Where's the Hay?

Are you doing any of the following to decrease your dependence on hay this winter?
(Check all that apply)

<a href="http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=6860" target=_blank>Fertilizing and reseeding pasture</a>
<a href="http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=10069" target=_blank>Planting winter forages</a>
<a href="http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=901" target=_blank>Rotational grazing to conserve forage</a>
<a href="http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=6573" target=_blank>Feeding complete feeds</a>
<a href="http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=8898" target=_blank>Using alternate sources of bulk fiber, such as alfalfa cubes</a>

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Comments & Write-in Answers

Nope! Our hay supplier is great, always keeps us in Brome.

9/24/2007 12:10:58 PM

holding off on hay until absolute necessity, rotating pastures, feeding alfalfa cubes with grain

9/24/2007 12:19:50 AM

unmolassed beet pulp

9/23/2007 6:48:18 PM


9/23/2007 9:19:12 AM

Proper feeders to prevent horses from wasting hay...it really adds up when they toss it!

9/23/2007 8:52:43 AM

my horse is feed hay althrough winter months no change of diet

9/22/2007 4:47:23 PM

We have rain in winter in CA and so limit access to green grass

9/22/2007 1:50:39 PM

ever abuse a horse

9/22/2007 10:50:04 AM

buying in large quantity now

9/22/2007 9:06:51 AM

Mercifully, we have good hay in quantity in our area.

9/21/2007 5:30:54 PM


9/21/2007 4:36:45 PM

I have been using beet pulp as and additive to their grain (1/3 of each ration) for some time now

9/21/2007 3:18:37 PM

i feed a high fiber feed and i feed beet pulp with it i have seen the horses holding their weight

9/21/2007 12:41:05 PM

we get true winter in Canada and thus use beet pulp to cut down on hay consumption

9/21/2007 11:40:47 AM

In Vermont we always need to feed hay in winter.

9/21/2007 10:17:59 AM

selling a few horses too

9/21/2007 9:39:48 AM


9/21/2007 7:47:57 AM

I put 5 acres in alfalfa and got 400 bales this year

9/20/2007 11:03:55 PM

beet pulp provieds more fiber and is a goood way to sneak in a little extra water

9/20/2007 8:03:17 PM

Have a hay provider that waters his fields. Am stocking up NOW while I can find good hay!

9/20/2007 6:45:33 PM

Nothing, theres plenty of hay in upstate ny!

9/20/2007 6:20:56 PM

None of the above. We have plenty of hay in Eastern Kansas.

9/20/2007 5:10:41 PM

Feeding hay!

9/20/2007 4:43:00 PM

I use beet pulp to supplement my hay

9/20/2007 4:33:40 PM

I have to feed hay in the winter...we get 2 feet or more of snow with 30 below temps.

9/20/2007 4:21:12 PM

no winter forages to be had in CT

9/20/2007 4:06:42 PM

I feed hay year round, 3-4 hrs a day pasture.

9/20/2007 1:31:38 PM

I'm on East Coast and we've been purchasing hay throughout the summer to stock-up as much as poss.

9/20/2007 11:22:40 AM

We have plenty of hay in Western PA

9/20/2007 9:48:58 AM

we have four fields - 2 for the summer & 2 for the winter. these are also rotated and rested.

9/20/2007 9:38:48 AM


9/19/2007 11:36:32 PM

With only 1 acre and 2 horses, we re-seed, fertilize and irrigate on a regular basis.

9/19/2007 11:30:50 PM

I bought first cut hay bales early on in season

9/19/2007 11:24:33 PM

None of the above

9/19/2007 8:22:21 PM

If you live in the Midwest--marry a hay broker!

9/19/2007 7:52:12 PM

Can't get around hay we live in zone 4 Wisconsin

9/19/2007 6:21:02 PM

planting is dependent on getting some rain

9/19/2007 6:18:55 PM

Increasing amount of Equine Sr.mix and plant winter grass.

9/19/2007 4:31:53 PM

using low starch forage from Southern States

9/19/2007 4:24:32 PM

Beet Pulp!!!!

9/19/2007 2:41:39 PM

just hope the grass will grow---unlikely if drought conditions we have been experiencing continue

9/19/2007 2:19:27 PM

Our pastures are so overgrazed, there's not much we can do.

9/19/2007 2:00:56 PM

None of the above

9/19/2007 1:46:42 PM

11th yr of drought! Putting old bales out for fiber, and bulked bagged feed 2xs a day for nutrition

9/19/2007 1:28:53 PM

Conserving what hay I have and saving large pasture for winter forage.

9/19/2007 1:13:10 PM

sold 2 horses to make sure there was enough for the others

9/19/2007 12:54:56 PM

Opening more wooded or pasture land to save on hay

9/19/2007 12:48:24 PM


9/19/2007 12:40:50 PM

5 feet of snow, the horses have to get hay from me. I'm broke, but my hayloft is full!

9/19/2007 12:05:05 PM


9/19/2007 11:52:21 AM

I'm the Beet Pulp Queen.

9/19/2007 11:30:34 AM

feeding half hay and half complete feed

9/19/2007 10:58:48 AM

Neat poll, thanks for linking to the great articles!

9/19/2007 10:57:57 AM

Use bagged chopped alfalfa muxed with soaked beet pulp shreds

9/19/2007 10:56:15 AM

Nothing, we are still cutting hay.

9/19/2007 10:32:45 AM

Grow my own hay three nags 500 bales should be ok !

9/19/2007 9:43:52 AM

I buy hay stretcher pellets.

9/19/2007 9:37:36 AM

not feeding hay now - when there is grass in the pasture.

9/19/2007 9:35:59 AM

None of the above, we have plenty of hay

9/19/2007 9:35:23 AM

I keep my fields manure free (only have 4 horses) to maximize grass. Limit or stop mowing early fall

9/19/2007 9:34:29 AM

No grain is given ever, but we get about 4 months of snow, so hay is critical.

9/19/2007 9:17:38 AM

We have to purchase hay as our pasture doesn't provide much food.

9/19/2007 9:15:46 AM

Nothing different

9/19/2007 9:13:30 AM

buying a years supply of hay NOW

9/19/2007 8:41:45 AM

Along with large round bales placed in a well lite area in turn out yard.

9/19/2007 8:09:50 AM

My prairie grass plantings make excellent winter pasture and laminitis and colic unlikely

9/19/2007 7:41:08 AM

We treat our 4 suppliers very well so no shortage!

9/19/2007 7:37:12 AM

Beet Pulp is a great bulk fiber feed

9/19/2007 7:04:17 AM

I make my own hay. I have enough.

9/19/2007 6:59:44 AM

We really arent doing anything different, we bought in bulk

9/19/2007 6:53:25 AM

beet pulp is very reasonable and can replace up to 40% of the hay ration daily

9/19/2007 5:57:18 AM

Haylage seems more freely available

9/19/2007 4:43:14 AM

I also live in BC; we don't have a shortage.

9/19/2007 3:32:44 AM

I won't, I have hay stored for the winter

9/19/2007 12:56:10 AM

My cousin gave me his brohm waterways to split w/ a farmer -also bought 1st cutting early this year.

9/19/2007 12:48:07 AM

No access to pasture in AZ desert, hay is still reasonaable; use pellets too for ease of handling.

9/19/2007 12:18:06 AM

A blessing that I have been able to get plenty excellent quality supply

9/19/2007 12:01:11 AM

using ODTB cubes for the IR horse. Holding back a portion of pasture for winter grazing.

9/18/2007 10:53:05 PM

......and selling horses

9/18/2007 10:51:08 PM

In SW PA, we don't have a hay shortage.

9/18/2007 10:25:02 PM

we have more hay than ever this year, will be feeding as much as they want, plant oats for winter gr

9/18/2007 10:23:39 PM

Rotate pastures, fertilize & reseed

9/18/2007 10:23:03 PM

I have baled hay chopped into my grain mix.

9/18/2007 10:09:06 PM

25 yr. qtr. horse was thin this spring, so supplementing with Legends' Mature has helped.

9/18/2007 9:57:59 PM

beet pulp

9/18/2007 9:56:27 PM

though my area has no shortage of hay.

9/18/2007 9:55:26 PM

I feed beet pulp (soaked), triple crown grass forage and soaked alfalfa cubes in addition to grain

9/18/2007 9:36:00 PM

With our geriatric here, complete feeds with beet pulp for fibre make hay almost unnecessary.

9/18/2007 9:34:27 PM

We live in Northern Ontario so have to feed hay all winter.

9/18/2007 9:05:54 PM

Nothing, we're not having a problem.

9/18/2007 8:59:59 PM

also using beet pulp

9/18/2007 8:57:52 PM

beet pulp

9/18/2007 8:56:30 PM

My barn has enough hay in storage to last until first cutting next year

9/18/2007 8:53:50 PM

I'm having trouble finding quality hay; I've sent back hay that was on order for 2 mon. due to mold.

9/18/2007 8:24:39 PM

Blue Seal Hay Stretcher

9/18/2007 8:16:10 PM

Lucky to have it in the barn with more available. Vermont

9/18/2007 8:07:02 PM

I bought enough hay for the year in July

9/18/2007 7:52:32 PM


9/18/2007 7:52:25 PM

We live in Southern California and hay is very expensive and hard to find.

9/18/2007 7:41:54 PM

Stocking the hay room

9/18/2007 7:21:09 PM

Half beet pulp and half US dried alfalfa can be soaked overnight and fed as an addition to hay.

9/18/2007 7:09:55 PM

No - we have plenty of hay!

9/18/2007 7:03:54 PM

One horse and two donkeys on 25 acres of native grass and weeds!

9/18/2007 7:01:46 PM

I'm sweating now! Hay is $8/bale for grass hay if at all able to locate. Who can afford it?

9/18/2007 6:58:11 PM

Our boarding stable has plenty of hay

9/18/2007 6:53:01 PM

We grow our own hay so have first choice. We sell to some friends too.

9/18/2007 6:42:01 PM

grow our own

9/18/2007 6:31:22 PM

Build a barn, fill it up in summer. Best insurance in the long run, against shortages.

9/18/2007 6:31:15 PM

Stock up now and use pasture.

9/18/2007 6:30:38 PM

We bought enough hay for a full year

9/18/2007 6:14:06 PM

we grew our own grass hay. We feritlized with a 37 7 7 and cut early our production was us 30 %.

9/18/2007 5:57:44 PM

I have been extremely luck, lush green pastures and fewer horses

9/18/2007 5:47:16 PM

We grow our own hay.....we fertilized the fields recently....and may re-seed next year..every 4 yrs.

9/18/2007 5:39:41 PM

got thru a rough winter adding alfalfa "sweepings" from the local feed store to my local grass hay.

9/18/2007 5:20:46 PM

I started feeding beet pulp last year with the hay shortage

9/18/2007 5:18:59 PM

got alfalfa hay early and got all needed- WHEW!

9/18/2007 5:07:34 PM

Always use complet feeds. Barn Im at always has hay for sale. I give it on the side.

9/18/2007 5:07:08 PM

No. This is suburban AZ. Our pasture comes at high cost. Hay is much cheaper along with supps.

9/18/2007 5:06:15 PM

I have enough hay in the barn to last till next year.

9/18/2007 5:03:11 PM

stocking up on hay right now while available

9/18/2007 4:51:03 PM

I increased their beet pulp by soaking and draining it to get rid of the sugar and mix in pellets

9/18/2007 4:40:28 PM

Feed Purina Complete & alfalfa cubes to use less hay, plus winter forage

9/18/2007 4:38:26 PM

Horses should have hay or grass forage available 24/7--no substitutes

9/18/2007 4:38:18 PM

I'm curently exploring alternative ideas. I'll check back here to what others are planning.

9/18/2007 4:25:12 PM

My horse has only ODTBalanced Hay cubes always & forever. He is IR

9/18/2007 4:23:06 PM

I was lucky, found hay from 5 different suppliers

9/18/2007 4:22:56 PM

already bought this year's hay supply

9/18/2007 4:21:33 PM

I'm going to a complete feed for the first time ever, but have no other choice (Midwest has no hay)

9/18/2007 4:19:28 PM

Beet pulp replacing some hay (25% daily consumption)

9/18/2007 4:18:34 PM

all of the above

9/18/2007 4:12:17 PM

Have cut back on my number of horses

9/18/2007 4:11:13 PM

Rotating as best we can. But we're having to cut back our own spendings to afford high priced hay!

9/18/2007 4:05:09 PM

purina horse chow 100, great source

9/18/2007 4:03:59 PM

I have enough hay - luckily!

9/18/2007 4:02:36 PM

address ulcers and parasites, so horses utilize their feed better. Less hay needed to feed.

9/18/2007 4:01:03 PM

hay and selling off broodmares I don't the horse business is going to get better for a long time

9/18/2007 4:00:53 PM

Hay stretcher is the greatest.

9/18/2007 3:56:21 PM

not stressing pastures by putting too many horses on them.

9/18/2007 3:49:56 PM

We don't have pasture, feed hay year-around

9/18/2007 3:49:51 PM

We have never had a shortage in this part of the country (So Cal) but I would use cubes or pellets.

9/18/2007 3:39:51 PM

we got what we needed from a reliable farmer -- so business as usual for us this year (10 horses)

9/18/2007 3:39:05 PM

feed hay in a tub to waste less & feed less but more often if you can be there to do it.

9/18/2007 10:29:55 AM