Megan Cassels-Conway

Megan Cassels-Conway is a third-year veterinary student.

Articles by Megan Cassels-Conway

Study: Arena Footing Can Increase Risk of Injury

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Rotavirus in Foals: Quick Detection with Human Test

With a rapid test used to detect rotavirus in humans, veterinarians could diagnose rotavirus in foals more accurately and quickly and, thus, begin crucial treatment sooner. Reaserchers in Japan Read More

Study: Colic Surgery Survival Rates in Geriatric Horses

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Veterinary Students Dive Into Equine Practice with Seminar

This Labor Day weekend 393 veterinary students attended the eighth annual Opportunities in Equine Practice Seminar (OEPS) held in Lexington, Ky. The seminar hosted third-year veterinary student chapters of the American Association of Equine Pra Read More