Deirdre Biles

Deirdre Biles is the Bloodstock Sales Editor for The Blood-Horse magazine.

Articles by Deirdre Biles

Keeneland Hosts Digital X-Ray Technology Demonstration

Keeneland is exploring digital X-ray technology with the idea of improving the repository for its sales. But there probably won't be any major changes this year, according to Keeneland's director of sales, Geoffrey Russell.

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Potomac Horse Fever Breakthrough

Potomac horse fever was an equine disease shrouded in mystery. Scientists knew what caused the illness--the bacterium Ehrlichia risticii--but its source in Nature could not be found. No one knew how horses became infected. Until now. Read More

Bapten Taken Off Market

The equine tendon medication Bapten has been discontinued by its manufacturer, PR Pharmaceuticals, because of a lack of demand. The expense and length of treatment involved with Bapten therapy kept it from becoming popular, according to Keri Read More

Mare Study Preliminary Results Are Encouraging

There are no significant differences between mares bred in Kentucky and mares bred in Florida, according to the preliminary results of a study that was designed to determine the effects of mare reproductive loss system (MRLS). Tom Riddle, DVM, Read More

Keeneland Considering Heart-Scanning Program For Sale Yearlings

Keeneland is exploring ways to deal with sale horses whose health might have been compromised by pericarditis and other problems linked to mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS). One possibility is a pre-sale heart-scanning program for yearlings. Read More

Kentucky Farm Managers, Vets to Meet About Foal Loss

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers' Club and the Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners will hold a joint meeting Thursday (May 10) in the Keeneland sales pavilion near Lexington to discuss recent problems with early fetal Read More

Infectious Diseases in Horses

Viral infections of the equine respiratory tract are a veterinary challenge. They occur frequently and result in major economic loss to the horse industry. Currently available vaccines are not completely effective in controlling respiratory Read More

Five Horses Killed In Central Kentucky Fire

"It was the worst thing I've ever seen, and I hope I never have to see anything like it again," said Jane Lyon on Jan. 14, just hours after an early-morning fire destroyed a barn and killed five horses on the Central Kentucky farm that she Read More