Video Series

University of Kentucky Diagnostic Research Lecture Series

The University of Kentucky Lecture Series offers up-to-date horse health research and information from leading academic experts. Most presentations are 45 minutes to an hour long.


Genetics, Health, and Equine Performance

University of Kentucky geneticist Dr. Ernest Bailey shares updated information about inheritance in horses.


Airway Remodeling in Heaves

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lavoie answers the question of whether airway remodeling is reversible in horses with heaves.


International Symposium on Equine Reproduction Coverage

Gluck researchers highlight topics covered at the 2014 International Symposium on Equine Reproduction.


Age-Related Susceptibility to Rhodococcus equi

Dr. Marcarena Sanz of the University of Kentucky shares information about this serious foal disease.


Inflammatory Airway Disease in Horses: Causes and Treatments

Dr. Laurent Couetil talks about the environmental factors that impact horses with heaves.


Recognizing Equine Genetic Diseases in Practice

Dr. Teri Lear of the University of Kentucky presents chromosome abnormalities and inherited diseases in horses


Is it PPID or EMS? Diagnosing Equine Endocrine Disease

Dr. Dianne McFarlane compares pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and equine metabolic syndrome.


When to Worry about an Equine Cardiac Murmur

Learn about heart murmurs in horses, how to hear them, and their potential risks.


Role of Nutrition in Geriatric and EMS Horses

Dr. Amanda Adams shares information about how nutrition can impact the immune responses of geriatric horses.


Feeding the Sick Horse

Dr. Ginger Rich of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting shares practices for feeding sick horses.


Dynamic Respiratory Clinical Cases

Dr. Gary Priest presents equine respiratory disease cases identified via dynamic endoscopy.


Rehabilitating the Laminitic Foot

Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shares solutions for supporting laminitic horse hooves.


Injectable Field Anesthesia

Learn about field anesthesia from specialist Dr. Nora Matthews from Texas A & M.


Why is My Horse that Color?

In this UK Lecture series presentation, Dr. Kathy Graves shares the basics of equine coat color genetics.


FDA Approval Significance

Dr. Megan Green, Merial field veterinarian, describes how horse owners can determine if a drug is approved.


Challenging Foal Case Studies

Drs. Nathan Slovis and Peter Morresey present unique medical cases involving foals.


Placentitis: Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Karen Wolfsdorf shares her clinical experience diagnosing and treating placentitis in mares.


Diagnosing Placentitis in Mares

In this UK Lecture Series video, Dr. Barry A. Ball shares new diagnostic approaches for placentitis in mares.


Novel Equine Metabolic Syndrome Therapies

In this UK Lecture Series presentation, Dr. Amanda Adams discusses management of horses with EMS.


Can Inflammatory Markers Predict Fitness and Impending Injury?

David Horohov, PhD, discusses the effects of exercise on the equine immune system.


Lawsonia intracellularis: A Clinical Perspective

Dr. Nathan Slovis discusses clinical signs and treatment of equine proliferative enteropathy.


Lawsonia in Horses and Pigs

Dr. Connie Gebhart discusses Lawsonia intracellularis, a bacterium that causes equine proliferated enteropathy


Surgical Treatment of Bone Cysts

Dr. Liz Santschi presents a method of treating of medial femoral condyle subchondral bone cysts in horses.


Burn Injuries in Horses

R. Reid Hanson, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, ACVECC, discusses the treatment of burn injuries in horses.

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