Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor

Alexandra Beckstett, Managing Editor of The Horse and a native of Houston, Texas, is a lifelong horse owner who has shown successfully on the national hunter/jumper circuit and dabbled in hunter breeding. After graduating from Duke University, she joined Blood-Horse Publications as Assistant Editor of its book division, Eclipse Press, before joining The Horse.

Articles by Alexandra Beckstett

Using Cryotherapy to Prevent Colitis-Associated Laminitis

Horses with colitis were 10 times less likely to develop laminitis when treated with cryotherapy. Read More

Study: Underrun Heels Impair Horses' Hoof Loading Ability

Researchers confirmed that horses with collapsed heels have impaired hoof deformation and shock absorption. Read More

Endocrine Disease and Laminitis in Broodmares

Endocrine changes associated with pregnancy might increase a broodmare's risk of developing laminitis. Read More

An Epidemiological Approach to Studying Laminitis

One researcher believes studying diseases in a real-world setting has both strengths and limitations. Read More

Reparixin: The Future of Laminitis Treatment?

Brazilian researchers studied the drug reparixin's effects on horses with experimentally induced laminitis. Read More

Are All Obese Horses At Risk for EMS Development? Maybe Not

One researcher says it's unlikely that every obese horse is at risk of developing EMS and laminitis. Read More

Horse Body Weight, Age Important Laminitis Risk Factors

The risk factors associated with laminitis are many. But which are most important for owners to watch for? Read More

Laminitis Prevalence and Risk Factors in Great Britain

Researchers identified a number of novel laminitis risk factors, including management-level factors. Read More

Making Great Strides

The Animal Health Trust orthopedics team performs cutting-edge research of equine anatomy and function. Read More

Researchers Study Head, Neck Positions' Effects on Muscles

Researchers evaluated the activity of three muscles when horses worked in different head and neck positions. Read More

Understanding Horse Behavior Might Prevent Human Injury

With improved understanding of equine behavior, riders can avoid potentially harmful horse situations. Read More

How Horses' Ear Direction Affects Jumping Success

Can a horse's ears predict a his responsiveness to a task such as jumping? Researchers found out. Read More

Top Reproduction Studies of 2012-'13

Two veterinarians describe recent equine reproduction studies they found interesting and influential. Read More

Stallion Semen Tests: Which to Use and What Do They Mean?

Learn what different semen evaluations can tell veterinarians about a stallion's fertility. Read More

Studying the Rider-Saddle-Horse Interface

Researchers are studying how forces applied by saddle and rider affect a horse's performance and welfare. Read More

Improving Horse Welfare at Stock-Breed Shows

Researchers sought better understanding of the welfare concerns relating to stock-type show horses. Read More

Whip Use in Elite, Non-Elite Show Jumpers

Researchers take a look at whip use by jumper riders and how it relates to performance outcomes. Read More

Pleasant vs. Stern Human Voice's Effect on Horses

It seems like horses respond to changes in human voice tone, but is it a coincidence? Researchers found out. Read More

Researchers Study Horses' Startle Response to Novel Objects

One of the most consistent indicators of equine temperament is a horse's novelty response, researchers say. Read More

Researchers Assess Youthful Play Behavior in Adult Horses

Researchers estimate that if a horse investigates an object for 13 seconds or more, then he is likely playing. Read More

Frequent Feeding Reduces Group-Housed Horses' Aggression

More frequent forage feedings for group-housed horses could lead to a balance between feeding and resting. Read More

Study Evaluates Forehand vs. Backhand Whip Use in Racing

Jockeys struck a simulator with significantly (approximately 15%) more force with the backhand than forehand. Read More

Researchers Measure Horses' Noseband Pressure

Researchers recently developed two pressure detection systems to measure pressure exerted by nosebands. Read More

Reflective Riding Equipment's Effect on Road Safety

Reflective equipment use doesn't appear to affect the occurrence or absence of near misses with traffic. Read More

USEF Proposes Performance Horse Collapse Rule

While USEF rules require owners to report fatalities, there are currently no regulations regarding collapse. Read More