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Poll Recap: Electrolytes for Horses

Of the 804 respondents, 429 said they give their horses electrolytes year-round, after hard work, or during the summer. Read More

Poll Recap: Getting a Closer Look

Of the 375 respondents, 201 (54%) said the most recent imaging modality used on their horses was radiography. Read More

Poll Recap: Senior Horse Health Concerns

Readers said they are most concerned about senior horses' nutrition, followed by their joint and soft tissue health. Read More

Poll Recap: It's Hot Outside!

More than half of the 1,474 respondents (761) said they do not ride their horses when it is warmer than 90 degrees. Read More

Poll Recap: Automatic Waterers

Of the 338 respondents, 121 (36%) said they use or are most familiar with Ritchie waterers. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Feed Amounts

Of the 1,278 respondents, 638 people (50%) said their horse receives 1 to 3 pounds of grain or concentrate feed daily. Read More

Poll Recap: Trees Toxic to Horses

Of the 673 respondents, 201 (30%) said they are most concerned about red maple trees. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Welfare Issues

Of the 1,238 respondents, 517 (42%) said they are most concerned about "unwanted" horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Summer Travel Plans

Of the 674 respondents, 167 (25%) said they plan to travel more than 200 miles from their barn this summer. Read More

Poll Recap: Horsey Vacations

Of the 571 respondents, 249 (44%) said they spend their vacation days at home doing horse-related chores. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Shopping Distance

Of the 652 respondents, 254 (39%) said they search within their multi-state region when looking for a new horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Watering Options

Of the 1,144 respondents, 485 (42%) said they use a stock tank to provide water for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: The Organized Horse Owner

Of the 664 respondents, 387 (58%) said they keep hard copies of their horses' records in a folder. Read More

Poll Recap: Spring Fever

Of the 577 respondents, 294 (51%) said trail riding gives them the biggest case of spring fever. Read More

Poll Recap: Adopting a Wild Horse

Of the 620 poll respondents, 266 (43%) said they would like to adopt a wild horse, but have not yet. Read More

Poll Recap: Starting Horses Under Saddle

Of the 700 respondents, 522 (75%) said yes, they have started a horse under saddle themselves. Read More

Poll Recap: Flooding and Horse Facilities

Of the 585 respondents, 190 (32%) said they use preventive measures to prevent their barns from flooding. Read More

Poll Recap: Communicating with Your Horse's Vet

Of the 690 respondents, 378 (55%) said they communicate most with their horse's veterinarian by phone. Read More

Poll Recap: Mares, Geldings, or Stallions?

Of the 1,485 respondents, 605 (41%) said they prefer to own geldings. Read More

Poll Recap: Stall vs. Turnout Time

Of the 2,015 respondents, 1,089 (54%) said their horses live outside with access to shelter. Read More

Poll Recap: Sweeping Horse Barn Aisles

Of the 1,370 respondents, 374 (27%) said they sweep or rake their barn aisles once a day. Read More

Poll Recap: Members Only

Of the 506 respondents, 353 (70%) said they belong to a horse-related club, association, team, or organization. Read More

Poll Recap: Trail Hoof Wear

Of the 1,003 respondents, 402 (40%) said their horses go barefoot on trails. Read More

Readers Share Tips for Horse Blanket Repair and Maintenance

Readers share useful tips for repairing and maintaining horse blankets. Read More

Poll Recap: Eliminating Harmful Ammonia

Of the 915 respondents, 233 (25%) said they remove wet spots and use shavings or another product to control stall odors. Read More