Natalie DeFee Mendik, MA

Freelance journalist Natalie DeFee Mendik is a multiple American Horse Publications editorial and graphics awards winner specializing in equestrian media. She holds an MA in English from Colorado State University and an International Federation of Journalists' International press card, and is a member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists. With over three decades of horse experience, Natalie’s main equine interests are dressage and vaulting. Having lived and ridden in England, Switzerland, and various parts of the United States, Natalie currently resides in Colorado with her husband and two girls.

Articles by Natalie DeFee Mendik

Rotational Grazing: Time it Right for Optimal Pastures

Rotational grazing allows horses to graze one section of pasture while other sections recover. Read More

Equine Reproductive Tract Bacteria Studied

One study showed bacteria on stallions' external genitalia do not appear to affect stallion or mare fertility. Read More

Equine Sarcoids Chromosomal Regions Identified

A team of researchers has successfully located chromosomal regions associated with equine sarcoids. Read More

Single Layer Centrifugation Benefits in Horse Breeding

SLC can help breeders address problems associated with breeding both stallions and mares. Read More

New Equine Fetal Sex Determination Technique Studied

The team achieved up to a 95% accuracy rate by using mares' blood plasma to determine fetal gender. Read More

Effectiveness of On-Farm Biosecurity Measures Studied

The Australian equine influenza outbreak provided a unique opportunity to evaluate some biosecurity measures. Read More

Lawsonia Vaccine Studied

No adverse reactions to the vaccine were noted and fewer than 2% of the weanlings exhibited signs of disease. Read More

Stored Semen Processing Method Evaluated

A scaled-up single layer centrifugation method improved stored semen quality. Read More

Five and 60-Second Flexion Tests Yield Similar Results

The researchers found that hock flexion for five and 60 second yielded similar results in flexion tests. Read More

Study Examines Safety and Efficacy of Strangles Vaccines

A research team evaluates the effectiveness and safety of strangles vaccines on ponies of different ages. Read More

Insulin Sensitivity Changes in Pregnant Mares

Researchers recently set out to examine how pregnancy impacts insulin sensitivity and glucose levels. Read More

Older Horses: Decreased Thermoregulation During Exercise

Senior horses have a propensity for developing hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature, when exercising. Read More