Marcia King

Marcia King is an award-winning freelance writer based in Ohio who specializes in equine, canine, and feline veterinary topics. She's schooled in hunt seat, dressage, and Western pleasure.

Articles by Marcia King

Emergency Care

There’s an old saying: If your horse can find a way to get in trouble, he will. So, if you own a horse long enough, chances are that some time you will face an emergency accident or injury. But will you know how to Read More

Reconditioning After Lay-Up

A small-animal orthopedic veterinarian once told me, "The athlete that heals slowly heals best." In other words, although some physical therapy might be recommended as the body heals, the body’s soft and hard tissues need to recover wholly from Read More

Wash Racks And Stalls

If you board at a big, commercial show barn, you probably have access to a wash rack. Ditto if your horse boards at a racing barn. What a convenience wash racks are. Instead of spending hours brushing off dirt, muck, and sweat, or hosing off you Read More

Cool Aid: Beating the Heat With Working Horses

Anyone who has worked or played in high heat knows how exhausting it can be.  High, fluid-sapping desert heat can drain you in no time as you sweat away volumes of fluids and electrolytes. Then there’s the suppressive, sweaty, Read More

Rehabilitating the EPM Horse

Your horse was diagnosed with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, but with quick intervention by your veterinarian, careful administration of medications, and lots of nursing, he is on his way to recovery and being "cured" of the Read More

Aortic Rupture

You’ve probably heard horror stories like these: A breeding stallion completes servicing a mare, slides off, goes down to the ground, gasps a few times, and dies. A 20-year-old pony being ridden by his young owner staggers sideways, Read More

Pasture Perfect

Maintaining horses on pasture rather than in stalls has several advantages. Not only does it cut down on barn chores and the amount of bedding your operation will go through, but it provides horses with the chance to exercise themselves at will Read More

Chewing And Weather Changes

Does your horse have unexplained, occasional cravings for woody snacks? Gourmet items such as Fence Board Flambé, Stall Door Surprise, and Tree Trunk Tantalizers? If so, it could be the weather!

Explained Wayne Loch, PhD (Animal Read More

Run-In Sheds

Dallas Goble, DVM, thinks quite highly of run-in sheds. "They offer better quality health for the horse than enclosed barns," says the associate professor of surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee. "Run-in sheds have Read More

Retiring Your Equine Friend

Where and how you retire your horse depend a lot on individual circumstances. Read More

Necropsy: Searching for Answers

Whether your horse is a valued friend or a valued asset, the loss can be tough when he dies. But when your veterinarian presses you to get your horse necropsied, the thought of your horse's body being laid out, examined, cut up, and probed seems Read More

Safe Fencing for Horses

Selecting reliable confinement for a horse often is no easy matter, as safe fencing relies upon individual circumstances. Matters of consideration include the amount of area to be enclosed; the number of horses to be contained within a fence; th Read More

Should You Insure?

How much can you afford to lose? That's the crux of any insurance question and it's no exception for those who transport their horses to shows tracks breeding facilities sales barns living history festivals vacation areas parks and so Read More

Frostbite in Horses

Although frostbite in healthy horses is quite uncommon, certain conditions can place horses at risk. Read More

The Art of Therapeutic Shoeing

Michael J. Wildenstein, resident farrier at Cornell University's large animal clinic, has approximately 400 different types of therapeutic shoes hanging on the wall of his clinic. Each one, he says, was made for a particular Read More

Manure Management

Every barn manager and anyone who keeps his or her horses at home knows that disposing of manure and soiled bedding is a mounting problem. If allowed to accumulate, raw manure serves as a vector for parasites and other organisms, attracts flies, Read More