Les Sellnow

Les Sellnow is a free-lance writer based near Riverton, Wyo. He specializes in articles on equine research, and operates a ranch where he raises horses and livestock. He has authored several fiction and non-fiction books, including Understanding Equine Lameness and Understanding The Young Horse, published by Eclipse Press and available at www.exclusivelyequine.com or by calling 800/582-5604.

Articles by Les Sellnow

Endophyte-Infested Fescue: Hidden Dangers

Horse breeders noticed that they were having foaling problems with some mares which were grazing fescue grass or being fed fescue hay. Cattle producers reported that steers on fescue pastures or being fed fescue hay appeared to be unthrifty and that Read More

Flexural Deformities

It is a sad sight when it happens. The newly born foal struggles to its feet and stands there wobbling on forelimbs and/or hindlimbs that can't seem to bear the weight. There might be a knuckling over at the pastern with the foal literally Read More

Stallion Anatomy and Physiology

Breeding horses is a precarious business at best. Despite great strides in research, conception rates overall are not high. Some researchers place them as low as 55-60% of all mares bred. In many cases, blame is placed on the mare. Sh Read More

Understanding Fitness

A person who loves horses and spending a lot of time in the saddle can gain a great deal of satisfaction from competing in endurance races. It is a special feeling when you know you have partnered well with your horse and that the two of you hav Read More

For Life and Limb: Amputation

It is a sight that sickens the toughest of horsemen. A magnificent Thoroughbred is reaching to the bottom of the well to summon up one last burst of speed as the wire approaches. Suddenly, the horse falters, then goes down, a portion of one leg Read More

Equine Cancer

The treatment of choice for horses with malignant or benign tumors has been radical surgery to remove all of the cancerous tumor. However, in many cases, even radical surgery would not prevent recurrence of the tumor. Read More

Preventing Estrus In Performance Mares

It has happened to many horse owners. The day of the major event or stakes arrives and the prize mare is ready to compete. The night before her coat glistened, her muscles rippled, and her eyes were aglow with competitive spirit.

This Read More

Urine Pooling

A small percentage of broodmares will be afflicted with urine pooling, also known as vesicovaginal reflux (VVR) or urovagina. But when it does occur, it is a serious problem that sometimes can only be remedied with surgery. Simply put, urine Read More