Equine Dental Issues

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about dental issues and training problems.

Laminitis Update

Experts answered reader questions live about what's new in laminitis research and treatments.

Weather Emergencies and Horses

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez discusses dealing with weather disasters.

AAEP's Plans for 2013

Dr. Anne Dwyer talks about American Association for Equine Practitioners' plans for 2013

Keeping Your Veterinarian Safe

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones talks about how to keep you vet safe.

Treating Cellulitis

Dr. Shannon Findley discusses the causes and possible treatment of cellulitis, a serious systemic infection.

Great Beginnings: Foaling and Newborn Care

In this live audio event our experts answer your questions about mares foaling and neonate health.

Feeding Older Horses

Guest Dr. Amy Gill answers old horse nutrition questions submitted by users of TheHorse.com.

R. equi in Foals

Guest Dr. Stacey Oke discusses R. equi as a cause of pneumonia in foals.

Young Horse Care

Experts answered your questions about young horse health issues and management during this audio event.

Live from the 2012 AAEP Convention

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones joins the show live from American Association of Equine Practitioners conference

Blindness in Horses

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones presents causes of equine blindness and how to manage horses that have lost their sight.

Winter Horse Care

Equine nutrition, hydration, exercise, blanketing, and respiratory health can be concerns as temperatures dip.

Equine Influenza

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones explains how you can protect your horse from equine influenza.

2012 Laminitis Conference Recap

Dr. Nora Grenager talks about the 2012 Laminitis Conference and what results from the event.

2012 International Conference on Equine Infectious Disease

Dr. David Horohov joins us from the 2012 International Conference on Equine Infectious Disease.

Equine Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative and career-compromising disease in horses.

Physical Therapy for Horses

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones discusses how physical therapy can help horses heal post injury.

What Radiographs Tell Us

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones explains how X rays work as a diagnostic tool.

Bone Fragility Syndrome

Dr. Mandy Ahrens talks about bone fragility syndrome, a mysterious disease of some horses in California.

The Threat of Rabies in Horses

Dr. Allison Stewart discusses the threat of rabies in horses and how to protect horses and humans.

Equine Cushing's Disease (PPID)

Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID, or equine Cushing’s disease) is a common endocrine disorder.

Horses that won't Sweat: Anhidrosis

What do you do if your horse won’t sweat? Dr. Erin Jenny-Jones discusses anhidrosis in horses.

Mosquito-Borne Disease and Your Horse

Veterinary experts answer questions about mosquito-borne diseases and your horse.