Recent News for Disasters


Horse Owners Brace for Ivan; How You Can Help

September 15, 2004

After being pummeled by Hurricanes Charley and Frances, areas in the southeastern United States are bracing themselves for the arrival of Hurricane Ivan, which is scheduled to make landfall shortly.

The Louisiana Veterinary Medical... Read More


Researchers Help Students Learn about MRLS

September 07, 2004

Researchers have teamed up with Kentucky's Thoroughbred industry to educate and involve students in a hands-on experiment project tied to mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS).

About 200 high school and middle school biology students me... Read More


Hurricane More Financial Than Structural

September 06, 2004

Calder Race Course sustained minimal structural damage from Hurricane Frances, but track general manager Ken Dunn said revenue loss was substantial. Calder was forced to close for live racing and simulcasting Sept. 3-5 as Frances swept through... Read More


One Stop Federal Land Reservation Service

September 01, 2004

Starting in late 2004, there will be a single site to handle reservations for more than 57,000 campgrounds, cabins, parks, and tours of national sites, historic homes, and caves. It is one-stop shopping for people who want to visit lands managed... Read More


AQHA Honors Texan Tom Nicks For Equine Public Service

August 26, 2004

American Quarter Horse Texan Tom Nicks of the Los Angeles Police Department Metropolitan Division Mounted Platoon recently won the Equine Public Service Award for 2004. This award is designed to honor American Quarter Horses who work in the... Read More


ID Program Gets Funds, Suggestions

August 25, 2004

The push for the National Animal Identification Program has picked up momentum with formation of a consortium, the contribution of millions of dollars from the USDA, and recommendations from The Jockey Club on how equine identification should... Read More


Hurricane Charley Update; How You Can Help

August 24, 2004

Things are settling down for the animals in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley, said Alan Schwartz of Days End Farm Horse Rescue of Lisbon, Md., on Aug. 23. "We treated a couple of horses, a bull, some pigs and goats, mostly for... Read More


Motion Filed in Federal Court to Exhume Saddlebred

August 03, 2004

A motion was filed on Aug. 2 for a court order to exhume the body of the sabotaged American Saddlebred Wild Eyed and Wicked from its burial site on Double D Ranch in Versailles, Ky. Lawyers on behalf of Sally and Joe Jackson filed the motion in... Read More


U.K. Associations Back Equine Passport Program

July 07, 2004

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) last week expressed support for revised equine passport program regulations presented before Parliament on May 20. United Kingdom horse owners should... Read More


Horse Industry Leaders Meet with Agriculture Secretary Veneman

May 10, 2004

Horse industry leaders met with United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman during the National Issues Forum of the American Horse Council (AHC) in Washington, D.C., April 20. The meeting provided an opportunity to explain... Read More


Equine Identification Task Force Meets, Discusses ID Plan Issues

April 06, 2004

The American Horse Council (AHC) National Equine Identification Plan Task Force, composed of representatives from all segments of the horse industry, held its second meeting in Dallas, Texas, March 18-19, 2004. "Clearly, the meeting indicated... Read More


Animal Identification Plan Largely Misunderstood

April 01, 2004

Comments collected on the draft U.S. Animal Identification Plan (USAIP) have been largely characterized by misunderstanding and frustration, according to one government official. The plan, which at this time is not an official program of the... Read More


Mad Cows and Horses

March 01, 2004

We know horses don't get the deadly neurologic problem commonly termed mad cow disease or BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). However, we've faced our own plethora of neurologic crises in the past few years, including West Nile virus (WNV),... Read More


Legislation Introduced for Expediting Horse ID Plan Use

March 01, 2004

Four bills that would accelerate implementation of a national animal identification system have been introduced in Congress--two in the Senate and two in the House of Representatives. Horses are not specifically mentioned in any of these bills,... Read More


Animal Identification Plan Largely Misunderstood

February 26, 2004

Comments collected on the draft U.S. Animal Identification Plan (USAIP) have been largely characterized by misunderstanding and frustration, according to one government official. The plan, which at this time is not an official program of the... Read More


North Carolina's "Horse Health Awareness Week"

February 23, 2004

Feb. 21-28, 2004 has been designated by the North Carolina Horse Council (NCHC) as "Horse Health Awareness Week." Equine veterinary practitioners and horse organizations across the state were encouraged to hold special clinics and other events... Read More


The United States Animal ID Plan

February 04, 2004

Mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in the United States highlighted the need to have all livestock--including horses--identified and easily traced. While some states have required equine identification programs in place now (such... Read More


Your Horse is Missing--What Now?

January 09, 2004

When our horse Idaho was stolen in September 1997, I turned to the Internet for help. I was unable to find any resources to help us in our search, so I started gathering e-mail addresses and web sites to contact about Idaho. Unknowingly this wor... Read More


Equine ID Task Force Meeting at U.S. Equestrian Annual Meeting

January 05, 2004

The American Horse Council will hold a meeting of the Equine ID Task Force during the U.S. Equestrian Annual Meeting, which will be held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 14-18.

The Task Force will be... Read More


Beaten Arkansas Horses Recovering

January 01, 2004

Two Arkansas Quarter Horses, a 3-year-old filly named Puddin' and a 5-year-old mare called Fat Girl, were seriously injured when they were attacked Aug. 6 while owner Patrice Swan was away. The two were brutally beaten with unknown blunt objects... Read More


Seabiscuit Now Available on DVD and VHS

December 18, 2003

Seabiscuit, an American epic of triumph and perseverance set during the Great Depression, and based on the best-selling book that remains one of the most popular and widely read non-fiction books of recent years, broke out of the gate o... Read More


Heat Lamp Likely Source of Fatal Barn Fire in Kentucky

December 17, 2003

A fire last Friday that resulted in the deaths of 22 horses at the Cross International training center in Henderson, Ky. was apparently caused by sparking from a heat bulb or heat lamp.

The Henderson Gleaner reported the state... Read More


Police Horse Diary 12/3/03

December 03, 2003

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) meeting is an interesting gathering of practicing veterinarians, researchers, industry businesses, and horse owners. That convention has delayed some of my entries, but I’ll try and keep up... Read More


Police Horse Diary Launched Online

December 01, 2003

An online diary following the training of two mounted police horse prospects is underway, and since it's a new undertaking for, we hope you'll share your comments and questions as we guide the educational process of these two... Read More


Colorado Fires Cause Evacuations

November 19, 2003

Equine evacuation plans were put to the test in Colorado when the Overland Fire in canyons northwest of Boulder grew so quickly that within just a few hours, 3,500 acres were engulfed and indefensible. The fire started on the morning of Oct. 29... Read More