Complementary Therapies

Discussion of complementary therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and herbal medicine.

Horse Adoption/Rescue

How can you find the right horse to rescue or adopt? Our experts offer advice about rehomed horses.

Avoiding Respiratory Problems in the Barn

A number of air quality factors in barns can make it harder for your horse to breathe, compromising his health

Healthy, Safe Trailering

Learn how to ensure your horse arrives safely and legally at your destination.

"Unwanted" Horses

The United States has a growing problem with "unwanted" horses. This live chat event discussed many solutions.

Conditioning Horses

Learn about how your horse's body adapts to exercise and how to optimize his fitness.

Green Horse Keeping

What environmentally friendly management practices might work for you and your farm?

Poisonous Plants

What weeds, trees, and shrubs are poisonous to your horses?

Equine Dental Care

If your horse has dental problems, he might not be getting the proper nutrition.

Feeding Foals and Young Horses

Proper nutrition is a critical factor in raising a healty, sound foal.

Healthy Barns and Stalls

What hidden dangers lurk in your barn? Learn how to maximize air quality and improve safety in the stable.

Common Colic Questions

All about colic, from when to call the vet to how well horses recover from surgery.

World Equestrian Games Horse Care

What makes the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games "bigger and better" from a horse care/management standpoint?

Common Hoof Problems

Today's horses face many common hoof problems, whether they are pasture pets or high-level competition horses.


Weaning can be quite stressful for foals, mares, and their owners.

Parasite Basics and Deworming

How do you battle parasites in your horses despite increasing resistance to common deworming medications?