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Equine Parasites and Control Programs

Like most areas of applied science, equine parasitology is simply too broad and too complicated to be covered adequately in a single article. So to really do justice to the topic, we welcome you to a 12-part series on internal parasites of horses.

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Ascarids: A Growing Problem

Ascarids, or roundworms, wreak their havoc largely on young horses with naïve immune systems.

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Strongyles: The Worst of the Worms

Strongyles are the largest and most significant family of worms in horses and the most dangerous.

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Bots and Beyond: Little-Known Parasite Enemies

Worms shouldn't be your only worry for your horse--bots can take up long-term residence in your horse.

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Diagnosing Equine Parasite Infections: Examining the Evidence

New recommendations for worm control in horses are based on fecal egg counts, not schedules.

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Control Programs for Mature Horses

After age 2, the deworming picture changes dramatically, as large and small strongyles become the major focus.

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Environment: Development and Persistence of Parasites

The horse's environment is one of the most critical elements to consider for an effective deworming plan.

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Bad Bug Basics

The first of 12 monthly articles on parasite-related topics. We'll take a look at equine parasite control.

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Age-Related Parasites: Scourges of Foals and Young Horses

Ensuring that parasites have the minimum impact on your horse’s health and well-being starts at their youth.

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Resistant Worms: Does Your Horse Have Them?

Initially, dewormers were highly effective, but over time parasites have developed resistance to many drugs.

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Dewormer Adjuncts: Control Without--Or Along With--Chemicals

There are several strategies you can implement to reduce the risk of parasitic transmission in your own herd.

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Tapeworms: An Underrated Threat

Tapeworms are more prevalent in the equine gut than previously suspected and may cause serious health issues.

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Drugs for the Deworming War

A look at which compounds work against what parasites, how effective they are, and how to use them wisely.

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