Les Sellnow

Les Sellnow is a free-lance writer based near Riverton, Wyo. He specializes in articles on equine research, and operates a ranch where he raises horses and livestock. He has authored several fiction and non-fiction books, including Understanding Equine Lameness and Understanding The Young Horse, published by Eclipse Press and available at www.exclusivelyequine.com or by calling 800/582-5604.

Articles by Les Sellnow

No Increase in PMU Mares At Slaughter Plants

Thousands of horses from shut-down PMU (pregnant mare urine) farms in Canada and North Dakota are finding new homes in the United States, but few are winding up at slaughter houses at this time, according to slaughter plant managers.

Dick Read More

Inherited Quarter Horse Disease Traces To Poco Bueno

Poco Bueno was identified as the sire line associated with hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA). Read More

Illinois Horse Slaughter Legislation

New legislation to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the state of Illinois was introduced Feb. 6, 2004, in the Illinois House of Representatives in the form of HB 6570. On Feb. 18, 2004, the bill was referred to the House Read More

Long Distance Shipping of In-Foal PMU Mares on Hold

The shipment of PMU (pregnant mare urine) mares from farms in the United States and Canada has been put on hold until after the foaling season, unless the shipping distance is very short.

The reason, says Nat Messer IV, DVM, University o Read More

A Win at Any Cost?

The horse show scene often is one of pageantry, color, and excitement. There are handsome horses groomed until they shine, riders dressed in colorful or formal garments who ride with skill and aplomb, and judges who observe every movement and Read More

The Goal is a Foal

If your broodmare or stallion is having reproductive problems, you might need a specialist to figure out what's wrong. And that specialist might use knowledge gained from the annual conference of the Society for Theriogenology held in Columbus, Read More

Other Ways of Roughing It

For many years there has been a saying among horse owners concerning what to feed equines. It goes something likes this: "Dr. Green is an excellent veterinarian." What is meant by that statement is that green grass prevents a lot of equine healt Read More

Fires Cause Equine Evacuations

The raging California wildfires that have killed 20 people, destroyed about 3,400 homes, and blackened approximately 552,713 acres, also had a profound effect on the equine population. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of horses were evacuated from Read More

Illinois Slaughterhouse Rebuilding

Construction is under way on a new horse slaughtering facility in DeKalb, Ill. to replace a plant that burned to the ground March 31, 2002. Plans call for construction to be completed some time in December.

The capacity of the new facility Read More

Serving the Industry


The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is the leading provider of continuing education for veterinarians. Their Read More

Strangles: Horses at Risk

Strangles is a malady that has afflicted horses for hundreds of years. In fact, it was first described in a veterinary publication back in 1614. During the ensuing years, many horses have suffered from strangles. Most have recovered, but some Read More

Beware of Botulism!

Botulism is not seen frequently in horses, but some areas are more prone to this deadly disease than others. Read More

Early Season Breeding: Let There Be Light!

Because of the demands of competition and sales, following the natural reproductive cycle dictated by Mother Nature often doesn't fit into man's breeding program. While Mother Nature's time frame stipulates that the mare should be receptive to Read More

Long-Eared Lovin'

Donkeys and mules have played, and continue to play, an important role on the equine stage. Mules in particular are used for everything from pleasure riding and packing to dressage, racing, and jumping. Donkeys are family pets in many instances Read More

Terrorism Targets

September 11, 2001, did more to the American consciousness than make us aware that we are vulnerable to something as heinous as hijacked airplanes being crashed into densely populated office buildings. The September 11 attacks also brought with Read More

Not-So-Happy Trails

More and more horse owners across America are turning to trail riding as their recreational equine-based activity of choice. Breed registries such as the American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, and Appaloosa Horse Read More

Older Mares: She Ain't What She Used to Be

Wear on the reproductive tract can make it more difficult for older mares to conceive and carry a foal. Read More

Slaughter Legislation in Texas

The battle over the slaughter of horses in the United States has shifted directly to Texas, where two slaughter plants operate. At the moment, operations at the two plants continue while the issue is being decided in federal court.

The two Read More

A Meal Away from Mom

The question of whether to feed foals concentrate separate from mares (called creep feeding) has often posed a dilemma for horse owners. On one hand, owners want to be certain that foals are getting all required nutrients and growing to their Read More

Life Without Mom

One of the most traumatic times in a young horse's life is when he is separated from his mother at weaning time. From birth, he has been dependent on the mare for sustenance and protection. At weaning time that changes, and the youngster must Read More

No More Hitchhikers

Internal parasites are insidious culprits. They steal, damage, and even kill. The worst part of the whole scenario is that they can't be totally eliminated, only controlled. In the theft department, internal parasites rob in two ways: First, the Read More

Keeping Disease at Bay

Preventing communicable diseases from striking horses should be the goal of every horse owner. Despite our best efforts, however, there are going to be occasions when a communicable malady afflicts one or more horses at a private farm or public Read More

Heritability of Behavior

One of the most complex and least-studied subjects involving the horse is heritability of behavior. Do horses truly inherit behavioral traits, or do these traits simply come into being as the result of environmental factors and influences? There Read More

Faulty Bone Formation

A disease that can be debilitating in young horses is osteochondrosis. This affliction has its genesis during the youngster's growing years and can compromise the horse's ability to perform later in life if it is not dealt with early. Read More

The Right Saddle for the Job

What is good saddle fit? Simply put, it involves a saddle--English or Western--that spreads weight evenly on the longissimus dorsi muscles along either side of the spine. This well-fit saddle has clearance over the withers and doesn't impede movement Read More