Two horses were viciously beaten with an unknown blunt object wielded with tremendous force on Aug. 6 in Guy, Ark. The attackers remain unidentified and at-large. Both horses bled copiously from their noses for eight hours following the attack and neither horse is believed to be rideable again. Because of the muscle atrophy and extent of the internal damage, both horses have tremendous difficulty walking.

Fat Girl's shoulder 1

Fat Girl's shoulder 2

Fat Girl, a 5-year-old sorrel Quarter Horse mare, has significant right shoulder and corneal damage plus skull and occipital bone fractures and probable nasal cavity and jaw damage.

Fat Girl Standing

Puddin Shoulder 1

Puddin', a 3-year-old buckskin Quarter Horse filly, sustained injuries to her left scapula (shoulder blade) and the resulting nerve damage was so extensive that a surgery called a scapular notch resection/nerve decompression (estimated at nearly $2,000) is required. On Nov. 2 the horses' owner was planning a surgery date for Puddin', and the filly was expected to require a post-operative stay of 10-14 days.

Puddin shoulder 2

Puddin walks