Erica Larson, News Editor

Erica Larson, news editor, holds a degree in journalism with an external specialty in equine science from Michigan State University in East Lansing. A Massachusetts native, she grew up in the saddle and has dabbled in a variety of disciplines including foxhunting, saddle seat, and mounted games. Currently, Erica competes in eventing with her OTTB, Dorado.

Articles by Erica Larson

Feeding Minis, Ponies, Draft Horses, Mules, and Donkeys

Feeding draft horses, miniature horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys requires special some considerations. Read More

CSU Vets, Students Helping Horses Affected by Colo. Wildfire

CSU staff and students have examined and/or treated about 150 horses displaced by the wildfire so far. Read More

Reward Offered in Vermont Horse Mutilation Case

A Paint mare was burned and blinded with a chemical substance in May. Read More

Seven Mules, Two Horses Die at California National Park

The animals died after a watering system malfunctioned, leaving them without an adequate water supply. Read More

Customizing Senior Horse Diets

Appropriate forage, forage alternatives, and/or concentrates can keep aged horses at a healthy body condition. Read More

Managing Equine Genetic Disorders with Nutrition

Managing diet can help alleviate signs of some equine genetic disorders, such as PSSM and HYPP. Read More

Hindgut Microflora's Potential Role in Equine Obesity

Researchers now believe the microflora residing in the hindgut could contribute to equine obesity. Read More

Happy Mouth Bits Recalled Due to Safety Risk

The bits stand the risk of breaking, causing a safety hazard for both horse and rider. Read More

Researchers Review Dopamine-Equine Stereotypy Relationship

A dopamine modulation dysfunction could be a risk factor for equine stereotypic behavior development. Read More

Study Examines Post-Anesthetic Myelopathy in Horses

Post-anesthetic myelopathy is a rare but deadly complication of general anesthesia in horses. Read More

Nutritional Support for Injured Equine Athletes

Although injured horses need time off, they could need greater amounts of some nutrients than during training. Read More

Digital Radiographs Beat Analog for Enterolith Detection

Digital radiography is up to 85% sensitive and 93% specific for diagnosing enterolithiasis in horses. Read More

Health Conditions in Older Foals

Understanding ailments older foals can develop and treatment options increases the patient's survival chances. Read More

Prevalence of Post-Anesthesia Cardiac Arrhythmias in Horses

Study links common post-surgical heart arrhythmia in horses to anesthesia, surgery, and recovery. Read More

Show Jumping Great Sapphire Retired

The 17-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare carried McLain Ward to two Olympic Gold medals during her career. Read More

23 Cases of Atypical Myopathy Diagnosed in Spring 2012

Eighteen cases identified in France, four in Great Britain, and one in New Zealand. Read More

How to Feed an Orphan Foal

Knowing how to properly feed and care for an orphan can save your foal's life if the situation arises. Read More

Equine Herpesvirus Confirmed in Colorado Horse

The horse was euthanized after showing severe neurologic signs associated with the disease. Read More

Exercise Increases Insulin Sensitivity in Horses

Moderate exercise increased insulin sensitivity in healthy horses, thus reducing insulin resistance risk. Read More

Study Evaluates Injectable Treatment for Tendon Injuries

Researchers are evaluating the safety of a new injectable treatment modality for SDFT injuries.
Read More

The Latest in Diagnostic Imaging Modalities for Horses

Each imaging option, such as MRI, radiography and more, serves a unique role in equine lameness diagnosis. Read More

Diagnosing and Treating Ocular Keratitis in Horses

If not treated early, equine ocular keratitis (corneal inflammation) can lead to blindness and eye loss. Read More

The Top 7 Things to Know about Equine Recurrent Uveitis

Understanding equine recurrent uveitis (ERU, or moon blindness) can help owners spot eye issues early. Read More

Equine Gait Abnormalities as a Diagnostic Tool

Some disorders produce gait abnormalities and lamenesses that aid in a quick and accurate diagnosis. Read More

Uterine Therapy Options in Broodmares

Accurate diagnosis can allow effective treatment of uterine conditions in broodmares to improve fertility. Read More