Countdown to Spring Challenge

Our staff has been anxiously counting down to spring. Check out our top tips to get your horses and farm ready!

Are You Ready for Spring?

Here at The Horse, we've been anxiously counting down the days until spring. Check out some of our top tips from our Countdown to Spring Challenge to get your horses and farm ready!

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Prepare to Battle the Bugs

Native birds and bats can provide excellent nontoxic insect control for your farm. Make sure they feel welcome by installing nest boxes and bat houses around your farm now before they begin to return from their winter migration.

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Get Your Horse Ready to Ride

Start your seasonal health preparations now to ensure your horse will be ready to ride this spring! This is the perfect time to schedule your horse's spring wellness exam with your veterinarian. Discuss your horse's annual vaccination needs, dental exam, and parasite control program. Also, talk to your farrier about ways to prepare your horse's hooves for a heavier workload and muddy springtime pasture conditions.

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Spring Pasture Management

It can be tempting to throw open the gates and let your horses enjoy the early spring grass, but allowing your horses to graze before pastures are ready can damage your fields, making them less productive throughout the spring and summer. From applying fertilizer to creating rotational grazing areas, check out our spring pasture management tips to keep your fields in tip-top shape all season.

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Keep Your Horse Sound During Spring Training

Before you gallop off on your spring training program, read up on strategies for keeping your horse sound as he or she transitions back to work.

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