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Special Report

Bots and Beyond: Little-Known Parasite Enemies

Worms shouldn't be your only worry for your horse--bots can take up long-term residence in your horse.

Special Report

Strongyles: The Worst of the Worms

Strongyles are the largest and most significant family of worms in horses and the most dangerous.

Special Report

Ascarids: A Growing Problem

Ascarids, or roundworms, wreak their havoc largely on young horses with naïve immune systems.

Special Report

Tapeworms: An Underrated Threat

Tapeworms are more prevalent in the equine gut than previously suspected and may cause serious health issues.

Special Report

Bad Bug Basics

The first of 12 monthly articles on parasite-related topics. We'll take a look at equine parasite control.

Special Report

Emergency Planning Workbook (Courtesy of

The horse emergency kit include steps to take before a disaster strikes and what to do if one is predicted.

Special Report

Latest on the Omegas

The question: If omega-3 fatty acids benefit human health, can they provide similar benefits for horses?

Special Report

Underweight and Overactive

Suggestions for putting weight on thin and overactive horses.

Special Report

Equine Body Condition Score Poster

Descriptions and illustrations of body condition scores for horses based on the Henneke body condition scale.

Special Report

Body Condition Score: Back to Basics

A horse’s body condition score can tell a lot about his overall well-being; how does your horse weigh in?

Special Report

Feeding to Prevent and Control Disease

Various equine diseases can be caused and/or cured by using specific feeding regimens.

Special Report

Herpesvirus Management Basics

There are basic tools a farm, stable, or barn manager can use to reduce the incidence of equine herpesvirus.

Special Report

Equine Herpesvirus Latency

Equine herpesvirus subsequently can be spread by the continuous cycle of reactivation from being dormant.

Special Report

Herpesvirus Vaccination

Questions and answers about several aspects of vaccinating horses against equine herpesvirus.

Special Report

Neurologic Equine Herpesvirus

Research offers hope that we can identify the origin of the terrifying neurologic EHV-1 disease & prevent it.

Special Report

Herpes by the Numbers

A guide to nine types of herpesvirus can cause different problems in your horse.

Special Report

2005 Gulf Coast Hurricanes Coverage

Coverage of the impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the equine population in the Gulf Coast area in 2005.

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