Erica Larson, News Editor

Erica Larson, news editor, holds a degree in journalism with an external specialty in equine science from Michigan State University in East Lansing. A Massachusetts native, she grew up in the saddle and has dabbled in a variety of disciplines including foxhunting, saddle seat, and mounted games. Currently, Erica competes in eventing with her OTTB, Dorado.

Articles by Erica Larson

New Equine Flexural Deformities Treatment Technique Studied

A novel treatment technique for correcting flexural deformities in foals showed promise in a recent study. Read More

Equine Temporohyoid Osteoarthropathy Studied

Researchers looked at common signs, diagnostics, and treatments for equine temporohyoid osteoarthropathy. Read More

Researchers Evaluate Horses as Model of Human Depression

Researchers found that depressed horses behave in a similar manner to depressed humans. Read More

Veterinarians Urge Vaccination against West Nile Virus

It's not too late to ensure your horse is properly vaccinated against the potentially deadly West Nile virus. Read More

Keys to Consider when Feeding Broodmares

Understanding broodmares' nutrient requirements can make developing a feeding program a less daunting task. Read More

Eighth Equine WNV Case of 2012 Confirmed in Kentucky

A 15-month-old Standardbred filly from Bourbon County was euthanized after developing clinical signs of WNV. Read More

Kentucky Equine West Nile Case Tally Rises to Seven

Neither horse--a 6-year-old Palomino gelding and a 3-year-old Quarter Horse gelding--was vaccinated. Read More

Oregon's First Equine WNV Case of 2012 Confirmed

The affected horse was identified in Klamath County, Ore. It is the state's first equine WNV case of 2012. Read More

Two Montana Horses Positive for WNV

Neither horse was vaccinated against the disease, and both were euthanized due to disease progression. Read More

Surgical Options for Managing Roaring in Horses

Numerous factors go into selecting the appropriate surgical procedure to treat equine roaring. Read More

Kentucky, California Report more WNV-Positive Horses

Five cases have been confirmed in Kentucky and six have been confirmed in California. Read More

Kentucky Reports Fourth Equine WNV Case of 2012

The Arabian colt from Scott County received a vaccination in March, but did not receive a follow-up booster. Read More

Colic Prevalence in Horses Hospitalized for Ocular Disease

Patients with ocular disease had a higher incidence of colic than some other hospitalized equids. Read More

Horses Injured in 2012 Italian Bareback Race

Six horses collided during the race. One sustained a slight fracture and is expected to recover. Read More

Increased Equine West Nile Virus Activity in 2012

More than 70 equine West Nile virus cases have already been diagnosed in the United States in 2012. Read More

Cardiorespiratory Causes of Poor Equine Performance

In order for a horse to reach his athletic potential, his cardiorespiratory system must function properly. Read More

Kentucky Reports Third WNV-Positive Horse of 2012

An unvaccinated 16-month-old Tennessee Walking Horse colt from Warren County tested positive today. Read More

Central Washington Wildfire Threatens Area Horses

More than 100 horses have been evacuated from areas affected by a wildfire raging in central Washington, Read More

Miniature Horses Designated as Service Animals in Illinois

Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law Tuesday designating Miniature Horses as recognized service animals. Read More

'Cup' Feeder Slows Horses' Consumption Rate, Reduces Waste

Researchers found that a specially designed feeder can slow horses' rate of consumption and reduce feed waste. Read More

Kentucky's Second Equine WNV Case of 2012 Confirmed

The affected horse--an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse from Laurel County--had no WNV vaccination history. Read More

Leptospirosis Confirmed in Kentucky Weanling

Veterinarians from Hagyard Equine Medical Center have confirmed leptospirosis in a Thoroughbred weanling. Read More

New Treatment for Equine Bone Fragility Disorder Evaluated

Zoledronate appears effective in improving clinical signs associated with bone fragility disorder. Read More

Canadian Equine Disease Report, Second Quarter 2012, Issued

The CFIA has released a report on equine infectious diseases in Canada during the second quarter of 2012. Read More

Olympic Modern Pentathletes Getting Ready to Ride

Forty competition horses and 15 training horses remain in Greenwhich Park for the modern pentathlon. Read More