Equine Eye Injuries

Dr. Amber Labelle shares information about common eye injuries in horses and how they are treated.

How to Tell if Your Horse is Overweight

Learn more about obesity in horses and how to tell if your horse is overweight.

Botulism: Your Unanswered Questions

Learn how to protect your horses from this invisible, scentless killer.

Equine Osteoarthritis: Management after Diagnosis

Learn how to keep your arthritic horse sound, comfortable, and in work using best management practices.

What is an FEI Vet?

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about what it means to be an FEI vet.

Pseudo Pregnancy in Horses

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones answers a listener’s question about false pregnancies in mares.

Protect Your Dog When Deworming Your Horse

Learn about ivermectin toxicity in dogs and how to protect them when you’re deworming horses.

Hay Soaking

Learn about the possible health benefits of soaking hay from The Horse contributor Dr. Stacey Oke.

The Equine Eye

Dr. Amber LaBelle of the University of Illinois talks about the equine eye and how horses see.

Equine Deworming Update

Get the scoop on the American Association of Equine Practitioners' updated parasite control guidelines.

Pigeon Fever: Learn How to Protect Your Horse

A disease once considered a West Coast problem, veterinarians report that pigeon fever is on the move east.

Managing Horses in the Summer Heat

It's hot out there! Learn how to keep your horse cool and comfortable on even the most scorching days.

Equine Dental Care

Get your questions answered and learn about the latest advances in horse dental care in this live event.

Vaccination and Immunity: What Horse Owners Need to Know

Our experts answer your questions about vaccinations and immunity.

Botulism and Horses

Our veterinary experts answer your questions about botulism in horses, which can be deadly in adult animals.

Stallion Fertility

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones discusses stallion fertility and stallion breeding exams.

Mare Fertility

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about mare fertility and mare breeding soundness exams.

Equine Digestive Health

Our experts answer your questions about ulcers, GI tract problems, and general "tummy troubles" in horses.

Healthy Horse Manure

From digestion to infectious disease, Dr. Erin Denney-Jones discusses what horse poop tells us about health.

EHV-1 Horse Health Alert

Special Edition: We address current EHV-1 cases in North America and offer information to protect your horses.

Equine Herpesvirus-1 Refresher

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones gives us a refresher on equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1)

Equine Dental Issues

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about dental issues and training problems.

Laminitis Update

Experts answered reader questions live about what's new in laminitis research and treatments.

Weather Emergencies and Horses

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez discusses dealing with weather disasters.