Tom Hall

Tom Hall is a former English professor with a BA from Georgetown College, a JD from the University of Kentucky School of Law, and an MA in English from Western Kentucky University. He is an assistant editor for Eclipse Press.

Articles by Tom Hall

Uterine Tubal Patency Examination

Breeding is big business. Those who doubt need only look at the results of the 1998 Keeneland November breeding stock sale for verification. Prices for broodmares and weanlings soared--top price for a broodmare, $7 million; for a weanling, $1.5 Read More

American Farrier's Association Convention

The American Farrier’s Association Convention held in Lexington, Ky., March 3-6, was planned with the professional farrier in mind. While the lion and the lamb vollied outdoors throughout the four-day event, inside the convention center farriers Read More

Double Dosing?

And down the stretch they come! With the track announcer's call, each pair of eyes turns toward the head of the stretch. The crowd roars in anticipation as the big chestnut, the favorite, lies just behind the front runners. His jockey moves him Read More

Equine Education

Many professional horse people combine their vocation with their avocation, and many other horse people would like to do just that. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, an avocation can be defined in the Read More

Foal Sharing

Foal sharing, by definition, is an agreement under which a mare owner puts up the use of a mare while the stallion owner puts up the use of a season. Together, the two partners own the resulting foal with no currency having changed hands for a stud Read More