What is Vesicular Stomatitis, and How Can My Horse Catch It?

Dr. Paul Morley explains how insects, people, cattle, and direct and indirect contact can transmit VS.

Building a Horse Arena

Dreaming of an arena? Alayne (Horses for Clean Water), Donna (PSU Extension), and Michelle (The Horse) offer advice.

How to Be a Good Neighbor to Nonhorsey People

Alayne (Horses for Clean Water), Donna (PSU Extension), and Michelle (The Horse) discuss being good neighbors.

Who Regulates Horse Properties?

Horses for Clean Water's Alayne Blickle and Donna Foulk, PSU extension specialist, offer insight into local regulations.

Where Can I Learn About Operating My Own Horse Farm?

Horses for Clean Water's Alayne Blickle and Donna Foulk, PSU equine extension, offer resources for running horse farms.

Shoeing the Previously Barefoot Horse

Veterinarian Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about transitioning a horse into shoes for the first time.

Managing Horses on Small Acreages

Do you want to keep horses at home? Get your fencing, horse housing, storage, pasture, and arena questions answered!

What Should I Plant in My Horse Pasture?

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones and nutritionist Clair Thunes, PhD, share their thoughts on selecting grasses for horse pastures.

How Often Should a Horse Eat Each Day?

Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes and vet Dr. Erin Jones offer their thoughts on feed frequency for horse health.

Who Cares for Your Horse During Vacations?

Drs. Thunes and Denney-Jones and Michelle from The Horse discuss how horse owners can prepare for going out of town.

Rotational Deworming: Is It a Thing of the Past?

Find out how deworming recommendations for horses have changed.

What Kind of Dental Care Do Horses Need?

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones outlines how often horses need dental care and who can legally offer equine dental services.

Pasture vs. Stall: Which is Better?

Drs. Erin Denney-Jones and Clair Thunes offer advice for owners faced with the option of boarding in a stall or turnout.

'Must Haves' for Your New Horse

Erin Denney-Jones, DVM, and nutritionist Clair Thunes, PhD, weigh in about what you need before getting a new horse.

Caring for Your New Horse

Are you getting your first horse or first horse in a long time? Our experts will help you navigate equine ownership.

Using Food Rewards During Horse Training

Does feeding treats help with learning or create cookie monsters? Find out from an equine behavior expert!

How to Prevent a Horse from Biting at the Mounting Block

Find out why a horse might try nipping his rider during mounting and what to do about it.

Common Equine Conflict Behaviors

Dr. Robin Foster, an animal behavior consultant, shares what equine issues owners face most often.

Why is Equine Behavior Research Important?

An equine behavior consultant explains how we can improve equine welfare through research.

The Pros and Cons of French Drains on Horse Properties

Horses for Clean Water Direct Alayne Blickle describes what a French drain is and how they can help control mud.

Understanding Horse Behavior

Why do horses do the things they do? A behaviorist talks about how horses learn, stereotypies, herd dynamics, and more!

What is Scratches and Does Mud Cause It?

Dr. Ashley Embly of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital describes scratches and offers tips for managing the skin condition.

Can Boots or Wraps Prevent Scratches in Horses?

Dr. Ashley Embly of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital offers her thoughts on if leg protection can prevent scratches.

Will a Fly Sheet Make My Horse Too Hot?

Liz in Kentucky is concerned a fly sheet will make her horse hot. Drs. Susan White and Ann Rashmir offer their thoughts.