Recent News for Transportation


Dealing with a Trailer Accident

May 11, 2005

Having an accident with a van or trailer carrying a horse is a nightmare. Always do everything in your power to prevent a vehicle accident with horses on board (or anytime for that matter). If you are uncomfortable with the trailer rig or the... Read More


Lyme Disease and Shipping Stress

April 01, 2005

We have a horse on antibiotics for Lyme disease. After his 30-day regimen, he will be shipped from New England to California. Will the stress from the trip cause a flare-up in this disease? Is it a risk to ship him? Are there ways to prevent... Read More


Emergency Transportation

March 23, 2005

You should be prepared to ship a horse if it is in need of emergency care at a veterinary hospital. If you have your own trailer, make sure that it is in working order at all times (the truck, too) and always have a back-up plan. Be prepared to make ... Read More


Immunostimulant Therapy (AAEP 2004)

February 14, 2005

The mechanism of action of non-specific immunostimulation is induction of macrophages to produce proinflammatory cytokines that drive a T-1-based (helper cells) immune system response. Immunostimulation therapy may not be effective in patients with ... Read More


Transport and the Immune System

February 01, 2005

In a study published in the Equine Veterinary Journal investigating the effects of long-term transport on horses, Carolyn Stull, DVM, showed measurable changes in immunological status. She also found the immune systems of transported... Read More


Nominations due Jan. 10 for the 2005 Equine Industry Vision Award

November 12, 2004

Jan. 10, 2005 is the deadline date for nominations for the annual Equine Industry Vision Award, which will be presented at the American Horse Publications (AHP) Annual Seminar in Seattle, Wash., on June 10, 2005. Pfizer Animal Health sponsors th... Read More


Double-Decker Trailering: Casting Stones...

November 01, 2004

Some states--because of pressure from constituents--have passed laws that won't permit slaughter horses to be hauled in double-decker trucks through their states. That's a fine idea, but I don't think any of the state laws would have covered this in... Read More


USRider Assists Gimenez in Trailer Accident Survey

November 01, 2004

USRider has teamed up with nationally known large-animal rescue veterinarian Tomas Gimenez, DrMedVet, in an effort to further enhance the safety of horses and those who travel with horses.

Through an innovative research project, USRider... Read More


Equine Jet Lag

October 18, 2004

The consequences of jet lag for the equine athlete have become more relevant in recent times due to increased travel of performance horses across multiple time zones for international competition. The effects of jet lag are significantly more detrime... Read More


Louisiana Publication Collecting Information for Disaster Database

September 24, 2004

The Louisiana Horseman's Guide (LAHG) has joined efforts with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Office of Animal Health Studies, State Veterinarian’s Office, in compiling information for a new disaster... Read More


Assessing Ivan's Damage

September 17, 2004

Hurricane Ivan made furious landfall near Gulf Shores, Ala., early yesterday, tearing into the landscape with winds of up to130 mph, causing coastal storm surge flooding, and spurring tornadoes in several southeastern states. As of Friday... Read More


Ulcers in Horses: Problems of Domestication

August 25, 2004

Domestication has created problems for the horse, including stomach ulcers. Stress of confinement and unnatural conditions, stress from emotional and physical aspects of athletic careers--all the stresses that go with trying to adapt to human managem... Read More


Trailers and Towing: The Driving Force

April 01, 2004

Whether you are an endurance rider, on the show circuit, or out for an adventure in the woods with friends, owning a trailer and having a vehicle to tow it offer unlimited possibilities to a great many horse owners where once equine travel was restri... Read More


Nominations Open for AQHA Equine Public Service Award

March 10, 2004

Until May 1, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is accepting applications for its Equine Public Service Award. The award recognizes American Quarter Horses that are specifically used in the public service sector, including, but... Read More


Glass Half Full?

February 01, 2004

Mud. Yuck! Is there any worse problem that we face in our equine environment than simple dirt and water mixed into a gooey sludge? The English have a great word for going out into the mud--they "slog" through it. Certainly sounds like what... Read More


USRider Distributes 500 Copies of Large Animal Rescue Video

January 12, 2004

USRider has distributed more than 500 free copies of a large animal rescue video to U.S. organizations and individuals since the video's introduction in the first quarter of 2003. The video, which was designed to increase awareness of the need... Read More


Adding Trailer Bells and Whistles

December 01, 2003

With so many horse owners hauling their horses all over the country to equestrian sporting events and to fabulous places to trail ride, horse trailers have taken on a new purpose. Rather than just a box to transport horses, horse owners now look... Read More


Stock Trailer Accident Information Sought for Study

June 24, 2003

Students at Anderson College in Anderson, S.C., are compiling information on stock trailer accidents in order to better understand trailer safety concerns. The following questionnaire is being distributed to acquire this data, and horse owners... Read More


Buying a Trailer: What to Know Before You Go

May 01, 2003

Buying a horse trailer is a big decision. With so many models and styles of trailers, how do you choose? ... Read More


Traveling With Your Horse: Home Away From Home

April 01, 2003

You've decided to hit the road with your horse for a competition, overnight trail ride, or a pack ... Read More


Trailering Older Horses: On the Road Again

April 01, 2003

Senior horses require extra attention, especially during a long haul. Here's what to consider.... Read More


Watch Out For Screwworm

October 11, 2002

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is alerting veterinarians and others involved in the livestock industry in certain areas of the United States to be on the lookout for screwworm.

On Februar... Read More


Trailer Loading: All Aboard

May 01, 2002

Many experts believe that more injuries occur during loading and unloading than during the trailer trips themselves. Still, getting your horse on and off of a trailer doesn't have to be risky business. With understanding, forethought, and common... Read More


Partnership Allows Online Equine Science Certification

April 24, 2002

The Equine Research Centre (ERC) and the University of Guelph Office of Open Learning will offer Canada’s first online Equine Science Certificate Program. This certificate is a partnership between the ERC, the Office of Open Learning at the... Read More


Beroza to Speak at Cornell Symposium

January 28, 2002

Innovative equine surgeon Gregory Beroza, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, Dipl. ABVP, will be the featured lecturer at the Cornell Veterinary College symposium scheduled for Feb. 22 on the college's... Read More