A Place to Call Home

What sort of shelter does your horse call home?

A stall 24/7
A stall for portion of the day
A run-in shed 24/7
Trees or whatever shelter is in his field

Total votes cast: 1762

Comments & Write-in Answers

Easier to manage and the horses are happier.

7/9/2007 4:39:19 PM

More nature and healthier

7/9/2007 4:27:14 PM

I'm divorced...need I say more?

7/9/2007 4:12:46 PM

Depends on the weather - in when very HOT or COLD...out otherwise.

7/9/2007 4:08:17 PM

they prefer it

7/9/2007 3:16:41 PM

Fresh air and keeps her quiter

7/9/2007 3:10:12 PM

Our family has not had a horse shelter in 120 years.

7/9/2007 2:49:40 PM

My horse is 25yo and I wanted a place where she would get in out of the wet here in Oregon

7/9/2007 2:24:15 PM

I like her to live like a horse.

7/9/2007 2:07:41 PM

SE Wyoming routinely has 50-60° temperature swings in a day and the wind howls here.

7/9/2007 2:05:45 PM

horses should be moving around as much as possible

7/9/2007 12:32:23 PM

Summer-in for fly protection, overgrazing. Winter- in at night for hay allotment, elements

7/9/2007 12:28:11 PM

My horse has a stall with a large run. I don't like her staying in a stall 24/7.

7/9/2007 12:21:56 PM

Stalled at night, pasture turnout during day with outside run and trees

7/9/2007 12:09:40 PM

because before i bought him he mostly lived oustside but i like when horses live in stalls too soooo

7/9/2007 11:29:57 AM

the only option available in a non horsey area

7/9/2007 11:10:39 AM

I believe that horses do best when allowed free access to pasture 24/7.

7/9/2007 10:39:22 AM

Our barn is located in the city. Limited turnout for 50 horses

7/9/2007 10:38:21 AM

My horses enjoy the choice of being able to go out or in at their leisure

7/9/2007 10:27:16 AM

Living near a main highway, so they are stalled at night

7/9/2007 10:25:46 AM

my horses have a shelter by the barn. They are turned out to a field then corral and barn at night.

7/9/2007 10:25:26 AM

direct stall acess from pasture, mental health and protection

7/9/2007 10:24:26 AM

Freedom to be w/ a herd

7/9/2007 9:15:31 AM

Small Property- need to manage pasture time

7/9/2007 8:41:01 AM

controlled environment, shelter

7/9/2007 8:19:48 AM

Keep them away from bugs and sunburn

7/9/2007 8:06:25 AM

get away from flies or cold wind and rain. Quiet place to eat without fighting for food.

7/9/2007 6:57:55 AM

Living outside is healthier for horses, especially ones who have respiratory problems.

7/8/2007 11:13:34 PM


7/8/2007 10:49:12 PM

Its most natural and healthy for the horse

7/8/2007 10:32:55 PM

South texas -Don't need much more than that

7/8/2007 9:42:54 PM


7/8/2007 9:34:58 PM

has access to the water and to the fields to eat

7/8/2007 9:17:26 PM


7/8/2007 8:47:15 PM

the property came with two paddocks, no stalls, no pasture

7/8/2007 6:25:43 PM

it's what was available - plan to build a barn/stalls in the future

7/8/2007 6:17:48 PM

more natural for the horse to come and go as they please.

7/8/2007 5:47:25 PM

Provides Shelter all the time and is easier to keep clean.

7/8/2007 5:37:42 PM

run in stalls, so they can still be shut in if needed

7/8/2007 4:43:58 PM

give them rest from the elements

7/8/2007 2:59:51 PM

Horses know what they need-They will choose shelter when they need it. Turnout is healthier.

7/8/2007 2:35:35 PM

I think they are happier living in a herd environment outside as much as possible.

7/8/2007 1:29:27 PM

He likes his privacy when eating, but still enjoys getting out to play so this gives him both

7/8/2007 12:24:58 PM

So they are turned out the maximum amount of time

7/8/2007 12:02:38 PM

Freedom to come and go as desired

7/8/2007 11:02:55 AM

the horses live a more natural life and seem healthier

7/8/2007 10:52:14 AM

They are not confined, and so they can decide where they want to be.

7/8/2007 9:14:23 AM

Quality shelter is provided as needed and this is a much healthier, natural way for the horse.

7/8/2007 8:50:15 AM

I like to know that they are safe at night

7/8/2007 8:40:13 AM

In a stall during the day and turned out to pasture at night

7/8/2007 8:32:29 AM

Only the best for my mare. Had pasture as well.

7/8/2007 8:31:57 AM

horses like this best.

7/8/2007 8:29:59 AM

To keep my horse in as natural an environment as possible

7/8/2007 7:57:30 AM

I like my horses to have a choice and not be locked up but have some sort of shelter.

7/8/2007 2:56:27 AM

have no choice in las vegas, he gets out for riding in an arena approx. 1x every 2 days.

7/8/2007 1:43:26 AM

friends and a bigger paddock

7/8/2007 1:09:49 AM

Horses have free free range of 111 acres.

7/8/2007 12:35:35 AM

its the healtyest

7/7/2007 11:08:53 PM

My mustang taught me horses thrive outside 24/7. They have a shed they use when they want, not me.

7/7/2007 10:21:36 PM


7/7/2007 8:31:57 PM

My horse hates to be locked in & it's better for his breathing & exercise by walking around.

7/7/2007 7:34:32 PM

health reasons

7/7/2007 7:19:32 PM


7/7/2007 5:05:28 PM

shelter from lightning, rain, and a place to feel safe

7/7/2007 4:56:49 PM

because she's a horse, and I want her to be able to have free choice to shelter and exersice 24/7,

7/7/2007 3:40:04 PM

My horses are turned out 24/7 but have access to their stalls whren ever they want.

7/7/2007 3:38:30 PM

Allows them to choose..keeps them moving and happy

7/7/2007 3:29:48 PM

Stall is a double-wide run-in shed with an overhang and area in front surrounded by pipe panels.

7/7/2007 2:34:31 PM

only thing avail in pasture

7/7/2007 2:18:06 PM

I WAS GIVEN A NEARLY BLIND 3 MONTH YOUNG FILLY. I Have to keep her seperate from the gelding.

7/7/2007 2:10:14 PM

We actually leave stalls open. They can come in under the fans or not. We stall below 32 degrees.

7/7/2007 1:58:43 PM

Who am I to tell my horse she needs to be in on a rainy day or out on a sunny day?

7/7/2007 12:40:52 PM

no trees for shade or shelter

7/7/2007 12:20:35 PM

12x12 stalls in the winter, loafing sheds in the summer

7/7/2007 12:15:11 PM

I chose this method of shelter to be humane for my horses.

7/7/2007 11:56:55 AM

Rest a small pasture

7/7/2007 11:33:20 AM

Shelter and the ability to make sure each horse gets it's own feed without competition from the othe

7/7/2007 10:57:06 AM

I believe in free roaming into a pasture and into a stall. Much more healthy for the horse.

7/7/2007 10:31:28 AM

stalled only for bad weather, post work rest, or layups

7/7/2007 9:10:47 AM


7/7/2007 8:30:33 AM

My mare has chronic laminities and needs to be on a dry lot or low pasture

7/7/2007 7:51:25 AM

my 15.1 is soooo fat, and stays in at night to get off the grass

7/7/2007 6:07:36 AM

Safe comfortable soft stall for 3/4 of their day. This is in our opinion the healthiest choice.

7/7/2007 3:50:09 AM

they prefer being able to move about and visit with each other, anything to make them comfortable

7/7/2007 1:50:03 AM


7/7/2007 12:05:15 AM

All horses would be much healthier if they were out, and NOT stall bound!

7/6/2007 11:51:25 PM

I know a few horses struck by lightening in their 'natural" setting

7/6/2007 10:42:38 PM

my stalls open into a 3 sided run in shelter so they have both. They sleep best in their stalls.

7/6/2007 10:30:23 PM

so they can choose

7/6/2007 10:28:58 PM

More natural than stalls

7/6/2007 9:12:29 PM

Show horse stays in 1/2 the time and out in nice pasture the other 1/2

7/6/2007 8:50:33 PM

Needs shelter to escape bugs and weather

7/6/2007 8:41:41 PM

12hrs out and 12 hrs in all with run in sheds. Pasture horses sheds 24/7

7/6/2007 7:56:24 PM

I prefer 24/7 pasture with choice protection - a shelter.

7/6/2007 7:35:11 PM

My barn doesn't have individual stalls. One side my mare stays for the day and the other my gelding

7/6/2007 7:35:01 PM

Stalled nights&run-in shed days.Keeps them redy for shows &safe from mountain lions & wolves

7/6/2007 7:17:24 PM

a run in shed is also avaliable when he is out.

7/6/2007 6:42:34 PM

I am able to provide natural shelter as well as a run-in shed, which the horses use to escape bugs

7/6/2007 6:37:02 PM

No choice due to costs. Would have preferred an open pasture with trees.

7/6/2007 6:29:16 PM

They have a run in shed in summer, access to barn stalls and outdoor paddock in winter

7/6/2007 6:23:24 PM

what we could aford

7/6/2007 6:21:36 PM

Most healthy situation

7/6/2007 5:55:53 PM

don't believe in locking a horse up!

7/6/2007 5:34:14 PM

Keep out of the heat during the day and turned out at night when temp. is less.

7/6/2007 4:29:58 PM

shade is the most important here in sunny arizona, tree provide a lot more of it than my mare motel.

7/6/2007 4:15:08 PM

More natural, healthier

7/6/2007 4:12:02 PM

safety and comfort at night and in bad weather

7/6/2007 3:48:27 PM

More comfortable outside, Stall in barn when weather is bad

7/6/2007 3:43:25 PM

Horses are outside 24/7

7/6/2007 3:42:31 PM

Because thats all she has acess to. (in New zealand)

7/6/2007 3:39:38 PM

I like my horse to be able to get out of the weather but still have a large paddock to run around in

7/6/2007 3:32:42 PM

safety and pasture management

7/6/2007 3:29:42 PM

My horse run in a pasture and the open ended sheds provide good shelter and convience.

7/6/2007 3:02:08 PM

it is available.

7/6/2007 2:47:53 PM

I feel that their mental and physical health is at its best when they have this freedom of

7/6/2007 2:45:55 PM

so he can go in and out when he chooses

7/6/2007 2:42:18 PM

Only use barn for electrical storms, pasture 24/7

7/6/2007 1:56:55 PM

horses are out 24/7, with free access, healthier for them.

7/6/2007 1:43:24 PM

The horses can choose to be inside our outside at their leisure.

7/6/2007 1:24:33 PM

free access to outdoors and exercise with shelter from beating sun and rain is the best option

7/6/2007 1:18:11 PM

my mare hates rain and loves sun!

7/6/2007 12:54:03 PM


7/6/2007 12:51:53 PM

run-in sheds while out, stabled at night. Can monitor them better.

7/6/2007 12:32:26 PM

best for my horse he is healing right now

7/6/2007 12:17:51 PM

I have a converted chicken coup for my horses plus trees in their pen.

7/6/2007 11:53:14 AM

I think horses need as much turnout as possible to be healthy and happy.

7/6/2007 11:49:01 AM

Horses are outside that graze constantly and will seek shelter when they want to.

7/6/2007 11:31:10 AM

Not a lot of options in Los Angeles. My horse has a box stall and I get her out 2 times a day.

7/6/2007 11:19:09 AM

Best for horse

7/6/2007 11:13:46 AM

we only stall when recouping or in really bad weather

7/6/2007 11:04:51 AM

Turn out with a companion in a field during the day, stall and paddock at night. Best for my horse.

7/6/2007 11:00:42 AM

This arrangement allows our horses the freedom to be horses. They enjoy their free time.

7/6/2007 10:55:34 AM

Dry stall at night/pasture all day. Best for mental health and feet in our wet NW climate

7/6/2007 10:46:21 AM

My horses like to be under cover in rain but not severe storms, where they choose the great outdoors

7/6/2007 9:46:28 AM


7/6/2007 9:25:44 AM

so my horses had some place to get out of the weather and heat

7/6/2007 9:25:07 AM

I was forced out of my home, by bad nieghboros. I bought what i could afford. have plans for a barn

7/6/2007 9:09:14 AM

Horses need to move not be stalled

7/6/2007 9:06:28 AM

They've got a roofed, 3-wall in & out. They love it!

7/6/2007 8:48:35 AM

It is what was available at the farm where I board

7/6/2007 8:34:29 AM

safe, inexpensive and most natural

7/6/2007 8:23:33 AM

I don't have enough fenced in property to keep them outside 24/7. Am hoping to do that in the futur

7/6/2007 8:06:09 AM

the only choice i had!

7/6/2007 7:24:22 AM

I have 4 horses. Like I can afford a barn?! LOL

7/6/2007 7:23:14 AM

for extreme weather conditions

7/6/2007 7:23:09 AM

I own the barn.

7/6/2007 7:23:05 AM

because he is fat! and the grass is too much for this time of year,he comes in at night, & he lv it

7/6/2007 6:53:55 AM

She is stalled when being grained or if weather is hazardous.

7/6/2007 6:50:54 AM

a stall int he barn with 24x36 run opens to 2 acre turnout, w/access most of the X

7/6/2007 4:29:09 AM

he is a show horse

7/6/2007 1:33:26 AM

Provides protection from weather/elements and allows horse to be at pasture.

7/6/2007 12:31:58 AM

He loves his stall, it rains a lot here, and it's also in part for my own convenience.

7/6/2007 12:27:14 AM


7/6/2007 12:19:21 AM

My horse is happier, less stressed and carries better weight.

7/6/2007 12:05:45 AM

I have stalls if necessary, however I prefer to allow the horses to move about freely 24/7

7/5/2007 11:46:59 PM

cheap rent, and close to the trails

7/5/2007 11:41:30 PM

allows the horse free choice as to when they want/ need it

7/5/2007 11:29:01 PM

Show horses.. need to protect from sun/fading

7/5/2007 10:55:24 PM

Very high quality of care

7/5/2007 10:22:12 PM

they are healthier and happier outside.

7/5/2007 10:14:19 PM

They use their 24 hr access alot especially when it rains and at night

7/5/2007 10:13:33 PM

stalls that open to runs 24/7, can be closed in in really bad weather or if necessary

7/5/2007 9:48:38 PM

our ponies need restricted food nearly all year & pastures need protection from overgrazing

7/5/2007 9:45:10 PM

They can come and go as they please or be stalled as necessary.

7/5/2007 9:04:04 PM

i try to leave her out as much as possible. It's better, unless theres bad weather give hay&water!!!

7/5/2007 8:58:32 PM

They have stalls for overnight during rainy months. Otherwise, they get to choose.

7/5/2007 8:28:18 PM

stall at night, my horse feels safer, and a run in shed in pasture during the day

7/5/2007 8:09:19 PM

I don't like stalling horses

7/5/2007 7:39:10 PM

I chose a that because that is all I have to provide for him I also think that it's the best home!

7/5/2007 7:37:29 PM

I do not own property yet

7/5/2007 6:29:38 PM

We also have 2 stalls right now; will be bldg 4 more.

7/5/2007 6:17:45 PM

they're out as much as possible

7/5/2007 6:16:39 PM

Horses are animals that need constant movement to keep them healthy all the way around.

7/5/2007 6:05:55 PM

excellent care

7/5/2007 5:59:56 PM

The ability to enter the barn when cold or rainy and it allows free choice come and go as please

7/5/2007 5:56:53 PM

stalls, run-ins and trees, never stall 24/7

7/5/2007 5:52:19 PM

Because she has the freedom to choose her own comfort and safety.

7/5/2007 5:47:14 PM

harsh winters, heat, insects, and strong summer storms

7/5/2007 5:41:16 PM

natural environment

7/5/2007 5:30:14 PM

thin skinned Thoroughbreds like stalls or run ins at night

7/5/2007 5:28:19 PM

All have a run-in shed. Two yearlings, and pony are stalled at night due to mountain lions.

7/5/2007 5:08:42 PM

Because when we were horseless for a few years, my husband turned my 2-stall barn into a workshop!

7/5/2007 5:06:07 PM

Because he hates being cooped in a stall - which is bad for him, anyway.

7/5/2007 5:02:41 PM

they like being outside but have a separate place to eat and shelter from weather

7/5/2007 4:17:37 PM


7/5/2007 4:10:20 PM

Stall overnight because he (my young stallion) jumps fences and is too valuable to risk injury

7/5/2007 3:42:22 PM

Have stall with runs and pasture .. off stalls

7/5/2007 3:39:31 PM

My comfort zone.

7/5/2007 3:35:40 PM

i believe that gives them more freedom and exercise

7/5/2007 3:27:01 PM

Because we have some severe weather here but they also have run in shed

7/5/2007 3:24:10 PM

The more turnout the better, but she does like her stall.

7/5/2007 3:18:27 PM

self-exercise, quality of air, contact w/ herd

7/5/2007 3:09:58 PM

most natural

7/5/2007 3:07:20 PM

She gets a chance to rest and in the evenings when the bugs are not as bad, she goes out!

7/5/2007 3:02:02 PM

A run in shed provides adequate shelter for most horses and allows the horse more freedom.

7/5/2007 3:00:57 PM


7/5/2007 2:46:25 PM

horses prefer it

7/5/2007 2:45:43 PM

allowing horses to move freely between shelter and pasture

7/5/2007 2:43:47 PM

natural shelter

7/5/2007 2:33:58 PM

They have choice to be in the stalls or out 24/7

7/5/2007 2:33:30 PM

because they like to be outside

7/5/2007 2:29:04 PM

Providing run-in sheds affords my horses the choice to seek shelter or not.

7/5/2007 2:25:30 PM

Stall, and run-in shelter depending on weather

7/5/2007 2:20:34 PM

insulin resistant cannot eat grass

7/5/2007 2:13:42 PM

my horses prefer the tree shade but occasionally use their stalls to avoid flies.

7/5/2007 1:56:42 PM

my horses are out 24/7 w/run-in access unless wet and cold - when its wet and below freezing stalled

7/5/2007 1:43:56 PM

A horse should have access to roam free for hoof and digestive health w/ shelter when wanted

7/5/2007 1:43:19 PM

So he can escape the heat & flies of summer and wet/windy conditions of winter.

7/5/2007 1:41:33 PM

So he is free to run/socialize and has comfort from the elements when needed

7/5/2007 1:35:45 PM

My guy has daily turnout in a big grassy field..and comes in at night away from the bugs,

7/5/2007 1:34:05 PM

Summer in stall only for feeding - winter stalled at night

7/5/2007 1:17:35 PM

Nothing more needed. Horse has room to roam and enough shelter available.

7/5/2007 1:13:59 PM

Because I did not want the avma or aaep or other sellouts telling me about my property pets

7/5/2007 1:13:20 PM

out of sun & bugs

7/5/2007 1:05:43 PM

Half-covered pipe stall. Okay - offered at my boarding facility.

7/5/2007 12:57:09 PM

convenient for horses and owner

7/5/2007 12:52:40 PM

Some do come into the barn in bad weather. Turnout is healthier for the horses.

7/5/2007 12:52:02 PM

Allows grazing and gives them a place to go in bad weather, and to escape from the hot sun.

7/5/2007 12:50:16 PM

best of both worlds-- access to graze, move at will, but shelter available when needed

7/5/2007 12:49:59 PM

They need protection from the elements.

7/5/2007 12:49:46 PM

Economics/lifestyle; more natural and healthful for the horses; also not in active training now

7/5/2007 12:49:34 PM

It lets the roam/run, but they can come in out of the weather if they want to

7/5/2007 12:46:11 PM

Huge, lush green pastures with trees and heated barn in winter!

7/5/2007 12:43:11 PM

Best place to let them live naturally......When we are showing they are in stalls, otherwise they ge

7/5/2007 12:38:49 PM

1 of my horses in Anhydrotic. keep in stall during heat of day with fan to minimize stress.

7/5/2007 12:38:24 PM

free access to large paddoc & buddiesk

7/5/2007 12:36:30 PM

i like to have my horse live as naturally as possible

7/5/2007 12:35:16 PM

Gives them room to exercise when they can't be on pasture.

7/5/2007 12:31:54 PM

in the barn at night inWI due to cold winters and coyotes

7/5/2007 12:30:36 PM

shelter from insects, rain, sun, snow, best for all-around horse health mental and physical

7/5/2007 12:29:26 PM

cost, convenience & logistics of stable where he lives.

7/5/2007 12:27:22 PM

This gives my horse the option of being in or out and lets him maintain his own comfort level

7/5/2007 12:26:57 PM

wiith daily turnout either in a paddockpr pasure

7/5/2007 12:04:48 PM

I live in Arizona. When it's hot, they spend their days in a shaded stall, at night, turned out

7/5/2007 12:00:50 PM

Turn out Day/Night, Stall for morning feed or bad weather

7/5/2007 12:00:42 PM

Freedom for exercise and grazing while providing safe comfortable shelter when needed.

7/5/2007 11:33:09 AM

A run-in allows the horses to be outside more without my worrying

7/5/2007 11:29:28 AM

He gets to choose either pasture or shelter.

7/5/2007 11:22:16 AM


7/5/2007 11:11:05 AM

We keep our horses on a 10 acre pasture and the run-in shed works great for them and us.

7/5/2007 11:00:02 AM

More natural than a stall, safer than a tree

7/5/2007 10:51:48 AM


7/5/2007 10:44:50 AM

We have 3 run-in sheds and use our stalls at night in winter and heavy rain year round

7/5/2007 10:44:22 AM

Horse goes in&out as it pleases;stall for winter

7/5/2007 10:38:52 AM

better for horses health

7/5/2007 10:38:08 AM


7/5/2007 10:36:26 AM

More natural for him

7/5/2007 10:34:44 AM

It was the only place I could find that would let me board a stud colt.

7/5/2007 10:30:58 AM

daytime run-in and trees; pm stalled, fear of abuse

7/5/2007 10:06:03 AM

Our horses have 24/7 access to the barn; we leave it and the stalls open except during feeding

7/5/2007 10:00:43 AM

My studs are stalled and mares have turn-out barns.

7/5/2007 10:00:16 AM

The stall has a turnout area. It is the best of both worlds.

7/5/2007 9:56:55 AM

They can be in or out 24/7, 365

7/5/2007 9:46:59 AM

She has a paddock w/open stall, so she can go in & out as she pleases.

7/5/2007 9:44:52 AM

run-in: easier, more choice for horse, and I have a door I can close if weather/bugs truly foul

7/5/2007 9:36:45 AM

best situation for horse's health

7/5/2007 9:29:00 AM

Protection when necessary but can come and go as they please

7/5/2007 9:28:58 AM

stalling depends on weather, heat, bugs, cold - leave out as much as possible with run in shed

7/5/2007 9:16:49 AM

He won't go in a shelter in the pasture, even when the weather is horrid

7/5/2007 9:16:02 AM

Wild horses do just fine with these types of shelters.

7/5/2007 9:14:40 AM

The horses can come in and out of the stalls all day

7/5/2007 9:00:20 AM

My barn is 15x30 with an overhang and fans, very horse friendly

7/5/2007 8:34:04 AM


7/5/2007 8:01:40 AM

That is what my babies told me :-)

7/5/2007 7:29:51 AM

Both horses can come and go from the stall.

7/5/2007 6:38:54 AM

No choice. Not enough space in my club

7/5/2007 4:54:11 AM

Horses are never locked in but have access to their stables at night.

7/5/2007 4:51:56 AM

he has a turnout most of the time, a stall only when its very hot out

7/5/2007 3:23:51 AM

My 25-year-old Icelandic lives in a mountain pasture due to his coughing problems

7/5/2007 2:26:16 AM

My mare is out in a small pasture during the day in good weather and in a large stall at night.

7/5/2007 1:08:58 AM

2 months of stall rest right now. But outside 24/7 in the summer & fall, come in @ night in winter

7/5/2007 12:58:47 AM

Wood is cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter. Our horses have access to shelter all the time.

7/5/2007 12:27:03 AM

It is healthy and closer to nature, they have a field to run in and a barn if they want.

7/5/2007 12:18:54 AM

Gives the horse freedom of choice with all needed protection.

7/5/2007 12:12:19 AM

Barn with run-in stall with rubber mats & sawdust she can go in/out as desired or can be shut in

7/4/2007 11:45:13 PM

Is this now, all year, all conditions?

7/4/2007 11:43:59 PM

It is the most natural surrounding

7/4/2007 11:03:44 PM

I board and have no choice

7/4/2007 10:51:47 PM

most boarding stables in our area offer all-day turnout with horses staying in a box stall @ night

7/4/2007 10:39:43 PM

Roofed "mare-motel" stall when stabled, otherwise in open pasture with some wind-shelter trees.

7/4/2007 10:33:36 PM

I use all 4 types of shelter depending on weather and each pony's health and safety needs

7/4/2007 10:27:29 PM

not at ease in stall

7/4/2007 10:25:43 PM

Needs exercise

7/4/2007 10:23:17 PM

Turnout is essential for mental and physical health

7/4/2007 10:22:17 PM

closer to natural but better than just trees

7/4/2007 10:00:21 PM

Less work, horses are healthy and more time to enjoy them.

7/4/2007 9:49:30 PM

a box stall for winter nights and hot summer days as well as a shelter in the turn out field

7/4/2007 9:40:57 PM

I have a 3 stlal barn that my horses can run in and out of. It is healthier than 24/7 confinement.

7/4/2007 9:28:09 PM

proper feed and control of horse

7/4/2007 9:21:28 PM

My horse is in 15 x 12, lots of shade and turnouts and TRAILS.

7/4/2007 9:09:24 PM

Safety, comfort

7/4/2007 8:06:17 PM

It's a 12X24 "garage in a box". In other words it's a tarp over a garage frame. Price & ease of set

7/4/2007 8:04:32 PM

they can come and go at will in the barn in their stalls.

7/4/2007 7:55:40 PM

Run-in sheds for the summer, stall at night in the winter.

7/4/2007 7:38:21 PM

because it was there

7/4/2007 6:51:43 PM

Extreme weather

7/4/2007 6:47:33 PM

in every night 4 rest

7/4/2007 6:45:39 PM

Sided metal carports make excellent, inexpensive shelters.

7/4/2007 6:21:35 PM

Free choice of stall or pasture, shade, warmth, wind/rain protection

7/4/2007 6:01:22 PM

Board in the city; pasture turnout 3 nights per week due to heat. For my area is best choice I foun

7/4/2007 5:48:18 PM

No ulcers, cribbing etc when they run out. They are happy and the babies grow up well socialy.

7/4/2007 5:42:38 PM

because it provides thr best of both worlds for my horses.

7/4/2007 5:28:46 PM

Actually all horses have 12x12 stalls open to their paddocks at all times. They rarely choose to be

7/4/2007 5:19:59 PM

freedom of movement

7/4/2007 5:00:18 PM

because pasture is the most natural to them as herd animals

7/4/2007 4:48:31 PM

Thought it would be best for the horses.

7/4/2007 4:43:15 PM

Hurricane shelter, bug control and cooling ceiling fans for S. Florida weather

7/4/2007 4:41:13 PM

Freedom to wander around but with protection from sun/rain if desired.

7/4/2007 4:32:37 PM

He can move about in the fresh air but has his own space to call home when he wants shelter.

7/4/2007 4:23:18 PM

Outside during the day, Locked up at night due to coyotes, bears, etc.

7/4/2007 4:20:22 PM

Out during the day and in at night - better observation

7/4/2007 4:12:53 PM

Is pasture kept and has access to a run in and the open barn.

7/4/2007 4:12:06 PM

I believe a horse should be out as much as possible.

7/4/2007 4:01:06 PM

They like to be "free and not closed in"

7/4/2007 3:54:16 PM

Horses are out 24/7

7/4/2007 3:41:03 PM

Gave horses a natural type shelter for weather extremes

7/4/2007 3:37:11 PM


7/4/2007 3:29:53 PM

Florida Heat/bugs/storms.

7/4/2007 3:29:21 PM

prefer day turnout

7/4/2007 3:27:42 PM

stalled at night; pasture during the day.

7/4/2007 3:25:05 PM

in extreme heat our horses stay in Lg stalls w/runs. in cooler weather they are in paddock w/shades

7/4/2007 3:19:08 PM

Its makes them happier.

7/4/2007 3:11:44 PM

50 Acres consisting of about 1/2 pasture and 1/2 heavily treed areas = Horse Heaven

7/4/2007 3:10:13 PM

we retired from dressage, she being now 29 yrs. old. she is very happy and still very full of life.

7/4/2007 3:09:29 PM

my horses have free reign of barn and pasture when they want it - they're happy, I'm happy

7/4/2007 2:59:14 PM

stall and run-in shed so they will always be able to get out of the elements if they choose

7/4/2007 2:38:59 PM

Can't afford barn construction right now--horses are thriving being out 24/7.

7/4/2007 2:32:07 PM

My horses have 24/7 access to their stalls because it offers them the best protection from flies.

7/4/2007 2:27:15 PM

Lack of trees in the field; place to groom & tack up

7/4/2007 1:41:47 PM

Other horse less apt to corner the other in a shed as he has the stalls when left open.

7/4/2007 1:40:57 PM

shed row with turn out in the back

7/4/2007 1:39:09 PM

freedom of choice for my horses

7/4/2007 1:38:46 PM

also a stall when below zero

7/4/2007 1:32:43 PM

Lets them choose whether they want shelter or not.

7/4/2007 1:22:22 PM

insect/weather protection, depending on the season

7/4/2007 1:07:09 PM

for optimum comfort

7/4/2007 1:02:40 PM

My horses' stalls lead directly into 14x14 lay ups then directly into own individ.pastures.

7/4/2007 12:29:56 PM

my horses are in during the summer heat, enjoying their fans. They are also in on winter nights.

7/4/2007 12:15:17 PM

Low cost and convience.

7/4/2007 12:11:36 PM

because I like my horses to be turned out to pasture, but have shelter from the elements if needed

7/4/2007 12:09:32 PM

turnout for at least 14 hrs/day, with free access to barn, trees. Only in stall at night.

7/4/2007 12:06:20 PM

My horse is happiest with the freedom to choose to be inside or out

7/4/2007 11:58:01 AM

She comes in her stall every night to be clean, comfortable, dry and safe from coyotes, etc.

7/4/2007 11:40:14 AM

the best choice for our environment

7/4/2007 11:28:13 AM

Horse is getting older (15) so needs shelter in winter months

7/4/2007 11:17:10 AM

To manage weight, ages & easily check

7/4/2007 11:16:46 AM

I've been with my trainer for 17 years, and good luck finding 24/7 turnout on Long ISland!

7/4/2007 11:11:33 AM

It is actually a run-in stall. They have to have relief from the sun in summer and wind in winter.

7/4/2007 11:07:52 AM

no trees

7/4/2007 11:04:31 AM

prevent over grazing, keep coats conditioned, limit play injuries more axcessable to ride

7/4/2007 10:51:08 AM

Allows them the option to be in or out - winter, stalled overnight.

7/4/2007 10:49:14 AM

12" overhangs on the barn - convenient, close to house for viewing, 2 horses hate to be stalled.

7/4/2007 10:48:35 AM

pre-existing outbuilding when property purchased

7/4/2007 10:43:41 AM

It's easy and my horses can go in if they like or stay out if they want

7/4/2007 10:43:35 AM

Common sense

7/4/2007 10:41:49 AM

Because that is a horses natural environment.

7/4/2007 10:28:09 AM

safety, weather protection

7/4/2007 10:24:19 AM

We're in mild CA, and my guys don't like anything more than a simple roof and/or trees.

7/4/2007 10:20:50 AM

Stalls, 2 as run-in but could be enclosed, with 9 foot overhang. Flexibility and convenience.

7/4/2007 10:18:49 AM

access to free roam pastue and exercise

7/4/2007 10:09:41 AM


7/4/2007 10:07:51 AM

horses happiness and health

7/4/2007 10:05:55 AM

It's too hot here to keep horses indoors

7/4/2007 10:00:19 AM

Better for the horses health, joints, and well-being.

7/4/2007 9:58:20 AM

We have a barn for inclement weather, but they like to be out in good weather.

7/4/2007 9:56:18 AM

Have to board my horse. His stall does have an attached run-out and he's in pasture 15 hours/day

7/4/2007 9:47:52 AM

healthier, easier, attached to house

7/4/2007 9:38:10 AM

18' x 21' barn year round/all weather.

7/4/2007 9:37:04 AM

healthy and happy horses, no vices

7/4/2007 9:20:00 AM

freedom of choice

7/4/2007 9:19:29 AM


7/4/2007 9:19:04 AM

Dangerous pasture fence

7/4/2007 9:06:04 AM

Free access stalls with rubber matting allows them access to shade; etc, and good area for feeding

7/4/2007 9:05:16 AM

Up at night & when wet. Protects them from predators ( they're minis) keeps small pasture in shape.

7/4/2007 9:03:48 AM

Its what was there and serves the purpose

7/4/2007 8:57:15 AM

My horse has a 24X48 stall run he is pink skinned and sunburns easy. He goes out at night.

7/4/2007 8:55:26 AM

Because we liked it. Summertime - they're out. Winter, in at night, out during the day.

7/4/2007 8:30:42 AM

1 has a stall 11 hours, turnout the rest, 2 have runins and turnout.

7/4/2007 8:27:21 AM

it's better for my horse's pysche. i also have a run-in shed in her pasture.

7/4/2007 8:25:10 AM

personal space, feeding, general care and relief from the heat with personal fans.

7/4/2007 8:16:07 AM

We also have stalls for the worst weather, like snow storms and thunder storms.

7/4/2007 8:15:43 AM

I keep my stalls open for whenever they want to come in.

7/4/2007 8:13:18 AM

Stall, outside, pasture, sacrifice area. Healthy.

7/4/2007 8:06:43 AM

I feel it makes for a healthier happier horse

7/4/2007 8:06:34 AM

A shelter should be provided but the horse should be able to choose when to use it.

7/4/2007 8:03:28 AM

we have a barn and run-in shed, the 4 horses have access all day and night

7/4/2007 7:57:53 AM

not my property

7/4/2007 7:56:07 AM


7/4/2007 7:47:16 AM

shelter for inclement weather to protect my horse

7/4/2007 7:46:46 AM

I board my horse & all horses are inside at night

7/4/2007 7:46:01 AM

releif from summer haet. In during the day and out in the pasture at night.

7/4/2007 7:45:59 AM

comfy stall when weather demands; turn out when weather fine

7/4/2007 7:36:27 AM

It's what is available at the farm.

7/4/2007 7:26:49 AM

We are in the process of erecting a barn, but it was the most econominal way to get my horses home

7/4/2007 7:14:16 AM

A run-in allows my horses to have constant exercise, good socialization, great attitiudes.

7/4/2007 7:09:38 AM

So that the horses were not out grazing to long on the lush grass. Also it does get very muddy.

7/4/2007 7:07:05 AM

broodmares & babies need to be outside & horses. Sunlight & fresh air does wonders.

7/4/2007 7:04:30 AM

They are horses. They are happier and healthier being treated as such.

7/4/2007 6:47:40 AM

I don't stall my horses, we have a barn that is open for them at all times to get out of the weather

7/4/2007 6:31:03 AM

Clean & well cared for facility. Able to be in with other horses. Indoor arena.

7/4/2007 6:28:55 AM

Not enough property to live out 24/7.

7/4/2007 6:22:38 AM

It is the idea set up. Now she runs in there to get away from the bugs!

7/4/2007 6:04:44 AM

and a run-in shed during turnout. It's what the boardig facility offers but I like the setup.

7/4/2007 6:03:12 AM

nice barn/caring people

7/4/2007 5:50:16 AM

Freedom to roam. Shelter for shade and naps.

7/4/2007 5:22:01 AM

to provide 24/7 turn out

7/4/2007 5:16:53 AM

our 2 oldies need to be able to move at will to stay fit and healthy. the younger two are in stables

7/4/2007 5:01:11 AM

Makes my horse the happiest plus its much easier for me.

7/4/2007 3:26:46 AM

because we live on a property sop there's no need for them to be housed

7/4/2007 2:53:14 AM

Proper cover from cold-harsh winters & hot summers.

7/4/2007 2:17:44 AM


7/4/2007 2:13:20 AM

Horse does not like stalls is claustrophobic and also has arthritis and it is good for him to move

7/4/2007 2:05:43 AM

totally my horses choices now finally, they can choose to be in or out, more natural

7/4/2007 2:02:46 AM

My horses have open stalls with access to the pasture at will. This way they can decide if they want

7/4/2007 1:55:27 AM

horses have constant access to barn or outdoors

7/4/2007 12:55:25 AM

i stall my horses at night because i have coyotes that are very brave and i dont want them chased

7/4/2007 12:39:09 AM

Horse is boarded at an equine facility. I have no property for keeping the horse at home.

7/4/2007 12:38:31 AM

they don't like stalls and i believe in letting horses be horses if i can. it keeps them happy

7/4/2007 12:38:15 AM

In winter and spring stall for several hours, summer the trees

7/4/2007 12:32:44 AM

They can use it or not and it offers lots of air circulation.

7/4/2007 12:20:26 AM

new farm so still building run in shelters

7/4/2007 12:20:19 AM

My horses have stalls and run-in's, trees, creek in their fields

7/4/2007 12:14:08 AM

saving to build barn and stables hopefully as soon as possible

7/4/2007 12:05:36 AM

best environment for a horse is pasture grazing. if shelter is needed or desired it is available.

7/4/2007 12:02:53 AM

my guys spend the night in the barn, during the day they are turned out.

7/3/2007 11:59:33 PM

run-in "stall". Stalled in barn during inclement weather

7/3/2007 11:58:16 PM

If I had a choice my horses would be out 24/7 with a run-in shed or barn

7/3/2007 11:55:38 PM

had room for it

7/3/2007 11:54:30 PM

In and out at night/ Turn Out during the day unless weather is bad

7/3/2007 11:52:34 PM

i want him to be a horse so a large pasture is home with a barn and stalls for eating

7/3/2007 11:47:59 PM

Keeps the hay and him dry in rainy or icy weather and is a more natural situation.

7/3/2007 11:45:46 PM

More natural to allow the exercise, while still offering proper shelter. The horses prefer it!

7/3/2007 11:44:13 PM

I live in the city and don't have a choice

7/3/2007 11:37:51 PM

protection from weather

7/3/2007 11:35:39 PM

safety from florida lightning

7/3/2007 11:30:39 PM

I like my horses out in the paddock of a day and safe inside at night

7/3/2007 11:29:30 PM

They are race horses and it is necessary for them to be in the barn part of the time.

7/3/2007 11:28:09 PM

don't like them out at night ... too many bugs in summer, too cold in winter.

7/3/2007 11:18:56 PM

Felt horses are more comfortable & rest better in deep bedded stall

7/3/2007 11:18:08 PM

we own 240 acres, pastures have not trees

7/3/2007 11:13:46 PM

free stall acess with free turnout onto a 4 acre pasture

7/3/2007 11:13:20 PM

she is a burro and I can't afford a barn

7/3/2007 11:13:11 PM

more natural

7/3/2007 11:12:55 PM

shelter when wanted only

7/3/2007 11:11:34 PM

that's how the borading barn works. I'd rather he were on pasture with run-in shed 24-/7

7/3/2007 11:08:48 PM

mare motel

7/3/2007 11:07:09 PM

I was lucky enough to find an excellent full care facility. Now we're moving and he'll be outside!

7/3/2007 11:01:16 PM

to rest without having to think about being "alpha"

7/3/2007 11:00:11 PM

during the summer my guys are out to pasture during winter they have their stalls to get in

7/3/2007 10:51:18 PM

best protection from the elements & bugs

7/3/2007 10:47:22 PM

stalled for that part of the day when grass sugars highest;otherwise free choice turnout

7/3/2007 10:41:08 PM

There are trees all around the pasture

7/3/2007 10:36:27 PM

So they could be outdoors 12 hours, come in to be checked and feed

7/3/2007 10:32:20 PM

I think it is the healthiest way of keeping a horse. Exercise at will, protection from elements.

7/3/2007 10:32:11 PM

A stall at night during the day outside with access to a run-in part of the barn.

7/3/2007 10:29:24 PM

He has the choice which fits him best as to where his most comfort is.

7/3/2007 10:28:45 PM

that is what the horses chose!!! One mare has kicked down a stall door to get back outside!!

7/3/2007 10:22:19 PM

Allows for maximum turn out. Also have stalls for winter/sever weather

7/3/2007 10:15:27 PM


7/3/2007 10:14:57 PM

my horses like to group together in a run in

7/3/2007 10:14:07 PM

Actually, they have stalls open to about an acre each. Benefits of exercise 24/7 w/ shelter of stall

7/3/2007 10:12:39 PM

Broodmares get to come into the barn, others stay out unless the weather is really bad

7/3/2007 10:00:50 PM

That is the best option available at the boarding barn

7/3/2007 10:00:39 PM

The horses can be in or out at their discretion, or mine if the weather is bad enough.

7/3/2007 9:58:53 PM

As prey animals, seeing there surroundings and being able to flee is natural

7/3/2007 9:54:55 PM

It is all I can afford.

7/3/2007 9:45:44 PM

Actually it is an open barn with stall access 24/7.When the bugs get bad we find the horses standing

7/3/2007 9:42:23 PM

My horses have stalls with open doors 24/7. They spend most of the day inside due to bugs.

7/3/2007 9:38:30 PM

They're happiest outside, but bring them in in nasty weather.

7/3/2007 9:35:20 PM

We have puma, coyote and bears so the horses are in at night.

7/3/2007 9:27:36 PM

The stall is used in the winters overnight. Summers turnout is 24/7 unless extreamly hot or buggy.

7/3/2007 9:26:25 PM

bug & temperature control as well as individual spaces to allow for lying down without disturbance

7/3/2007 9:25:21 PM

free access to pasture or stall 24/7

7/3/2007 9:23:16 PM

Both are overweight and need to be 12 hrs, out 12 hrs. One of the two has foundered.

7/3/2007 9:21:38 PM

Best scenario for my horses mind and bodies !

7/3/2007 9:18:51 PM

Animals are allowed to go in/out as they choose-24/7

7/3/2007 9:08:48 PM

Lightening protection in pasture

7/3/2007 9:07:23 PM

we provide a cover and wid break, Ok is reltivly mild, and turn out 24/7 is healthier (I'm a farrier

7/3/2007 9:03:12 PM

It keeps him moving around.

7/3/2007 8:57:31 PM

natural exercise & socialization, less expensive too!

7/3/2007 8:57:01 PM

to help alleviate sunburn. keep him in during the hottest part of the day!

7/3/2007 8:54:10 PM

My horses have all three, In Tx weather each one is needed. However, my horses want to be OUTSIDE!

7/3/2007 8:53:41 PM

gets horses freedom to shelter, but not restricted to an area. My girls like the open pasture.

7/3/2007 8:50:34 PM

Horses need to be grazing all day with shelter for bad weather

7/3/2007 8:49:35 PM

In boarding situation, she was a chronic stallwalker. Now with the run-in this behavior has stoppe

7/3/2007 8:47:48 PM

We give them "at will" access to their stalls plus a substantial overhang

7/3/2007 8:41:32 PM

access to a stall 24/7, freedom to choose

7/3/2007 8:38:40 PM

My horses have a large paddock to run around, open stalls for eating & sleeping.

7/3/2007 8:38:04 PM

In the barn at night

7/3/2007 8:37:28 PM

Not enough pasture for # of horses

7/3/2007 8:35:26 PM

I feel it it more natural for the horses. They do come into the barn on occassion when inclimate.

7/3/2007 8:33:56 PM

I like stall at night out in the day

7/3/2007 8:32:09 PM

Stalled at night in winter/inclement weather, out 24/7 with shed in summer

7/3/2007 8:30:31 PM

So they can stay outside

7/3/2007 8:27:15 PM


7/3/2007 8:21:41 PM

Limited pasture - I like to turn out for 12 hours and in for 12 hours so they can lie down and rest.

7/3/2007 8:18:42 PM

peace of mind at night, they are in a barn

7/3/2007 8:18:02 PM

Weather protection as the horse senses the need.

7/3/2007 8:08:22 PM

Its easier to maintain all the horses, no stall to clean and no anxious bored horses.

7/3/2007 8:04:53 PM

An off-track TB, mosquitoes at night, lots of rain and humidity/bugs in TX

7/3/2007 8:02:53 PM

performance horse

7/3/2007 7:59:58 PM

He has good turnout for 12 hours per day

7/3/2007 7:56:47 PM

open end of my barn

7/3/2007 7:53:10 PM

They prefer to be out in the fresh air :)

7/3/2007 7:52:15 PM

in Orange County, CA we don't have any other options, unless we travel far. We chose a 24x24 stall

7/3/2007 7:50:30 PM

In stall at night and run-in shelter during the day.

7/3/2007 7:50:03 PM

safety and ease of carew

7/3/2007 7:46:06 PM

For sun/weather protection w/o restricting excercise.

7/3/2007 7:42:12 PM

its actually a barn, but they have access all the time-they usually choose outside!

7/3/2007 7:41:35 PM

24/7 access to a clean dry bedded stall. Exercise & shelter needs are selected by horse.

7/3/2007 7:39:35 PM

the horses have a choice of a man made shelter and trees, generally they prefer the trees

7/3/2007 7:38:28 PM

I rent the pasture for my 2 in exchange for my bookleeping for her business. They have never been mo

7/3/2007 7:34:48 PM

Needs shelter from sun and bugs. Goes out at night..

7/3/2007 7:29:22 PM

Most horses in Calif. are kept in Pipe corrals with shelters.

7/3/2007 7:28:58 PM

At the time only had one horse & money limitations; Now, with two horses, I really a larger facility

7/3/2007 7:27:06 PM

Stall when the weather is really bad and turnout all the rest of the time

7/3/2007 7:16:47 PM

fully covered stall. I board and I ride daily.

7/3/2007 7:14:27 PM

Best boarding option in our area.

7/3/2007 7:13:57 PM

barn is in progress!

7/3/2007 7:13:00 PM

ease and more natural for them to be able to roam in and out at will

7/3/2007 7:08:52 PM

In Arizona horses need plenty of air flow.

7/3/2007 7:06:59 PM

better health - outside all day, fresh grass

7/3/2007 7:04:38 PM

Horse digestive and musculoskeletal systems are designed for constant movement; in the wild, this is

7/3/2007 7:02:52 PM

Weight control and field management

7/3/2007 7:02:50 PM

During the summertime in good weather, they will be put up in drylots at night instead of stalled

7/3/2007 6:55:29 PM

It allows them to choose where they want to be,I also don't believe in 24/7 stalling

7/3/2007 6:53:40 PM

My horses are happiest and healthiest when they have free turnout.

7/3/2007 6:52:41 PM

Our horses each have a stall and 24' run at night. Safer & more comfortable for them.

7/3/2007 6:49:45 PM

Barn acts as a run in. They are happier making the decision to be in or out on their own.

7/3/2007 6:47:38 PM

I live in a city.

7/3/2007 6:46:35 PM

haven't heard any complaints.

7/3/2007 6:34:25 PM

to separate from herd for special feeding needs

7/3/2007 6:32:50 PM

run-in shed 24/7 and trees as well, its what my dad built (I was 11 when I got my 1st horse)

7/3/2007 6:25:32 PM

stall has access to an outdoor run and is open all the time.

7/3/2007 6:23:15 PM

The weather is mild.

7/3/2007 6:21:46 PM

free choice

7/3/2007 6:20:07 PM

live in a warm climate

7/3/2007 6:20:05 PM

Stays sound easier when given the oppurtunity to move around alot!

7/3/2007 6:16:54 PM

wanted to keep surroundings as natural as possible

7/3/2007 6:16:04 PM

$ and quality of care

7/3/2007 6:15:33 PM

best possible health of the horses

7/3/2007 6:12:16 PM


7/3/2007 6:11:27 PM

my old horse had heaves and when I discussed moving him home my vet suggested not to put him in a ba

7/3/2007 6:07:32 PM


7/3/2007 6:05:50 PM

Best of all worlds protection from wind and rain or flies at the horses discretion

7/3/2007 6:03:12 PM

I have a run in shed also and large trees in the pasture. They have plenty of sheltered areas.

7/3/2007 5:52:40 PM

Because horses are healthier living in nature as natural animals.

7/3/2007 5:46:32 PM

They are healthier and happier outside year around with a shelter.

7/3/2007 5:45:36 PM

protection at night

7/3/2007 5:45:24 PM

he can choose for himself whether to shelter or not

7/3/2007 5:43:02 PM

They are in pasture all day and night wioth the exception of feeding time in the

7/3/2007 5:42:09 PM

all I can afford right noow - He had stall before, half in/half out. He's very happy outside.

7/3/2007 5:38:55 PM

It's actually stalls that are open for the horses to come and go as they please. I chose this becau

7/3/2007 5:34:35 PM

containment, protection from environment

7/3/2007 5:28:45 PM

It's a more natural way to live while still offering rotection from sun, rain, and flies.

7/3/2007 5:24:03 PM

b/c they can come and go as they please

7/3/2007 5:23:41 PM

Haflingers are hardy, and there was not enough room for more stalls in the barn!

7/3/2007 5:21:30 PM

RUn in sheds, but can be stalled if needed.

7/3/2007 5:16:21 PM

so my horse could have pasture 24/7, circulation is key to hoof health.

7/3/2007 5:15:57 PM

easiest to clean

7/3/2007 5:13:01 PM

Lost run-in shed in hurricane. Hope to rebuild shortly. (Horses ride out hurricanes in CBS garage.)

7/3/2007 5:11:44 PM

We are building a 16x24 run-in for the (2) guys/ with 12x12 in the colder months

7/3/2007 5:09:10 PM

Our horses have access to their stalls and choose to use them throughout the day.

7/3/2007 5:08:36 PM

Can Come and Go at will

7/3/2007 5:07:17 PM

nice weather, happy horses

7/3/2007 5:05:15 PM

Do not want to keep horses confined. They go in and out as they wish. I also have a run-in horse she

7/3/2007 4:56:52 PM

stall during the night

7/3/2007 4:53:59 PM

Healthy, happy horses need freedom to move

7/3/2007 4:53:58 PM

Mine go from dry lot with shed to pasture 3 times per day. Grass too rich, horses too fat.

7/3/2007 4:53:08 PM

nicest place in Houston

7/3/2007 4:49:37 PM

field with run-in shed during the daytime ; box stall with access to pen at night

7/3/2007 4:47:44 PM

to give them a safe place to rest

7/3/2007 4:46:42 PM

He can come and go as he needs to.

7/3/2007 4:45:02 PM

what's available

7/3/2007 4:43:07 PM

I like them to be outside as much as possible but they need shelter in bad weather. A stall is a saf

7/3/2007 4:41:31 PM

all horses have individual stalls with 1/2 acre pastures at their disposal.

7/3/2007 4:40:25 PM

free access to stalls with fans and bug sprayers

7/3/2007 4:39:14 PM

weather reasons

7/3/2007 4:38:58 PM

Not enuf room for 24/7 turnout

7/3/2007 4:38:06 PM

As an ex-show horse, she hates being indoors. She comes into her stall to eat, and for bad weather.

7/3/2007 4:30:35 PM

It's best for them to be out as much as possible but in our climate (north), I like some shelter

7/3/2007 4:30:31 PM

Protection from flies and winter weather-- a safe hangout a few hours each day

7/3/2007 4:29:35 PM

Loves being in his cozy stall, no bugs!

7/3/2007 4:25:37 PM

mare losing vision & I want her to have a routine

7/3/2007 4:22:41 PM

they have a run in on 1/4 acre. also let out to 3.5 acres every day.

7/3/2007 4:20:08 PM

More natural and healthy.

7/3/2007 4:17:58 PM

Run ins work best for us as long as everyone gets along!

7/3/2007 4:16:37 PM

vet says it is best, worked for over 50 years, no illness

7/3/2007 4:15:04 PM

good shelter for the horses when they want it and convenient for me

7/3/2007 4:14:41 PM

Show Horse

7/3/2007 4:13:09 PM

tornado proof facility; plus if horse is sick/injured, a stall is usually needed

7/3/2007 4:11:01 PM

weather & fly /midge protection also to limit grazing & weight control

7/3/2007 4:10:56 PM

Freedom of movement , tolerance to the weather makes happier healthier horse but have stalls if need

7/3/2007 4:10:37 PM

best for horse

7/3/2007 4:07:21 PM

allow for natural grazing

7/3/2007 4:07:20 PM

I stall my girl only at night time. She seems to really like it that way. I think she feels safe!

7/3/2007 4:07:04 PM

best for horse, can stall if required

7/3/2007 4:03:35 PM

Has an "in & out" with black mats and fibar in turnout

7/3/2007 4:02:06 PM

Very open air design with 12' runs. Turn out every night. Best solution to protect from Florida sun.

7/3/2007 3:59:42 PM

It came with the pasture that we rented.. along with a couple stalls that they can go in and out of.

7/3/2007 3:59:25 PM

Barn is attached to the house with a large run. stall are 12.x14 and the run is 12X50

7/3/2007 3:58:40 PM

The wonderful facility and his serious fly allergy.

7/3/2007 3:51:56 PM

They can choose when they want to get out of the elements and still be together. They love it!

7/3/2007 3:51:36 PM

Pasture is great in nice weather, but horses need a secure space to rest and avoid inclement weather

7/3/2007 3:48:35 PM

I want my horses to have a choice to be inside or outside.

7/3/2007 3:46:50 PM

actually Comfort 2 barns with open stalls 365 days a year 16 horses.

7/3/2007 3:46:19 PM

we like to turn out our horses as much as possible but each has their own stall when needed

7/3/2007 3:44:51 PM

cost. we are working on saving for a barn

7/3/2007 3:44:20 PM

In the summer they get run-ins and in the winter they are in the barn at night and sometime during t

7/3/2007 3:42:26 PM

My horses hate stalls, I believe stalls are unhealthy

7/3/2007 3:41:35 PM

My horses are turned out 24/7. They only come in the barn to eat & when it is extremely hot & humid

7/3/2007 3:41:02 PM

It offers protection from the elements but allows for exercise and movement.

7/3/2007 3:40:45 PM

paddock or pasture during day, weather permtting, stall at night-year round

7/3/2007 3:39:59 PM

Stalls are available for feeding and icy conditions only, otherwise run-in shed. Lung health!

7/3/2007 3:39:44 PM

My horses are safer out in a storm rather than in the barn.

7/3/2007 3:39:11 PM

The horse's stalls open out to a pasture so, except for inclement weather, the horses are out 24/7.

7/3/2007 3:35:30 PM

Protection from the elements and safety from coydogs at night

7/3/2007 3:33:18 PM

So they can get good rest and keep out of bad weather.

7/3/2007 3:31:13 PM

at night they like security and being fed alone. In during storms for lightening protection

7/3/2007 3:30:40 PM

Mediterranean climate allows comfort under trees and roofs, with windbreak

7/3/2007 3:30:12 PM

Stabled at night - paddocks with run-in sheds & shade trees during day

7/3/2007 3:27:03 PM

only have trees in field unless weather is severe. then we open up the barn and let them go in stall

7/3/2007 3:24:53 PM

I believe it's best for a horse to choose whether he wants to be in or out.

7/3/2007 3:24:11 PM

In the summer my horses are only in their stalls for meals-In winter: in at nite, out in day

7/3/2007 3:22:34 PM

Horses are on 5 acres and have run in shelters, as well as, trees to get under for protection

7/3/2007 3:22:25 PM

Because I feel that unstalled horses are healthier, they need to graze,roam and play.

7/3/2007 3:20:42 PM

My minis all go in the barn at night, 3 to a stall that is 15 x 20

7/3/2007 3:20:12 PM

Some get to run-in and some have trees or whatever.

7/3/2007 3:19:56 PM


7/3/2007 3:18:41 PM

diamond is a mustang - outside is the most natural environment for her.

7/3/2007 3:18:08 PM

i board

7/3/2007 3:17:10 PM

The horses stalls open up to the field so they can go out and in at thier desire except for severe s

7/3/2007 3:16:45 PM

space is good for horses

7/3/2007 3:14:30 PM

respiratory health

7/3/2007 3:12:21 PM

But I have 2 that do live in a runin shed

7/3/2007 3:11:24 PM

My horses have a choice to be in or out unless bad weather than I put them in their stalls.

7/3/2007 3:10:25 PM

my horses have free access to a shed/barn where they can be shut in if bad winter weather

7/3/2007 3:09:21 PM

The horses are healthier and it suits natural horse behavior to be outside all the time.

7/3/2007 3:08:23 PM

he is happier and safer

7/3/2007 3:07:55 PM

I feel a horse should be able to be a horse. Fresh air & movement are crucial to their well being.

7/3/2007 3:06:48 PM

None of the above-outside 24/7 with access to stalls and barn roof overhang whenever they want.

7/3/2007 3:02:02 PM

Because my 3 stall barn was already built on our property and I only utilize my stalls at night.

7/3/2007 3:01:26 PM

Horses also have a large barn and a run-in-shed to use during turnout time (6 am-9pm).

7/3/2007 2:59:56 PM

cost and availability

7/3/2007 2:58:15 PM

economy, free choice for horse

7/3/2007 2:55:23 PM

Free access to barn and run-in 24/7

7/3/2007 2:53:03 PM

Stalls at night only for my broodmares/foals; otherwise outside in fresh air and sun!

7/3/2007 2:52:45 PM

only available at present

7/3/2007 2:51:23 PM

to moniter the amount of grass they eat.

7/3/2007 2:50:55 PM

My barn has stalls that open to the pasture. My horses have accsess to their bedded stalls whenever

7/3/2007 2:49:31 PM

most natural and healthy for a horse

7/3/2007 2:47:31 PM

I like to know they are in their own "room" and safe for the night. They seem to relax when in.

7/3/2007 2:46:12 PM

protection from adverse weather and allow to come and go at others

7/3/2007 2:45:27 PM

That way my horses can seek shelter when they choose, have freedom of movement, and access sunlight

7/3/2007 2:44:27 PM

Have a barn they dhoose not to use

7/3/2007 2:43:52 PM

keep off the rich grass and out of the hot sun or rain

7/3/2007 2:42:06 PM

There are times of the year when being on grass 24/7 would not be good for my easy keepers.

7/3/2007 2:41:02 PM

Have to board. It was the best option available with the longest turnout time.

7/3/2007 2:40:33 PM

my horses have stalls that they come into at night, during the day they have lots of trees as shelte

7/3/2007 2:38:43 PM

Mine have their own stalls, a run in shed and trees in the pasture

7/3/2007 2:38:09 PM

freedom for the horse

7/3/2007 2:35:44 PM

Barn with boxstalls is available when necessary. 95% of the time they are outside.

7/3/2007 2:35:03 PM

I believe a horse should be allowed to be a horse and chose when she needs shelter or not.

7/3/2007 2:34:06 PM

10 x 12 overhand & 3 sycamore trees in my mares stall

7/3/2007 2:34:02 PM

Stalls that work as a run in shed

7/3/2007 2:33:28 PM

weather in our area (PA)

7/3/2007 2:32:32 PM

My horses have always done fine naturally.

7/3/2007 2:31:53 PM

A 4-stall barn that the horses have access to at all times, to go in or out

7/3/2007 2:31:19 PM

our barefoot performance horses are turnout 24/7 w/shades and trees (we live in AZ)

7/3/2007 2:30:15 PM

Shelter is a must have, 24/7 turnout is ideal for health. Turnout without shelter is unconscionable

7/3/2007 2:30:02 PM

Stall is backup; they prefer trees most of time. We wanted something reliable & sturdy as well.

7/3/2007 2:27:30 PM

large attached paddocks w/ stall; opened to pastures in daytime; fans in stalls; trees in pastures

7/3/2007 2:27:12 PM

safer - more natural

7/3/2007 2:25:14 PM

It seems to be what they prefer.

7/3/2007 2:24:57 PM

I like my horses to have shelter from extreme weather

7/3/2007 2:24:25 PM

it rains a lot here!

7/3/2007 2:22:40 PM

Healthiest way of living for a horse

7/3/2007 2:22:10 PM

It is a more natural way for horses to live and mine are happy and healthy

7/3/2007 2:21:38 PM

They are stalled for the day to keep the sun from bleaching them for show and turned out at night

7/3/2007 2:21:29 PM

Want my horses warm in winter and safe from storms

7/3/2007 2:20:27 PM

separate feeding, break from each other

7/3/2007 2:19:07 PM

shelter from bugs/heat in the summer; cold/precip in the winter

7/3/2007 2:17:37 PM

New Horse, building run-in shed

7/3/2007 2:16:57 PM

The backdoor is the 4th wall of my stall and can be shut in bad weather or open for pasture access.

7/3/2007 2:16:12 PM

Because my horses are spoiled!

7/3/2007 2:13:38 PM

my horse is out all day and comes in at night so she can have grain

7/3/2007 2:12:52 PM

Horses in at night, out 14 hours with run ins. This allows me to monitor feed & check for injuries.

7/3/2007 2:12:13 PM

My horses are in stal to eat grain, during inclement weather or rehab, otherwise pasture 24/7

7/3/2007 2:12:09 PM


7/3/2007 2:11:04 PM

Gives them the freedom to come and go at will.

7/3/2007 2:10:52 PM

It's what is available, and not performance horses, they do fine

7/3/2007 2:10:46 PM

A stall with an attached paddock, he can choose where to be

7/3/2007 2:09:31 PM

run-in shed in summer, stall at night in winter. maximum exercise and outside time

7/3/2007 2:09:11 PM

they are happier making the decision to come and go as they please.

7/3/2007 2:08:50 PM

shelter and paddock

7/3/2007 2:05:39 PM

lots of nice trees, huge pasture, fresh pond water 24/7. Figured this was healthiest for her

7/3/2007 2:04:13 PM

its 3 sided with over hanging roo so it keeps it dry and blocks the wind

7/3/2007 2:04:04 PM

Good circulation = happy, sound, barefoot competition horses

7/3/2007 2:04:00 PM

run in shed at night, stalled during day

7/3/2007 2:03:21 PM

I didn't choose this for a home, but it's just the way it is until I can afford to build them a barn

7/3/2007 2:02:49 PM

Freedom to move, natural life

7/3/2007 2:02:39 PM

stall with run attached at night and turnout during day

7/3/2007 2:01:15 PM

Because my horses are confortable living like this.

7/3/2007 2:01:00 PM

He can choose between shelter, ample fresh air AND actiivity when HE wants it.

7/3/2007 2:00:39 PM

My horses have had zero leg injuries since NOT being stalled!

7/3/2007 2:00:18 PM

Plenty of out-time, safe sleeping place

7/3/2007 1:59:14 PM

More natural, better for them.

7/3/2007 1:59:02 PM

I berleive in pasture 24/7, a run-in allows the horse to choose. Better gut motility.

7/3/2007 1:58:23 PM

for her health and happiness

7/3/2007 1:57:26 PM

safe place in hurricane- concrete/flat roof i love my boy!

7/3/2007 1:57:06 PM

We pasture during the day,but at night there is an abundance of coyotes in this rural mountain area.

7/3/2007 1:57:01 PM

w/ outdoor run to save pasture from hooves in mud in winter & horses from too much grass in summer

7/3/2007 1:56:58 PM

because we live in the city. It's the closest barn to us. 12 miles away.

7/3/2007 1:55:00 PM

my horses may come and go as they please.

7/3/2007 1:54:31 PM

Saves time and money durning the summer months and I they enjoy the freedom.

7/3/2007 1:53:50 PM

With access to a stall 24/7 horses can stay out or come in for protection from weather and insects

7/3/2007 1:53:29 PM

Worry free. Horse knows best if it needs shelter. Not stuck in stall on sunny day or outside in rain

7/3/2007 1:52:55 PM

The horses are out unless there is a storm

7/3/2007 1:51:50 PM

Better for the horses and easier for me..

7/3/2007 1:51:42 PM

For my horses well being. and heat and warmth in winter and cold rainy summer nights.

7/3/2007 1:51:39 PM

Plus they have runs out back of their stalls. So they have a choice of where they want to be.

7/3/2007 1:50:50 PM

healthy fresh air all the time, always able to move, less money, less time

7/3/2007 1:49:57 PM

Lack of $ and time for a true stall barn

7/3/2007 1:49:31 PM

a run in is more natural and gives him a choice.

7/3/2007 1:48:30 PM

he eats in his stall and sometimes sleeps part of the night there; he has 2 acres to roam at will

7/3/2007 1:47:35 PM


7/3/2007 1:47:18 PM

it is the only practical way for me on this particular farm

7/3/2007 1:46:01 PM

pasture with shed 24/7 unless very bad weather then stall

7/3/2007 1:45:37 PM

so that they are out of the Florida sun in summer and to make sure they get their own food portions

7/3/2007 1:45:32 PM

We are fortunate to have lots of land. We have barns. They can use it all.

7/3/2007 1:44:19 PM

Milder days, the horses are out 24/7.

7/3/2007 1:43:51 PM

exercise and horse's comfort

7/3/2007 1:42:26 PM

hurricane belt...hot and wet in summertime

7/3/2007 1:42:12 PM

Horses should be able to be horses as much as possible, and it's good for old horses to move lots

7/3/2007 1:41:32 PM

She has access to her stall at all times.

7/3/2007 1:40:39 PM

Horse stay healthier if they have access to Mother Nature

7/3/2007 1:39:37 PM

they have full access to the barn in their pasture

7/3/2007 1:39:34 PM

She has as much turnout as possible & snug shelter in bad weather

7/3/2007 1:38:32 PM

winter snow and storms

7/3/2007 1:38:04 PM

healthy horses should not be locked in stalls

7/3/2007 1:37:02 PM

some are stalled some have shed; depends if howing or training. Mares & foals outside w shed 24/7

7/3/2007 1:36:35 PM

Horses are much healthier when allowed to stay in their natural environment as much as possible.

7/3/2007 1:36:35 PM

Other: stall for meals, weather, medical emergencies; pasture all other times -- better for them!

7/3/2007 1:36:22 PM

I believe horses are happier when they can go in or out as they please.

7/3/2007 1:34:20 PM

In during the day out all night

7/3/2007 1:33:51 PM

Most horse's do not like nor were designed to be kept confined. They more out time the better..

7/3/2007 1:33:32 PM

free choice run-in stall 24/7

7/3/2007 1:32:56 PM

Horse should be outside all the time, and the run-in protects against bad weather and sun.

7/3/2007 1:32:37 PM

In during the daytime in the summer & out at night. Vice versa for winter!

7/3/2007 1:31:05 PM

easy tomaintain..horses able to decide when to be in or not.

7/3/2007 1:30:44 PM

Because then my horse can choose for himself whether he wants to be inside or out.

7/3/2007 1:30:35 PM

3 stall shed row barn w/10' overhang is accessible at all times. Fans are run on a timer in each

7/3/2007 1:29:01 PM


7/3/2007 1:28:59 PM

12 in, 12 out with rotation.

7/3/2007 1:28:33 PM

Only choice at boarding facility

7/3/2007 1:28:24 PM

My barn has stall doors opening to the pasture.I let them come and go as they please.

7/3/2007 1:28:21 PM

stall at night, run in shed and trees in the day.

7/3/2007 1:27:48 PM

free to roam and have efficient shelter both

7/3/2007 1:27:33 PM

AZ Stable has abundant trees (fortunately) and have a portion of their stalls shaded with a cover.

7/3/2007 1:27:12 PM

my horses can come and go as they or I please. This is ideal flexbility.

7/3/2007 1:25:44 PM

Individiual feeding, comfort for the horse. Stalled for feeding and at night.

7/3/2007 1:24:45 PM

A run-in provides shelter when needed, but still allows a horse to "live like a horse".

7/3/2007 1:24:31 PM

The horses like being loose and it is better for them - they hardly use it, preferring woods, fields

7/3/2007 1:24:00 PM

lots of room to move but shelter when needed

7/3/2007 1:23:55 PM


7/3/2007 1:23:23 PM

They prefer being out, less problem behaviors, no interference with herd behavior, shelter's enough

7/3/2007 1:23:05 PM

to protect from predators

7/3/2007 1:22:58 PM

stall at night in winter, run-in shed 24/7 in spring, summer & fall - better for him to be outside

7/3/2007 1:22:11 PM

Actually is a bank barn without stalls.. cool in the summer...snug and warm in the winter

7/3/2007 1:19:41 PM

He is out hen the weather is nice & in when the weather is bad. I think this is the best treatment

7/3/2007 1:18:34 PM

best quality of life

7/3/2007 1:18:11 PM

Access to a run-in stall all day/night. In stall only to eat his grain 2x/day.In if weather vb.

7/3/2007 1:18:07 PM

depends on the weather

7/3/2007 1:17:39 PM

My horses are only stalled at night to give them relief from the mosquitoes which are really bad now

7/3/2007 1:17:35 PM

He likes to be able to move around

7/3/2007 1:17:27 PM

We can do individual graining, protect them from the weather and bugs (mostly mosquitos).

7/3/2007 1:17:18 PM

my horse has access to his stall all day long. It makes it easier for him at an old age from weathe

7/3/2007 1:17:04 PM

Summer; stall during day, run-in overnight. Winter: stalled at night, run-in/pasture during day

7/3/2007 1:16:59 PM

I have a barn that doesn't allow for my horses to run inside at will.

7/3/2007 1:16:23 PM

stalls for winter nights, run-in sheds for winter days and 24/7 in summer

7/3/2007 1:12:48 PM

Because we're not showing, so he can have a half acre to relax in, and stretch his legs!

7/3/2007 1:11:36 PM

No natural shelter avail. Stall inappropriate and unhealthy living environment.

7/3/2007 1:11:35 PM


7/3/2007 1:10:59 PM

stall overnight & when weather is bad...When out to pasture, has a run-in plus trees

7/3/2007 1:09:53 PM

It's whats best for my horse...

7/3/2007 1:09:25 PM

My horses are in a barn at night and turned out with access to run in sheds during the day.

7/3/2007 1:07:14 PM

Easier to keep track of their health and eating needs.

7/3/2007 1:06:50 PM

Horses need to choose where they would like to be. Enclosing them seems cruel.

7/3/2007 1:05:54 PM

What I can afford

7/3/2007 1:05:12 PM

I chose a barn w/stall acces 24/7. He's healthier both physically & mentally the last 25 yrs.

7/3/2007 1:03:59 PM

We all like the convience and security of a barn for various climatic and weather related situations

7/3/2007 1:03:50 PM

Stall at night; run-in during the day

7/3/2007 1:03:43 PM

I think the horse knows when to decide if he needs to go inside

7/3/2007 1:03:18 PM

Loose on 7 acres; primarily uses for shade, but she must feel secure because she "hangs out" there

7/3/2007 1:02:50 PM

The boarding facility that met my other needs offers it.

7/3/2007 1:02:27 PM

Also have runs with overhangs from the barn so they can go in and out all day long!

7/3/2007 1:02:19 PM

To control grass intake

7/3/2007 1:02:13 PM

Run-in shed. Serves the purpose summer and winter. Healthier outside then barn kept.

7/3/2007 1:00:04 PM

i like the time i spend with him bringing him in and out

7/3/2007 12:59:13 PM

My horses prefer to be outside but the shelter is there when they want it.

7/3/2007 12:59:00 PM

Makes their life as close to natural as possible but they still have shelter

7/3/2007 12:57:42 PM

movement, mental and physical, free choice grazing

7/3/2007 12:56:53 PM

he has access to a stall if he needs out of the weather it has a fan for summer and plenty of water

7/3/2007 12:55:27 PM

I beleive its healthier for the horse to be able to move around more

7/3/2007 12:54:55 PM

no door on stall

7/3/2007 12:54:07 PM

Keeps him inside during hot or stormy weather.

7/3/2007 12:52:58 PM

freedom for the horse, live as close to natural state as posible - less stress

7/3/2007 12:52:44 PM

to live as natural as possible

7/3/2007 12:51:25 PM


7/3/2007 12:50:55 PM

For the winters in ohio i put him the stall for part of the day. In the summer he's in pasture 24/7

7/3/2007 12:49:28 PM

Living as close to nature as possible - healthy, happy horse with minimal problems. No stall vices!

7/3/2007 12:48:41 PM

they are much healthier outdoors

7/3/2007 12:48:11 PM

controlled feeding, freedom from bugs, ability to rest

7/3/2007 12:47:58 PM

We think it is best

7/3/2007 12:47:02 PM

He can come & go as he pleases. it gives him a breezeway for air circulation & shade

7/3/2007 12:45:42 PM

best for my horses health

7/3/2007 12:42:50 PM

A run in would be nice but at the moment is unavailable, he is on pasture turnout and is super happy

7/3/2007 12:38:00 PM

He has half the barn(15x60) as a shelter with 24/7 turnout

7/3/2007 12:24:35 PM

It's where she seems happiest

7/3/2007 12:15:03 PM

Horses were meant to live outdoors.

7/3/2007 11:56:34 AM

We feed indoors and it gives them time away from the bugs.

7/3/2007 11:44:55 AM

Protection from predators, bugs, nasty weather.

7/3/2007 11:36:55 AM

horses are animals that need to move to be healthy emotionally and physically.

7/3/2007 11:27:50 AM

It is a safe place for them to get out the sun and get a rest from summer bitting bugs.

7/3/2007 10:27:13 AM

shelter from rain and sun while allowing free movement which keeps horse healthier

7/3/2007 9:51:35 AM

It's the boarding barn's set-up.

7/3/2007 9:13:16 AM

They are much healthier now that they are out 24/7

7/3/2007 8:52:48 AM

show horses, climate, individualized feeding, keeping coat glossy

7/3/2007 8:48:43 AM