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Special Report


The latest models of automated waterers and feeders can take some of the work out of horsekeeping...

Special Report

Fields and Fences

There's a whole lot more to grazing management than simply turning your horses out when the pastures green up.

Special Report

Keeping Financial Records: For The Record

Tame that pile of unorganized paperwork through the year to optimize the horse and farm ownership experience.

Special Report

Flies and Bugs

Your horses face external parasites year-round; be prepared to fight!

Special Report

Disease Control Yearly Planner

By being proactive and implementing disease-reducing programs, owners can control horse health on the farm.

Convention Report

Herpesvirus Biosecurity

Key strategies for prevention of EHV-1 include biosecurity measures, which are more reliant than vaccination.

Special Report

EHV-1 Controversies

Several poorly understood aspects of equine herpesvirus-1 infection are discussed at a 2007 meeting.

Convention Report

EHV-1: Multi-Site Outbreak

First-hand experiences with a multi-site outbreak of neurologic equine herpesvirus are discussed.

Special Report

Strategies to Enhance Vaccine Efficiency

Equine vaccines: the best defense is a good offense.

Special Report

Environment: Development and Persistence of Parasites

The horse's environment is one of the most critical elements to consider for an effective deworming plan.

Convention Report

Veterinary News and Awards

A recap of the veterinary news and awards from the 2006 AAEP convention in San Antonio, TX.

Convention Report

Horse Management and Care

Management topics at the 2006 AAEP Convention included numerous tips for keeping older horses healthy.

Convention Report

More Convention Health Reports

A summary of the Western performance horse forum from the 2006 AAEP Convention hosted in San Antonio, Texas.

Special Report

Herpesvirus Management Basics

There are basic tools a farm, stable, or barn manager can use to reduce the incidence of equine herpesvirus.


Horse Medication Log

Keep track of your horse's medication history with this printable medication log.

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