Property Pest Control

Get acquainted with potential pests that could harm you, your horse, and even your barn structures.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are inch-long, black and yellow insects that look like bumble bees, but their rear ends are black, shiny, and do not have the bumblebees' characteristic yellow hairs.


Damage Caused by Carpenter Bees

Aggressive carpenter bees are one of many flying or crawling pest species that can cause extensive damage to wood barn structures.


Paper Wasp

This paper wasp is guarding its nest. Native paper wasps like to build nests along barn, shed, and arena eaves, and ledges.


European Paper Wasp

European paper wasps resemble yellow jackets.


Brown Recluse Spider

Reduce brown recluse spider numbers around the barn and other areas by keeping the barn area clean. If you spot webs, knock them down carefully.


Powderpost beetle

These pests are tiny (usually less than 1/4-inch in length) wood-eating beetles.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Damage Caused by Powderpost Beetles

Tiny holes and sawdust piles are telltale signs of powderpost beetle activity.

Photo: Maureen Blaney Flietner

Damage to Wood Caused by Powderpost Beetles: Another Example

Powderpost beetles can cause damage in farm structures, from joists and flooring to posts and stall boards.

Photo: Maureen Blaney Flietner

Blister Beetle

Blister beetles are highly toxic to horses and can end up baled in alfalfa hay. When feeding alfalfa, look through each flake to ensure your horse is protected.


Wood Damage Caused by Termites

Wood farm structures are termite targets.