in hay is destroy the hay or feed it to a ruminent that can tolerate it.

10/20/2007 1:24:52 AM

Mostly from the hay or grain getting wet. Always completely empty the grain cans b4 I put in new.

10/19/2007 11:59:47 PM

some moldy bales in shipment, had to be careful to check each flake before feeding

10/19/2007 11:13:19 PM

grain's kept in plastic tubs, and hay stored in a truck container

10/19/2007 7:34:19 PM

Especially in hay that's not been put up completely dry, or in humid areas.

10/19/2007 5:44:43 PM

Nutra has had mold and MITES in their food...YUCK!

10/19/2007 5:42:03 PM

Just threw it away.

10/19/2007 5:39:53 PM

I tell the supplier and they replace the bale.

10/19/2007 5:31:33 PM

my horse died form mold n ots feed grain and hay:(

10/19/2007 5:31:32 PM

I have learned not to buy hay from "cow people."

10/19/2007 3:42:52 PM

Temove and destroy all moldy hay and grain.

10/19/2007 3:12:33 PM

Bought hay with mold in it couldn't see it but smelled strange. Didn't feed it threw it away.

10/19/2007 3:12:32 PM

feed store reluctant to replace chaned feed store

10/19/2007 1:01:36 PM

Just threw it out immediately.

10/19/2007 12:36:56 PM

only occasionally, not a problem with good hay and feed dealers

10/19/2007 11:54:41 AM

occasional mold in pelleted feed, just throw it away. we do our own hay, thankfully.

10/19/2007 11:17:56 AM

Especially alfalfa. Discard any that looks or smells suspicious, period!

10/19/2007 11:10:47 AM

strong lights in feed room. Put moldly grain & hay in the compost pile

10/19/2007 10:50:55 AM

Threw it away.

10/19/2007 10:10:58 AM

Everyone will at some point. Just throw it away even if there is a lot of it.

10/19/2007 9:48:17 AM

Not sure if it was a bad batch of feed or handling by feed mill, but we called and they replaced it.

10/19/2007 9:15:04 AM

If I find a bale with mold I typically throw the entire bale on the manure pile. I don't feed it!

10/19/2007 9:03:18 AM

It makes both twice the work and twice as expensive.

10/19/2007 8:58:46 AM

threw it out - plain and simple

10/19/2007 8:03:45 AM

Yes, but buy from a small business and a local farmer who replaces anything bad.

10/19/2007 7:50:35 AM

educate the feederes once twice multiple times

10/19/2007 12:43:22 AM

I always go through the hay and look for mold but if I have any questions I soak it for 30 minutes.

10/18/2007 11:46:43 PM

Mostly in hay and I throw it out without hesitation!

10/18/2007 11:30:51 PM

Just simply remove it.

10/18/2007 11:26:13 PM

1/8 of round bale of alfalfa hot, steamy, fermenting

10/18/2007 10:48:45 PM

returned to dealer

10/18/2007 10:28:28 PM

Thew the hay out. To reduce the problem,looked for hay not to tightly baled & made sure it was not

10/18/2007 10:27:00 PM

Wet spring/mold in pellets/bought extra feed that month!

10/18/2007 9:55:48 PM

with the hay shortage in Al. folks are selling and folks are buying a lesser quality hay. Shame isn'

10/18/2007 9:33:31 PM

We had some hay stacked on the floor of our bank barn last summer and the bales got moldy.

10/18/2007 9:26:04 PM

Round bales had mold in some of them. The savings was lost in the waste. We use squares only now

10/18/2007 9:16:32 PM

my grain store replaced all of the bags free of charge!

10/18/2007 8:54:56 PM

fed it to the cows

10/18/2007 8:12:00 PM

I sent it back !!!

10/18/2007 8:00:19 PM

i had to empty out the grain bins, and throw away the moldy hay and grain

10/18/2007 7:51:47 PM

changes to cubed hay

10/18/2007 7:44:36 PM

Supplier fault - return it. My fault - feed it to cattle. Had a horse die from mouldy feed

10/18/2007 7:17:25 PM

Mostly minor; I can simply pull the bad chunks out and use the rest. Most of the time hay is good

10/18/2007 6:26:00 PM

We had moldy sweet feed that was not kept covered by the barn manager.

10/18/2007 6:19:05 PM

don't feed it , return it to the feed store, for a new bale or bag

10/18/2007 6:07:38 PM

Give it to cows; they can eat it safely

10/18/2007 5:59:48 PM

Due to being put up wet, have given sq. bales to cattle.

10/18/2007 5:54:49 PM

If mold is found in hay the goat gets it- in pellets it goes out to trash

10/18/2007 5:34:35 PM

Had to dispose of moldy sections of the bales. fortunately, horses don't eat the mold if I miss it.

10/18/2007 5:20:04 PM

Checked the hay when I noticed horse coughing and noticed the mould (looked fine from the outside).

10/18/2007 5:16:28 PM

Look at each flake before you feed!

10/18/2007 5:05:48 PM

if it's in feed, I return it...if it's in hay, I feed that hay to sheep - no way do I take a chance

10/18/2007 5:03:34 PM

Have rtned moldy hay/feed to suppliers when they were at fault. Have composted/burned when my fault

10/18/2007 5:01:26 PM

When my performance horse's feed started being packaged in a new (and plastic lined) bag.

10/18/2007 4:53:08 PM

throw it away

10/18/2007 4:18:23 PM

throw it on the compost heap

10/18/2007 4:14:28 PM

had mold in the alfalfa hay i bought this year, I called the supplier and luckily they took it back

10/18/2007 3:55:19 PM

We relocated from PA to FL in April. Never had to contend with this problem until now!!

10/18/2007 3:55:07 PM

t happens! that's what the garbage is for.

10/18/2007 3:20:32 PM

Unlucky, 1000 bales of hay wasted.

10/18/2007 1:48:40 PM

If I find mold in bagged feed I return it. If it is in hay, we use it in our composte pile.

10/18/2007 1:36:07 PM

I always try to buy my feed from suppliers who will take back a bag of grain or bale of feed if it i

10/18/2007 1:01:19 PM

No, I've not had to deal with that yet, though I've not benn in the horse industry to long.

10/18/2007 12:45:58 PM

Here, along the South Texas coast, you deal with it all the time, because of the humidity.

10/18/2007 12:09:16 PM

Had a round bale that was moldy. Burned it to destroy it.

10/18/2007 11:59:51 AM

I have found it, but I don't deal with it... I throw it OUT.

10/18/2007 10:32:17 AM

Smell of individual flakes and also the weight and how tightly the bale is bound. (Square bales)

10/18/2007 10:14:58 AM

she got pnemonia in august and now has breathing problems i cant get rid of she has been to 3 vet s

10/18/2007 9:52:48 AM

Only happened a couple times, the grain was reported, hay was ours-pitched it.

10/18/2007 9:28:15 AM

it gets tossed

10/18/2007 8:14:13 AM

I t ake the grain back to the store and trade the hay back to the hay man if found early in the year

10/18/2007 8:10:46 AM

Anytime I find mold in hay or grain I dispose of the hay or grain.

10/18/2007 7:45:01 AM

Also shavings that were bagged damp - check carefully before using & remove from barn immediately

10/18/2007 5:24:03 AM

When horses aren't starving wouldn't eat it mouldy hay. I always kept it out anyway.

10/18/2007 5:01:04 AM

in feed i call feed store and get replacement and hay i get out of pasture or burn it

10/18/2007 1:57:58 AM

The management at the barn doesn't educate the staff on what moldy hay looks like.,,so we attempt to

10/18/2007 1:29:56 AM

My former boarding place and I went round and round about moldy hay. I dont want my horse eating it

10/18/2007 12:35:46 AM

Texas coast climate mandates buying pellets and hay is small quantity more frequently.

10/17/2007 11:35:02 PM

I keep my grain stored in tightly covered bins and my hay in a nice dry shed with a roof.

10/17/2007 10:24:49 PM

Mainly in hot/humid weather grain has molded and been discarded properly. Hay baled too wet or old.

10/17/2007 9:58:53 PM

Farmer baled wet hay.

10/17/2007 9:53:35 PM

Returned the grain tothe feed store and threw the hay out or gave it to neighbor for cattle

10/17/2007 9:43:14 PM

Here in southern British Columbia, hay molding up is a BIG problem.

10/17/2007 9:31:40 PM

My hay is usually good all the time overall but occasinally I get a moldy bale and just toss it.

10/17/2007 9:28:08 PM


10/17/2007 9:16:27 PM

Rarely get a bale that must have been wet; just move on to the next bale (makes great mulch)

10/17/2007 9:06:30 PM

been there done that.

10/17/2007 8:55:10 PM

Threw the hay and grain away.

10/17/2007 8:42:39 PM

Throw it out! It cost less to replace than a vet bill

10/17/2007 8:24:12 PM

I am always aware of my horses feed and hay. I 'fluff' the hay being aware of suspecious signs.

10/17/2007 7:51:39 PM

halfway through the sack I discovered it, I threw the rest away. No harm came from it.

10/17/2007 6:52:07 PM

If you even suspect it's moldy - throw it out, it's not worth the chance.

10/17/2007 6:32:33 PM

Sweet feed that was old and or wet at one time. I didn't kow that it was bad at first,the horses did

10/17/2007 6:03:49 PM

The grain was new and we had to take it back to get a replacement

10/17/2007 5:49:51 PM

my gelding has colic'd twice= moldy hay

10/17/2007 5:40:38 PM

Caught it before too late!

10/17/2007 5:33:19 PM

Sweet feed can get moldy in wam humid weather, we always check each bale of hay as it is fed.

10/17/2007 5:20:36 PM

Usually just toss it Yuck

10/17/2007 4:43:44 PM

grain and hay delivered damp so it molded luckly my feed man replaces if it is found early.

10/17/2007 4:40:30 PM


10/17/2007 4:33:36 PM

Unfortunately, I had to buy in a pinch and bought from the Coop. The hay was very moldy and dusty.

10/17/2007 4:27:49 PM

but it gets thrown out

10/17/2007 4:17:58 PM

Feed and hay stored in small quantities inside

10/17/2007 4:03:35 PM

Just pull off if light surface mold, but return to supplier if in interier of bale.

10/17/2007 4:01:10 PM

I had to dump about 1/3 to 1/2 of my horses hay due to mold. It was stored under a tarp.

10/17/2007 3:37:01 PM

Had tyo hand separate leaves of hay as it was a flood year and hay was very scarce.

10/17/2007 3:11:23 PM

We live in Florida. You can't store any food stuffs for long. Big problem with hay from up north.

10/17/2007 3:01:07 PM

grain, hay, haylage, straw... every time it has been sent back and replaced

10/17/2007 2:30:35 PM

had to throw the hay away

10/17/2007 2:18:53 PM

Due to mold in the hay and grain I had to throw out the whole batch. The hay thankfully wasn't bad.

10/17/2007 2:09:03 PM

Returned the whole load. Willingness to replace bad bales is an key criterion for choosing dealers!

10/17/2007 2:05:26 PM

Bought hay that wasn't cured before baling. Grain molded in storage bin.

10/17/2007 2:02:00 PM

threw it out

10/17/2007 1:59:30 PM

Dump grain for Deer, burn hay

10/17/2007 1:51:52 PM

In years gone by but not in a long time.

10/17/2007 1:46:27 PM

I can smell it before I see it so It doesn't get fed to the horses

10/17/2007 1:19:23 PM

had to throw it out

10/17/2007 12:59:04 PM

I think the feed was too old when I got it from the feed store so it molded with in a week home.

10/17/2007 12:56:48 PM

hay on the bottom level gets moldy, we just peal it off and feed the good stuff

10/17/2007 12:13:37 PM

It happens often in the heat and humidity of summer. I don't keep as much feed on hand in summer.

10/17/2007 12:12:02 PM

nasty, green, much dust

10/17/2007 11:57:58 AM

I feed ONLY Purina Omolene 200, consistent quality and worth the extra expense!

10/17/2007 11:57:57 AM

It is hot and humid in Florida where you have to keep on eye out for mold in feed!

10/17/2007 11:47:26 AM

I don't feed it and always check before using

10/17/2007 11:33:05 AM

I returned hay or had it picked up

10/17/2007 11:23:14 AM


10/17/2007 11:19:33 AM

The best farmers can have "tough" spots here and there in their hay, so we just pick it out.

10/17/2007 10:55:23 AM

dealing with this right now and am in process of suing seller as they had prior knowledge

10/17/2007 10:48:47 AM

mostly a problem with late season hay. We compost it!

10/17/2007 10:48:47 AM

Mold/heat--throw it out--not worth sick horse

10/17/2007 10:45:12 AM

Burned the hay and returned grain to feedmill.

10/17/2007 10:42:47 AM

Very fortunate my Feed store will take back any hay or feed with mold...South Florida Resident

10/17/2007 10:41:22 AM

Rarely but if hay is not quite dry when it's baled you can get a bale or two that is moldy

10/17/2007 10:38:11 AM

My hay man will replace it if I tell him. Don't feed moldy hay!

10/17/2007 10:26:45 AM

mold in hay is a very big problem in my area and now that hay prices are so high its very costly.

10/17/2007 10:23:10 AM

Check all feed when opening. Check all hay. A little mold wont hurt-still very cautious tho...

10/17/2007 10:22:43 AM

So. St's sold me 3 bgs & would not make it right, hay was moldy at delivery, a pain to fix.

10/17/2007 10:17:40 AM

I watch what I feed very carefully. It don;t get past me but I make a point of returning it to the f

10/17/2007 10:07:55 AM

Threw it out and kept only small amounts at a time in the barn during hot weather

10/17/2007 10:06:41 AM

Was sold a sack of Dykes oats-out of better brand usually get. In the ctr of bag-full of mold

10/17/2007 10:05:18 AM

Throw it out. Improve storage conditions. Tell feed store.

10/17/2007 9:39:54 AM

Tossed hay manure dumpster & called hay dealer for credit on that # of bales. Would never use it.

10/17/2007 9:39:16 AM

I don't overstock, and keep everything dry.

10/17/2007 9:29:32 AM

returned all moldy products

10/17/2007 9:20:23 AM

I feed pellets now instead of hay...now my horses have consistant protien levels.

10/17/2007 9:14:20 AM

Always check the hay before feeding! If in doubt, throw it out. The price of a bale is not worth th

10/17/2007 9:06:03 AM

In hay-just a few bales and we got rid of it,in pellets returned to place purchased

10/17/2007 9:01:05 AM

Hay got wet, too hot, molded in center; discarded hay

10/17/2007 9:01:02 AM

I live in a hot humid climate and storage of hay and grain is important to prevent mold.

10/17/2007 9:00:34 AM

If its bad throw it out!

10/17/2007 8:57:15 AM

return it

10/17/2007 8:36:48 AM

In hay and pellets, throw everyhting away of of course.

10/17/2007 8:33:01 AM

round bales, useless, put them out in the woods, dealer refused to come take them away

10/17/2007 8:27:40 AM

give mold hay to neighbor with cows--they'll eat it

10/17/2007 8:19:50 AM

we feed round bales the horses deal with it

10/17/2007 8:06:41 AM

Experienced mold in brand new bags of feed and have returned it. Also in hay

10/17/2007 7:53:41 AM

Disposed of it and there were no problems

10/17/2007 7:35:58 AM

When I run into ANY mold I burn the bale of hay or bag of feed. I never feed any part of it.

10/17/2007 6:43:38 AM

My allergies are so bad I can find mold in hay stacked on wagon - no need to unload! Same with grain

10/17/2007 6:33:55 AM

sometimes you might get the odd flake in a bale. we just put it in the manuer pile

10/17/2007 6:29:02 AM

I'm allergic to mold so I find it easily. My response is to toss it and all stuff it contaminated

10/17/2007 6:25:55 AM

I live in FL. I am very careful to watch for mold. All gets thrown out when found.

10/17/2007 6:21:48 AM

Several times I've opened up a newly delivered bag of oats only to find it full of blue/green mold.

10/17/2007 5:08:26 AM

What appears to be good hay on the outside, may be musty. I won't feed it at all.

10/17/2007 4:56:27 AM

throw it away!

10/17/2007 4:07:41 AM

plento hay over the years.

10/17/2007 3:45:39 AM

Not worth taking a chance tossed it all.

10/17/2007 3:16:31 AM

At least once a month I get mold somewhere in at least one bale

10/17/2007 3:10:46 AM

I toss it onto the compost pile

10/17/2007 2:51:43 AM


10/17/2007 2:35:35 AM

lucerne is sometimes baled too wet, you just have to scrutinise every blade throw out iccky parts

10/17/2007 2:09:25 AM

I discovered it before I fed it to my horses and returned it to the feed store.

10/17/2007 1:48:03 AM

alfalfa is my biggest problem with mold.

10/17/2007 12:48:41 AM

very unsettling

10/17/2007 12:34:55 AM


10/17/2007 12:33:13 AM

When we find any mold, we discard the grain or hay. Luckily we rarely find either.

10/17/2007 12:24:09 AM

hay dealer took back the moldy hay and replaced it with good clean hay

10/17/2007 12:10:20 AM

always check the hay closely anything questionable is thrown away!!!!!!!!!

10/16/2007 11:41:47 PM

Hay was moldy in places, and I sent it back for another bale. I got a bad bag of grain and exchanged

10/16/2007 11:41:18 PM

threw out the grain and cleaned holder w/bleach & dried in the sun

10/16/2007 11:38:26 PM

Had mold in lucerne chaff horse got sick supplier paid the collic vet bill

10/16/2007 11:33:31 PM

grain-toss it all and clean Can't afford to toss all hay, horses avoid any mold I miss.

10/16/2007 11:17:06 PM

sent the hay back to the farmer

10/16/2007 11:12:42 PM

Grain rarely (return to seller). Hay more commonly. Very carefully monitor new loads.

10/16/2007 11:10:57 PM

the grain gets thrown away the hay goes to the cows

10/16/2007 10:54:13 PM

mine now has heaves; off hay completely

10/16/2007 10:52:29 PM

grain was during extremely humid conditions, hay also, should not be fed under any circumstances

10/16/2007 10:50:28 PM

I threw the feed away. Notified feed store, which replaced it.

10/16/2007 10:45:13 PM

It got damp - we used some hay for mulch in garden, tossed the grain.

10/16/2007 10:26:04 PM

removed any pieces in the bale affected by mold before feeding

10/16/2007 10:24:46 PM

Took it back to the feed dealer!

10/16/2007 10:21:38 PM

I always check before feeding/ Either take it back or dump it. There is no decision to be made.

10/16/2007 10:18:32 PM

I always shake out laps of hay to be sure it is not dusty or moldy. Check my grain when humid

10/16/2007 10:16:42 PM

I'm anal about checking every flake I feed my horse....I've found mold many times!

10/16/2007 10:08:14 PM

bad spots in hay, sack of grain smelled suspicious -- any doubt, throw it out!

10/16/2007 10:07:26 PM

I usually just return it to the feed dealer for a replacement or refund

10/16/2007 10:00:04 PM

Here in NY damp conditions can produce moldy hay, throw it away

10/16/2007 9:54:22 PM

no longer feed any sweet feeds

10/16/2007 9:51:55 PM

I could smell it and see it. Now I check all hay before feeding.

10/16/2007 9:49:03 PM

when it gets real hot here the grain and hay tend to mold

10/16/2007 9:48:47 PM

Baled too soon?

10/16/2007 9:47:23 PM

throw black or white moldy hay away; some flakes can be saved but if there's doubt, throw it out

10/16/2007 9:46:39 PM

Moldy alfalfa is common in Florida -- you have to inspect every flake carefully before you feed it.

10/16/2007 9:10:33 PM

Moldy hay is a way of life in the Ozarks. :o(

10/16/2007 8:58:24 PM

mold in grain mixture this summer, always watch hay

10/16/2007 8:52:14 PM

When I have found mold in my hay, I burn it.

10/16/2007 8:46:25 PM

Had to throw out 300 pounds of sweet feed that had all molded no longer deal with that elevator.

10/16/2007 8:40:13 PM

I've had a few bales or part of bales that have been moldy and I throw it out.

10/16/2007 8:36:52 PM

I boarded at a farm that the owner blatantly fed moldy hay ! Needless to say I moved out.

10/16/2007 8:34:12 PM

Every year, there are always a few bad bales in the batch

10/16/2007 8:32:52 PM

Hay was damp, not stacked with salt in between, not stacked on edge. Moldy!!! Mow burned bales.

10/16/2007 8:27:52 PM

Mold found in feed only in the summer, where it had been stored in a warehouse too long.

10/16/2007 8:24:48 PM

Contamination of any kind: take it right back

10/16/2007 8:17:52 PM

moldy hay is not fed

10/16/2007 8:16:27 PM

I toss out modly hay,

10/16/2007 8:15:51 PM

Threw it away! It can kill them!

10/16/2007 8:13:34 PM

luckily I caught it before it was fed to them

10/16/2007 8:07:27 PM

hay stored near the ground in damp weather may mold even with plastic underneath

10/16/2007 8:06:11 PM

When I find it I throw it out!!

10/16/2007 8:04:46 PM

Last year's hay in So. NY/No. PA was a disastor. Wet. Also, some farmers lack equipment/know how

10/16/2007 7:54:41 PM

Any time the hay or the grain gets moisture, you will deal with this.

10/16/2007 7:54:12 PM

You must check constantly, every flake of hay, and store grain properly.

10/16/2007 7:48:45 PM

In florida because of the humidity and constant summer rain season, you have to check the all feed.

10/16/2007 7:46:48 PM

returned it to the feed store or farmer.

10/16/2007 7:33:17 PM

It was a very wet year 3 years ago. Had to throw away 3,000 bales of hay to the cow farmers

10/16/2007 7:31:35 PM

Only when the hay has been quite old, never in any new hay. And never in grain.

10/16/2007 7:13:45 PM

On one occasion, I asked the seller to buy it back, he would not, so I gave it to a nice neighbor

10/16/2007 7:06:29 PM

Mold problem frequent in alfalfa hay. Had mold in pelleted feed this summer.

10/16/2007 6:48:33 PM

Just had to throw it out what a waste!!

10/16/2007 6:47:50 PM

I tell mold from dust by slapping flake- mold spores fly up- dust falls down. Always throw it out!

10/16/2007 6:43:39 PM

returned it back to the store

10/16/2007 6:36:41 PM

returned to mill who replaced it

10/16/2007 6:34:23 PM

unusually damp summer 2006

10/16/2007 6:32:20 PM

Mostly bottom bales, unpractical to put stacks on pallets in my situation

10/16/2007 6:29:58 PM

did not feed it

10/16/2007 6:20:47 PM

What's to tell? I don't feed it and my supplier takes it back.

10/16/2007 6:20:46 PM

returned grain to manufacturer and changed brands. Hay supplier reimbursed me for moldy hay.

10/16/2007 6:19:31 PM

Threwn it away

10/16/2007 6:12:47 PM

On hay, sometimes can saw of f affected area. Don't feed contaminated grain, especially rye.

10/16/2007 6:11:46 PM

Some of my field doesn't dry as fast as the rest. I pick through it when I notice dust.

10/16/2007 6:09:13 PM

Always inspect first and Throw it away!!!

10/16/2007 6:06:15 PM

In feed, I throw it away. In Hay I try and seperate it from the good hay and burn or mulch the moldy

10/16/2007 5:59:15 PM

mold happens

10/16/2007 5:50:37 PM

When humidity is high in the hot summer, sweet feed can be a real target for mold

10/16/2007 5:45:45 PM

In old and improperly stored hay.

10/16/2007 5:38:49 PM

I threw it all away!!

10/16/2007 5:37:35 PM

grain direct from the mill & feed store, took it back. Not all the hay was checked for quality.

10/16/2007 5:32:59 PM

In the muggy southern states. Had to feed it to the cows.

10/16/2007 5:31:26 PM

Any moldy hay gets tossed, as does moldy grain. Not worth a sick horse!

10/16/2007 5:29:21 PM

Through it out

10/16/2007 5:26:23 PM

In several large wrapped round bales that a field mouse has gotten into....very dangerous for horses

10/16/2007 5:16:57 PM

Returned the hay. Threw out the grain

10/16/2007 5:08:35 PM

Live in Western Wa, land of mold, yuk!

10/16/2007 5:03:45 PM

and the feed store acts like its my fault

10/16/2007 5:01:36 PM

Luckily the goats will still eat it.

10/16/2007 4:57:22 PM

Threw grain and hay away - when buying in bulk, cannot be sure of what you are getting. Must inspect

10/16/2007 4:56:40 PM

Both were caused by an undetected roof leak. kThrew out the grain and sorted the hay.

10/16/2007 4:55:33 PM

I returned the hay to the seller & he replaced it at no charge.

10/16/2007 4:53:04 PM

Small amount of bales, but just burned them as smudges for the mosquitos.

10/16/2007 4:52:32 PM

Any mold in hay gets thrown away

10/16/2007 4:49:51 PM

dumped the feed and the hay on the burning manure pile and added fuel to avoid problems

10/16/2007 4:45:52 PM

Thankfully, it doesn't happen often. I check every time I feed, and discard the tainted hay or grain

10/16/2007 4:44:42 PM

Had a teeny bopper at his stable try to feed ours moldy hay! Now we keep our horses at home.

10/16/2007 4:44:19 PM

my horses seem to have a B definciency due to poor hay

10/16/2007 4:43:58 PM

Whole square bales full of mould, to just between one or two flakes. Farmer replaced.

10/16/2007 4:42:43 PM

very humid wet summer, threw the grain away

10/16/2007 4:40:16 PM

that and bugs in soy meal and beet pulp, changed feed suppliers as a result.

10/16/2007 4:39:20 PM

The grain and hay both went back to the suppliers, I won't risk their health or life feeding moldy f

10/16/2007 4:38:45 PM

High humidity was the problem and for the grain room we installed a dehumidifier in the grain room.

10/16/2007 4:36:58 PM

I got 100 bales of grass hay that had been put up too wet, and many of the bales had mold in them.

10/16/2007 4:36:23 PM

Yes. especially mucorals which usually exist in both of them(but in low level)

10/16/2007 4:32:57 PM

throw it away!!!

10/16/2007 4:30:42 PM

When mold is evident, get rid of the feed/hay....DO NOT feed any even if it looks ok.

10/16/2007 4:30:10 PM

Occasionally will have mold - throw away the grain, and use the hay on the garden for mulch

10/16/2007 4:24:58 PM

End up using it as garden mulch as you never know what effects it can have on your horse!

10/16/2007 4:23:58 PM

sent it back

10/16/2007 4:21:38 PM

Hay loft took care of it 90%

10/16/2007 4:21:05 PM

Especially in hay - not much in grain - after moisture set in.

10/16/2007 4:18:59 PM

I always throw it away, but occasionally if I miss some in the hay the horses always leave it

10/16/2007 4:18:16 PM

Also in bite-size apple nugget cookies

10/16/2007 4:17:24 PM

When it shows up I throw the feed out.

10/16/2007 4:14:49 PM

Silo@boarding barn leaked; hay got rained on; I found both--not the barn mgr!!!

10/16/2007 4:14:40 PM

I dumped whatever looked suspicious.

10/16/2007 4:09:40 PM

All who feeds my horses knows to both smell and look for mold. Any mold the bale is chicken feed

10/16/2007 4:08:26 PM

hay is the worst & grain got refunded

10/16/2007 4:08:00 PM

It is very frustrating to find it. I always through the whole bale or bag out. Not taking chances!

10/16/2007 4:06:45 PM

boarders beware what your horses are being fed!!!

10/16/2007 4:06:19 PM

Hay mold during wet years, usually feed this to the cattle only. Moldy grain from feed store-storag

10/16/2007 4:05:54 PM

only some of the bales have had mold and those I won't feed to the horses

10/16/2007 4:05:33 PM

Thankfully not anymore since I changed hay and feed supplier!

10/16/2007 4:02:29 PM

Things can get damp & mold happens - toss out the bad stuff

10/16/2007 4:01:29 PM

I live in coastal NC, very humid, cannot leave bulk feed in barn-keep in house due to mold!

10/16/2007 4:00:01 PM

doesn't happen to often, but we usually throw all of it out

10/16/2007 3:59:44 PM

Small amounts in hay and grain, we throw away the whole bale or bay immediately

10/16/2007 3:59:39 PM

Just throw it out! Always cheaper than a sick horse.

10/16/2007 3:52:10 PM

saw it, smelt it, threw it out!

10/16/2007 3:46:44 PM

Who hasn't?....I check all feed before feeding my horses!

10/16/2007 3:42:22 PM

removed the offending feeds

10/16/2007 3:42:21 PM

Returned for credit

10/16/2007 3:41:38 PM

We open every bail of hay and shake it out

10/16/2007 3:30:16 PM

Throw it away! Not worth the vet bills afterwards.

10/16/2007 3:27:12 PM

This summer was bad for grain and hay because of the rain. We had to switch grains :-(

10/16/2007 3:25:36 PM

Feed or hay with mold is not fed to our horses. We throw away any bad of either.

10/16/2007 3:23:49 PM

I opened a bag and there it was! I took the bag back to the feed store and exchanged it,.

10/16/2007 3:22:22 PM

threw it away

10/16/2007 3:20:55 PM

Threw out the affected food.

10/16/2007 3:18:34 PM

The stabel that I was boarding my horse had molded grain. When I discovered it I moved my horse

10/16/2007 3:18:30 PM

wet dusty hay, dispose of moldy

10/16/2007 3:17:58 PM

The man who baled our hay was fired!

10/16/2007 3:17:24 PM

I bought hay from 2 consecutive cuttings improperly bailed and within a week of storage, were moldy.

10/16/2007 3:17:17 PM

I have bought alfalfa/oat cubes that were molded and I have had tarps leak and get bales wet & moldy

10/16/2007 3:16:44 PM

a flake or so, just throw it into the manure or compost pile

10/16/2007 3:15:01 PM

15 Bales of hay from a first time supplier. I took the hay back to the farmer.

10/16/2007 3:14:51 PM

received grain from the feed store moldy and hay from supplier moldy Thankfully both were replaced

10/16/2007 3:14:08 PM

often a problem in ireland. used to soak the hay in water overnight, then to baled wilted silage

10/16/2007 3:13:44 PM

Primarily occurs in the bottom bales in a stack - we feed to the cows when discovered.

10/16/2007 3:13:29 PM

Very wet winter 2005/06, hard to keep hay dry; grain molds in AZ summer heat/humidity

10/16/2007 3:12:18 PM

The guy where I used to board had several bails last year that contained mold.

10/16/2007 3:10:20 PM

In TizWiz 12 many times, in hay during humid conditions. Threw all away.

10/16/2007 3:08:38 PM

returned grain to store, threw hay away

10/16/2007 3:08:09 PM

I check this routinely due to humidity can lead to some mold ocassionally

10/16/2007 3:07:08 PM

Extremely rare with good storage... but disposale is a problem.

10/16/2007 3:04:06 PM

Being in the humid southeast, I do a quick check for mold in the feed and hay each time I feed.

10/16/2007 3:03:20 PM

My bottom bales on the stack get wet sometimes and have to be thorwn out

10/16/2007 2:59:10 PM

Live in Florida, need I say more?

10/16/2007 2:55:42 PM

I immediately throw away anything with mold as one of my horses becomes very ill when exposed to it.

10/16/2007 2:52:34 PM


10/16/2007 2:49:55 PM

When you buy in bulk it is bound to happen. Check each flake you though, a second to do, and tons

10/16/2007 2:49:30 PM

it happens - just don't feed it - try to deal with reputable suppliers

10/16/2007 2:49:26 PM

I always watch for mold in hay. I once had feed mold while in my feed bin during VERY hot weather.

10/16/2007 2:47:51 PM

I live in Bermuda & climate is hot/humid. I always check & smell all grain & hay before feeding

10/16/2007 2:42:23 PM

Used it for bedding with straw on top.

10/16/2007 2:34:58 PM


10/16/2007 1:54:10 PM

throw it out

10/16/2007 1:41:29 PM

I got some hay from this farmer that I had never gotten hay from before, needless to say I will neve

10/16/2007 1:05:34 PM

I threw it out

10/16/2007 12:42:59 PM

throw it out!

10/16/2007 9:18:37 AM

high humidity in the area - hay stored in non-ventilated trailer DONT!

10/16/2007 9:11:09 AM

I did not feed it too them

10/16/2007 8:59:49 AM