Older Horse Dental Problems

Dr. Lynn Caldwell shares information about dental issues horses face as they age.

Taking Care of Your Horse's Teeth

Is your horse's dental care current? Learn about dental disease, oral care, and tooth-related behavior issues.

Understanding Equine Embryo Transfer

Learn about the steps involved in embryo transfer from CSU's Dr. Ryan Ferris.

Tips for Using Lights to Cycle a Broodmare

Artificial light exposure can bring a mare into estrus earlier in the season. Dr. Ryan Ferris of CSU explains.

How Old is Too Old to Breed a Maiden Mare?

Dr. Dave Scofield of Select Breeders Services shares insight into breeding older mares for the first time.

Breeding Mares That Don't Show Signs of 'Heat'

Some mares are "quiet" when in estrus, making them more difficult to breed. Dr. Ryan Ferris of CSU offers advice.

So, You Want to Breed Your Mare!

Breeding a mare is exciting but not without challenges. Learn about stallion selection, breeding soundness, and more!

What Does the 'NASC' Label Mean on Equine Supplements?

Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes explains what the National Animal Supplement Council is and what its product seal means.

Should I Consult a Vet Before Supplementing My Horses?

Drs. Ashlee Watts and Clair Thunes offer reasons why your vet should be involved in supplement selection.

What Ingredients are in Equine Joint Supplements?

Dr. Ashlee Watts shares information about what ingredients to look for in a joint supplement.

How to Supplement Your Horse When Your Hay Changes

Equine nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes offers advice for supplementing horses that eat from inconsistent hay supplies.

The Science Behind Equine Supplements

Manufacturers make many claims, but do supplements really work? We'll look at the research and answer your questions!

Malignant Melanomas in Horses: What Do They Mean?

Many horses live with melanoma. Others don't. Dr. Susan White explains what it means for a tumor to be malignant.

What Causes Sarcoids in Horses?

Sarcoids puzzle practitioners and plague some horses. Dr. David Levine shares what scientists know about their cause.

What Does an Equine Sarcoid Look Like?

Sarcoids vary and can look like other skin growths. Dr. Susan White shares how your vet can get a definitive diagnosis.

Do All Gray Horses Develop Melanomas?

Dr. David Levine shares why some horses get melanomas and what makes some tumors more aggressive.

Equine Skin Tumors: Sarcoids, Melanomas, and More

Does your horse have stubborn or unsightly tumors or skin growths, and you're not sure what to do next?

Transporting Older Equine Athletes

Drs. Erin Denney-Jones and Ann Rashmir-Raven give tips for keeping horses healthy when hauling them.

Can You Keep a Horse With PPID Competing?

Drs. Erin Denney-Jones and Ann Rashmir-Raven offer advice for prolonging a Cushing's horse's career.

Dental Work and Mature Equine Athletes

How often does an older riding horse need his teeth checked by a vet? Dr. Erin Denney-Jones offers advice.

My Older Horse Coughs During Warmup: Is That Normal?

Drs. Ann Rashmir-Raven and Erin Denney-Jones say even a few coughs from your senior horse under saddle aren't okay.

Managing and Maintaining the Older Equine Athlete

Do you have a mature or senior horse? Find out how to keep him comfortable and competitive as he ages!

When Should a Broodmare be Vaccinated for Leptospirosis?

Dr. Jacquelin Boggs offers advice for vaccinating pregnant mares to protect them from leptospirosis-caused abortion.

Can Horses Get Leptospirosis From Wildlife?

Dr. Jacquelin Boggs reveals which animals can expose horses to leptospirosis.