Will Withholding Oats Reduce My Horse's Weight?

A listener keeps her retired show jumper on pasture and feeds him oats, but he keeps gaining weight. Here's some advice.

Equine Complementary Therapies: Your Questions Answered

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What Should I Expect After a Uveitis Diagnosis?

Dr. Bryant Craig addresses a senior Appaloosa owner's concerns about this eye disease, also called moon blindness.

Feeding Horses on the Ground vs. Hanging a Slow-Feeding Net?

Dr. Clair Thunes weighs the benefits of using a slow-feeding haynet against feeding horses on the ground.

Equine Life Stages: Senior Horses

Old horses spend their lifetimes earning our love and respect. Learn how to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Is Himalayan Salt Better than Regular Salt for Horses?

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What's the Best Way to Measure Horse Feed?

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Is It Okay to Feed My Horse Whole Oats with his Supplements?

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An Introduction to Equitation Science

Join acclaimed equitation scientists to find out how this field of study can improve you and your horse's relationship.

What Kind of Grain and How Much Should I Feed My Horse?

Dr. Clair Thunes defines grains, concentrates, and complete feeds and offers advice on how much to feed your horse.

How Can We Tell if Hay is Providing Enough Nutrition?

Equine nutrition consultant Dr. Clair Thunes explains how hay analysis can help you provide your horse a balanced diet.

Does a Horse Need Supplements if You're Feeding Quality Hay?

Find out how supplements can help provide your horse important trace minerals that might be lacking in hay.

Common-Sense Equine Nutrition

Do supplements, concentrates, and forages have you confused? Learn what your horse needs from an equine nutritionist.

How Do You Prevent a Horse from Getting Arthritis?

Dr. Bryant Craig shares steps to prevent arthritis in the athletic horse. (00:02:06)

How Often Should a Horse Get his Teeth Checked?

One listener asks how frequently an adult horse should have his teeth checked by a veterinarian. (00:01:18)

Why is My Horse's Tail Frizzy at the Top?

One owner wants to know the cause of her mare's tail "frazzle." (00:03:12)

What is the Best Treatment for Horses with Scratches?

Dr. Bryant Craig offers help for horses with scratches, a serious and stubborn skin disease. (00:04:06)

A Whole-Horse Approach to Managing Joint Disease

From hoof and veterinary care to nutrition, exercise, and acupuncture, find out how to keep your horse sound.

Could EPM Change My Mare's Personality?

Dr. Bryant Craig answers a question about a mare who started spooking after an EPM diagnosis. (00:01:36)