Recent News for Zoonotic Diseases


Number of VS Quarantines in Colorado Dropping

November 17, 2014

Forty-three Colorado premises remain under quarantine after animals tested positive for vesicular stomatitis (VS).... Read More


Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantines Remain in Colorado

November 07, 2014

Fifty-one Colorado premises remain under quarantine after horses and cows tested positive for vesicular stomatitis.... Read More


From Incident to Outbreak

November 06, 2014

Proper planning can help prevent a disease episode on your farm from becoming a full-blown outbreak.... Read More


More than 50 Colorado Premises Remain Quarantined for VS

October 31, 2014

Nearly 300 previously affected premises in that state have been released from quarantine.... Read More


Texas Releases Final Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantines

October 17, 2014

Meanwhile, dozens of premises in Colorado remain under quarantine for the disease. ... Read More


Colorado Confirms Additional VS Cases

October 10, 2014

Colorado officials confirmed several additional VS, while the number of quarantines in Texas continues to decrease. ... Read More


International Equine Disease Report, Second Quarter 2014

October 07, 2014

Reported diseases include African horse sickness, strangles, herpesvirus, piroplasmosis, salmonellosis, and more.... Read More


Hypersalivation in Horses

October 06, 2014

Does your horse drool like a dog? Here are some reasons why, from the benign to the life threatening.... Read More


Number of Texas, Colorado VS Quarantines Dropping

October 03, 2014

Seven Texas premises and 96 Colorado premises remain quarantined for vesicular stomatitis (VS).... Read More


Australian Vets: Have Horses Vaccinated against Hendra

September 28, 2014

The Australian Veterinary Association debunks some misconceptions about the safety of the hendra virus vaccine.... Read More


VS Outbreak in Texas, Colorado Continues

September 26, 2014

Twelve premises in Texas and 126 premises in Colorado remain quarantined.... Read More


Equine VS Cases Still Being Reported in Texas, Colorado

September 18, 2014

Fourteen premises in Texas and 168 in Colorado remain under quarantine.... Read More

Vesicular stomatitis can cause blisters and sores in horses' mouths and on their tongues, muzzles, teats, or hooves.


Vesicular Stomatitis: What You Need to Know

September 11, 2014

Rarely a late summer or fall week goes by that an animal health authority doesn't report new vesicular stomatitis cases.... Read More


Colorado Vesicular Stomatitis Update

September 08, 2014

The Colorado State Veterinarian's office offers advice on protecting horses and other livestock from VS.... Read More


Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in McLennan County, Texas

September 04, 2014

The newly confirmed vesicular stomatitis case is the first reported in McLennan County.... Read More


Is Your Horse at Risk for Infectious Disease?

September 04, 2014

Horses are at risk for contracting a number of diseases that can have mild to devastating consequences.... Read More

Flying foxes, a type of fruit bat native to Australia, are thought to pass the deadly hendra virus to horses, however the exact mode of transmission remains unclear.


Bat Lyssavirus Could Pose Threat to Humans, Animals

September 01, 2014

The confirmation Australian bat lyssavirus in horses highlights the need for greater awareness of the disease, vets say.... Read More


Horses and Infectious Disease

August 29, 2014

Learn about 20 important equine infectious diseases that could make your horse sick.... Read More


Keep Horses Safe when Traveling in VS-Affected Areas

August 29, 2014

A veterinarian shares tips on how to protect horses from vesicular stomatitis (VS) while traveling.... Read More


Texas Confirms Additional Vesicular Stomatitis Cases

August 28, 2014

The Texas Animal Health Commission has quarantined two more premises due to vesicular stomatitis in horses. ... Read More


KSU Vet: Watch for Vesicular Stomatitis

August 25, 2014

A KSU vet is cautioning owners about the contagious viral disease that affects horses, livestock, and sometimes humans.... Read More


Colorado, Texas Report Additional VS Quarantines

August 21, 2014

Colorado officials have 184 premises quarantined for VS, while Texas officials have 44 facilities quarantined.... Read More


Vaccine Reactions

August 19, 2014

While most vaccines are administered without problems, side effects can occur. Here's what you need to know.... Read More


Additional VS Cases Reported in Texas, Colorado

August 14, 2014

Officials have quarantined additional premises after animals tested positive for vesicular stomatitis (VS).... Read More


Colorado, Texas Report Additional VS Cases

August 07, 2014

Animal health officials in Colorado and Texas have reported additional equine vesicular stomatitis (VS) cases.... Read More