Conditioning Horses for Peak Performance

Do you have the winter blues? Start planning your horse's fitness program for spring riding and competition.

How Long Can a Horse Go without Water During the Winter?

Find out from Dr. Nancy Loving how frequently a horse needs to drink during the winter to stay healthy.

Why is Hydration for Horses Important During the Winter?

Dr. Nancy Loving talks about the risks horses face when they don't drink enough during the winter.

Will a Horse Drink from an Icy Bucket of Water?

Horses for Clean Water's Alayne Blickle and Dr. Nancy Loving discuss whether or not horses will drink icy water.

Is it Bad for Horses to Stand in the Mud?

Dr. Nancy Loving weighs the pros and cons of keeping horses inside vs. turning them out in the mud.

When Does a Horse Need a Blanket?

Many horses don't need blankets. Dr. Nancy Loving and Horses for Clean Water's Alayne Blickle offer suggestions.

How Can I Tell if My Horse is Cold?

Dr. Nancy Loving shares signs that a horse is cold and lets you know how to keep him warm.

Keeping an Older Horse in Good Weight During Winter

Dr. Nancy Loving talks about keeping senior horses well-fed and in good weight during the winter.

Do Horses Need Biotin for Healthy Feet and Coats?

Equine nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes addresses listener questions about using biotin to improve hoof and coat health.

What's the Right Way to Feed Draft vs. Miniature Horses?

Listeners wonder if feeding guidelines for average-sized horses apply to Draft and Miniature Horses as well.

Winter Horse and Barn Care

Learn about keeping your horses healthy and barn safe during the cold winter months.

Will a Club-Footed Mare Pass on the Flaw?

Dr. Bryant Craig talks about whether mares with conformation faults could pass them on to their offspring. (00:02:22)

What is the Best Living Situation for a Breeding Stallion?

Dr. Bryant Craig shares advice on how to house stallions, both those with high and low libido. (00:02:38)

Is a 14-Year-Old Mare Too Old to Breed?

One mare owner wonders if it's okay to breed a mare in her mid-teens. (00:01:15)

What are the Advantages of Pasture Breeding Horses?

Dr. Bryant Craig shares the benefits and potential pitfalls of breeding horses in herd situations. (00:01:02)

Is it Safe to Breed a Mare with EMS?

Breeding a mare with equine metabolic syndrome presents many possible problems. Dr. Bryant Craig explains. (00:02:50)

Is the Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio Important for Horses?

An audience member wonders if horses benefit from a balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. Dr. Clair Thunes responds.

Can Magnesium Supplementation Help a Nervous Horse?

An equine nutritionist shares information about this popular ingredient in calming supplements.

Equine Life Stages: Stallions and Mares

Stallions and broodmares require special care. Learn how to keep breeding horses healthy.

How Should I Feed a Hot or Spooky Horse?

Dr. Clair Thunes offers advice on feeding sensitive horses that seem to get hot on certain diets.

Should I Feed My Horse Beet Pulp and/or Rice Bran?

Equine nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes shares information about two popular horse feed choices, beet pulp and rice bran.

Rehabilitating, Refeeding, and Rehoming Rescue Horses

Rescued horses require special care to bring them back to health. Learn how you can help during our live event.

Is It Safe to Feed Horses Red Clover Hay?

Equine nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes addresses a horse owner's concerns about feeding red clover over the winter.

Will Withholding Oats Reduce My Horse's Weight?

A listener keeps her retired show jumper on pasture and feeds him oats, but he keeps gaining weight. Here's some advice.