Standing MRI in Horses

Learn about the standing MRI process step-by-step, and take a look inside the equine foot.

Horses in Motion

In honor of National Photo Month, our Facebook fans submitted photos of their horses in action last month.

Basic Horse Grooming Guide

Horse grooming tools come in an assortment of styles and types. Here's help to get your grooming kit started.

How Hay is Made for Horses

Have you ever wondered how hay gets from the field to your horse's feeder? Find out in our slideshow.

Leg and Hoof Protection

Horse leg and hoof protection come in a variety of types and styles. Learn about each kind in this slideshow.

2014 Muddiest Horse Contest: Editors' Picks

Here are a few of our favorite photos submitted by fans for <em>The Horse</em>'s Muddiest Horse contest.

Horse Basics: Halters

Learn the basic options you have for outfitting your horse in a halter.

2014 Hairiest Horse Contest: Editors' Picks

Here are a few of our favorite photos submitted by fans for The Horse's Hairiest Horse contest.

Equine First-Aid Kit for Minor Injuries and Acute Wound-Care

Take a look inside Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital's vet-recommended equine first-aid kit for minor wounds.

Tour: CSU Equine Veterinary Programs

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Colorado State University's equine veterinary programs.

Tour: Washington State University's Vet School

Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine offers equine research and clinical care.

Tour: UC Davis' Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Here's a look into the equine health and research programs at the University of California, Davis.

Common Horse Coat Colors

Horses come in a variety of colors and patterns. Here are some of the basic ones you might come across.

Tour: Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

OSU's Lois Bates Veterinary Hospital in Corvallis offers state-of-the-art equine services.

An Introduction to Basic Horse Gaits

Horses are athletic animals designed for movement. Find out more about the most basic equine gaits.

Property Pest Control

Get acquainted with potential pests that could harm you, your horse, and even your barn structures.

Winter Horses 2014

Our fans submitted photos of their horses making the most of the recent wintry weather.

Rehabilitating the Foundered Horse: Case Study

Follow Tess, a 16-year-old mare, step-by-step as she rehabs from a bought of laminitis.

Horse New Year's Resolutions Help from The Horse

We sought out your horse-related New Year’s resolutions. Here are the top 10.

Old Horses: Diseases and Conditions

Older horses often face age-related conditions and diseases that require management and care.

Conditions Helped by Hay Soaking

Research shows that soaking hay before feeding can help a variety of equine health conditions.

Common Horse Bedding Options

Sift through these bedding choices that will absorb moisture and give your horses a soft place to sleep.

Equine Internal Parasites

Take a look at common internal parasites and learn about drug resistance and how to control certain worms.

Inside Dream Horse Barns

Take a look at these features that make horse barns safe and healthy as well as beautiful.