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Prepurchase Exam

October 03, 2001

The purchase examination of the horse has become an important part of the horse industry.... Read More


Deductive Reasoning

October 02, 2001

By the time you read this, tax time will be nearly over. The rush to get all those receipts collected and all the itemized deductions documented will be but a fond memory. My guess is that you, like many others and me, had some charitable... Read More


Choosing the Right Horse for Your Lifestyle

October 01, 2001

Owning a horse can be expensive. There has long been a saying among horse owners that it's easy to get a horse--keeping it is the tough part! After all, the purchase is a single expenditure of money that sets the stage for many future outlays fo... Read More


Pre-Purchase Exams

October 01, 2001

Q: Over the years, I've had a number of pre-purchase exams done on my horses. I've come to realize that one vet will read an X ray and say a horse has arthritis, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), navicular problems, etc., but whe... Read More


Planning Health Expenses

October 01, 2001

The number and variety of sophisticated services equine veterinarians can provide for horses have grown greatly through the years. How much of these services you choose for your horses usually depends on how much money you want to spend, and wha... Read More


Computerizing the Hoof

September 12, 2001

"The biggest problem as I see it," quips Wendy Wergeles, 20-year trainer and event rider of Cottonwood Farm, Los Alamos, Calif., "is that horse owners and even novice competitors understand very little about their horses' feet. They hire a... Read More


Life After Colic Surgery

August 01, 2001

Q: My horse had successful colic surgery about 3 1/2 years ago. He is now for sale, but as soon as someone hears that he had the surgery, they are no longer interested and ignore all the good points about the horse. Is there any... Read More


Buying or Building a Farm

June 01, 2001

Buying or building a horse farm can be a challenging venture where dreams might or might not become reality, and where budgets dictate compromise. The buyer needs to consider what is more advantageous: To build on empty land, or to buy a... Read More


Who Owns Radiographs?

June 01, 2001

Q: My vet took some X rays of my horse's legs. I paid the bill in full, but when I asked for the X rays, he said they belonged to him and not me. Is this correct? If I'm charged for the X rays, why can't I have them? A: Many vets run into this...... Read More


Sales Prepping Yearlings

May 01, 2001

As spring moves into summer, the primary focus of activity on many breeding farms is preparation of yearlings for sale. There isn't much scientific research on exercising horses at that young age, yet many farms are using forced exercise to make... Read More


Riders Health Insurance At Risk

April 06, 2001

Regulations proposed by the Internal Revenue Service, the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration and the Health Care Financing Administration could affect people who enjoy horseback riding (and other forms of recreation) by permitting healt... Read More


Checking Out Equine Insurance

April 01, 2001

Q:  I recently read your article in the February 2001 issue about horse insurance by Les Sellnow. What I would like to know is how to check and find out if the horse insurance you have is with a company with a good... Read More


Equine Insurance

February 01, 2001

Can you protect yourself against potential calamities by purchasing insurance? The answer to that question is easy. Yes. You can insure your horse for a wide variety of eventualities--all the way from being struck by lightning or hit by a car... Read More


Locating the Ideal Barn

January 01, 2001

Ranch, farm, field, or barn? When your horse needs a home away from your home, you want to board him in a safe, pleasant place. You might be dissatisfied with your current arrangement, have moved into a new area, or just can't... Read More


BHS Warns of Unscrupulous Dealers

December 15, 2000

The British Horse Society (BHS) recently issued a warning to British horse owners about the dangers of unscrupulous dealers. BHS reports that dealers have been advertising in equestrian magazines for “companion” horses. Owners sell horses to... Read More


Equine-Related Human Injuries

October 01, 2000

Like bicycles, skateboards, and dogs, horses supply fun and risk. ... Read More


Prepurchase Exams: What Can They Tell You?

July 01, 2000

A prepurchase exam is not a guarantee of future soundness. A veterinarian can tell you if a horse is sound at that moment, point out evidence of past problems, and show you areas that have the potential to cause problems in the future.... Read More


Bayer to Sell U.S. And Canadian Livestock And Equine Biologicals Business

June 01, 2000

The Animal Health business group of Bayer Corporation's Agriculture Division has agreed to sell the group's U.S. and Canadian livestock and equine biologicals business to Intervet Inc. The Bayer unit manufactures biological vaccines for cattle,... Read More


AAEP 1999: Purchase Exam Forum

December 07, 1999

Governance changes brought about a new procedure at the 1999 American Association of Equine Practitioner's Convention held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A forum replaced the committee format from previous years. The forum exists to provide everyon... Read More


Liability Issues

December 01, 1999

Whether horses are your vocation or avocation, it is important to shield yourself from as much potential liability as possible. Failure to do so can be devastating, both personally and professionally. ... Read More


NC Approves Horse Feed Tax For Promotion

November 05, 1999

A North Carolina state referendum was passed with an 80% majority approving a tax of $2 on each ton of horse feed sold. According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, this will raise $200,000 annually for promotion of the horse... Read More


Licensing Agreement Claim False

October 27, 1999

The press release issued Sept. 1 by Select The Best of Carson City, Nev., regarding a licensing agreement with Nutramax Laboratories Inc. concerning a combination chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride product is completely false,... Read More


Senate Tax Bill Includes Shortening Of Holding Period For Horses

August 27, 1999

The American Horse Council reports that the tax bill passed by the Senate on Friday, July 30, includes a provision that would shorten the holding period for horses from two years to one to realize capital gains treatment upon... Read More


Horse Provision Will Have To Wait For Likely Fall Tax Bill

August 20, 1999

Congress has passed a $792 billion tax bill that President Clinton has called too expensive and has already vowed to veto. The bill, which would reduce tax rates by one percent across-the-board and eliminate the estate tax, i... Read More


First National Wild Horse Satellite Adoption

August 13, 1999

Eighty-seven wild horses from Nevada will find new homes in 19 states after a lively competitive bidding session via satellite on August 6.

“Response to the first nationally televised... Read More